Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The World Is Cold, I Want You To Love

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 2, 1994

R. To live only for the world is to become numb to your feelings. The world has become violent, cruel and evil. It makes you numb to the truth. It is full of self. It does not give. It takes. The world operates from its head. Jesus calls us to love God and love one another. Love is action from the heart. Love is sensitive to feelings. Love is spiritual. Many who live in the world have trouble with their feelings. They want to protect themselves from the cold world. They build a barrier around themselves for protection. Operating from the heart is spontaneous. One cannot protect oneself with a barrier and be spontaneous at the same time.

Jesus: I call you, little ones, to action from your heart. My love is endless. It knows no bounds. I call you to love. Love gives freely. Love is selfless, not selfish.

I am God. I am the source of all love. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. All love is rooted in Me. My love is unconditional. I gave this love to you that you might live. Follow in My ways. I want to love you intimately. The world in it's coldness does not give. Surrender yourself to Me. Become selfless. Open yourself to Me. Let Me fill you with all you need to love God and love your brothers.

You cannot be a child of this world and a child of love. Come to Me. Let Me possess your soul. Let Me operate your very being. I am Jesus, the Son of God. I want to love your brothers through you. You are My hand! You are My heart! You will warm this cold world when you stay fixed in Me. Come and surrender yourself to Me. Become selfless and unattached and I will dwell in your soul.

I love you. Jesus.

R. Souls are made to love. Not to love is to frustrate the very nature of the soul.

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