Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

December 22, 1998

Jesus speaks: I wish the following information to be placed on the Internet.

I wish pictures of the gigantic cross and its placement be put on the Internet.   

December 22, 1993 - Blue Book I; P. 159-163

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

You Are Raising Your Children Without God

God's Blue Book I Cover

December 22, 1993 - 5:00 a.m.

Jesus speaks: This is the day of the Lord. Slowly approaches My day, My birth. I am Jesus, Your Savior. I come as a little baby to save a big world. How could such a little one save a world and all those to come? This little one, My child, is God-made-man of Mary, just a baby coming in such silence, yet He comes with the might to save the world from its sin. He comes into a little stable and He comes without any proclamations from mankind. The beasts surround Him, the King of Glory. His court is made up of cows and sheep and His bed is dirty hay. Oh, how we await the birth of a baby. Everyone is eager to know of His arrival. All is ready, yet Mary does not have a place to lay her child. There is not room for them except with the beasts of the stable. Did Mary know that Jesus would be born in such poverty? She has said "yes" to all the events that are to happen. This is her firstborn baby and there is not a place for them.

Messenger: What things we are so eager to surround ourselves with and God is born in such poverty under the eyes of animals! The choirs of angels sing, but the world is numb to the event. Is this not how it is 2000 years later? It is Christmas Saturday, yet where are the statues and the stables remembering Christ's birth? Can you find any remembrances in stores? They are too busy. You cannot go and pay except for waiting in line at the money counter, a line to buy treasures, while the Son of Man waits in tabernacles all over the world and who comes?

Is the world today so blind that its people call this Day Christmas, but who is talking about Christ? Little snowmen, reindeer, Santa Claus, little sleds, red and green, and bells and holly. Should not every little detail be tended to? The family is all prepared. Gifts are wrapped to perfection yet where is the baby? Is a picture of Christ on any paper or magazine? He, the King of Glory, sits alone in every church while people wait in line with batteries and cards and wrap. How long do they wait in that line? Does it matter? Christmas is the most important event of the year to them and every detail must be tended to.

Jesus speaks: Wake up, America. How you are fixed on such foolishness! Ribbons and bows and wreaths adorn the house from the top to the bottom, inside and outside. Sound the trumpet! But the Son of Man waits in churches all over by Himself and the busier they become, the more the faithful ones rush too.

I am Christmas. It is My Birthday. The Son of Man waits in a tabernacle. There are no trumpets. There is not a line. He is alone! What is the first Commandment? "I am the Lord, thy God. Thou shalt not have any gods before Me." America, you have so many gods, but the true God is ignored!

My heart aches at the blindness of My children. Every detail, indeed, is tended to but the details of the heart. Adorn the body, adorn the house, decorate the trees and lights and play the music. Music to Rudolf, music to the snowmen, music to Santa, but some will not even sing a song to Christ the King. What do they think the words to Silent Night mean?

The adoration pleases Me. This is My birthday. Who will even come to Me? Very few even know what Christmas is about. Does Christ reign in their hearts or do other gods? Who will you worship this Christmas, Christ the Savior or some other god? I wait, My children, just as I do every moment of every day. I never leave. I wait for you. I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Please come and make in your hearts a place for Me. I want to come into your hearts and dwell there. Open wide to the King of Kings. Take the blinders off your eyes. Let Me in. Your hearts have turned to stone and your bodies are numb. What has happened to My beautiful ones?

Messenger: Think of a baby, so bright, so beautiful, so alive! His face reflects the courts of heaven. His eyes are beauty in themselves! Then look at the eyes of my children 20 years later! Look at the mall-how people dress and how they act. This 20-year old at the mall is reflecting your world! Is it not the same beautiful baby that was born? But look at people standing around-looking, for what? Is there anything at the mall to feed a soul? Look how big they are, these malls! Now they have two floors. You get lost! Is there anything of God at the mall? Do you feed your face, America, on every corner, but leave your soul withering and shriveled up!

Jesus speaks: This 20-year old is the child created by My Father to know, love and serve God, but, America, what did you teach him, when he was that little baby, about God? How was he to learn when you yourselves put God on a back burner or have no room for Him at all. You made this child at the mall. God made the baby. God gave you this baby with eyes still on heaven and you wiped the sparkle from his eyes and piped in your world. If he was fed on God and the things of heaven, if his heart was nurtured and cared for, he would still have sparkling eyes, the eyes reflect the heart within. You have taught him your ways, America. His eyes are not like those of babies. How can he look to heaven when you, yourself, know nothing about heaven? Take a baby young and give it what are the true treasures. Tell it about God. Make the Bible the book that is read and found on every table and by every bed.

America, you are missing it. You are raising children without a God. To be created to know, love and serve God, but not be taught anything about God! You, America, are responsible for taking the sparkling eyes and making them dull and changing his heart to stone. You, America are responsible for the stalking soul that goes about in such unrest, but has no training of God and no example from which to learn about God. You, America, have taken a beautiful child and made him into a bundle of unrest, nervous energy, jumpy looks, wild music. What do you feed this stalking soul? Is it sex? Is it self-indulgence. Is it drink? You gave it nothing of what it was created for and it has no source to obtain it. Children are given such unrest in their world: self-indulgent games, music, drink, magazines. And the soul lives on unattended! Such unrest stalks the young heart with no clue about how to be saved.

America, this is your child. How can he be saved? You kept him from the things of God and now he walks the malls searching with hollow eyes and a heart yearning to find that which he craves. Children are thirsty for Me. They are driven by their souls to know Me. America, what do you teach them? You are feeding them garbage and they are sick from it. A daily diet of garbage, of filth! You give them a handful of dirt for food! What would your body do if you fed it dirt? Oh, how you are hurting your loved ones, your little children. They come with a guardian angel they never know. They never even hear the word of God or, if they do, it is taught as a far-off thing in the distance. You will reach God as He is alive in your own hearts. You, America, have borne the children. You took innocent babies and slaughtered some. Then, to those who survived, you fed a daily dose of garbage!

But how could you give them anything but a hardened heart when yours was frozen in your very chest. You cannot teach what you do not know. These messages, America, are your answers. Read them to your young. Tell them about Jesus. My words are not hard to understand. You do not need much education. A second-grader could understand My messages here. What they need from you you can explain.

Where is the family circle of prayer? Where are our pictures on your walls? Where is My crucifix, by which you are saved? To My death I love each one of you, yet you do not know that My death and resurrection is of any account in your life.

This is not your life here. Your life will go on and on after your body goes. This is your test, America. You have made the test the finished product and you do not even take the test. It has become an end in itself. None of this matters here-all this materialism. I am so sad in My heart for My little ones being raised in this culture. Some homes do not even have a Bible or a crucifix.

Spread My word, My children. Teach your little ones about God. Spend time in prayer and tell your sick brothers about God. Tell them to read the Bible and pray to the Holy Spirit. He has the wisdom their souls crave. He gives gifts to those who ask. I am ready to shower you with My graces and lead you back myself. Plant the seeds. How can anything germinate if the seed was not planted. You are My sowers in a starving world. Plant the seeds to your brothers. Tell children about God. Their minds are so open. Get them young. Tell children in your family, your seed may save their soul. Tell them about My love. Don't miss any opportunity. Your reward will be great in heaven for all the seeds you sow!

Tell little ones wherever you are that Jesus is Lord and He is a God of Love. Tell children about their souls. They need to care for them and feed them. Tell them to fill themselves with good, not evil. Give them Bibles. There are children's Bibles. These plant seeds that will live in their hearts. They are My children and I love them. I need you to plant the seeds. I will provide water and sunlight. I will talk in their hearts and they will listen if you plant the seeds.

Have prayer groups for children. What a way to spread the faith! They do not see other children praying so they do not pray. I will attend those prayer groups and work in their hearts there. My power is mighty, but I cannot work in a barren desert. You must be constantly sowing seeds. Spend money on Bibles and give them to children. Give them little books about God. Tell them of My love. There is a magic in the book about God you give to a child. I will make it come alive in its life. But you must give the book. If you have any opportunity, tell children about Me and how I love them and I am by their side with such love and care for them. You can do so much for the children by doing so little. My magic will work on the little seeds you plant.

Have a light heart and ask for guidance. Submit yourselves to Me so I can reach your brothers through you! Look at how many souls you touch each day. Sow seeds of life in their hearts. They will not turn you off. They are thirsty. Give them the messages I write here. Give them the Blue Book. They will turn their hearts to God. I will work on them as they read. They will receive life from this book, life in their souls. Alleluia.

I am the son of God and I come into your midst as a baby, mighty and powerful, but little and helpless. I come to you in Communion. I am God. My power shines on your soul there. Do not go a day without receiving Me. If your children are sick, teach them to make a Spiritual Communion. The power of the Eucharist is the most powerful.

Don't miss the opportunity to go to Communion every day. Make spiritual communions throughout the day. I long to be united to you. Beg for this union. In moments of silence, come and sit with Me. At home, make a Spiritual Communion and sit with Me there for short periods of silence. I will come to you and dwell in your hearts. I yearn to be alone with you and share My love. If you have 5 to 10 minutes at home, come to Me. You will have a new energy and peace. I give you what you need. Be alone with Me and sit. Don't be anxious. Just be patient and not busy. Sit still. Let Me work in your heart. Do not expect any concrete results. I give you what you need and you do not need to feel anything. Make your life a time to deepen your union with Me. The Ultimate Work of your Heart is to be united to Me. I work. You sit in silence and in submission. You become selfless and unattached. Transcend your body and be with Me in the soul. Sit now in silence. Don't be busy. Let yourself go in a Spiritual Communion. Ask Jesus to come into your heart now. You are too hard. Be like jello, let go. Let go of everything. I will work on all that. Leave it behind and be with Me, alone.

December 22, 1996, 5 days after Mary was discovered on the building in Florida - Apostles Manual P. 206-208

December 22, 1996:

Jesus: Brace yourselves in the Shepherds of Christ. You want to be Christ-like. Is this the true desire in your heart or is it just words like the other words you give to Me?

Brace yourselves. I will lead the way with My rod and My staff, but you must be b to follow for the way is rocky and the rocks are sharp. They cut through to the soul. They cut through to your heart.

You will be brought to your knees, you will beg for Me, you will be molded and helped with in the abundant grace flowing from My Heart. My little shepherd, so willful and so stupid in your ways, but I love you just the same to My death, child. I love you and you do not see that all I give to you is for your good.

I am not angry with you, My messenger. You must suffer now to write My messages for the world. How could you write had you not experienced My pain in your soul? You are My hand, that I am using to write the messages of My Heart for the world. My Heart was crowned with thorns. So, too, will your heart be pierced and wanting to bleed. Bleed, little heart, My Heart bled for you.

And the moon will be covered with blood. It was the blood of the Lamb and it poured forth on a sinful world to cleanse them of their sin, and I give you My Body and Blood in the Mass and I am ignored.

He slapped their hands and He smite their cheeks and they laughed in their pain and continued their willful ways. But the day of reckoning is at hand and I will separate the sheep from the goats and the sheep I will take home with Me. The goats will know a day as they never knew before for My justice will prevail.

When I warned they would not turn from their evil ways and I could not reach them. They walked as blind men down the path of destruction and who would have thought that the end of the road was so near. And at the end of the road they continued to walk for in the darkness they could not see and they fell into an everlasting pit of doom and suffering.

Justice will prevail. I am a good God. Justice and truth will kiss. When I gave to them My warning they said, "Oh no, Lord," and continued their sinful ways.

The time is at hand. My efforts and yours were in vain. I will wipe their sick smiles from their evil mouths and they will suffer forever the death of the soul.

I will not have mercy on these hard-necked cowards who thought, in their pride, they could smite Me. I will throw the book at them and they will suffer for their sinful ways.

Woe to them who led My children astray. Woe to them. They will burn the eternal death of intense suffering for the murder of My young. And who will help them then? They will know a death beyond all deaths and suffering beyond all suffering. For a few moments of pleasure, they lost their souls forever.

I am a just and merciful God. I give water to quench your thirst, I bathe you in My divine love, but to the evil doers, I will curse their name and wipe them from the face of the earth. I have spoken. Justice will prevail. My hand is struck with power. The senseless ones will know My might.

Who will you call? You said 'no' to God and He struck you for your sinful ways.

All honor and glory be to God for He has visited His people and they cast Him aside. I will light the earth with My love and the dark hearts will curse the night for they will be no more.

And justice will flourish in His time and fullness of peace forever.

I have spoken. The deaf will not hear. My hand is the hand of God and it is struck with power.

I say to the grass to grow and it grows, to the sun to shine and it shines and to you I say, "Be ready for you know not the day nor the hour. I come as a thief in the night to take your soul home to Me. Will you be ready or will you be caught unprepared?"

Prepare ye a way to the Lord. Make ready His steps, My shepherds. I guard you but you will suffer. You must be b and not caught off guard.

Purify your souls for I am coming and the earth will know My light this Christmas for I will shine in the hearts of the just. I will shine on My shepherds this Christmas. My light will shine in the hearts of those consecrated to My Heart and the heart of My Mother.

Alleluia, a King is born this day. Put aside your silly ways, your bows and tinsel, and praise God. He is in your midst. He reigns this day. You are ignoring the King of Glory. Oh, sinful world, you are in for a weird awakening.

And the light stole across the sky and the light of day shown brighter than seven suns, not to the eye but in the hearts of His faithful ones, the hearts consecrated to God.

December 22, 1995, Mass Book; P. 199-200

December 22, 1995


Written at 6:45 p.m. at All Saints:

I had such an experience and was overwhelmed by the love of Jesus.

Written later at 8:30 a.m. at Mass:

Fr. Carter spoke about the Magnificat today in the Gospel. It made me cry. This is exactly how I have felt - so little, like a speck, but under the cross at Holy Cross-Immaculata Catholic Church on December 15, I was not little. He had raised me to such heights in Him. It was as if I was elevated in the corner of His burning Heart, and I was existing in Him and being in Him!

I cried hardest at the Consecration - I am so aware of heaven and what is going on, filled with deep, deep emotion at the miracle taking place as I unite myself in this sacrifice with Him. I die more and more to myself and unite to Him. Such emotion, for it is in the Mass I am being more deeply one in Him, dying to myself and uniting to Him.

After Mass, I was surrounded by His love, joined in His embrace as at Holy Cross-Immaculata Catholic Church under the cross. I do not care who is there - I am lost in Him. He and heaven are all that exist to me. He and His Heart - I did not feel sorrow. I felt His embrace as if He pressed me to Himself. It was as if I felt the thorns surrounding His Heart press into me. Now my heart really hurts. My heart hurts so badly right now.

I feel the thorns that surround His Heart. I will forever feel these thorns when I look on His Heart surrounded by thorns. The thorns press into His most adorable Heart. They press for the neglect and indifferences shown to Him, especially in His sacrament of greatest love, the Eucharist.

I am so weak. I am wiped out. I know many agonies and many joys in the Mass. I know His deep love and the excruciating pain He suffered. I know what it is to be embraced by His love and feel the thorns pressed against my heart. I know the Almighty God in such a way I cannot even write here.

After Communion, I felt embraced, deeply, by the presence of God and satisfied, but I felt pain in my heart.

I remember Christmas 1993, the pain was so excruciating. It started at church, and I went home and wanted to scream or express it in some way. I went to my room before my big Sacred Heart picture that was with me when I wrote, and the pain was unbearable. I will never forget it. It is from these experiences I intimately know my beloved Lord.

I feel it is Jesus and I. I can share with Mary too. How she knows His Heart. I can't really share the deep, deep place I have been with anyone. Jesus knows I remember the intimate times with Him in Mary's House at the Center - so many wonderful experiences with my Divine Lover as He revealed the deep insights into His life, His love, His sufferings, and Mary revealed the insights and intimacies between her and her Son. She revealed her suffering and so much more. I now am experiencing deep insight into them here at Holy Cross-Immaculata Catholic Church, especially under the cross and at the 12th station. This is how it was this morning before the tabernacle. I was embraced, as I was here, to a small degree with His divine love. I am wiped out now.

Mary, as I meditate on the mysteries of the rosary, you, who dwell in His Heart and know His Heart, share what you know of God with me that I may love Him and share in His love.

Jesus speaks: Please put the following pictures on the Internet stating that they were taken from images in Holy Cross-Immaculata church.

Great graces were granted at My Mother's church in Cincinnati, Holy Cross-Immaculata.

Picture of the 12th Station - Mass Book, writing about the 12th Station - Rosary Book, p. 68.

The 12th Station
Jesus Dies on the Cross


Messenger: He hung for three agonizing hours on the cross against the darkened sky. His greatest agonies were not the agonies of His body, but those of His Heart for the great love He has for each and every soul.

Jesus speaks: I gave Myself to you, My dear ones. I gave My all. I hung with My arms spread in total surrender. My head was punctured; My hands and feet were nailed to the cross. I gave Myself to you. I give Myself to you this day in the Eucharist. I give Myself to you. I, God, give you Myself! What more do you want?

Song: Oh, burning Heart, oh, Love divine, etc.

Messenger: They pierced His Heart with a lance and what flowed forth was blood and water, the sacramental life of the Church, water for Baptism and blood for the Eucharist. His life, death and resurrection live on in the Church this day.

Messenger: I experienced such agony and insight into the Heart of Mary beneath this twelfth station, knowing her immense suffering for the children that would be lost and the joy for those that would get to heaven.

The Crucifix at Holy-Cross Immaculata

Messenger: I received special favors under this crucifix December 15, 1995.

This is accounted in the writings of December 17, 1996, and December 18, 1995, in the Mass Book.

Jesus appeared at the point of death on December 5, 1996, with His mouth moving. It was in the church, Holy Cross-Immaculata. He appeared on this crucifix. It was horrifying for me. I was in such anguish and tears. I know this experience so well, He implanted it in my soul. This was after Mary appeared for 2 years and 4 months on the 5ths. Jesus appeared on the 2 1/2 year anniversary on the crucifix.

Lourdes Grotto at Holy Cross Immaculata

Messenger: On December 31, 1995, Mary appeared in the Grotto. A woman from Canada was in the church. Mary gave me a special rosary. I wrote that day in my notebook: "Mary came alive at the beginning of the rosary. The whole grotto was engulfed in silver light. She remained for the entire rosary. I saw as I have never before . She came forward from the grotto and the grotto disappeared behind her. At one point her skin was as alive looking as mine, at other times she looked transparent and adorned in the brightest mystical light. Her face was so young and so beautiful. I cannot in any way, ever describe what I saw in this hour. There was constant motion, the vision constantly changing. At one point in the rosary I could not speak, I was wrapped in the presence.

Mary had appeared in this grotto on the 5ths from October 5, 1995 - October 5, 1996. On both days I received similar messages. Mary has asked us to include here the message of October 5, 1996, on page 177-178, from the Apostles Manual.

October 5, 1996

Mary: I am Our Lady of the Rosary. The Fatima message will unfold around the Shepherds of Christ Movement. I am begging you, please, publish these Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. I appeared daily for 14 months and delivered rosaries for the world. Why have these rosaries been held back from this world? Souls are dropping into hell. Do you comprehend the importance of these rosaries to the Fatima message?

I have appeared as Our Lady of Light and Our Lady of Sorrows delivering these rosaries.

I am now delivering this message as Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.

A great mission I give to you, my beloved apostles in the Shepherds of Christ Movement is to live these rosaries and spread the messages to the world. You must reach the world with these teachings I am giving in the rosary.

On this October 5, 1996, I beg you as your heavenly Mother to not ignore the importance of these rosaries. I have appeared, I have begged, I have warned you. I cannot hold back the hand of my Son any longer. His hand is struck with power.

Today is the 5th of the month, first Saturday. I beg all to study this message and to tell all that come on October 13th, 1996 the importance of these live rosaries and the completion of the Fatima message.

I am Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. This is the key to watching the Movement spread. I am assisting you in publishing and circulating these rosaries. Anyone who stops the rosary messages and meditations will deal with my Son, Jesus!

Souls are at stake and souls have been lost because of the delays to hold back the messages in God's Blue Book and Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Any negative references in the Movement to these messages displeases my Son for you have been given the greatest gifts in these revelations. I am asking all to help in the circulation of these rosaries and messages. We are communicating to the world majorly in these messages. The completion of the Fatima message is greatly dependent on these messages. Do not give into Satan any longer to block these messages. You are dealing with my Son, Jesus. This is a great gift given to the world. It would please my Son greatly if you expressed to Him your great thanks for the gifts He has given to you. Your answers are found in these messages. They must be studied and recognized for the great gift they are. You were chosen by God to deliver this message to the world. The ingratitude of many displeases my Son greatly. It is now time for the leaders of the Movement and all apostles to support these messages. It is now time to study the content in its entirety. You are missing the key directions because you do not even read the messages.

I am Mary, your Mother. You will be rewarded with the funds needed when you publish these messages and rosaries.

Messenger: Our Lord has asked me to tell of some of the experiences I experienced at Holy Cross-Immaculata.

I will account the major experiences.

There were many experiences at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. Mary appeared every day there from July 5, 1994 until September 5, 1995.

From this date we were blocked regarding any further apparitions at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center. I was told Our Lord wanted me to go to Holy Cross-Immaculata and pray between 12:00-1:00 p.m. At first I did not wish to go, but in obedience I went reluctantly. I began receiving the revelations found in the Mass Book. I had very many mystical experiences there and, after this, at Mass. The gifts I was given were in obedience to this direction to pray at Holy Cross-Immaculata.

On January 9, 1996, I went to pray. The snow was so bad the street was blocked to Holy Cross-Immaculata. I finally managed to find a place to park and trudged through the snow, panting with joy to be with Our Lord in the tabernacle there. When I arrived all I could do was kneel before the Sacred Heart statue and pour out myself to Him.

Please show a picture of the tabernacle and the Sacred Heart statue.

From my writings of January 9, 1996, I write:

"I was engulfed again in my love of God and cried so hard because I love Him so much. In this intimate act of giving myself totally to Him, my whole act was in emptying myself, wanting only to be lost in Him and united forever to Him in this most blissful moment. I turned myself over and was lost in Him, knowing His presence with me and knowing His deep love. The world stopped and I existed in Him, longing to forever stay there, so this moment would never end."

"I touched you, God and in this embrace I knew your unending love. I saw Your Body as if it was transfigured and glowing in light and I was lost in Thee."

This is how it began. I would see a great reflective light, as if from a mirror, on the eaves of the church in the front of Holy Cross-Immaculata and His Body was changed in the most brilliant light before my eyes. I cannot describe what I saw, nor have I ever seen it except in this vision and two that would follow the next two days. Jesus was transfigured before my eyes.

The date of January 9, 1996, when it first happened, was the same date January 9, 1994, when I genuflected before the crucifix and the altar at St. Gertrude's and the Father spoke; Blue Book II-page 18, January 9, 1994: "This is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

On January 9, 1996, I would see Jesus transfigured before me in the statue.

At the end of December, on the 5th of the month, 1996, I would see Him in the back of the church on the crucifix at the point of death.

On August 20, 1997, I would see the glorified Lord as He appeared in magnificent light transfigured on the crucifix at St. Gertrude's church in Maderia, Cincinnati, Ohio.

In this same church of Holy Cross-Immaculata, Mary appeared the 5th of each month in the Lourdes Grotto from January 5th to October 5, 1996.

I have accounted some of the events of the experiences I received at Holy Cross-Immaculata.

The important disclosure I wish to make here is that this church was chosen by heaven to give me great gifts that I have accounted to you in the Mass Book. I hold these gifts deeply in my heart.

I received great lights regarding the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. At times I would receive immense revelations concerning the love and the pain in Their Hearts.

It was in this church on October 31 that I thought I would die from the pain of knowing Mary's desire for her children to be led to the love of her Son and her Heart, instead of their parading as little devils on the streets on Halloween.

It was there in Holy Cross-Immaculata I experienced great suffering, knowing Jesus' love during His Passion and the agony He had because of the souls that would be lost. As I walked the Stations, I experienced immensely the agony of Their Hearts.

I see His chin on the ground in the Third Station and see His loving and gentle eyes crying out to us to turn to His Heart and His love.

I see the men surround Him in the First Station. There are those today who encircle us and cry out for us to be quiet, but we can't.

They circled around the Savior and cried-- "Crucify Him, crucify Him."

I see John the Baptist in the corner as I begin the Stations.

I see the Sacred Heart to the left of the altar and the Immaculate Heart to the right of the altar.

I have cried so deeply in this church, knowing so much the pain and joy of Their Hearts.

I wish to present the Stations of February 22, 1995, as given in the Rosary Book; page 64.

FEBRUARY 22, 1995

  1. Jesus Is Condemned to Death
    My dear child, with angry hearts and hatred on their faces, they poked at Me and condemned Me to death. I stood so silent, My hands tied, in perfect peace, because I knew the Father's love. I knew the Father's Will. You too will stand your trials in perfect peace, the more you realize the immense love the Father, Son and Holy Spirit have for you. Pray to the Spirit to transform you more and more into My image and, through this transformation, you will be led ever closer to the Father. Oh, how I love you!
  2. They Give Jesus the Cross
    Jesus: They gave Me a heavy cross, laden with the sins of the world. They placed it on My shoulder. It was so heavy I felt as if My shoulder would break. I ask you to carry little crosses, to experience little pains. I could not remove this cross from My shoulder. The weight was unbearable. It is through My suffering and death that you receive new life. It is through your sufferings this day that you will grow in your life with Me. Oh, child, I loved you so much that I took up the cross of salvation. I love you. Please realize that I am talking to you here. To My death I loved you. Oh, how I love you!

  3. Jesus Falls the First Time
    Jesus: The cross was so heavy I could hardly walk. I held on to My cross for greatest love of you and in compliance with the Will of My Father. It became so hard to walk! The cross was so heavy! I fell. I fell and the cross fell on Me. They poked at Me, they struck Me, they demanded I get up. The pain from the instruments they used to poke Me and strike Me was so great! I somehow managed to get up.

    When you fall under the weight of your cross, come to My Eucharistic Heart. I am no less present in the tabernacle and in the Eucharist than on the day I carried My cross. I wait with the same love that I had for you when I carried this cross and suffered such agony. Oh, how I love you!
  4. Jesus and Mary Meet
    Jesus: I saw the face of My beautiful Mother. She was weak, her face reddened and full of tears. I saw her tender heart, her love, her anguish, her pain. I saw My dear Mother Mary. My Heart was comforted by the sight of her, but torn by her suffering.

    Mary: As I looked into the eyes of my beloved Son, I saw His love. His head, bleeding and wounded. His body weak. His clothes covered with blood. I looked into His eyes and I saw His love for you. I call out to you today. I appear today with a face full of anguish and tears. I appear to call you back to the love of my Son. See through my eyes, as I peer into His eyes, the love He has for you this day to give of Himself for you. Oh, He loves you so much, my little children. See through my eyes the love of my Son. Oh, how He loves you!

  5. Simon of Cyrene Is Forced to Help Jesus Carry His Cross
    Jesus: The cross was so heavy I could not move. My persecutors became angry and forced a man to help Me. The cross was so heavy the two of us could barely move it. How is your cross today? Does it seem so heavy you cannot go on? I am forever watching you. When you are suffering the greatest, I am very close to you. It is in immense suffering that you realize My great love for you. Pray for grace to do always the Father's Will. Pray for grace to grow in your knowledge and love of Me.
  6. Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
    Jesus: My face was covered with blood. From the crowd Veronica came forward with a cloth to wipe My face. On the cloth I gave to you an imprint of My bloodied face. This, My children, remains with you this day as a sign of My immense love for you. But more than any cloth, look beyond the visible consecrated host. I, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, remain with you, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, in the Eucharist this day, waiting and longing to be with you. Oh, how I love you!

  7. Jesus Falls the Second Time
    Jesus: Oh, dear ones, the road became harder and harder to walk. The cross was becoming heavier, My body weaker and weaker. My shoulders and arms hurt so much! My head throbbed as I walked. The blood came from My body, from My head to My feet. I was covered with open wounds. I could not go any farther. I stumbled and fell. Again they poked at Me, only harder, and with such hatred they kicked Me. Such vileness in the hearts of men! My greatest agony was not the agonies of My body, but the agonies of My heart for the love I have for all My precious souls. I loved them so dearly. I loved those who persecuted Me. Oh, how I love you!
  8. Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem
    Jesus: The women came to Me with their children, their tender hearts crying and wanting to comfort Me. I saw their love, their care. I saw the coldness of men's hearts for all time, the hatred, the anger, the sins, all the souls that, despite all of My sufferings and death, would be condemned to eternal damnation. I told the women to weep not for Me, but for themselves and their children. My greatest agonies were the agonies of My Most Sacred Heart. Oh, how I love you!

  9. Jesus Falls the Third Time
    Jesus: I fell hard the third time. I was so weakened I could not go on. My body collapsed under the cross from such exhaustion! My child, My child, My greatest agonies were not the wounds to the body. They were the wounds I experienced to My heart. Do you know a little more now how I love you? It is in meditating on My Passion and death that you will realize My immense love for you. When you fall, when you struggle, I give you the grace to get up. I never give you more than you can handle. Your strength will come from Me. Come to My Eucharistic Heart. I am waiting for you this day. Oh, how I love you!
  10. Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments
    Jesus: They took Me to the hill to crucify Me. They angrily stripped Me of My garments. They took off My clothes to whip Me. They had covered My bloody wounds with a dirty purple robe. Now, total surrender-they took off My clothes. I showed you the way to surrender, always complying with the Will of the Father. It is in living in His Will that you will have peace and joy, and life eternal some day. Oh, how I love you!

  11. They Nail Him to the Cross
    Messenger: See Mary as she holds the little Baby Jesus. See her as she washes His tender hands and feet. See her now as she watches as they pound into those same hands and feet the gigantic nails that fix Jesus to the cross.

    Mary: Oh, my dear ones, my heart was torn in my chest as they nailed His hands and feet to the cross. I ask you this day to walk the Passion with me and see through my eyes the love He has for you. He truly was nailed to the cross.

    Jesus: They pounded the nails into My first hand, then they stretched My body and nailed My other hand. The blood poured from these wounds that went totally through My hands. My pain was so immense, but then they nailed My feet! You do not know what pain I suffered, My child. My children, My children, for each one of you I suffered this pain. Oh, how I loved you!

  12. Jesus Dies on the Cross
    Messenger: He hung for three agonizing hours on the cross against the darkened sky. His greatest agonies were not the agonies of His body, but those of His Heart for the great love He has for each and every soul.

    Jesus: I gave Myself to you, My dear ones. I gave My all. I hung with My arms spread in total surrender. My head was punctured; My hands and feet were nailed to the cross. I gave Myself to you. I give Myself to you this day in the Eucharist. I give Myself to you. I, God, give you Myself! What more do you want?

    Song: Oh, burning Heart, oh, Love divine, etc.

    Messenger: They pierced His Heart with a lance and what flowed forth was blood and water, the sacramental life of the Church, water for Baptism and blood for the Eucharist. His life, death and resurrection live on in the Church this day.
  13. Jesus Is Taken Down from the Cross and Placed in the Arms of His Mother
    His totally lifeless body was placed in the arms of His most loving Mother. As she had held the little baby body in her arms, she now received His bloodied, bruised body in her arms. This is how He obeyed the Father's Will. Jesus gave His life for us. The Father gave His only Son because He loves us so much. Mary, His Mother, our Mother and the Mother of the Church, is forever by His side. See Jesus in the arms of His loving Mother under the cross. This is love.

    Mary: I held His lifeless body in my arms. See through my eyes the love He has for you this day. He gives Himself to you today in the Eucharist. He loves you so much!

  14. Jesus Is Locked in the Tomb
    His enemies rolled the stone up to the tomb and were pleased to have buried Jesus. Mary, outside the tomb, wept bitterly. The cold reality that He was dead! But death has no power over Jesus for on the third day He rose, triumphant, from the tomb! We are partakers in His divine life. Death has no power over Jesus. He is with us this day. He comes to bring us life to the full. He loves us so much!

Messenger: I wish the picture of the Infant of Prague, the Lady of Fatima and the other pictures of Holy Cross-Immaculata be presented here.


Altar at HC-Immaculata Church


Sacred Heart Statue

Immaculate Heart Statue


Annunciation Mural Coronation Mural


Infant of Prague Photo Picture of Tabernacle



Photo of Crucifix


Photo of Lourdes Grotto

Mary identified herself as the Immaculate Conception.

Picture of Fatima Scene

At Fatima she identifies herself as the Immaculate Heart.


Jesus speaks: My children, there are special places where we have given great grace to the people. I now tell you of the crucifix in Florida. From beneath this image I will give great graces to all who come and pray there. Holy Cross-Immaculata in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a place to which I wish you would come to pray My Stations. My Stations are given in the Children's Rosary Book with the Imprimatur.

I wish Stations to appear at all sites with the words given February 22, 1995. I wish papers or small booklets to be distributed with the Stations. I am Jesus.

I love you so My children.

END with the picture of the window from the Rosary Book:


The Birth of Our Lord Stained Glass Window Jesus Dies on the Cross Stained Glass Window The Resurrection Stained Glass Window

The Birth of Our Lord

Jesus Dies on the Cross
The Resurrection

Question for married couples and those in other intimate relationships:

How do I feel my relationship with my Mother Mary has helped me to be loving and gentle to you?

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