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Rosary Meditations
From Junior Shepherds of Christ Associate Meetings

FEBRUARY 22, 1996

The Resurrection

  1. Let us think of Jesus as He hung on a cross. Let us see next to this picture the picture of Jesus, glorious and all white, as he rose from the dead.
  2. The world tells us that we should be happy all the time. Jesus shows us His death and His Resurrection.
  3. We have struggles in our lives, just as Jesus walked His Passion in His life. But, if we stay close to Him, we are filled with His life and we have joy.
  4. The women went to the tomb and Jesus was gone.
  5. Think of the mystery that Jesus died and that He rose to new life.
  6. The more we die to the ways that are not like Jesus, the more we will rise to a greater life in Him.
  7. He gives us Himself in the Holy Eucharist. This is the Bread of Life.
  8. We cannot have life without Jesus. He is the source of our life.
  9. He controls our every breath and our every heartbeat.
  10. He fills us with His vibrant life and we are made whole.

The Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven

  1. Think about the body of Jesus ascending into heaven.
  2. These are the Glorious Mysteries. We see Jesus rise from the dead and go into heaven, Body and Soul.
  3. He opened the gates of heaven. Man can be with God forever in heaven.
  4. Giving our hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary is our little heaven on earth.
  5. Jesus ascended into heaven, but He loves us so much, He remains with us this day in the Holy Eucharist.
  6. He is as present in the Holy Eucharist as He was the day that He walked the earth.
  7. We are baptized and in Baptism, we share in His divine life.
  8. Jesus no longer walks the earth. He wants to live in us.
  9. He wants us to live lives that are like His life.
  10. He wants us to love God and to love each other.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and the Virgin Mary

  1. The Holy Spirit descended upon them and filled them with the fire of God's love.
  2. The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.
  3. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to fill us, that we act as God wants us to act.
  4. We must constantly stay focused on God.
  5. When we forget God, we feel empty inside.
  6. God will fill us with such love that will show when we interact with others.
  7. In order for our love to be most full, we must love God, ourselves, and others.
  8. God wants us to manifest Him to our brothers.
  9. Do I ask God to help me in everything I do all day?
  10. He wants us to be dependent on Him for everything in our lives.

The Assumption of Our Blessed Lady into Heaven

  1. Mary is taken into heaven, body and soul.
  2. Mary is with us this day. She is so close to us. She loves us more than our earthly mother.
  3. We must go to Mary and ask her to help us in everything that we do.
  4. We must realize that Mary walks by our sides as she walked by the side of Jesus on the way to Calvary.
  5. Sometimes we are lonesome. If we realize that Mary is so close to us, she will help us when we are lonesome and afraid.
  6. Mary is so close to Jesus. If we go to Mary's heart, she will take us to the Heart of her sweet, beloved Son.
  7. Mary walked the earth and then she was taken into heaven. We, too, if we love and serve the Lord will someday be with God forever in heaven.
  8. We must keep our eyes on heaven, for this is our true goal.
  9. We never know when God will call us. We must always have our souls pure and white that we will go to heaven.
  10. Our life on this earth is so short. Heaven is our true home.

Mary Is Crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth

  1. Satan wants us to act according to this world. He wants us many times to go against the will of God. God calls us to follow His will with love.
  2. Jesus entered this world because of His great love for us. We must think about how much God really loves us. God loved us so much He took on a human nature.
  3. Meditate on the body of Christ. God so loved this world that He sent His Son. Jesus followed the will of the Father. He took on human flesh.
  4. He allowed Himself to be beaten, to be crowned with thorns, to be kicked and spit on and to die a bitter death because of His great love for us.
  5. He did this so we would be with Him in heaven.
  6. Mary is Queen of Heaven and Earth. She leads us closer and closer to Jesus.
  7. Let us love Mary, our beautiful Mother, for she wants us to love her with a very special love.
  8. We cannot comprehend how wonderful heaven is, the home that God has planned for us, if we love Him and love each other.
  9. Song: Little Child
    Jesus wants us to be so close to Him and to tell Him that we love Him.
  10. We must tell Jesus of our love and give Him our hearts. Let us tell Mary of our love and give Mary our hearts.

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