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Rosary Meditations
From Junior Shepherds of Christ Associate Meetings

JANUARY 25, 1996

The Agony in the Garden

  1. We do not know how much Jesus loves us. We know a little about love, but He is love. The more we pray to Him, the more He will teach us about His love for us.
  2. Think of Jesus in the garden, alone in the garden. His Apostles slept and Jesus knew all of the events about to happen, all of His suffering, and His final death on the cross.
  3. We do not fully comprehend how much Jesus loves us. If we meditate on these Sorrowful Mysteries, we will know that He loved us so much that He died for us.
  4. Jesus wants us to come to His Heart and to know His love.
  5. His greatest pain was the pain He suffered to His Heart. He loves each and every soul so much. He is treated with such neglect by many of those He loves.
  6. We are human. He is divine. We do not understand the mind of God. He reveals Himself to us. We then understand more fully the mystery of God's love.
  7. He knelt in the garden. He asked the Apostles to be with Him in this final hour before they took Him away to be scourged and put to death.
  8. The angel appeared and showed Him the cup. He drank of the cup. He gave His life that we would share in His life and be with Him forever in heaven.
  9. He could have said "no". He is the Almighty God. He loves us so much. He gave Himself.
  10. Let us pray to the Holy Spirit to help us to know more the fire of God's love.

A special meditation before the Glory Be:

We were created with a soul. The only thing that feeds the soul is His love.

The Scourging at the Pillar

  1. Heart of Jesus so wounded by the sins of men, enlighten us so that we may see our sins and be sorry for them.
  2. Many times we excuse ourselves when we have been wrong. Every time that we do not tell Jesus that we are sorry, we go further and further from Him.
  3. He knows that we are weak and that we sin. He asks us to come to Him with a heart that is sorry. He will forgive us for our sins.
  4. Jesus was tied to the pillar and beaten by angry men that were full of hatred in their hearts.
  5. We think, "The men who beat Jesus must have had hard hearts!"
  6. Jesus wants us to have a heart of love. The devil gets into our hearts with little sins. Little sins, he tempts us to commit and we know are wrong. If we sin, many times we do not ask Jesus to forgive us.
  7. The world tells us that many times love is only receiving. Jesus comes with a kind and generous Heart and teaches us the true meaning of love.
  8. We see Jesus tied to the pillar, beaten raw from the hatred in the hearts of men. We see that Jesus gave Himself as a sacrifice for the sins of men.
  9. He teaches us that love is giving. The world, many times, tells us that we should fill ourselves with pleasures to make us happy. Jesus tells us that to be happy we must love. We must give love to others.
  10. Hail Mary...

Jesus Is Crowned with Thorns

  1. The devil wants us to walk in darkness. He wants us to think bad thoughts of others.
  2. The head of Jesus was crowned with thorns for the sins of men. Think of the mental anguish that Jesus suffered. He knew that many souls would go to hell even though He suffered for them.
  3. Many souls would refuse the grace that He gives to them and continue their sinful lives.
  4. The greatest gift that we receive is the gift of God's love. It is this love that fills the hungry heart.
  5. Hearts are so hungry. They look for all kinds of things to satisfy them.
  6. How many times have we wanted something and when we receive it, we are left empty inside and look for something else?
  7. Only the love of Jesus fills the starved heart.
  8. Jesus shows us how much He loved us by suffering the crowning to His most precious head. He is the King of all kings. They crowned Him with a crown of sharp piercing thorns.
  9. His Heart is surrounded by thorns for the indifference of men this day.
  10. When men are focused on self, when they are thinking only of themselves, they are not giving as He wants us to give. He is calling us to love God and love each other.

Jesus Carries His Cross

  1. Jesus shows us how He carried His cross. He wants us to carry our crosses this day with joy.
  2. It is hard for the youth to talk about Jesus. Many times we are laughed at by our peers. We must pray to the Holy Spirit. He will guide what we say.
  3. God is one God in three Divine Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When we are baptized and in the state of grace, They live within us in a special way.
  4. Many times we feel alone, but we are never alone. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are with us in a special way if we are in the state of grace.
  5. Mary loves her precious little children! She wants her children to know the love of her Son, Jesus.
  6. Mary looked into the eyes of her beloved Son on the way to Calvary. She saw His head crowned with thorns and His eyes covered with blood.
  7. Jesus wants us to think about the walk on the way to Calvary. By thinking about this walk, we will realize that He gave Himself because He loves us.
  8. He is a personal God. He is alive this day. He wants to live in our hearts. Let us pray that we receive grace to let Him into our hearts.
  9. Jesus carried the cross with joy. He wants us to carry our crosses with joy. The world tells us that we should fill ourselves with pleasures. Jesus tells us that we should fill our hearts with His love.
  10. All through the day, let us walk with Jesus and Mary. We are never alone. They are with us in all of our trials and all of our joys.

A special meditation before the Glory Be:

Many times we fall, but Jesus forgives us and our sins and asks us to come to Him and tell Him that we love Him. We should tell Him we are sorry for offending Him with our sinful ways.

The Crucifixion of Our Lord on the Cross

  1. See Jesus as He hangs on the cross, His hands and feet pounded with the nails.
  2. We go our willful ways. We think that we are right. We think we should justify ourselves. Jesus, the Son of God, hangs on the cross with the most loving, kind, and humble Heart.
  3. He calls us to offer ourselves to the Father in union with the sacrifice of Himself on the cross.
  4. What pleases God the most is the gift of His Son, sacrificed for love of us.
  5. We do not know the sufferings of Jesus. We do not know the sufferings of our brothers. Our brothers do not know how we suffer. Let us ask Jesus to help us to have a kind and generous heart, a heart that is like His, that we may see how to love more and more like Him.
  6. The world tells us that we should not have problems. Jesus shows us His body as He hung on the cross. Our true peace is in doing what the Father asks us to do.
  7. Song: I Love You Jesus
  8. The Mass is special-we give ourselves in greatest love to Jesus.
  9. Jesus gives Himself to us. Look how He is treated in the Holy Eucharist. He comes to us, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. This is the time when we can unite with Jesus.
  10. Let us vow everyday to ask God to help us grow more deeply in our life and our love with Him.

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