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I Never Leave You

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March 9, 1994 5:00 a.m.

Jesus: Until heaven and earth shall pass away, not one letter of the law will pass away. "You were hungry and I gave You to eat. When, Lord, did I see You hungry and give You to eat?" When you did it unto one of your brethren, you did it unto Me.

I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am your God. I come to you in the night to deliver a message. The message is for My beloved ones. I never leave your side. Others may move in and out, but I never leave you. I will never leave you orphaned.

I am Jesus Christ, your Savior, and I comfort you. You run down senseless roads looking for that which you seek and I am the true treasure found in the field. Do not be about idle pursuits. Follow only Me. I am the Master. I am He Whose bootstraps you are unworthy to tie, but I love you ardently and I never leave your side.

You wander, you roam, you look for a sure thing, only to find nothing is a sure thing. You go to the world, but your soul is left dry and empty. There is no insurance in this life. Look for all those things that are everlasting. That is all you need to seek. Store up your treasures for the life hereafter.

I am indeed here, little one. You fret and fume, and for what? Turn your entire life over to Me. You live only for the love of Jesus. This gives you great freedom! I come to deliver My words here. Do not put your faith in things of this world. Turn only to Me and I, your loving Savior, will sustain you!

You will run and not get weary. You will fly on eagles' wings and I will be by your side to hold you up. I am Jesus. Others wane and move about. I am He Who never leaves! I am silently by your side in adversity. I watch you ever more. Do not worry, do not fret, for your God is by your side.

I am Jesus, the Son of God. I am He Who has all the answers. Search this barren desert only to find that I and I alone will sustain you!

In adversity, come to Me. Throw yourself at My feet. Give Me your all. Proclaim your love for Me. Pray the Prayer for Union with Jesus.

I am the Son of God. I am Jesus Christ, your Savior. Child, you want for no one but Me. It is this dependency I want from you. No man can satisfy his hunger for the Lord. No man is steadfast in His ways.

I am God. I never leave you. Do you comprehend that God loves you so much as to never leave you abandoned? That is all you need to know.

If you operate entirely for the love of Jesus, no one can touch you. You are absolutely free. Let go and come to Me, My little, scared one. I bind up your wounds and I give you all you need. I am God and no one can ever do what I, God, will do for you!


R. He does not want us improperly dependent on anything. He is really showing me how attached to others I am. He wants me totally dependent on Him. He and He alone will sustain me. Others move in and out. I think I am selfless, only to see how attached I am to something.

Oh, Lord, You are so patient with me. I in my trials wonder what You aim to teach me, when I see the lesson so clearly right before my eyes. You are the Lord. You are my love. That is all I need. Jesus, be by my side and on my lips at every turn. I am Yours to possess.

I do not even see my dependency on others. This dependency and attachment keeps me from union with You. I surrender to You, Lord. My life is Yours. I am so weak and so yielding to my ways. I want comfort and insurance and You provide me with much finer things--trust and faith!

You give me trials to learn my lessons. Trials are hard. Your school is not easy. Such gifts to acquire!

You, Who so sweetly give us all we need to do Your work, oh, how I love You. In trials You teach me what I need to know. I love You, Lord. You are He Who died for me and all You give me is out of great love to teach me just the lessons I need to do Your work.

Alleluia. Help me to surrender entirely to You. Alleluia.

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