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January 26, 2011

January 27th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 8 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for January 27th are Sorrowful.


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Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart of Mary
Padre Pio, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel,
Our Lady of Lourdes, Infant of Prague and more!

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                January 26, 2011

                R. Meditating on the rosary gives us positive
                    images in our mind of God's
                    love for us —

                That Jesus took flesh and came in
                    the womb of Mary by the
                    Power of the Holy Spirit —

                That Jesus was born in a stable in
                    poverty — so beautiful was
                    the night when the Messiah
                    came out of love for us —

                Jesus: Focus on My love in the Rosary —

                The Red Rosary book gives
                    meditations on how Mary and I
                        love you so much

                Be there in the Nativity —
                    feel the warmth of the stable
                    see the beauty of the
                    face of God born in a
                    stable for love of you —

                Images of love

                My love I give you in God's Blue
                    Book and Rosaries from the
                    Hearts of Jesus and Mary

                Focus on the Mass and how I have
                    gifted you 15 years in
                    these writings in the
                    Mass Book

                Focus on My love for you — The
                    Love of God the Father and the
                    Holy Spirit

                    This image

                    So much love —
                        I was born
                        I died for you
                        I walked the earth

                        I love you so much child —

                You control your thoughts
                    images of My love will
                    strengthen you —

                You come from a place that is

                Your heart is FULL of MY LOVE —

                I dwell in you —
                You live in My Heart —

                You are My pure loving soul
                    operating in the world —

                Seek purity

                Have images of My love —
                    Focus on love in this world
                        as you know by My
                        Might I work in you
                        to spread the Good News
                        of My love, My joy for
                        you to serve Me, My
                        peace in your heart as
                        you surrender to Me
                        Peace and love in your heart —

                I am your strength —

                More and more the devil will tempt
                    men with images of division,
                    hate, jealousy, anger,
                    control as the men who give
                    in act on their impure
                    thoughts —

                R. Oh my God I love You

                Oh my God I focus on Your images
                    of Your life given for
                    love of us souls —

                Oh God I love You
                Come into my heart —
                I want You in me — so I am
                    Your instrument of love

                Jesus: Strength is in Me
                I give you Myself in the Eucharist
                I love you so much
                I love you, I love you, I love you —
                I died for you
                I am with you, My child —

                Song: Little Child

                Jesus: Focus on the Transfiguration —

                Focus on My Passion — My love
                    for you


August 23, 1993

On His Passion

Jesus: My dear child,
I was condemned to death, death on a cross. They gave Me a big cross and made Me carry it. They stood around and glared at Me. It weighed on My shoulder and I pulled at it until it finally moved. Every step was almost impossible as I dragged it, weighing so heavily on My shoulders.

My shoulder felt as if the bones inside would crack and the cross would fall through to the ground. I couldn’t drag it any more. I tried, I fell. I fell and its weight fell on Me. A guard hit Me with something sharp. It really hurt because he wanted Me to move, and fast! People were watching — on with the show! How dare I fall in the middle of the show! He hit Me again and the blow really stung Me. I got up because it hurt so badly. I tried to walk on.

My Mother was in the crowd. She looked at Me and her face looked red and hurt. Tears rolled down her cheeks like rain and as her eyes met Mine, I was hurt so by her sorrow! She was always by My side, silent and loving. She was My mother of love! She is always there next to you when you suffer.

I fell again and he (the guard) really hit Me. It (the cross) was so heavy that he and I together could barely move it. It seemed as I walked, heavier with the sins of the world heaped on it. My hands were bleeding. Blood ran from the wounds of My thorns and My head throbbed, seeming to make the wounds in My head bleed even more. Some of the Blood was dried, some of it running all over My Body. I had so many cuts and bruises — and people watched and laughed!

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God, and they laughed and mimicked Me! Oh, such hardened hearts! How vile can men’s heart become? The devil’s grip is paralyzing and crippling.

The walk was so long up a hill and over rocks — the cross had to be lifted over the rocks. My Body was bleeding so badly! My heart was pounding. I knew that the salvation of all men depended on My love. Therefore, I went through such agony.

I thought of My intense love for you — that many would go to heaven because of My suffering — and I continued to the top of the hill. At the top they laid Me on the cross and with a big hammer nailed My hands to it. It was the worst (suffering) yet. My hands were nailed with big nails and the big hammer. Oh, it was unbelievable! Then, as if that weren’t enough, with a big nail they nailed through both feet.

Then they lifted the cross and banged it into (a hole in) the ground. My shoulders ached from how I hung. My head bobbed and My neck ached and they laughed and said, "Now save Yourself." I hurt so much! I suffered this way for hours — which seemed like forever — and they glared at Me and laughed! My Mother watched in such agony.

For love of you, to My death I gave you My Body. My child, I shed My Blood and gave you My life that you might be with Me forever in heaven — not for a day, a month or a year, but forever with Me in heaven.

I am the true Bread come down from heaven. He who eats My Flesh will have life forever. For the drink I give you is My Blood and food you eat is My Body. Who would lay down his life for a friend? I did, for you. I love you this much, child. Forget about those who reject you. You have My life that I gave you and I give you life eternal.

I am the One true God. I am the Light of life. He who abides in Me will have life eternal, for the drink I give is My Blood and the food I give is My Body. Drink and eat and have everlasting life.

My child, that is all you need to know. Love one another and be good that you may enter into My kingdom.

end of August 23, 1993


                Jesus: Focus on the Resurrection
                    and Ascension —

                Positive Images of My love

                Focus on the Descent of the Holy Spirit
                    on Mary and the Apostles —

                Focus on My love for you
                Focus on Mary's Assumption
                Focus on Mary crowned Queen
                    of Heaven and earth
                    and she appeared to you
                    to tell the world

                Mary appeared to the world
                    in Clearwater

                I am with you, now

                Do not be afraid —

                Focus on My love with you —

                I have all the might

                BE PURE

                I love you

                        Jesus —


                R. Timothy and Titus were
                    disciples of St. Paul —

                Paul is filled with warmth for
                    his disciples —

                Today's Readings

2 Timothy 1: 1-8

From Paul, apostle of Christ Jesus through the will of God in accordance with his promise of life in Christ Jesus, to Timothy, dear son of mine. Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Christ Jesus our Lord. Night and day I thank God whom I serve with a pure conscience as my ancestors did. I remember you in my prayers constantly night and day; I remember your tears and long to see you again to complete my joy. I also remember your sincere faith, a faith which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois, and your mother Eunice, and I am sure dwells also in you.

The gifts that Timothy has received

That is why I am reminding you now to fan into a flame the gift of God that you possess through the laying on of my hands. God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but the Spirit of power and love and self-control. So you are never to be ashamed of witnessing to our Lord, or ashamed of me for being his prisoner; but share in my hardships for the sake of the gospel, relying on the power of God


Psalm 96: 1-3, 7-8, 10

Sing a new song to Yahweh! 
Sing to Yahweh, all the earth! 
Sing to Yahweh, bless his name! 

Proclaim his salvation day after day,
declare his glory among the nations,
his marvels to every people!

Give to Yahweh, families of nations,
give to Yahweh glory and power,
give to Yahweh the glory due to his name!

Bring an offering and enter his courts,

Say among the nations, 'Yahweh is king.'
The world is set firm, it cannot be moved.
He will judge the nations with justice.


Mark 4: 1-20

Again he began to teach them by the lakeside, but such a huge crowd gathered round him that he got into a boat on the water and sat there. The whole crowd were at the lakeside on land. He taught them many things in parables, and in the course of his teaching he said to them, 'Listen! Imagine a sower going out to sow. Now it happened that, as he sowed, some of the seed fell on the edge of the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some seed fell on rocky ground where it found little soil and at once sprang up, because there was no depth of earth; and when the sun came up it was scorched and, not having any roots, it withered away. Some seed fell into thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked it, and it produced no crop. And some seeds fell into rich soil, grew tall and strong, and produced a good crop; the yield was thirty, sixty, even a hundredfold.' And he said, 'Anyone who has ears for listening should listen!'

When he was alone, the Twelve, together with the others who formed his company, asked what the parables meant. He told them, 'To you is granted the secret of the kingdom of God, but to those who are outside everything comes in parables, so that they may look and look, but never perceive; listen and listen, but never understand; to avoid changing their ways and being healed.'

He said to them, 'Do you not understand this parable? Then how will you understand any of the parables? What the sower is sowing is the word. Those on the edge of the path where the word is sown are people who have no sooner heard it than Satan at once comes and carries away the word that was sown in them. Similarly, those who are sown on patches of rock are people who, when first they hear the word, welcome it at once with joy. But they have no root deep down and do not last; should some trial come, or some persecution on account of the word, at once they fall away. Then there are others who are sown in thorns. These have heard the word, but the worries of the world, the lure of riches and all the other passions come in to choke the word, and so it produces nothing. And there are those who have been sown in rich soil; they hear the word and accept it and yield a harvest, thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.'   


                R. Go out to the world and spread the
                    Good News

                Announce God's gift of
                    salvation day after day —

                Praise God —

                Give Glory to God —

                In St. Mark's Gospel we hear about Jesus'
                    healing, casting out demons —
                    we heard about miracles —
                    some people were excited about
                    some were plotting against

                Today's Gospel sums up

                Jesus speaks of a yield exceptionally large:
                    20, 30 and 100 fold —

                Farmers were happy with 10%
                    yield many times —

                Fr. Joe says
                A good story in the Gospel —

                We are all of us — all 4 of
                    these at once —

                Some parts of us are distracted —
                    some times we are not
                    enthusiastic —
                    some times we are —

                But this is why we have Lent
                    to help us grow

                We pray for those who are
                    distracted, not open —
                    we pray for ourselves —

                We pray for those who do not
                    hear the Word in depth —

                We pray for ourselves to hear the Word
                That we are to bear fruit for the
                    Kingdom —

                Unity — working as one
                Relationship — being reconciled

                Not being a rival to God's will to
                    work and love with each
                    other in harmony —

                To encourage one another like Paul
                    did to Titus and Timothy —

                Jesus is the Bread of Life —

                    The Word and the Eucharist are
                        the Bread of Life

                Because of original sin we have
                    a wounded human nature —

                In baptism we receive a sharing
                    in His life —
                    our knowing and loving
                    capacity is elevated —


Matthew 7: 7-8

‘Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. Everyone who asks receives; everyone who searches finds; everyone who knocks will have the door opened.


                R. Saying thanks to God
                Adoring God
                Loving God
                Worshipping God because it is
                    His due
                Petitioning God

                Oh My God You give us the Holy Sacrifice
                    of the Mass —

                I offer You my prayers, works, joys and
                    sufferings of this day in union
                    with the Mass going on around
                    the world — I pray united to the
                    sacrifice of Jesus — to the Father
                    in the Holy Spirit with all the angels
                    and saints and the souls in purgatory
                    through the intercession of the
                    blessed Virgin Mary —
                    Our Lady of Clearwater —

                Jesus: I call you to relationship, to love —
                    to love one's brother as I have
                    loved you —

                A man was blind and he was offered
                    a chance to see — he was afraid
                    to leave what was familiar and
                    there was some risk in the
                    operation —

                He was persuaded to take the chance and
                    he was able after the operation
                    to see —

                He was so thrilled to see his friends —
                    to see the sky, to see —
                    everything, the bird, the
                    flowers, the grass —

                I give you your life — you have
                    a wounded human nature —
                    you do not see clearly —
                    the more you give into vices,
                    anger, envy, jealousy —
                    the more you close in —
                    isolation — not working with others
                    I have called you to work with
                    in your vocation —
                    the more you do not see —

                    the more you do your own will
                    opposed to God's will — the
                    more you are blinded to the
                    truth —

                I am the way, the truth and the life —

                The more you go from the truth —
                    your free will — the more
                    you are not thinking clearly —
                    the more miserable you are —

                You can be deeply one with Me —
                    only in purity —
                    only in holiness—
                    seeking the truth —
                    never lying to yourself about
                        what really ails you —

                What ails a person telling themselves
                    that relationships that were
                    deep wounds to them and never
                    healed — is this deep wound from
                    a past relationship —

                Sara lost her mother when she was
                    young — her fear of looking
                    back and admitting such a
                    tragedy kept her blind to
                    really experiencing love and
                    union with Me —

                Relationship wounds with others in
                    love must be healed in one's
                    heart —

                God the Father is the Perfect Father —
                    He created you —
                    He loves you —
                    Forgive your earthly father for
                        what he did —
                    cry or mourn if you were
                        deeply hurt —
                    but pray to be healed —
                        let go

                Parents are imperfect human beings —
                    when you put an imperfect
                    human person on a pedestal you
                    hurt yourself — if you put them
                    there and you put them above Me —

                Love relationships, boyfriends,
                    girlfriends, divorces can be
                    so wounding —
                    people can close up and say
                    they will never love again —
                    they will never trust again —
                    being betrayed can fill a person
                        with hidden anger they
                        keep projecting on innocent
                        others —

                A person gave and gave — his achievements
                    were great — so great but then
                    he felt it gave him the right
                    to expect others to give him
                    honor for his gifts — his wounded
                    heart from old wounds would
                    be healed by the recognition he
                    got from others he thought —

                A person who has cancer has to treat
                    the cancer — he doesn't get a
                    plastic surgeon to make him
                    beautiful and expect the cancer
                    to go away —

                What is inside of you that needs healing —
                    you must deal with it —

                It is robbing you of being open
                    and operating with an open
                    heart —

                Open your hearts —

                Pray to be cleansed — so you will
                    not have the baggage of wounded
                    relationships you project
                    on others —

                Sara had pain — she drank to heal
                    her pain — she drank too much —
                    she became a alcoholic —
                    she never addressed the pain —
                    it never went away —
                    the pain was in Sara —
                    nobody could deal with what
                        was in Sara — robbing her
                        of life —
                    Only Sara —
                    She had to look at the wound
                        in her and seek healing —

                When God called you — you answered —
                    so you were reconciled in
                    your relationships — those you
                    had harmed, you were willing to make
                    amends and be reconciled —

                Healing for the soul —

                A man had an ulcer — it had to be
                    treated and healed —

                A baby grows in the womb and
                    keeps on growing —
                    then she gives birth —

                A cancer grows and keeps growing —
                    A baby is a gift of life —
                    A cancer brings death —

                When you carry a growing cancer
                    eventually it takes over and
                    you die.

                A person consumed with anger from
                    old wounds is not free —
                    You can drink —
                    You can blame someone innocent

                An abuser continues to abuse —
                Like one drinking to numb pain —
                An abuser — abuses to blame another
                    for why they don't feel good

                Playing games of manipulation and
                    holding out to provoke
                    others — keeping needed
                    materials secret is
                    against working in harmony
                    to do God's will —

                R. Help us God to see our faults —
                    We pray for the vision of God the Father
                        for our lives
                    Holy Spirit fill me —
                    Let me celebrate the joy being
                        united deeply to God and others
                        bring —

                Your lives are to be lived to grow in
                    relationships — in love with
                    God and others —

                We came naked into the world — we
                    will go out naked —

                God gave me my life
                God will take me when He wants me —

                How can we control things when
                    we can't control our
                    bodies, our death —

                Incline my heart according to
                    Your will, Oh God —

                You are the Good Shepherd who has
                    given life to me today —

                    Oh God that I would be grateful
                        for Your gifts —

                    Help the world and the Church to
                        obey the commandments —


Matthew 22: 36-40

'Master, which is the greatest commandment of the Law?' Jesus said to him, 'You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second resembles it: You must love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments hang the whole Law, and the Prophets too.'


                R. Oh God — grant the light to my eyes
                    as the sky now is filled with
                    Your holy light —

                May our lives show others Your
                    love in us —

                Oh let Your wisdom shine in us —

                Holy Spirit fill us with Your light
                Holy Spirit fill us with Your grace

                Oh God forgive us for our sins and
                    have mercy on us —

                We see the lepers in the Gospel and
                    Jesus heals them —

                We see how Jesus was covered with
                    wounds and He died for our
                    sins —
                    then He rose on the 3rd day —

                We need to say we are sorry for our
                    sins and be reconciled —

                The devil tells us we are not sinners
                    when we are unloving —

                The devil tells us we are right
                    when we are wrong —

                The devil is the father of lies —

                He talks in our heads and tempts us
                    to act on his bitter council —

                Then when we act in jealousy
                    and anger — we are acting
                    impurely not according
                    to God's will —

                Then the devil tells us to argue to the
                    "hilt" we are right —
                    not give in — forget about
                    everything else —
                    act on our feelings —

                    Which can be wounded feelings
                        from hurts of the past
                        projected on innocent
                        others —

                Jesus: Clean your hearts —
                    The devil is the father of lies —
                    You need My grace in you
                        to ward off the temptation
                        of satan —

                His grip is paralyzing and crippling

                I want to be one in you.


Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Cling to Me

May 13, 1993 

Jesus: My dear child, if you stay close to Me, then I live in you and you live in Me. I am He Who created you and I love you with such an intensity that you will never know. My words are your truth. You must abide in My heart in all things. There is no room for doubt. My ways are steadfast, direct, and without error.

    You must stay rooted in Me to ward off the power of the evil one. His grip is paralyzing and crippling. His power is stronger every day.

    When you live in Me, I am in your heart and he has no power over Me. I am your God. I am your true lover. I want to protect you. I want to guard you from this force. Stay rooted firmly in Me and he will have no power.

    I am He Who comforts you. My hand is upon you. Hold tight to Me, My child. My eyes are fixed right on you. You are My most precious child. I love you as no other can. My arms are about you. My tenderness surrounds you. My love is in your heart. You go not alone. I walk with you.

    I share every aspect of your life with you. Cling to Me, feel My presence. It is warm and secure within your chest. There is no room for fear, for I cast out fear and bring you comfort and joy.

end of May 13, 1993


                Jesus: The devil wants you when you are
                    wrong to argue you are right —
                    to be so consumed with anger —
                    You won't give in —
                    You make a big wall in your
                        heart —
                    You become hard of heart —
                    You are suffering spiritually
                        more than anyone you
                        project your hatred and
                        anger on —

                You sacrifice intimacy with Me —
                    which is what brings you happiness —

                "Let go"
                "Be holy"
                "Forgive and be forgiven"
                "Not hard of heart"

                Heaven is eternal


Prayer for Union with Jesus

Come to me, Lord, and possess my soul. Come into my heart and permeate my soul. Help me to sit in silence with You and let You work in my heart.

    I am Yours to possess. I am Yours to use. I want to be selfless and only exist in You. Help me to spoon out all that is me and be an empty vessel ready to be filled by You. Help me to die to myself and live only for You. Use me as You will. Let me never draw my attention back to myself. I only want to operate as You do, dwelling within me.

    I am Yours, Lord. I want to have my life in You. I want to do the will of the Father. Give me the strength to put aside the world and let You operate my very being. Help me to act as You desire. Strengthen me against the distractions of the devil to take me from Your work.

    When I worry, I have taken my focus off of You and placed it on myself. Help me not to give in to the promptings of others to change what in my heart You are making very clear to me. I worship You, I adore You and I love You. Come and dwell in me now.

-God's Blue Book, January 17, 1994


Psalm 95: 7-8

If only you would listen to him today! 
Do not harden your hearts as at Meribah, 
as at the time of Massah in the desert,


                Jesus: Listening to the council of satan
                    is misery —
                    undue misery —

                You can be addicted to misery
                You can live with this closing
                    pattern —

                Closed down —
                Locked up
                Hard of Heart
                Because you listen to
                    satan's lie

                Mary: I appeared to ask you to clean
                    your hearts of hatred and

                Satan wants to stop you —

                He attacks and keeps attacking —
                    working in men's thoughts —
                    so they give into feelings
                    and quit marriages,
                    prayer groups,
                    churches —

                Don't you see

                Satan comes to wipe out
                    communities —

                He tempts you to attack
                    the structure — the
                    leaders and then
                    you suffer —

                You are called by God to something —
                    but you have to quit because
                    you can't live with the
                    leaders —

                You have rebelled against the very
                    structure and now you fight
                    an endless, bitter search to
                    make the structure —
                    your enemy — which is
                    in fact your friend given
                    by God —

                But you fight the doctor who
                    can heal you — so you
                    are divided by your own
                    thoughts and feelings
                    which you give into, taking
                        you out —

                Satan is manipulative

                He uses pressure

                He tries to manipulate hidden
                    past feelings — bringing
                    your anger and wounds
                    from the past up to today's
                    situations and

                You fight the will of God
                    with your own
                    thoughts that are the
                    council of satan —

                I crush the head of the serpent —

                I am Our Lady of Clearwater —
                Our Lady of the Universe
                Mary conceived without sin
                Mary, your heavenly Mother — 

                Mary: Use Blue Book III to grow in unity and
                    fight satan —
                    listen to the letters of Jesus


                Mary: Use Blue Book IV to know the love of
                    the relationship of Our
                    2 Hearts


                Mary: Use Blue Book V to grow in
                    pure and holy love


                Mary: Blue Book II on fire love for Jesus
                    and all —

                I am Mary your Mother —
                    listen to Jesus



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From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
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God's Blue Book I
Teachings to Lift You Up. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00  plus postage
God's Blue Book II
The Fire of His Love. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S. J.
$ 10.00  plus postage
God's Blue Book III
Love God, Love One Another. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00  plus postage
God's Blue Book 4
The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Author: Rita Ring
$ 5.00  plus postage
God's Blue Book 5
So Deep Is the Love of His Heart. Author: Rita Ring.
$ 5.00  plus postage
God's Blue Book 6A
He Calls Us to Action Author: Rita Ring.
$ 10.00  plus postage
Rosaries From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Volume I
Red Rosary Book - Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00  plus postage
Blue Rosary Book
Rosaries From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Volume II
$ 12.00  plus postage
Short Rosary Meditations for the Ederly, Ill, and Homebound
From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary: Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
This book is 8 1/2" by 11" and you can open it up and sit it on your lap.
$ 10.00  plus postage
  Messages From Jesus
  Given by Jesus to His Messenger Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
  This book is 8 1/2" by 11" and you can open it up and sit it on your lap.

  $ 10.00  plus postage

Daily Messages From Heaven 1
From the Florida Apparition Site Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00  plus postage

Daily Messages From Heaven Volumes 2 thru 5 (Spiral bound)
From the Florida Apparition Site Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.

$25.00 each plus postage

Rosary Meditations for Little People and Elderly
Short Meditations for the Rosary
$ 3.00  plus postage
Color the Lives of Jesus and Mary, Books 1 thru 5
A Coloring Book with Short Meditations on the 15 mysteries of the rosary. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 5.00 each plus postage
  Coloring the Lives of Jesus and Mary Books 6 and 7
  Mysteries of Light
  $ 5.00 each plus postage



  God's Blue Book I on CD, Disk #1
  God's Blue Book I, Disk #1 Read by author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
  $ 10.00 plus postage


  Mysteries of Light Rosary Book
  Rosaries From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Volume I
  $ 5.00
  plus postage 


  Mysteries of Light Rosary Book
  Rosaries From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Volume II
  $ 5.00
 plus postage 


  Apostle's Manual
  Shepherds of Christ Overview: Very carefully discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S. J.
  $ 20.00  


  Songs From Jesus
  Given by Jesus to His Messenger Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
  $ 5.00  


  Colorea 1 thru 5
  las vidas de Jesϊs y Marνa (recibido el Imprimαtur)
  $ 5.00 each plus postage 


  Para Comprender Mejor La Santa Misa
  Una Jornada Hacia el Corazσn de Jesϊs
  $ 10.00  


  Meditaciones del Rosario
  para Pequenos y Ancianos
  $ 10.00  



Fr. Joe Robinson

  Guiding Light - Steadfast to the Son
  Inspiring Homilies Covering Cycle A of the Liturgical Year
  $ 15.00
plus postage 



Guiding Light - Feed My Soul
Inspiring Homilies Covering Cycle C of the Liturgical Year
$ 15.00
plus postage
Guiding Light - Focusing on the Word
Inspiring Homilies Covering Cycle B of the Liturgical Year
$ 15.00 plus postage
Guiding Light - The Word Alive in Our Hearts
Inspiring Homilies covering partial year of Cycle A by Fr. Joe Robinson
$ 10.00 plus postage
Fr. Edward J. Carter

Books written by the founder of Shepherds of Christ Ministries

Response to God's Love
...God Himself is the Ultimate Mystery
$ 10.00  plus postage
Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters 1
Selected Writings on Spirituality—for All People Editor: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
$ 10.00  plus postage
Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters 2
Selected Writings on Spirituality — for All People Editor: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
$ 12.00  plus postage
Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters 3
Selected Writings on Spirituality — for All People Editor: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00  plus postage
Tell My People
Messages from Jesus and Mary Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimi Potest  
$ 10.00  plus postage
Spirituality Handbook
Shepherds of Christ Associates Spirituality Handbook - A Way of Spiritual Life
Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimi Potest

$ 3.00  plus postage
The Spirituality of Fatima
Fatima: The Setting, The Message, The Spirituality of Consecration
$ 5.00  plus postage
Shepherds of Christ 6:20 Prayers CD
Holy Spirit Novena, Associates Prayer Manual and the Rosary Led by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00  plus postage
Priestly Newsletter 2000 Issue 1
Audio CD - Read by Father Edward J. Carter
$ 10.00  plus postage



Get a canvas print of Mary's image
with a sliver of glass and
a little bottle of
Jesus and Mary water.

The glass will be fixed behind the
back of the picture.

Cost   — $200.00


Also available

a cup with a Mary's image on it

Cost $15

Call Doris




Rosaries with Mary's Image Available
Aurora Borealis Beads

6mm - $30.00
8mm - $40.00


Call Doris




Sacred Heart of Jesus w/glass - 18

Our Lady-Guadalupe w/glass - 12
Limpias - 8

Immaculate Heart w/glass - 18

I Heart - Ivory w/glass - 18

Our Lady of Grace w/glass - 18

Our Lady-Mt. Carmel w/glass - 18

Our Lady of Lourdes w/glass - 18

Infant of Prague w/glass - 24


Sacred Heart of Jesus w/glass - 24

Sacred Heart -Blessing w/glass - 24

Sorrowful Mother w/glass - 24




I Heart - Ivory w/glass - 24

I Heart of Mary w/glass - 24

Our Lady of Lourdes w/glass - 24




Our Lady-Guadalupe w/glass - 28

Our Lady of Grace w/glass - 24

Our Lady-Mt. Carmel w/glass - 24

St. Padre Pio

St. Joseph

St. Therese




St. Francis

St. Anthony

St. Claire





St. Jude

Divine Mercy




Holy Family


St. Philomena




Pieta - Marble

Pieta - Color

Holy Family




St. Anthony - 18

St. Francis - 18

St. Joseph - 18




St. Therese - 18

St. Rita - 18

St. Clare - 12

St. Rita - 12

St. Padre Pio - 12

Divine Mercy - 12

St. Michael - 11



Shepherds of Christ Ministries
P. O. Box 627
China, IN  47250


Toll free - 1-888-211-3041
Local - 1-812-273-8405
fax - 1-812-273-3182


  Size Price Quantity   

 Holy Family








 St. Anthony




 St. Claire




 St. Francis




 St. Joseph




 St. Jude




 St. Padre Pio




 St. Therese



 Divine Mercy




 St. Philomena


 St. Philomena


 St. Joseph


 St. Francis


 St. Anthony


 St. Rita


 St. Therese


 Pieta - Color 15" $75  
 Pieta - Marble 15" $75  
 Holy Family


 St. Padre Pio - standing


 St. Padre Pio - sitting


 St. Michael


 St. Rita



 Divine Mercy


 St. Claire




 Our Lady of Guadalupe w/glass


 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel w/glass



 Immaculate Heart of Mary w/glass



 Immaculate Heart - Ivory w/glass



 Infant of Prague w/glass



 Our Lady of Grace w/glass



 Our Lady of Lourdes w/glass  


 Sacred Heart of Jesus w/glass


 Sacred Heart -Blessing w/glass



 Sorrowful Mother w/glass


 Immaculate Heart of Mary w/glass


 Immaculate Heart - Ivory w/glass


 Sacred Heart of Jesus w/glass


 Our Lady of Lourdes w/glass  


 Our Lady of Grace w/glass



 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel w/glass

18" $300  
 Our Lady of Guadalupe w/glass



 Fatima w/glass



 Fatima w/glass


 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass


 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass 15" $200  
 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass 18" $250  
 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass



Call for Shipping Price (1-888-211-3041)

 IN Tax (7%)
  State                                            Zip
 Order Total


Call Doris



Immaculate Heart and Sacred Heart Pictures Available

with & without frames - different sizes available


Call Doris


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