Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

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I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

December 23, 1998


Jesus speaks: Doubt and confusion are from Satan. My child, is he telling you that you are not doing enough? Is he telling you that you should have done this, you should have done that, you made a wrong decision that caused a chain reaction that affected others' lives permanently? Are you plagued by guilt and indecision? Is he telling you, you are not doing God's will? After you feel settled in your ways, he can bring up a new idea that abruptly causes confusion and ruins your plan.

My child, are your children home for the holidays with minds of their own and has your prayer life been interrupted? Let me state clearly, "You must take time every day with Me or you will be plagued by guilt and indecision." But, "Oh", you say, "I have too much to do."

First of all, you will not do anybody any good if you are unloving, agitated or maybe even mean. You will not spread any of My love or Christmas cheer if you are strung out and focused on your unmet needs. You cannot please all the people, all the time. You are acting in My name always.

Pray the Prayer for Union with Jesus continually. In days of family stress, holidays, days in which the whole family comes home for Christmas or other family events, you must stay connected to Me.

The devil will use these trying times when you are under pressure to press on your minds with seeds of indecision and confusion.

When the children are home or the family is with you, you will not be able to do your every day activities and many times you will have to sacrifice some prayers, but there must be the proper balance.

To serve others and serve others and serve others, to give love, give love, give love, causes you to feel empty. You must remain connected to Me in your heart. You must have periods in which we can be alone and you can be filled up by Me.

Move away from the clutter, the hustle, the argumentation, the demands, the haughty, the impulsive, the aggressors, or the whiney, tired children. Move away if need be to a closet and pray. Ask for grace to handle it all, feel the presence of God in a few moments of silence. Read one paragraph from a Blue Book message randomly selected.

Great grace is released when you withstand the trial in peace and love.

This holiday season you will be put to the test. You, My chosen one, pray all day. You preach of Jesus. Now is the time to show the peace of Jesus within you. You are on a journey, others are watching.

The devil will tell you that you must thank them all, that you must be there for everyone at once.

My child, you cannot thank everyone in the world at Christmas. Living the Christmas message is loving all year long. Make a New Year's resolution to love all year, to thank every person always, to hug and be very grateful for any services rendered. Ask God for the grace to be Christ-like.

You cannot thank the postman, the barber, the priest, the grocer, the baby-sitter, and all the members in your family with a gift or even a card. Writing cards may be an important way of expressing love from the heart, but you do not love everybody with gifts and letters at once. You will be worn out and then you will be in need of repair after Christmas. Who will care for you when your tank is empty and your service run out? My child, you can only do so much. To those who love and serve, they do so willingly, not expecting to necessarily be treated equally in return. To love is to give for the sake of giving. You wish to receive love in return, but you are not focused on it. You serve because it is God's will.

Confusion, doubt, pressure. I quote the words from Genesis:

Genesis 3:4-5

Then the snake said to the woman, 'No! You will not die! God knows in fact that the day you eat it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good from evil.'

Jesus speaks: The serpent is the most cunning of all. He does not wish your peace. When you are tired, hungry, irritable, under pressure, he comes with a bag of tricks. He tells you that you must love them all with special gifts, putting undue pressure on yourself.

You must love deeply in your heart. Christmas is a time of love and peace.

My children, I am the Christ Child. I came in dire poverty. I am the Light of the World.

Listening to a tape of the rosary for 5 minutes will help you. You may have to let go of some formal prayers during a busy season, but you must take ample time to be alone with God. You must take frequent periods of silence alone with God, if only in a closet. Read a few words from the Blue Book. Keep praying the hourly novena. Do not remove your scapulars, pray the rosary while you work, and do not worry. Worry is from Satan. Feel My Mother's presence mothering you at every second. Feel her by your side, she walks with you, she is attentive to your needs as you are to your children. Call her: HAIL MARY, call on the Father: OUR FATHER.

Whenever you gather, consecrate the hearts of all there to Our Hearts and ask the Blood of Jesus be spread on them. For any gathering, it is helpful to pray days before for success, for peace.

When you know your children will meet at parties, pray for all attending. Consecrate their hearts to Our Hearts and spread the Blood of Jesus on them.

You will feel tired and weary. You are loving Me when you are loving your family at Christmas.

In every relationship, if it is easy or difficult, see yourself interacting with Me and love them. In so doing, you are loving and serving Me.

I laid down My life for My friends. I tell you, you must serve, but I tell you, in proper order.

You love God above all else, you love your neighbor and you love yourself.

You do not serve and buy and give to others and forget time alone with God. You do not give and give to others and not get the proper rest and not eat the proper food. You must care for yourselves, you must still have time for God. It is immensely unbalanced if you wait on others and wait on others and neglect your own proper needs which immensely are tied up with your personal relationship with Me.

In this season and during times of family meetings, some things will have to be alleviated and changed in your life. But you are not to be so other-focused that you forget your own needs.

I am always number one in your life. The three loves -- love of God, others and self -- work in harmony according to God's will.

Martyrs lay down their lives for their God and for the sake of others. Buying Suzie 10 little Christmas gifts and 3 for Eddie, Tom and Mike is not more important than your prayers and your own meals.

Trying to be perfect is living as perfectly as is possible in God's will.

Trying to be perfect doesn't mean that every blade of grass must be in order, every pumpkin pie be home-made from your own home-grown pumpkins.

It is nice to grow your own pumpkins and make home-made pies, but this is not more important than peace and love found in your heart, properly molded through the work of the Spirit within you.

You are to be instruments of peace. Every musical instrument must be finely tuned or it produces sour notes.

You have spiritual and physical needs. You must see to the needs of the body or you produce sour notes.

Operating in greater perfection comes from a well-tuned heart saturated with God's life, not from the most perfect pie. Peace and joy come from a happy heart.

I came into the world, a Baby in dire poverty.

Live to love.

God the Father speaks: The greatest gift given to man is the gift of My Son dying on the cross for you. He gave Himself to you. He brings you life. Now I ask you to give love to one another. The world has told you to buy and buy and buy and exchange gifts. I wish you would come to God and be filled with His love. The greatest gift you can give to anyone is heartfelt love.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, is the gift God gives to man. I am Love.

Do not give in to Satan when he tries to cause confusion and doubt in your life. Live to serve your brothers, but do not go to extremes. All must work in loving harmony, loving one another and sharing in the burdens. You have spiritual needs and physical needs. All must be properly cared for.

Christmas is a time to thank God for all He has given to the earth.

I am the Father, I love you.

I wish families would gather to love one another.

I wish families would gather and love, thank and praise God.

I wish families would gather to pray.

I wish families would recognize their relationship with others as members of My family, as creatures created by Me to love God and others.

I wish the world to assume their roles as members of My family, loving by My will, adoring God and obeying their Mother.

I wish families would treat one another as brother and sister.

Mary speaks: I am the heavenly Mother, I wish you to see yourselves every moment as my little children and children of the Father. I wish you to see yourselves as brothers and sisters.
I love you so much,

After Communion December 23, 1998

Messenger: Mary said at the petitions to pray for her children. I was intently praying for my own children. She said to pray for hers. She wants me to pray as earnestly for her children as I pray for my own. She told me to say it as a petition -- pray for Mary's children.

I saw Christ all through the Mass. I see Him now dressed in black as a bridegroom. A while ago when I received Him, He looked like Don's Jesus. In February, 1998, when I received the Spouse of the Lamb material, He was always dressed in black as a bridegroom giving me Himself in the Eucharist. I think the priest dressed in black with the collar represents Him as a bridegroom. The priest is the instrument whereby Christ comes to us. I actually see Jesus dressed in black now. I am as one with Him, pleading for the souls of the earth, Mary's children. I am an instrument, I am imperfect and tainted, but I am so one with Jesus and Mary in the Mass. I am in Their Hearts, pleading, as They did on Calvary, for souls. My Bridegroom, how indeed I do love You.

Please put writing December 27, 1993, about bridegroom and bride on the Internet.

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Bridegroom Awaits

God's Blue Book I Cover

December 27, 1993 - 4:00a.m.

Jesus speaks: Dear child, the Son of Man waits and you sleep in the night. I wait for you and you sleep. You know I am waiting and you are dead in your bed. Awake, My little one, when I call. You must not give in to the desires of the body. I care for your needs. Your strength comes from Me. Jump from your bed, sound the trumpet and arise, for your Savior comes in the night to bring you a message for all His children. Ready yourself, for I do not like to wait. Get up and come, child. I am God.

I am He Who made the world, He Who makes the sun shine and the baby in the womb! You make Me wait while you sleep. Rise and run, for the Lord is at hand. God awaits you and beckons you to be attentive to your calling. Sound the trumpet! Arise in the night. I am He Who comes to you. You must harken to the call. Come pronto to My request and do not tarry. I wait and I wait and I eagerly want to talk to you.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. Oh, child, I want these messages to reach the ends of this earth. I deliver each with such love. Will you deliver My messages to all My loved ones? They eagerly need to hear My words of love. They need to know how I feel about each one of them. They need to know that I am God. I love each child uniquely and My love is the love of God. What can you get on this earth that can compare to the love of God? You have a message declaring My love for each of My children. They are My love letters to them. Please see that they receive this letter. This is your top priority. It is a love letter to My beloved ones.

I am your Savior. I am not a myth. I am alive and I come to you. I wait in the tabernacle every day as a prisoner. Waiting and waiting in the tabernacle and who comes to be with Me? I await you, My children, to come and realize that God is in the tabernacle. I am Jesus, the Son of God, and I wait for you every day. Come to Me in your busy day. Come to Mass. Make ready your hearts and receive Me in Communion. I am there awaiting you as a groom awaiting his bride. I want to be with you, united in Holy Communion. I am truly present there, but which of you come? I wait for each of you. I am God. I can love you each so intently you do not understand. Your brother does not make up your love to Me. I wait, you little ones. Will you come and receive your love this day?

Ready your hearts and keep them holy. God will enter there. Prepare the way for Me. Do not sin. Do not lie to yourselves and tell yourself that some sins are of no account. Every sin is wrong. I tell you what is right and wrong in your hearts. You know the Ten Commandments. Satan tells you "but in this case, you are exempt", "this is out of date, you are allowed here." No, little ones, sin is sin and your heart knows what is wrong! Keep it pure. The more you lie to yourself about evil, the more right it becomes. Oh, how sad to numb your beautiful heart and accept the things of this world that are evil as okay. Evil is evil and you must guard against any evil the world tells you is okay.

I am the way, the truth and the life. When you abide in My ways, you possess the light of life. Do not be pulled into the world and its evil ways. Ready yourself for My love. I am as a bridegroom awaiting his bride. So pure, so white, so untainted she appears, just for her loved one. Her ways are gentle and kind and she is a picture of holiness, dressed in a white gown. Dress your soul in a white gown for Me. Keep your soul clothed in a cloth of dignity, a white cloth untainted by any sin, pure as the bride who meets her groom. Our meeting is with such love.

You enter My church, you walk My aisle. Your bridegroom awaits you in Communion. I am the bridegroom of your hearts. I come with such love to enter your soul. I am He Who walks with you to be united in Communion. I am Jesus. I am your true Love. I wait for you, My child. Please clean yourself up for My arrival! Think of My coming the day before and eagerly await our union. This is the greatest event of your life, union with God. Anticipate it with such eagerness, as the wedding of our hearts. I await you, little ones. I am God. What could this world ever give you that can be likened to God's entering your soul?

I am God and I come to you in Communion. Do you wait for Me, the bridegroom of your soul? Do you wait as one who is going to one's own wedding? This event far surpasses any wedding. It is you who are missing the significance here. I am here every Mass waiting, just for you. Get dressed, purify yourself, see the priest, go to confession, guard your tongue as the opening to your soul. I enter therein and you receive God, my child. Do you not comprehend this a little?

Read My words here. They are as real as the eyes you use to read them. It is you who blind yourself to all I have to give you. You do not reach with the things of the soul. You look for explanations in bodily things. To see the soul and the things of God you must reach with the eyes of God. You must be opened by the faith I eagerly want to give you. Beg to be open to Me so I can give you all you need to know Me. This world is blurring your Godly vision. It is hard to see through the mask of evil it has created. Every day the mask becomes more dense.

I am here, little one. You must die to this world to see Me. You don't need more of the world. You need less of the world. As the world decreases, your knowledge of Me increases. Take the mask off your face. Make your hearts pure. Pray to the Holy Spirit for His gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fear of God-all gifts that only He can give! Fill your hearts with the gifts of the Spirit. He will remove the blinders from your eyes and dwell in your soul. You will know a new life and I will become so much more alive to you. You, child, need the Spirit!

The way to God is through Jesus. You need the Spirit. You need the Father. You need all three. Pray to be made whole in the Holy Trinity. Pray for union with God. Pray for the things of the soul. When your soul is in order, all else falls into order. You needn't pray for things of the world. Pray to know Me more fully. Pray for unity with God. Pray for opening in your hearts. Pray for holiness. Pray for faith, hope, charity. Pray for knowledge of how to please God. These are the true treasures. All else is of no account. Don't recite prayers for worldly things. Pray for your union with God. This is what it is all about!

I am so eager to make Myself known to you. Our love affair awaits and it depends on you. I am here loving you. It is you who keep us apart. What could you find on this earth that could compare with a love affair with God, child? Your soul was created to know love and serve Me. It craves this union with Me. This appetite is stronger than any other you possess. You hold it back and make light of it because this world has taken God out. This world is messed up. I am God and you are a creature of God. You cannot take God from you or you remain only a creature. What dignity you sacrifice to remove God from yourself!

Prepare for the wedding of our souls. Your bridegroom awaits you. I am Jesus, Son of the one, true, God. I await your union with Me. Child, nothing you ever do on this earth can compare with Communion with God. If you do not behold this as something, you need to pray to know Me more. Go to the Spirit and beg Him for understanding and wisdom. Beg Him for all his gifts to enhance your knowledge of God. Beg the Spirit for His baptism. Let Him shower you with His life and you will become alive and on fire in your heart.

Your bridegroom awaits you. Prepare yourself for the wedding. Come, pure and white, and anticipate this union with eagerness. I love you so, My child. You will never find a speck on this earth that can compare with the love of God. Search, you feeble creature, for worldly satisfaction and you will never satisfy one little part of your soul. Your soul can only be satisfied by the love of God. It stalks your restless heart and is only satisfied in God. It craves God like an appetite except that it is much stronger. What is in your heart that is never satisfied by your worldly way? It is the soul that craves union with God. It constantly keeps you in a state of unrest, of searching, of seeking, of looking for more. The more is found in the Eucharist. It is the answer to the empty heart. It is the love you seek, but cannot find anywhere else. It is Jesus, child. It is your Bridegroom. Come and be in Communion with Him. He awaits you and bids you to come, pure in your heart, to the wedding-the wedding of your soul.

Messenger: I felt as if there was so much I just did not understand and I was overwhelmed by the mystery of God. I opened the Blue Book to this:

Nov. 21, 1993:

Jesus speaks: Oh, what glories I have in store for you when you finally see it all, see all there is to Me! Little glimpses I will give you. These are special treats of My love, but you, in your earthly form, cannot even handle it. My power, My light, My fire would blow you off your feet and you would be out cold.

That is how I am at your side, with a power pack like this, and you worry about a power failure? Oh, how silly, when I am with you. Trust, trust. I am here.

Question for married couples and those in other intimate relationships:

Q: How do you feel seeing ourselves as children in the Father's family would help bring the proper focus of Christmas into our lives?

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