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He Covers the Cold Earth With a Blanket

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March 8, 1994

Jesus: My love is alive and I am present in the Eucharist. When all enkindle a deep and ardent love affair with Me, it will be I Who operate from their souls. They are all afraid. They are depending on themselves. They are closed and shut down. They live from their heads and not from their hearts. I am on fire with love of them. When they come in the Eucharist and open their hearts, I fill them with My fire. My love affair with them takes time, time after Communion, time in front of the tabernacle.

Those who want to tell you things do not spend all day in prayer with Me. They are full of self and full of fear. I am making you selfless. I want to possess your soul. When you operate from self, you get yourself. You are a mere human. When I possess your soul, I, God, operate from you.

The Church is dying in spirit. You are going through motions. I am alive and I want to love you and live in you. The mighty medicine is the love of Christ radiating with fire from the hearts of all. I want My Church to sing songs from their hearts. Songs create emotion. Love is emotion. Sing songs from your heart, love songs to Me. Read the readings from the love you have enkindled in your hearts for Me. The word of God is Life. How is it read? Feed the people through the word of God. Read it with such love. Love My words. Love Me.

You do not love Me. You go through motions. I want an on-fire love affair with you. I am waiting for our love. The Mass is the most glorious event. You need to love the Mass, love to pray it, love to sing it, love to be there, wait to go and look forward to it all day and anticipate our union in Communion with breathtaking feelings, "Oh, God comes to me! My ardent lover comes into My body!"

Oh, you are all turning numb and I give you so much. Yet you run after foolish things. God comes to you in the Mass. Preach the love on-fire, the ardent love of God, to My little ones.

I am Jesus, the Son of God. I was born a mere human for love of you. I died for great love of you. You are missing the emotion. I gave My life for love of you! Come and share our love affair. I wait, I wait, I wait. You are cold, you are indifferent. I loved you to My death.

Get these letters out. Every day souls are being lost while you deliberate. The Church is full of fear. Do you think I would come this way and then not give you what you need?

Masses are being said that could be on fire. Every day lost is so much time. You are getting your affairs in order for this life. It can go up in smoke in an instant.

You are wasting valuable time. These messages need to circulate. You need time in front of the tabernacle, not l0 minutes. You need to read these messages. I, God, talk to you and who listens?

You are so full of self, so attached to this world. You do not want to give up your ways. You will suffer. You will have to give up your ways. You are wasting valuable time with these messages. Souls will be turned around. It will spread like wild fire. I am alive. This message on the Mass would change the way you attend the Mass. Who sees it? Who knows?

You are full of self. You get up and read the Word of God and think about yourself. You sing the songs and think about your voice. You do not sing from the heart because your lives are centered on yourselves. You are attached to your lives. You do not have time to come and be with Me. I tell you to be selfless. I tell you to surrender. I tell you to quit doing it yourself. You continue to operate the way you want. You do your own wills.

I tell you to be selfless. Live for God first. I am the Lord, thy God. Thou shalt not have any gods before Me. When I am first in your lives, everything else works out.

When you read the Word of God because of your love of God, that is when the world will feel the love of Jesus! Listen, My precious ones, I died for you because of My intense love for you. I was born a mere human because of My intense love for you. This is emotion. I want you to love Me. I call you to love. Do you love Me or just throw little prayers at Me? I want the love of an ardent lover. I want you to think about Me with such burning in your chest. I want you to talk about Me. I want you to want Me.

This is love. I call you to love God. Do you love Me? When you love God, you will love your brothers. You are missing our love affair. I am on fire for love of you. If you stay away, then you are missing the most important affair in your life.

I want love, love in the Mass--fire when you attend, love in Jesus in the Eucharist. I am God and I, God, come and dwell in your breast in Communion. These are the most golden moments of your life. I am God. You have Me in your body. This is when you need to be with Me. I love you so much! Come and receive Me daily. No one knows the gift of the Mass and Holy Communion. Nothing is more important than Jesus, the Son of God, in your breast. You are missing the most important event in your life. I, Jesus, come into your body! How is your body? Is it pure? Is your tongue clean for Me to enter there?

Oh, sweet ones, you hold all you need. You are running down senseless roads. You are holding on to things that will vanish in an instant. I am all that matters. The greatest gift you can give to this world is to enkindle a deep love affair with Me. When I possess your soul, My love is emitted from your very being and that love is a life that cannot be contained.

Come to Me and love Me. You will set this dark world on fire with the love of Jesus. You will shine and all will see your light, for My light is the brightest light. Come to Me. Pray the prayer for union with Jesus all day. Oh, How I love you! Jesus.

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