Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

December 10, 2000

A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.

Messenger: Include Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center in 6:20 prayers.

Messenger: Please pray for 5 urgent intentions!

Messenger: Please pray for the healing of Father Carter through the intercession of Our Lady of Clearwater.

Message given December 9, 2000

Jesus speaks: Tomorrow is promised to no man.

December 10, 2000 - Second Message

Message from Jesus

Jesus wants you 
to fill out 
your Valentine 
and pray the 
Surrender prayer and 
Prayer for Union 
all day.

Messenger: We include the section of the outline from Theme II — The Concept of the Christian Life. 

This section we include is section C — The Christian life considered as elevation of human nature.



This is an outline from Father Carter's class.
It is not complete - it is only an outline.



C. The Christian life considered as elevation of human nature

Response to God's love as elevation of human nature

In Baptism a person receives a higher elevation in God's life

The human person receives a new sharing in God's life

Super natural - above and beyond human nature

                     - life of Baptism

                     - life of grace

                     - Christ life

1) Elevation - new life in Him

God is triune - human intellect by itself can never arrive at that truth


2) 1 Corinthians 10: 31

1 Corinthians 10: 31

       Whatever you eat, then, or drink, and whatever else you do, do it all for the glory of God.

Our life is permeated to a new level in Christ through baptism

Our intellectual capacity is elevated

We have a new power of knowing through Baptism. FAITH IS PARTICIPATION IN GOD'S KNOWING

LIFE of BAPTISM permeates all of human nature

From Section  D. The Christian life considered as the Christ-life

2) The new life at Baptism gives us a new nature - a capacity to know and to love which we do not have without Baptism

We can do Christlike activities through the virtues of faith, hope and love, and others

Messenger: Excerpts from some Daily Messages will follow.

Excerpt from November 18, 1999, Daily Message

November 18, 1999

Nursing Home and Terminally Ill and Other ill Patients

My Daughter, My Terminally Ill, My Nursing Home Loved Ones

Jesus speaks: The years go by with such swiftness and there is a tenderness in your heart from remembering the beauty of each season. I ask you to envision a Christmas tree, a snow-covered tree as it bends low from the weight of the snow on its branches. See some children at play on a snow-covered bank. See the same children at the close of a sunny autumn day on that same hill, covering themselves with brightly colored leaves. One way one day, another way the next day. One season yielding to the next season. You see a beautiful body of water, a crystal lake adorned with spring trees. You see this same place with the autumn that changes the appearance with awesome beauty and the same place with the snow cropped up around the edge of the lake and the heavy branches of the trees bowing low from the weight of the snow, surrounding the lake with beauty and grace.

You see a wooded land covered with spring trees of glorious beauty, you see the fall days of beauteous color, you see the snow-capped trees with a soft white lustrous touch.

And My children, you do not control such things, it is the hand of the Creator that paints the field with a mystical brush of love.

I have given to My messenger the vision of the beauty of a celestial aura that has covered My sanctuary at certain times.

I give to you this vision. Picture the lights of heaven as a celestial veil of little gold dust, as snowflakes so close together and a veil of dense little mystical snowflakes covering the sanctuary where the Lord is in the Eucharist exposed or at the Consecration of the Mass.

See the wind blow and in the spring the petal flowers are blowing as little flakes of snow in a wooded part of the land.

See the little white snowflakes come down creating this aura of mystical beauty.

See the little leaves from Aspen trees blowing down from above as little snowflakes to grace the beautiful land.

Oh My children, I show you the lights of heaven, I describe here the aura which appeared in two of the great visions I gave to My messenger. The last of the three visions in April 1996, and the vision of August 13, 1996, before the rosary at Tom's farm.

Excerpt from September 27, 1999 Daily Message

April 9, 1996

Messenger: After Communion I had this immense presence of God. I knew a vision was coming. My vision gets a certain way. The distinct lines I see before me begin to disappear and are smudged with light.

Then I saw again the celestial lights of heaven. It was as though light was spilled from heaven and landed on the flowers and the corners of everything. The Eucharist took on an immense warmth and I knew God truly present in this room.

I saw with eyes unveiled in my soul and in the room. The room had a celestial aura, it no longer looked defined and clear. It was bathed in a gentle, celestial film and all I saw I wanted to tell to those around me. But I was so caught in His embrace that my mouth did not want to move.

Grace is being spilled on the earth. I have seen this celestial light come upon the altar of sacrifice, the monstrance and the cross. The vision on March 26 (1996) I will never forget as long as I live. The light is so thick and so intense as if the heavens open in these cracks of light and there is a depth far beyond that which any mind can envision.

The sky opened up and it rained down its grace. It opens when hearts are one in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

(end of March 26, 1996 description)

Excerpt from August 12, 1999 Daily Message

Sorrowful Mother Statue at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit CenterThe next morning of the 13th of August Mary appeared again in the same place for several hours in the same exact setting in that white light in the darkened Sorrowful Mother Chapel in the corner. In the late afternoon of the 13th, I would go to the Sorrowful Mother Chapel again.

The Eucharist was exposed and the whole front of the chapel was covered with a celestial aura and she appeared again. This time the light and the aura were a golden light, almost like a gold glistening veil across the whole front of the chapel in front of the exposed Eucharist and before Mary. I did not want to leave there. I drove to the rosary at Tom's farm...

(end of August 13, 1996 description)

Jesus speaks: I show you a mystical veil of light, looking as little minute golden snowflakes, an aura of mystery, a beauty beyond words, a veil to cover the hard cold reality of a hardened world so straight and hard, almost seemingly unable to bend or surrender. The hard must bend to the soft, the darkness must give way to the light. On that day, you arose with your busy schedule and you were stopped by the white sparkling veil of a fallen snow that covered the earth a foot deep, and you saw the beauty of it as it came down, so gentle and sweet. Your eyes were awed by its beauty, your body stiff when, because of an act of the Creator, you could not carry out your busy schedule.

And if it were up to you, you may want to run today and milk the cow, operate the fax, talk of the productivity to the earth, and yet, because of some limitations now, you are confined to your bed.

The dawning of a new day is that of surrender to the will of God. It can be the freshly fallen snow that has stopped you. It can be cancer that is killing you and has taken over your body, any illness or your old age. You might be confined to bed, or a chair, or you just can't do much physically. Whatever it is, it is the dawning of a new day. What good would it do for the woman who rises and finds a snow bank surrounding her house to curse the day? It is the act of the Creator's hand you say, so He allowed it, so surrender. Do what He wills. "The very hairs of your head are numbered."

You must surrender when your body is filled with cancer.

You can help so many souls and help yourselves to gain a greater reward in heaven. Is it better to surrender to those things you cannot control and stay connected to God than to become bitter? Do not fight the Father's plan. Why do you not see My hand in your suffering to slow you down sometimes?

It isn't your "gadgets" that are of the greatest importance, it is that you surrender to the will of God. It isn't that your life was so important before when you were building buildings, raising your children, making millions, whatever it was you did before, and now your life is not as important.

I lived a quiet life for 30 years.

Today you are on the dawning of eternity. Every moment is so important to Me. Your life lived as the Father wills can help so many souls.

Every moment your life is so important to the salvation of your soul and others.

God is with you in the cross you are carrying. Identify with Me. Offer it up for souls. Every moment is so important to Me. Should you rage at the snow fall outside the tent and would it do you any good?

The soft touch of the Creator surrounds you, the very hairs of your head as numbered. Your life today is important as were other moments of your life.

You live to help yourself get to heaven and see My face and have the deepest union with Me. You live to help save souls, to love your brothers and pray for them. I laid down My life for their souls. I ask you to identify with Me. You are My hands, My feet, My Heart. Today you must live your life as it is, living within your human limitations. I ask you to come to Me, that I may use you to help the souls of the earth. I give you life, I can take it away.

Always, My concern is to lead you to the deepest union with Me and for you to help save souls.

Oh My soul, I love you so tenderly and so much.

I love you, My dear chosen one. I love you, I love you, I love you.

I am Jesus, Savior of the World.

I died for my precious souls, will you not suffer for Me?

(End of excerpt from November 18, 1999, Daily Message)

Messenger: From the message April 18, 2000

Excerpt from April 18, 2000, Daily Message

Jesus speaks: The dark shadows incumbent on a black sea, the glistening light of the sun kissed morning as the reflections of light dance on a ever glistening sea of glass, a beauty for one who beholds the dark shadows, and the spectrum of brilliant dancing rainbow colors of glistening light.






Messenger: Oh, my God, instruct the tired and weary travelers of the earth. Remove the shadows, lift the crust from their eyes and let us see; let us see. Let us see.

Jesus speaks: Oh children, review the story of Genesis, the light, the dark, the water, the land, the creatures and their gifts to each other.


You must breathe in the freshness of a day of steady cure, but you donít yet understand.

Mary speaks: Oh, I appear one so fair, a Lady clothed with the sun, not for Americans only, I appear for the world and the message I deliver is for all. I want you to come and see me on my building, my tower of light and beauty.

Messenger: Where there was an era of ordinary, man-made beauty, the Lord sent the Lady to appear, a Mother fixed on helping them. Mary appears a Mother to the children of the sinful race, all have sinned, God forgives and gives great pardon.

Mary speaks: I appear, Mother of the Universe, Holy Mother, your Mother, Mother of the Church. I appear spotless and pure to woo you to a deeper union with my Son, Jesus.

I am the Lady of Victory, I do appear to you. Oh, One so fair, did He cry for riches that cold night? No, He, the Almighty God, came in a stable and He could have come anyway He so chose.

Messenger: Oh, lights in the night could be taken for granted and yet no matter how we take them, the luminaries are put there to light a darkened sky, put there by One Who creates and makes perfect.

A light shines to the nations, one to open the eyes of the Gentiles, one to raise the eyes of a pilgrim race, the eyes of the people once stooped in shame and open for the coming of the new day.

A light of Victory streaks across a sullen sky to alert the youth, the ones that must be ready for a Bridegroom that comes unannounced and is awaiting the peace of this new day.

Mary speaks: Oh, Israel, I lament the cries piercing My heart.

Messenger: Oh, the golden morning gives way to the sulking light of a dark day.

April 18, 2000 - Second Message

After communion next day

Messenger: A Spirit comes to sanctify and make holy, make whole. A Spirit comes to fill a tired and weary soul, one who is wrought with distaste and wonder. The Spirit of the Lord inebriates the heart and soul with the spirit of a higher nature, one that fills the heart with Godís glistening grace.

Jesus speaks: Oh, cry you wounded children, but soon the wounds will be healed, for you will know Me and the anguish of the pain-racked bodies and spirits will be elevated to a level of wholeness, grace and beauty. Oh, lights of heaven, shine on these little children so wounded and blind in their ways, shine like the brightness of the nightly luminary as it hangs from the crest of that piercing dark sky.

Messenger: One so fair appears, the woman comes at night, clothed in grace and beauty to comfort the little ones who gather. Like a mother who comes by the bed of her children to comfort them and assure them. Although there may be impending danger ahead, her motherly mantle is truly upon them, and they are held secure under its garb.

Oh, lights of heaven, I call to you to give us a sign of Godís power and might and the sign is not given as I request. It is given in grace and beauty from the hand of God. For is it not understandable that One Who creates light and darkness would care for the sweet creatures that the Son of God, God-Made-Man, came to save?

Oh power of the heavens, inebriate me with the enormousness of Godís might.

A little speck in this vast universe I am, but one who is so aware of the presence of Godís grace within me, making me an instrument in which His saving grace acts in me.

I am little, but so mighty in Him.

I am filled with fear, and yet the power of God fills me and I jump to reach them all if I can with the story of Godís might.

A lesson, a teaching, a Master, Our God, the One Who lights that black, crest-fallen sky with one light so perfected in grace and beauty that it shines above all the rest.

And yet, if He so desires, He can light the entire sky as He has done in a single flash of lightening, showing us how a sleeping town, although at rest, still exists under the darkness.

And the heavens declare a day of the Lord is indeed upon us. A sleeping city under a mask of black and glorious sky. For the sun steals across the horizon and dark nights burst forth with gentle glades of glorious light, first a little, a soft gentle light then a little more, maybe one of pink hew, a surprise for the gaping eyes, a little more and the whole sky burst forth in gentle light, only to reach the intensity of the sun lit morning and the brightness soon of a noon-day sun.

Overhead, the wonders of One Who creates, underneath, the sleeping city under the ever changing sky, and yet He never changes, the constancy of God and His Might is always with us, the I AM, the God of the Universe, the God of the World, the God of all times, the Supreme, Perfect Almighty One, Who never sleeps, nor changes.

Jesus speaks: My men, you see with eyes unveiled an ever changing pattern of the development of men, not mice, created in the image and likeness of God, but you donít see the plan of the Creator, of One Who creates. You see bits and pieces, you see truths and untruths, and the truth exists in Him as you dwell in His Heart.

I am One Who saves.

I am here present with you in My writings, you will know Me.

I am the Divine God.

Harken to My cry.

Hear the Voice of One Who loves you.

Wisdom, My sons, no human mind is like the mind of God. I reveal the secrets of My Heart in these writings for My Church and My world. The writings come from the Divine Mind, not from one of human origin.

The devil masks the plan of God and fights My messengers so you will remain blinded. I unveil the good and the bad, that your eyes will be opened and you will know the truth, for it is I who speak here.

I AM God, Chief Shepherd of the Flock.

Oh, men of the earth awaken and harken to Me. You are prideful and filled with sophisticated theories of ones so wise they deceived you and you donít recognize the voice of One who comes to save.

A Shepherd I am, One Who comes to set the captives free and send you into the orbit of a new day, and you smite Me and turn aside to hear once again from the minds of men.

In all your dealings, your human minds will never fully comprehend the story of the Almighty God. Get down from your thrones and let Me have what is My due. My place of honor is a chair in which you, My men, may not sit. It angers your God and makes you, oh, so foolish, when I am so kind to give you such wisdom and you smite Me and gag Me with a rag you stick in My mouth. Oh, children of Israel, hear Me. I am a Good God, I come to shed My light across that darkened sky and make it the intensity of a sky at high noon as you have never seen before.

Do not fight My ways and what I come to tell you. Watch the show "Veggie Tales" from Sundayís rosary.

My men, I am God, hear Me.

Hear Me and be glad.

And the light shown on high and men honored their God Who claimed the throne, while the men kissed the ground beneath His feet.

Oh, men of Israel, harken to the voice of One Who saves and comes to lead the strayed ones home to Me.

My men, harken to the sound of My voice.

I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Chief Shepherd of the Flock. This is My Movement, Shepherds of Christ. I come to set the captives free, I come in these revelations to unveil your eyes and show you the light of a sunny day. As the lightning cracks across the sky, and you see from the streaks of light, a sleeping city made new and gleaming in light, I come to unveil your eyes to what lies beneath the darkness that you see now.

Let me lift the crusts from your eyes. Open your hearts and hear Me. Do not fight the plan of the Father to make a new day. Listen to My voice, harken to Me.

I come to set the captives free, to renew My Church and My World.

For days of splendor are upon you, but first My wrath. Your mother Mary looks, her face above you, comforting her little ones like a mother hen who protects the chicks on their way. Oh My people, I am your God. I speak here.

I love you, open your hearts and your eyes. Would one of human origin speak with this wisdom to you?

Wake up, you are keeping your heads in the sand.

Rise up, walk and live.

Your eyes will see, the light will replace the darkness and your hearts will throb with the gifts I give you. My revelations come from the Divine Mind, not from a human person. Oh, please, do not be stiffnecked, open your eyes and see the glory of the transfigured Lord, see the death and after that the resurrection.

I am the God of glory, I am the God of new life, I am the God that died to be reborn in your hearts, that you would walk anew in the shadows of a glorious light.

I come to take My little sheep home to the temple. The temple is My Sacred Heart. The temple of God, your home and dwelling place.

Oh, children of God, harken. I speak as never before. The wise will know, those caught in their own dealings will be caught off guard. Many will lose their way.

Mary, My Mother, appears as a sign, the Lady clothed in gold in the night to woo you to the Heart of Her Son. I am Jesus, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I come to take you home, you will hear My voice, you will know it is I who speak, I am the Divine God.

Excerpt from April 6, 2000, Daily Message

Messenger: Mary appeared in gold on the building at the end of the rosary April 5, 2000.

As we sang songs to Mary and Jesus she became more and more golden in color.

Her whole position, top and bottom, were gold as finest gold panes. It was indescribable in words. It was like gold panels, but not "earthy". The richest gold, not like anything man-made. Not like anything on earth. Like panels of gold jewelry. I cannot describe it.

The middle sections looked like rainbow gold. The progress was gradual. As we sang it became more and more elegant, until she remained solidly like the way I tried to describe.

The whole body of people gathered witnessed this beauty as she appeared.

She stayed this way for a long time afterwards.

In todayís message Mary reminded me that she had requested public gatherings on April 5, 1995, and thereafter.

This was the 5 year anniversary. Usually at night when we sat beneath Maryís image the window looked dark, almost dark and her outline was barely seen.

On December 17, 1999, on the 3 year anniversary, she appeared on the building and all saw her.

She appeared again toward the end of the rosary when I was there January 5, 2000.

Last night was so beautiful. It was the Lady clothed in deep gold, so visible to us as our loving Mother - the Lady clothed in gold.

Mary speaks: Trust in your God, my children. I appear that you will see me, the Lady Clothed with the Sun, and believe.

My children, I appeared in golden splendor after the rosary on April 5, 2000. On April 5, 1995, I called the first public gatherings of rosaries given on the 5th to the public.

Mary speaks: On this 5 year anniversary, I appeared as a Lady clothed with the golden glow of beauty in the darkest night.

My children, you are dealing with your God. This is His mission to help renew the Church and the world.

(End of Excerpt from April 6, 2000, Daily Message)

(End of excerpt from April 18, 2000, Daily Message)

Messenger: From the message August 19, 2000

Excerpt from August 19, 2000, Daily Message

Messenger: This month of September, the 5th is on a Tuesday. Please begin praying for healing graces in connection with this rosary.

coronation.jpg (35381 bytes) Also Tuesday, August 22, 2000, Feast of the Queenship of Mary, we pray a live healing rosary in Sidney, Ohio, at 6:20 p.m.. Please pray with us, or come if you are able. Call 1-513-932-4451.

Messenger: God wants our love, adoration and honor given Him at Mass, our hearts filled with thanks for His gifts to us, our hearts lifted high telling Him how sorry we are that we have sinned. God wants us to make reparation to Him for our sins and the sins of the human race and to make reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Revelation 12: 1-2

Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman, robed with the sun, standing on the moon, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant, and in labour, crying aloud in the pangs of childbirth.

Messenger: I ask the poem about Mary be placed here.

Excerpt from the August 9, 2000 Daily Message 

    Oh, there is not one so fair as thee, my beloved Mother Mary.

     Of all the maidens that God could have chosen it was you, oh shining Star of Heaven.

     Oh Mary, Mother of us all.

     She doth appear as a wonder so fair indeed,

     A permanent sign of God's love.
      A Woman clothed in gold.
      One that glistens with the radiance of a golden tone,

     Her beauty dancing in the sunlit hours of every day.

     In morning splendor, in dancing light at noon day as the sun glistens on her rainbow glow and at night she has appeared on special dates in golden splendor and light.

     Would you quote the Scripture for Mary so fair.

     "Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman, robed with the sun, standing on the moon, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant, and in labour, crying aloud in the pangs of childbirth." (Revelation 12: 1-2)

     Would you see her as she appeared in little villages in the 20th century, tucked in hills and out of the way places.

     If you missed these enormous signs from heaven, of one so fair, she appears there clothed in the golden sun of the day, reflecting her radiant beauty painted by the hand of the Father. She is His chosen maiden so fair.

     She appears daily, she is there by day and beneath the black shadows of night, she does not slumber, but calls to her children of light to come through her golden doorway and let the light of Christ shine in their souls.

     She appears one so fair, by day and sometimes by night clothed in radiance and golden, her garment hemmed with glistening sunlight. She once appeared to a few and her visits fleeting in remotest places, she remains a Woman Clothed with the Sun, the sun dancing on her garments of rainbow color on a busy, busy corner for all to see, in the state of the sun, sunny Florida. She is a Woman painted by the brush of God.

     And do you know the wonder of one who calls the children far and wide, to hear the voice of her Son, Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the Flock.

     Mary, the heavenly maiden, to call them home to His Heart.

     Oh, of one so fair, do we not boast and praise our God and thank Him for such a wonder.

     Oh, to Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, we cry, help us to do what you asked for at Fatima and help us in our mission of telling the world of your Son's desire to spread His Movement so men will be Shepherds of Christ.

Messenger: And the poem a few days later from God the Father and me.

Excerpt from the August 11, 2000 Daily Message

Walk in the TRUTH


The blue of the sky we cannot capture exactly.

The white of the snow.

The color of the smoke of the geyser.

Do we not see the fire of the stars, the light of the sun, the denseness of the black night. It is the creation of God and we cannot describe it exactly as it is.

God speaks:

Oh, open your eyes, men, and see the softness of the skin of the baby, the intricacies of a human ear, the complexities of a human eye and the master mind of the Creator in the function of a human heart.

Oh, blind men, those who are so prideful, bow to God your Creator. See with the eyes of faith.

It is I who paint the hills with My mystical wand. It is reality. So, too, the things you do not see, they are real. It is your perception that is off. God Is and He is Divine and you cannot create as I do.

Get off your pedestals and live in reality. I am Supreme, you are under Me, but I elevate you to such  heights.

Oh, men of the earth, worship God your Creator, be humble, live in the truth. If you are intelligent it is because of My grace and My goodness.

Huffy little men. Let Me see you produce the beauty of a sunlit field, from sun to flower. My men, you are limited, you are human, you are My creatures and I am your God. Recognize Me and live in the truth. Be docile to the hand of God in your life.

Oh, children of the light, hear Me, I am God.

I am the Light of the World.

In Me you live in the light.

(End of excerpt from August 19, 2000, Daily Message)

Message given from Mary on the airplane before the 5th rosary.
Given December 5, 2000


My Father, thanks for Your gift of Mary on the 

His hand touched down on the earth 
       below and He adorned the image 
       with the most golden 

It was by His hand she was made so 
       beautiful on that building. 
       It was by His hand He made her a 
       lasting gift for all to see and cherish. 
       She is a messenger of God.

And a message she carries, the one so fair, 
       painted there by the hand of God. 
       She calls to her children to listen to her 
       and to pray as she and her Son 
       Jesus have taught.

Mary speaks: 

The prayer manual my Son gives to you, 
       my children, is written by the 
       hand of God on the hearts that 
       pray it.

The Holy Spirit Novena, my Son gives too, 
       for you to pray and 
Numerous rosary meditations from Our 
       Hearts We give.

We tell you of consecration and of praying 
       united as a body, united to the Mass.

We give you little cards...


Mary speaks: 

My children, pray the rosary and the 6:20 prayers, 
       pray the healing rosary.

Oh beauty beyond your imagination, beauty 
       beyond anything you could imagine.

A painting, one made by the Creator, the sun 
       glistening on my golden image by 
       day, the golden hues that show by 
       night by the light of His moon.

He is Creator and God, my children, look to 
       the sky, the trees, the baby, the sun, 
       the beauty of His creation, my 
        children, God made you, you must 
       obey His commandments.

His Church He gives you in this world, He 
       administers to you here through His Church, 
       my children, pray as the Sacred Heart tells 

See gold ó see gold ó see light ó see 
       snow, see the babies' little fingers 
       and toes. Feel the breath of one so 
       pure as an infant at the breast.

My Son commands the skies, He tells the sun to 
       shine, your God creates the baby in 
       the womb ó oh my child ó

       open your eyes, to the sweetness of His 
       hand ó See me on the building and

       pray for grace to love and serve Him.

I am the Golden Mary, the Lady Clothed 
       with the Sun, I am Mary, Mother 
       of the Church and Mother of the World.

The beauties of the earth cannot 
       be contained.

The beauty is awesome.

If you see this, you can imagine more 
       the fullness of God's love for man.

Because of his lack of faith 
       Peter started to sink in the 

Christ walked on the water ó 
       a sea of glass.

Given December 5, 2000


As I drove into Clearwater, Florida, the 
       sun hung in the sky as a giant 
       host on fire and the sky was 

The sun looked as a ball of fire in the 
       reddish sky.
       The outside rim looked as if it was 
       set on fire with a small rim 
       of fire, the center was a host, 
       large and white.

The sight was awesome over the beautiful 

Messenger: During the rosary we played Fr. Carter's tape of the talk given February 13, 1997. I never saw Mary so gold when she has appeared at night. Here are some pictures I took as he spoke. I didn't use a flash.


Excerpt from November 7, 2000, Daily Message

Pearl Harbor - 1941

Jesus Message - 1996 (10 days before Mary appeared on the building in Clearwater, Florida)


"NATURE HAS ITS OWN PARTICULAR CYCLE." from priestly newsletter by our founder.



(End of Excerpt from November 7, 2000, Daily Message)

Messenger: From the message January 4, 1999

Excerpt from January 4, 1999, Daily Message

January 4, 1999

Messenger: My dear Jesus, I do not feel I experience you as closely as I once did. I long for the Mass and the Eucharist and I know the great grace I receive when I spend one hour before the tabernacle.

Messenger: I wish the churches were all open so we could go down the street and spend an hour with Jesus. He is the Almighty God and He is truly present in the tabernacle. Spending that hour makes all the difference. We do not always look for all the good He gives us.

In yesterday's rosary, He talked about the thoughts the devil plants in our minds, many times very degrading. He said we should see His arms spread wide, and whenever we hear things inside that say, "You are not loved", or, "God doesn't love you so much now because you have done this or that", we should see Him on the cross, His arms outstretched and hear Him say to us, "I loved you so much I died for you." The words Jesus speaks to us are the words of love, not condemnation. He came to the earth and gave Himself because He loves us.

I feel very weary today. We had an enormous snow storm here in Cincinnati. Mary gave messages in the rosary yesterday that said we could have an accident. We must always be living as He wants us to: loving God and others and ourselves. It is not loving to think any degrading thoughts about oneself. If God gave His life for us we must realize how precious we are to Him.

Jesus speaks: I speak to you of peace and unity. Today is a cold day. You shiver and shake. My children, there are many cold hearts in the world. The temperature of the body is not nearly as important as the temperature of your heart. You can cover your body to stay warm, but who can cover a cold heart and make it better? My children, I come to comfort your heart with the fire of My love. I was born in extreme poverty in a stable. I was warmed by the animals that surrounded My bed. I was wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger.

Who will warm the cold hearts? My children, only the fire of My love. Come to Me as I am present in the tabernacle, and you will receive great grace and know My love.

Man zooms around in the snow and many times fails to hear the words of the Savior. I speak softly to you, My busy earth. You are busy about so many things and you miss the Son of God truly present and with you this day in the tabernacle.

The message I give with the snow and the ice is this, My world. I can stop you dead in your tracks. One foot of snow proves that you do not control the events in your life. Slow down and focus on why I created you.

I came into the world in a stable and they did not know the glory of that night, that the King of glory came to the earth that day in Bethlehem.

Today, I wait endless hours in the tabernacle and My churches are locked and many fail to comfort Me.

I wish the message of the Lady on First Saturday, January 2, 1999 to appear here. I wish you to carry it in your pocket.

January 2, 1999

Mary speaks: I am Our Lady of Snows. I come to cover the earth with a soft white blanket of my love.

I come to bring peace to the earth. I tell you to let go of the anxiety in your heart and experience my peace and His love.

I am your heavenly Mother. I come to hold you and caress you and take you to my Immaculate Heart.

Jesus speaks: There was not room for Me in the inn. Many children have gone back to school after Christmas break. Christmas is a time to unite with God and one another in holy love in order to grow in your capacity to love. Many children have been given toys that have driven them further from God. Christmas is My birthday. I come to you with greatest love and I am ignored. How have you grown in your ways of loving over Christmas?

I ask you to print the message of January 17, 1994, here now.

(End of excerpt from January 4, 1999, Daily Message)

We are studying Christian life and how we live it.

Our object is to establish a comprehensive view of what is necessary for the maintenance and development of full Christian living.

Messenger: We are continuing of discussion of Theme V of the Christian Virtues. From the book Response in Christ  by Father Edward Carter, our founder, we include the chapter on Faith.

Excerpt from Response in Christ (by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J.)

EIGHT  Christian Faith

Our first seven chapters have described various aspects of the Christian life under this book's unifying theme, Christ in His paschal mystery of death-resurrection. All these various dimensions of the Christian life involve the exercise of the most important of the infused virtues, faith, hope and love. We have therefore already said much concerning these virtues, either explicitly or implicitly. However, in this present chapter, and extending through the next four, we will consider in a more detailed manner faith, hope and love, as well as certain other Christian virtues. The infused virtues, let us recall, are the supernatural faculties through which we express the paschal mystery in our lives.

            1.  Faith as Participation in God's Knowledge

Much of the current writing on faith stresses that this virtue constitutes a personal encounter.1 This is the emphasis we will also adopt. However, since this encounter of faith is initiated through the realm of knowledge, we will first discuss faith as participation in God's knowing. Then we will complete our treatment by considering faith as full personal encounter with God and man in Christ.

     Faith gives the Christian a new capacity for knowing. It enables him to attain truths about God and His creation which would be otherwise unknowable. Faith also enables us to know certain truths which are within the grasp of natural reason, but which are attained by many only with difficulty.

     Faith, as St. Thomas states, assimilates us to the divine knowing.2 Through faith we share in God's vision of reality, and we view God and creation in some way as does God Himself. This vision exists on a level of knowing which surpasses the intellect's natural capacity to grasp reality. Although faith gives only a faint share in God's vision compared to the divine knowledge itself, it is still the greatest vision of reality which is possible for man in his temporal existence.

     What are some of the characteristics of Christian faith? First of all, it is at the same time both certain and obscure. Faith is certain because it is a special sharing in the knowledge of God, God who is the highest truth. The strength of my faith, then, depends not on arguments and proofs from reason. These give a rational foundation to my faith, but they are not faith itself. Rather, the strength of faith depends upon the degree to which God takes possession of the Christian in grace. As the Christian grows in grace, the various infused virtues take deeper root, and the Christian lives more and more the life of God. In regard to faith this means that the Christian is being more vitally assimilated into the divine knowing. His faith becomes more firm. This does not mean that we always correctly estimate the strength of our faith. For various reasons we can at times think that our faith is growing weaker when it is actually becoming stronger. Such an impression can be present as faith is being purified. This process of purification will be touched upon in the present chapter, but also later in the chapter on prayer and the one on the mystical life.

     If faith is certain, it also has an obscurity about it, despite the fact that faith is also light. Faith is obscure because its realities are unseen. These truths of faith will be surrounded with a full brightness only in the beatific vision. Then faith will no longer be necessary. God and His truth will then be immediately present to us. "Now we are seeing a dim reflection in a mirror; but then we shall be seeing face to face. The knowledge that I have now is imperfect; but then I shall know as fully as I am known." (1 Co 13:12).

     Because the truths of faith are not possessed here below with the complete light of the beatific vision, temptations against faith are possible. If these do occur, we should not be unduly disturbed. Great saints, such as St. Jane Frances de Chantal and St. Teresa of Lisieux, have experienced this trial. If temptations against faith occur, how should we handle them? We should not confront the temptation directly, for this only deepens its impression. We should let the temptation pass by as calmly as possible, taking reasonable means to occupy our attention with something positive. If we react correctly to the temptation, our faith will be strengthened and purified. Faith certainly can be purified in other ways. Consequently, we should not think it necessary to experience these temptations to achieve faith's purification. It is merely a question of properly benefiting from such an experience if it does arise.

     Some seem to speak of temptations against faith in the same way as they do concerning difficulties about the truths of faith. We prefer to make a distinction. Although difficulties concerning faith can certainly lead to temptations to disbelief, it seems that such difficulties can be present without actual temptation against faith. This kind of difficulty or questioning can actually be a desire to understand more perfectly the mysteries of faith. Such questioning, as opposed to temptation to disbelief, can be handled directly through study, reflection and dialogue with persons competent in theology.

     We are presently discussing some of the characteristics of faith. We have said that it is both certain and obscure. It is also evolving.3 By this we mean that the Church, as she progresses through the ages, is meant to strive constantly for a more perfect understanding of the truths of revelation. This is one sense in which the Church's faith evolves. It evolves also in the sense that the Church, reading the signs of the times, must constantly endeavor to present Christ's revelation in categories which are relevant to each succeeding age.4 The Church must so act because of the very nature of revelation. God has revealed Himself in Christ in order to exact a response from man. The Church also has to be concerned about the response which any age makes to her continual presentation of God's revelation. Since one of the factors which will determine man's response to God's word is its discernible relevance to his here-and-now existence, the Church is obligated to make her teaching of the faith as meaningful as possible according to all the various exigencies of each and every age.

     The faith of the individual Christian likewise has an evolving dimension because his faith participates in the evolutionary growth of the Church's faith. But the Christian's faith evolves also precisely because it is the faith of an individual. One's understanding of the mysteries of faith can grow indefinitely. This growth will take place not only through the objective means commonly available to all within the Church, but also through the more subjective means which are peculiar to individuals as individuals. Consider the fact that one's faith evolves as his experience of life evolves. Faith is part of our total existence, and God often causes us to understand more perfectly the mysteries of faith by our actual experience of them in the concrete circumstances of our individual lives.

     Christian faith is certain, obscure to some extent, and evolving. There is a final set of characteristics we would like to mention. As with all aspects of our grace-life, faith is both incarnational and transcendent.5 At the basis of faith's incarnational dimension is the fact that faith is received within this world's material framework. Faith partly depends upon the tangible and concrete for its proper nourishment, growth and expression. One example of this is faith's relationship to the liturgy with its very obvious incarnational dimension. Another example is that faith must be exercised within the ordinary framework of the Christian's everyday experience of work, relaxation, pain and joy. Again, such a framework of daily life has a very obvious material or incarnational aspect.

     If faith is incarnational, it is more ultimately transcendent. The truths of faith, although having a relationship to man's material world, are themselves above it. This fact constitutes one aspect of faith's transcendency. Another aspect is the fact that our conceptual formulation and expression of the mysteries of faith do not completely exhaust their reality. This holds even for the Church's official teaching of these mysteries. It also holds true for theology's expression of the Christian mystery, and for the individual Christian's personal conceptualization of faith's realities, a conceptualization which must be, of course, in proper harmony with the Church's official teaching. Summarily, the mysteries of faith cannot be totally confined to our human categories of thought and speech. These are meant as means to lead us closer to faith's transcendent realities as they are in themselves, especially to the ultimate transcendent reality, our Trinitarian God.

     In light of the above mention of theology, it might be well to consider here a few points concerning its relationship to faith. Theology is the science of faith, and its proper study can be a definite means in developing one's faith. But theology cannot be completely equated with faith. It obviously embraces much of faith's content, but it also contains and makes use of other realities. An example of this is the fact that theology utilizes philosophical categories in expressing revelation. Theology also is not obviously the same as faith in the instances when certain advanced speculations of various theologians are eventually seen to be erroneous. The Christian, while highly valuing theology, must realize in what manner it differs from faith itself.

     This is especially necessary in our present age which is witnessing a ferment, renewal and vital growth in theology. It is always one of the tasks of theology to be in advance of the current official Church teaching.6 This necessary gap is especially evident today because of this very special age of the Church in which we live. This distance between the Church's official teaching and present theological effort seems to disturb many of today's faithful. If we hold fast to the above distinctions between faith and theology, we should be able to maintain our peace of soul and welcome the renewed vigor of today's theology. This vigor is making its own contribution to the growth of the Church's faith.

            2.  Faith as Personal Encounter with God and Man in Christ

Contemporary theology emphasizes that faith is not merely an intellectual assent to a body of doctrine, but primarily a personal commitment to God who reveals these truths. For too long theology seemed to invert this order, but it is interesting to note that St. Thomas was not one of those theologians who gave the wrong emphasis. His words are in the mainstream of current thought on faith: "Now, whoever believes, assents to someone's words; so that, in every form of belief, the person to whose words assent is given seems to hold the chief place and to be the end as it were; while the things by holding which one assents to that person hold a secondary place."7

     By faith, through the order of knowledge, we enter into an intimate personal relationship with the Trinity. Because faith is thus fundamentally a personal dialogue between God and the Christian, it has a deep, personalizing efficacy.8 If I respond properly to God revealing, I achieve in graced freedom my greatest potential as a person. I become the person I should become.

     Our faith-encounter with God centers in Christ. It is obvious why this is so, since it is through His Incarnate Son that the Father has spoken and continues to speak to us. Christ contains all revelation in His Incarnate person. Christ revealed, not only by His words, but also by everything that He was and did. Christ has spoken to us not merely through verbalized intellectual truths, but through His total Incarnate person. He revealed by giving His complete self, not only His words. This fact has deep significance concerning our response to Christ's revelation. For just as Christ has given us the Father's truth in a personal way through the loving gift of His complete Incarnate person, so I must respond in the same manner. I must assent to the truth of Christ, not only with my intellect, but in love with my total being.

     Christ's message cannot be separated from His person. If I am authentically to respond to His truth I must accept everything about Christ. Full Christian faith is commitment of my total person to Christ and to the total mystery of Christ. This, of course, does not mean that this commitment is initially as perfect as it can become. My entire Christian life is a growth in this response. However, the initial response is complete in the sense that I open my complete being to Christ with the determination that I will allow myself to be assimilated to Him as He wishes.

     As the Christian responds in loving faith to Christ, he discovers his true existence. He has discovered a meaning outside of himself. And, paradoxically, the more he goes out of himself into this true meaning of life who is Christ, the more the Christian becomes himself. Now in living faith he views all reality with Christ, through the vision of Christ. The Christian sees that with Christ, and in the Spirit, he must spend himself in love for the Father, man and man's world. We see, then, that faith is not only encounter with God, but also with man.

     Because he is caught up in the vision of this Christ whom he loves with his entire being, the Christian will not count the cost. As Christ was willing to pay any price to achieve the vision which the Father showed Him concerning man's redemption, so also the committed Christian, in order to achieve faith's vision, is willing to pay the price Christ asks of him.

     Part of this vision which the man of faith has is the deep realization that living faith in Christ can transform a man's life. Consequently, the man of faith has a deep desire to help develop this faith in those already possessing it, and to aid in giving it to those not yet blessed with faith in Christ. He realizes from personal experience the importance of making such a contribution, for he knows that he himself has received this faith partly through the efforts of others, and that he is helped by them in so many ways in achieving faith's maturity. Finally, the man of faith is convinced that he promotes faith in others to a great extent by the way he himself lives it out: "The written and preached word, however, is intended to be incarnated in human beings. The word will have its most powerful effect only when it appears in another person who embodies the gospel in his life."9

     In conclusion, let us be convinced of the following. What faith in Christ means for ourselves and others must engrave itself deeply within our souls. For only then will we have a desire to open ourselves up fully to this life of faith in Christ, and only then will we become the desired instruments in communicating this faith to others. Each of us in his own way must be caught up into the vision, the fire, the enthusiasm of St. Paul: ". . . I believe nothing can happen that will outweigh the supreme advantage of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For him I have accepted the loss of everything, and I look on everything as so much rubbish if only I can have Christ and be given a place in him . . . I want only the perfection that comes through faith in Christ, and is from God and based on faith." (Ph 3:8-9).

     1. For an extended, current treatment on faith, cf. L. Monden, Faith: Can Man Still Believe? (New York: Sheed & Ward, 1970).
     2. Cf. St. Thomas Aquinas, In Boeth. de Trinitate, q. 3, a. 1.
     3. Cf. Karl Rahner, Belief Today (New York: Sheed & Ward, 1967), p. 49.
     4. Cf. Edward Schillebeeckx, Revelation and Theology, Vol. 1 (New York: Sheed & Ward, 1967), p. 150.
     5. For the transcendent dimension, cf. Rahner, Op. cit., pp. 80-89.
     6. Cf. Schillebeeckx, Op. cit., p. 148.
     7. St. Thomas Aquinas, S.T., II,II, q. 11, a. 1 (New York: Benziger, 1947).
     8. Cf. Jean Mouroux, I Believe (New York: Sheed & Ward, 1959), pp. 60-65.
     9. Gabriel Moran, Theology of Revelation (New York: Herder & Herder, 1966), p. 151.

(End of Excerpt from Response in Christ)


A rosary can be used to pray for healing. It is powerful to unite our prayers to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and pray through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of Clearwater.

In times of trouble, for special prayer, we can use our rosary and pray as follows.

A Rosary for Healing or for Someone with Cancer.

On one Hail Mary bead or as many as you desire, say: 

May God heal                     through the intercession of Our Lady of Clearwater in union with the Mass and all the Masses being celebrated around the world.

Pray the Hail Mary or Hail Mary's then pray this after the Hail Mary.

May the cancer be uprooted and thrown into the sea.

We believe with all our hearts.

After the Glory Be— pray the following petition.

May                     be healed through the intercession of Our Lady of Clearwater if it be the holy will of God.

Note: You can look at Mary on the image rosary while you pray this rosary.

Note: The above section can be printed out from a PDF file, and you can pray the rosary looking at the pictures.

Messenger: Rosary in Clearwater, Florida ó December 5, 2000.


Messenger: Mary wants the Red Rosary Book printed. It will cost $12,000 - $14,000 to get them reprinted. We are out of Red Rosary books. Mary has asked us to always circulate them. They go with the apparition in Florida.

ROSARIES from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Can you help with the printing of the new Blue Rosary Book Volume II of Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary?



Messenger: Pray for Perry, Ron, Fernando, Hank, Ed.

Prayer List for apostles for interior use in the Movement. Pray hourly.

Spread the Blood of Jesus on everyone, consecrate their hearts, cast the devil out, pray for coming of the Holy Spirit in a special way for all people involved on this list.

Pray Father Carter is healed through Our Lady of Clearwater.
Pray for Father Carter's doctors.
Please pray for one new very important intention.
Pray for all involved in buying the building.
Pray for designated priests, Fr. Mike, Fr. Smith, Fr. Ken, all priests involved in the Imprimaturs translations including all bishops. Pray for Fr. Joe, Bishop Ed, Fr. Don, Father at Tuesday Masses, Fr. Tom, Fr. Bill, all priests involved with Walter, Fr. Hagee and special priests.
Pray for Father's sister Merle, for all of us servants, handmaids, apostles and vocations to all 7 categories.
Pray for all translations and all involved.
Pray for the elections.
Pray for an audience with the Pope.
Pray for all Jesuits involved, all those over us. Pray for the 4 urgent intentions.
Pray for the rights to the books.
Pray for the process of getting Father's books on the Internet.
Pray for money to reprint the books.
Pray for the Imprimatur on the Priestly Newsletter Book II.
Pray we can send it to all bishops and Jesuits.
Pray for Perry and family and discernment.
Pray for all sub-centers and all out-of-state rosaries.
Pray for the sisters' mailing, nursing home mailing, bus mailing.
Pray for Rosary Factory.
Pray for Genevieve's daughter and Sheila's mom and Jerry's dad, Bernice's daughter.
Pray for Paul and Joan discernment.
Pray for all book covers.
Pray for B & M and Tina and Terry, all printing jobs, companies involved.
Pray for 5th, the 13th, the 17th.
Pray for the Internet team and the daily messages.
Pray for building up of Morrow, Ohio, Dale, Indiana, other sub-centers.
Pray for the Holy Spirit Center and all involved.
Pray for all our families, children in school, college mailing.
Pray for lots of rosary makers and rosaries for the schools.
Pray for funds and grace.
Pray for Paul C., Margaret Mary, Steve and Sheila, Monica, Angie, Marian, Cathy, Joe, Nick, Mary, Emily, Joe, Doris, Glaci, Dunkers, Joan R., Morgan, Mark, Walter, Janice, Mike A., Margaret, Ron, Harold, and Tommie.
Pray for Fred doing the paper and all involved in priestly "start-up".
Please pray for all Shepherds of Christ children.
Pray for Victor's son, Michael and a girl missing. (Victor and Frances)

(Please copy and pass out to family and friends.)

Sorrowful MotherMary's Message from the Rosary of August 27, 1996

Mary speaks: I stood beneath the cross of my Son, and my Heart was in such pain for I saw Him before my eyes. I saw Him covered with blood. I saw Him die. My Heart, my children, my Heart to watch my Son, but my Heart, my Heart, how I suffered for my little children of the world that give in to this world and give up the love of my Son. O my little children of light, I give you this message. Carry this light into the darkness for your Mother Mary, for I stood beneath the cross and I cried. I cried for the little ones. I cried for the young ones, the ones that do not care and will lose their souls. How do I make you see for you will not listen to me? What can I do? I come. I appear. I beg. I plead. I give you these gifts from my Son, and you reject me. I do not deliver messages very often anymore for I have been ignored. The message is the same. You do not read the messages I have given to you. Please help me. Help the little children. I appear. I appear. I appear, and I am ignored. I stood beneath the cross, and I cried. I cried, and my Heart was in such anguish for my little children, for I am searching for them this day as I searched for the Child Jesus. Please, please help me. I cannot hold back the hand of my Son any longer. I am Mary, your Mother. I ask you to help my children. You are my children of light.

Song: O Lady of Light, shining so bright, be with us this day, guiding our way, O Lady, O Lady of Light.

Mary speaks: I appear to you as Our Mother of Sorrows.

(End of Mary's Message)


I _________________ give my heart to
You Jesus and Mary on this day

I promise to help spread the devotion to
the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


Question for married couples and others in intimate relationships:

Q: How do I feel in my heart when I am divided with you?

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