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Rosary Meditations
From Junior Shepherds of Christ Associate Meetings

FEBRUARY 24, 1996

The Agony in the Garden

  1. This is a rosary from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary for the youth.
  2. Let us be quiet and focus only on our hearts. Let us think about how God loves us.
  3. Let us go to the garden with Jesus and see Jesus as He kneels there in such pain.
  4. Jesus is a Person. He loves us so much that He came to this earth. The Son of God came to this earth and took on a human body for love of us.
  5. As we think of how Jesus suffered, we will know more and more how much He loves us.
  6. Jesus knelt in the garden. His Heart was in such pain, for He knew all the men, from all time, that would neglect Him and would not even think about Him.
  7. Jesus saw in the garden all the sufferings that He would undergo. He knew clearly everything He would suffer.
  8. Look at Jesus in the garden, His face covered with blood. He was in such agony. He loved all of us and He would be forgotten. He sweat blood.
  9. Do you know how it is when you love someone so much and they are cold and sometimes nasty to you? Think of how Jesus loves us and how He is so forgotten by so many today.
  10. Jesus suffered such agony in His Heart for those that would neglect Him. He received such comfort from the love that we show Him today. Let us open our hearts and let Jesus touch us with His love during this rosary.

Jesus Is Scourged at the Pillar

  1. They led Jesus away and tied Him to a pillar.
  2. Be there with Jesus. See Him so clear. Do you see Jesus? See Him stripped of His clothes and tied to a pillar.
  3. Look at the faces of the angry men with their whips in their hands.
  4. They began to beat Jesus and they whipped Him raw.
  5. Jesus is present this day, the same as the day that He was whipped at the pillar. He loves us so much that He remains with us in the tabernacle.
  6. He waits endless hours for us to come and to be with Him in front of the tabernacle.
  7. Do we realize that this same Jesus is present today in the Holy Eucharist? He is present as the day He walked the earth. He remains under the appearance of bread and wine.
  8. Jesus wants us to look at His scourged body. He would have suffered more for love of us.
  9. His greatest sufferings were not the sufferings He experienced to His body. His body was whipped, crowned with thorns, and hung on the cross. His greatest sufferings were to His Heart from those He loved that forget Him and do not tell Him of their love.
  10. How He loves the youth of this world. How He loves to hear the youth tell Him that they love Him and they want to be close to Him!

Jesus Is Crowned with Thorns

  1. God is love. Jesus is love. He asks us to love Him and to love each other.
  2. Every act that we do toward each other should be an act of loving each other and seeing Jesus in each other.
  3. Do we act like Jesus?
  4. Jesus showed us the way. He shows us how He suffered in the Passion. He still loved to His death.
  5. Think of how it hurts you when someone says something cruel about you.
  6. It is so hard sometimes to love the person that has hurt us. Jesus shows us His Passion. He shows us how He was whipped, stripped of clothes, and crowned with thorns. He shows us how He loved those men that did this to Him.
  7. Jesus shows us His Heart crowned with thorns. When we love, many times we are rejected.
  8. Jesus came, the Almighty God, and gave Himself. He teaches us His ways of love.
  9. The world tells us that we should not suffer, that we should try to make ourselves always feel good. Jesus shows us that He suffered and that He died-the way to Him is through suffering.
  10. Everyday we go through little trials. Everyday these are little sufferings. If we go to Jesus and talk to Him about these trials, we will grow more and more in our life with Jesus.

Jesus Carries His Cross

  1. He asks us to carry the little crosses that we go through everyday. Jesus asks us to love others even though we feel suffering inside.
  2. His message is a message of love. He shows us His Heart. Mary shows us her heart.
  3. Their Hearts were crowned with thorns for the neglect and the indifference that man shows to God today.
  4. Our very life depends on God. He controls our every breath.
  5. When we were baptized, we received a sharing in God's divine life.
  6. If we remain in the state of grace, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit live within us in a special way.
  7. All through the day, Jesus wants us to realize that He is alive in our hearts.
  8. When we are given little crosses throughout the day, when others are cruel to us, when things do not go the way we want them to, Jesus wants us to know that He is alive in our hearts.
  9. In all of the darkness in this world today, Jesus wants us to know His life alive inside of us.
  10. Jesus fell under His cross and we fall too. When we fall, Jesus wants us to tell Him that we are sorry.

Jesus Is Crucified and Dies on the Cross

  1. Jesus wants us to look at the cross and to see Him with His arms outstretched and the nails in His hands. Jesus gave His all because He loved us so much.
  2. Jesus wants us to know that He loves us. He loves us if we are good and he loves us if we are bad. He loves us. He wants us to ask Him for forgiveness for anything that we did wrong and to continue to love Him and to love others.
  3. He was beaten, bloodied, and crowned with thorns. He hung on a cross. His hands were nailed to the cross. His feet were nailed. His greatest agony was not His wounds, but His aching Heart because He loves us so much and is forgotten and ignored.
  4. We must turn to Jesus. He gave His life for us.
  5. Jesus gives us Himself in the Holy Eucharist this day. He wants us to be so close to Him in the Holy Eucharist.
  6. He wants us to think about receiving Holy Communion. We will be with the Person we love so much, Jesus.
  7. As He gave Himself on the cross, He gives Himself to us in the Holy Eucharist.
  8. How it delights Him to have the youth come to Communion and to love Him so fervently.
  9. He wants us to stay with Him after Communion and after Mass and talk to Him.
  10. During this Lent, let us open up our hearts and let Jesus give us His grace that we will grow more and more in His life.

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