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We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

January 17, 1999

Jesus speaks: I am God, I have given these letters in God's Blue Book to lead men to the Eucharist. When many were starved for a deeper love union with God, they were led to the Shepherds of Christ Movement, to consecration and time before the tabernacle through God's Blue Book.

These are My letters of love to you. How pleased it makes Me when you thank Me for the gifts you have received to draw you more and more into the deepest recesses of My Heart.

Your soul wants to be possessed by God. This is the goal for which you live. In the reception of the Eucharist and in praying before the tabernacle, you are saturated with My grace. I truly speak to you of My burning love for you in My love letters. This is a gift I give you. I want you to be drawn into My Heart. Please put Message January 17, 1995, here.

The Power is in the Eucharist

January 17, 1995

Jesus speaks: My dear child, these messages will turn hearts to the Eucharist. I am Jesus Christ, Son of God. I will light this world with the love of My Eucharistic Heart through My Mother's Heart.

The power is in the Eucharist! The Eucharist will enkindle in hearts the union needed to turn this world to Me. Pray the Prayer for Union with Me. I am Jesus. I am your Savior. I came to the earth to save men from their sins. I come now in these letters to tell all souls of My unfathomable love for them. Do not underestimate the souls that will be lost because they did not know My love.

Your life here is short. Every moment is so important to spread My love to a world that is hurting. These letters will instill in hearts My burning love. Through My grace I will touch the souls who read these letters. I am love. I operate from love. I am an endless abyss of love, burning divine love, on fire for love of each beloved soul.

I ask you to take Me seriously. I am calling out an alert to publish and circulate these letters to the hurting souls. Your chapters will be joined closer and closer to My Heart when you circulate these letters and rosary meditations. My Mother is appearing as Our Lady of Light. We are giving these meditations to draw souls into the mysteries of our lives, to draw souls to the Eucharist and draw them ever closer to Our Hearts.

Your job will become easier when the power that powers you is the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, when souls are joined in union with My Heart and that of My Mother. I am allowing Rita to experience such an awareness of My presence in order to tell you of My immense love. I am talking here and I beg you to spread these letters of My love.

The earth will rock and you will know My power and My might. My power is in the Eucharist. I am forever with you. I pour out My grace to you abundantly in the Eucharist. I pour out My grace to you when you sit with Me in front of the tabernacle. You cannot do this job. Give up your control. Realize the power you will have when you turn yourselves over to the Almighty God. I can rock this earth with My power. You put up walls, blocking My messages. I have knocked down the walls. My messages need to circulate. This world is hungry for My love. These are My letters of love to enkindle in men's heart the love that will light up this world.

Your Church will be a Church beating with the love for the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, through the Heart of Mary. This is the mighty medicine to turn men's hearts on fire for love of God. I beg you to heed My words. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I am speaking to you this day. I want these letters to be circulated and published. Do not delay, men's souls are at stake. I love you so much. I gave My Flesh and Blood for you. I give Myself to you this day. I give you My Body and Blood. Come to Me. My children, My Heart is burning and waiting to give you My Divine love in abundant proportions! I am Jesus. Please circulate and publish these letters and rosary meditations. I love you. Jesus

(End of January 17, 1995 message.)

Jesus speaks: The power is in the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is the power!

Jesus speaks: My children, no one is perfect. You are here to learn to love your imperfect brothers. In many families children were told to stuff feelings and only one strong parent was permitted to rage and show feelings. Children were then controlled by the non-raging parent to prevent an uproar from the raging parent. Many of these dysfunctional patterns of behavior are being practiced today, causing difficulty in lives.

My children you must allow each other to express feelings and try to understand from your heart how the other feels.

If Michael breaks a picture which is a gift he gave his father, through some accidental means, Michael will be disappointed. Do not try to get him to not express feelings or to stuff his disappointment and hurt. Help Michael work through the feelings by recognizing his disappointment and allowing him to express it.

Many parents are very selfish. They do not want anyone in the house to aggravate them. If someone has a problem, they punish the person through harsh words because that person caused them an inconvenience.

Some parents think the home environment must be controlled only for their own private use. No one is expected to do anything to cause them any problems.

My children, on this January 17, 1999, I ask you to respond to the truth in your heart. Do not let Satan cause division in your heads through remarks that state "Sally did this, and I am getting cheated." Then Satan works on your memories, creating a case against your brother. The little imperfect deed of the other becomes a history book of your unmet needs and you pile the guilt onto the innocent brother for causing you the slightest aggravation.

I tell you, when you hurt inside and "jump on your brother", the anger and upsetment comes from inside of you when you react.

Do not say, "I won't have anything to do with them". Say, "God give me the grace to deal in love with my brother and may there be peace amongst us according to God's will.

Pray for peace, My people. I give you these prayers (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual) for the renewal of the Church and the world. When people pray them, I give the grace to be drawn into My Heart. There are found the treasures of peace, love and harmony. To My death on the cross, I died in perfect peace. When they whipped Me, I remained in peace.

When you are squeezed, what comes out of you, comes out of you. Pray to be possessed by God so that you will be saturated with His peace and love in your soul.

Souls consecrated to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary dwell in the pure and holy Hearts and are at peace.

Mary speaks: Help me to spread the consecration to my children, so that they will live in peace and love. Help them to come to my Immaculate Heart. There they will see the light as my Spouse, the Holy Spirit, forms them more in the image and likeness of God.

Do you want one will, one flock? There will be unity when all are dwelling in our pure, loving Hearts. Please, my children, listen to me. I am Mary, your Mother, bringing forth my children of light. I love you. This is a special day to your God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Celebrate with peace, love and joy.

Question for married couples and others in intimate relationships:

Q: How has praying together helped our oneness?

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