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Love Is Action From the Heart

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March 5, 1994 8:00 p.m.

Note: When I received this message He was full of fire. His picture was glowing and His face was beautiful. He was lifelike, His face completely different from the one in the picture.

Jesus: I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am ablaze with love for all. I am Jesus, the Son of God. Come and bow low, bend your knee, for I am the Son of God. Worship Me. Adore Me. Honor Me. Preach, preach My love to all. I am afire with this love. I am on fire.

I am the Son of God. See Me with the brightest light on fire for My beloved ones. I am on fire. I am Jesus, the Son of God. My heart is a burning flame, My love abounds. From the ends of the earth shout My endless love. Do not lose minutes to preach My words here. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am on fire. I am alive. I am lighted up for you. Look into My eyes and behold Jesus, the Son of God. You will provide a team to bring all back to this burning fire that is in My heart for love of all My beloved ones. Do not tarry for I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus on fire this very day for the love of all My beloved ones.

I am Jesus. I am the Son of God. I talk to you now. Preach My urgency. I am begging you to get this message out to all. I am begging you, My little ones. You must comply with Me now. Praise My name, worship Me, I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

By your example you teach the mightiest lessons. As you are in your heart is how you are in this world. If you busy yourself about our love affair, all works for the greater glory of God. If you spend time with Me in union, you preach the gospel in your being. If I live in your heart and you live in Me, then I am He Who operates from your very soul.

Oh, what a joy to your brothers to behold the love of Jesus being taught through your actions. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I want to operate from your very being. This is your gift to this world, to be so united in Jesus that you preach His word through your being.

Oh, so simple, you say? One thing that pleases Me is your union with Me, the ardent, longing love you give to Me. To sit and tell Me how you long to be with Me and want Me so much! I want a love affair with you. I want emotion, heartfelt emotion.

I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am a burning fire, a furnace of love. Come to Me with longing.

I am not a little, inactive love. I am on fire for love of My beloved ones. Preach emotion, heartfelt love. I gave My life. How much emotion is that? To lay down My life for love of you!

I am a fire of love. I want emotion. I want them to know how I long for them. How I wait, a prisoner in the tabernacle waiting for My beloved ones!

I want action, action from the heart, not to talk about the love of God and, "Oh, He loves you," but to say, " He is alive, He is on fire, He longs, He cries out to you to come and love Him"!

Preach emotion. People are thirsty from the depth of their souls for this emotion. They are begging to be fed.

My love is fire. It is alive. Talk about My love. Give them the strong emotion I feel for them. This world is numb in its feelings.This world is not alive. It is hard and cold. You must start a fire burning in their hearts. When they come to Me in Communion, their hearts are skipping beats with excitement to receive God, truly God-the one, true, magnificent God-made-man-in Jesus Christ.

How much love and emotion do you think it took the Son of God to be born a mere human on this earth? How much emotion to suffer a brutal death for love of you? This is My life: to be born a human, to die a brutal death, to resurrect into new life on the third day. Is this what the little mimicking mouths that come say, in a monotone, about the love of God?

The love of God is active. I, a prisoner, sit this very moment in all the tabernacles in this world out of ardent love for My beloved ones. I, God, sit and wait for your love. Little prayers you pray, half asleep, in a monotone-lip-service! No action from your heart! Look at Me. Look at My life. Action from the heart, the Heart of Jesus.

I want an active relationship with you. I wait for a heart ablaze with ardent love. You sit on the shoreline throwing little words at Me.

Love is embracing, love is entwined, love is vibrant and forceful, love is burning, love is longing, love is wanting, love is thinking about the other and talking about that person at all times. Love is an active force. It is on fire. I am God. The love I have for you is inexpressible in human terms.

You sit and throw words at Me. They are cold. You talk about My love and the love of God as you talk about the rain that is coming down or your dirty socks.

I am God, child. I am the Son of God and I love you. If a lover professed such love to you, would you not run to His waiting arms?

You have a soul that craves this ardent love. You were created for this purpose. Spin your silly wheels and watch them turn and get you nowhere.

I am all you seek. Nothing satisfies the hungry soul but the love of God. Spin your wheels and watch yourself go nowhere. I am He Who fits your soul like the perfect glove. You are he who searches everywhere but in the right place.

Oh, little ones, listen! Emotion! Action from your heart! Enkindle your love affair with this ardent lover. I am a furnace on fire for love of you, My beloved servant. I need your love affair with Me. My love will shine from your very being. Pray this prayer constantly for union with Me. I loved you to My death. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Ready yourself, My children, for I am strengthening you for the days ahead.

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