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He Is Alive

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 2, 1994 1:00 p.m.
At St. Gertrude

R. I saw You in my mind's eye at the Priests' Residence Chapel, clothed in a white tunic and a red garb. I felt You present there.

He is so alive. Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist. Who, who are we to behold God in our midst! We wander around with sorrow in our hearts when God is truly waiting for us. I cannot express the excitement in my breast to behold the Son of God waiting for me here. He is truly a person. He is a man. He is present, Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Eucharist exposed here.

Oh, Jesus, I honor, worship, adore and love you. Jesus, Jesus, Son of God. I am so excited to sit here with God exposed here. He loves us with such intensity, tenderness and ardency. He is God.

Oh, ye faithful ones, pray to Him to know Him better! He is so sweet and good and generous and loving! (I still smell the incense.) He is your God. He has all you need or will ever need. He loved you to His death.

Oh, Jesus, remove the blinders from our eyes. Holy Spirit come and give us Your gifts and open us up to you. Blessed, Blessed Mother, help us to behold the love of your dear, dear Son! We love you, oh, Blessed Lady, you who are ever by His side, you who never leave us, you who are the mother of God and mother to us this day! How could our hearts be sad with such love poured out to us from God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and our loving mother?

This world will pass away and all that will remain are the things of God. Senseless treasures we behold only to discover that they are fleeting memories in our lives. Today's treasures, yesterday's forgotten possessions. Let God possess us. Be only about the things of Him. He is the true treasure. All that is of Him is the true treasure in the field.

Nothing on this earth can compare to God. Nothing even is a speck compared to Him. My soul is thirsting for You, oh God. My soul thirsts for You.

I want to cry for the souls that are missing such abundant love. He is so loving and He loves every soul so much and He cries for you all to come.

Jesus: Come, My little ones. Come to Me. Come and let Me caress your little bodies and comfort your troubled souls. I have never left your side. Even though you wander from Me, I never wander from you.

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