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You Will Be Fired At

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 4, 1994

Jesus: The incense is for you, Rita, My little flower. I am with you at this moment. Believe Me, I am here! You will be persecuted for My sake. You must stay steadfast in My love. I am all that matters. You must preach My love. The seeds you plant will save the troubled ones from their own doom. You plant the seeds, I provide the water and the sunlight. You are the sower. I will make the plants grow in the beautiful sun.

You must only live for My love. This is such a little cross for what you will be given to deal with. You must be so steadfast in My love that you never doubt why you do this or that. I love you intently.

Your days of glory are ended. Stay fixed in My love. This is your strength. You will come from the fire, a shining star, but you will be fired at.

I am sorry to tell you this, little one. Your love will be put to the test, but you will emerge My servant to preach these words here. You will be tested in fire and you will come forth a rock in My love.

You will be able to withstand it all so you can do the work I will need you to do. Do not fear, do not fret. Stay in constant union with Me.

Pray with your children. They will suffer when you are fired at. Be silent and steadfast in My love. Pray constantly. Be connected strongly to your children. You are being taught to stand up to your faith in Me and My words here. Your faith will be that which leads many to My intimate love.

I do not show you, because I must strengthen your faith and trust in Me. You need My trials to do the tasks to follow.

Pray, pray, pray. Come to Me and pour your heart out to Me. I am communicating with you. You must turn to Me because I can help you. I know what is coming. I know what I am allowing for great love of You. You will come out shining in the end, but you must suffer for the torrent day is at hand.

You will lead many to Me and you must be ever so strong. Do not fear. Come and be close to Me. I will hold you up.

Trust and faith. I am God and I am mighty. I am He Who loved you to My death.

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