Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

December 25, 1998


Mary speaks:  It was my son, Jamie, who received a special grace this Christmas at Mass because of your prayers, praying that Christ would come alive in his heart.  He said, "I went to Christmas Mass, year after year, and this year it was different.  I just don't know how, but I knew Christ alive in my heart and I understood Christmas."  A grace has been granted to many souls because of your prayers.  I thank you and love you.  Pray for my children.

I am Mary, your Mother. 

I love you, on this special day. I send my love.

Message on December 24, 1998 - from Jesus for Christmas

Jesus speaks:   Why the glum hearts on Christmas?  All expect to have a good time, a time of love and peace. Love is found in the heart.

At Christmas people feel emotion. Much of the year they wear faces. They show love to some and exclude others. Some of the greatest division is found in the family. They should be as the little olive plants around the table bearing fruit, but today many families are divided.

The Father created you, the Father put you in that family. You were to work together in love and spread that love to others. What has happened to the family? What has happened to the intimacy in the family?

With the deterioration of the family life comes the deterioration of heartfelt love. People must work out their differences in love. There will be problems and disagreements. In working in love, opening your hearts to one another, sharing your true feelings, you will help each other grow. There must always be that basic attitude in each soul: that of living to please the Father, of loving God with your whole heart, your whole soul and your whole being, and of loving your neighbor as yourself.

December 25, 1998

Messenger: Meditate on the Nativity.

A Baby in the stable, dire poverty, a Savior is born, One Who comes to save the world from their sins, One Who comes to bring new life.

How does our God work?  To Elizabeth who is barren, He gives John the Baptist. "for nothing is impossible with God."

With Abraham He tests his faith to see if he would give that which is most dear, his only son. And from Abraham come descendants as numerous as the stars of the sky.

To Moses, once a baby in a basket, He eventually gives the Ten Commandments and through him makes a covenant.

The angels appeared to the shepherds on that night, not to the priests and the high and mighty, but to the lowly shepherds.

It is our mission in the Shepherds of Christ Movement to help Christ be brought forth in greater fullness in the hearts of men. It is in consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary that He becomes more alive in hearts.

This mission was begun over 80 years ago at the beginning of the century with Our Lady of Fatima.

How has our century been?  She is the Ark of the Covenant, the Gate of heaven, the Singular vessel.

In 1912, the &quotunsinkable" ship, the Titanic, made its voyage across the sea.  The rich boarded the vessel and she sank.

See the Christ Child born in poverty on Christmas morn.

In 1917 Our Lady, that Singular vessel, appears to 3 lowly shepherd children. She appeared in glistening white adorned with beads on her clothing.  In the great vision to Lucia in 1929, Mary shows her Immaculate Heart as she stands beneath the crucified Jesus next to the altar of sacrifice.

It is not a bed of gold and silver He comes on, it is in prickly hay.

It is not the money that will give us security, it is faith.

At that intense point in Moses' life, God divided the Red Sea.

How is our God? He is God, He comes into barrenness, He comes in the most desolate situations and we see His might.

I plead to you with Our Lady of Fatima in the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe, to help bring forth her children.

The hearts of her children have wandered from God. Where is the fruit for the Kingdom? What about the Commandments? We are to love our God with our whole heart, our whole soul, and our whole being. Do we do this, is this the focus of the creatures of the earth?

What did God the Father say January 18, 1997, one month and one day after Mary was seen on the building? He said, "I tell you all to read the accounts concerning Noah. Nowhere in history has God been offended as He is this day by this sinful world. You will suffer a fate for the offenses against  God."

What did Mary say December 19, 1996, two days after she appeared?

I wish to include the two messages of God the Father January 11, 1997 and January 18, 1997.

Read these messages and realize Mary has been permitted to try to reach her children by a permanent image found on December 17, 1996, not too many days before the Father speaks.

January 11, 1997
Message given through Rita Ring

God the Father speaks: My plan will unfold despite the willfulness of any of My children. I am the Father. I have guided you in all of your activities.

I am telling you that the members of the Shepherds of Christ must be made aware of the importance of living the Blue Book messages.

Planning is up to Me. This is My plan and it will unfold. Men plan for the future. I AM.

I am directing the Shepherds of Christ Movement through these messages.

I am angered at the lack of response on the part of some to back these messages. You must support these messages so they are lived by man.

These messages are given from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary to bring about the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the triumph of My beloved Mary's Immaculate Heart.

You are given all you need. You must adhere to My plan.

I am the Father. I AM WHO AM. I was in the beginning, I am now and I will be forever.

I am telling you to obey the directions given by Jesus in these messages.

My plan will unfold. The completion of the Fatima message will greatly come through the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

You must circulate the tape, Mary's Message. You must circulate the messages given to you in God's Blue Books and Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

The renewal in the Church will greatly come through the newsletter and the books published with the imprimatur. You must publish all books on the Mass with the imprimatur. Prayer chapters must be started in the churches.

The instructions for the priests will come from doing as I have requested. I beg you to circulate the Priestly Newsletter Book to the priests as soon as possible. The priests must be made aware of the Mass Books.

The Children's Rosary Book must be published immediately. Your work, Fr. Carter and Rita, is to publish this material.

Heaven has contacted the earth primarily in these messages to bring about the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart.

The plan will unfold. It is My plan. You must be obedient to the directions I give to you here. The Movement is a great star of light to this world. From the Movement the earth will be covered with stars of light and the earth will be lighted through your efforts, Fr. Carter.

I will give you all you need. The plan will unfold. It is My plan to turn sinful men into obedient, loving children.

I have delivered this message that you will know My plan is unfolding. Many will be lost because of their willfulness. I demand obedience to My requests. The plan will unfold. It pleases Me greatly that you obey My messenger. She is delivering these messages to you from the Son, My beloved Son, God-made-Man.

The messages of the love of God will be written on the hearts of men through the writings of Fr. Carter and Rita to bring about the reign of His Most Sacred Heart.

I am displeased with those who have blocked these messages. Anyone continuing to block My messages given through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary will receive a shock that will envelope them.

The time is very urgent. The time has run out for sinful man. I am angered at the way the world has treated their Mother. Willful children must be punished. I demand obedience. Mary gave to her children her peace plan and she was ignored by the Church and her children. Mary is Mother of the Church and Mother of her children. Willful children must be admonished. Children must obey their Mother.

Mary appeared on the building in Florida as Mother of all. You have made money your god. You have ignored God and made this world your end.

I am God. I AM WHO AM, without a beginning, without an end. I am today, tomorrow and always. You do not comprehend My ways with your feeble minds. You must obey the messages given by My Son and His Mother. These messages I give to you as a gift and a great revelation from heaven. You must be thankful and cherish this gift given. I will not remove My gift to you for I know you will obey Me. I will admonish you when you do not respond as you should.

I have called you and anointed you, My holy priest (Fr. Carter), to lead this world to the light. The Light of the world is My Son, Jesus. His Heart will reign and the heart of your Mother will triumph. I beg you to surrender and obey and watch My plan unfold. There will be a great era of peace very soon, My little children. All you do today will help to save many souls. Many souls will know the love of God through the Shepherds of Christ Movement. Many souls will love God with burning love.

I give you this gift. Your writings, Fr. Carter, and the writings of My messenger, Rita, will help greatly to bring about the reign of the Sacred Heart.

I am the Father. I am the Almighty God. You must believe I have chosen you. I have called each member here this day to hear this message. I have called you to be the apostles of the new era of peace. I have called you by name. You will lead men to the Heart of My Son. You must listen and focus all of your attention to this mission I have given to you.

I am the Father. From the day you were conceived, I formed you in your mother's womb, knowing the great mission I would call you to today. My children, My children, do not be distracted by the evil one to lead you astray. I am counting on you, My beloved shepherds. You must not be led astray by doing other good works. I have called you, this is My plan, it is unfolding. You are a major part of the success of this plan for the renewal of the Church and the world.

Your work in the Shepherds of Christ Movement greatly pleases Me.

I AM, WHO AM. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the Almighty God. You must be obedient children. It is through your obedience that the consecration will spread to many souls on the earth.

It is through your obedience to help spread the priestly newsletter and start prayer chapters in churches that many priests will love God with the greatest love in the Mass. I am asking you to spread the Mass Book to priests and sisters. Please pray for the priestly newsletter, the quick spread of the material given in the newsletter and for the priests reading the newsletter.

Heaven has contacted the earth. The light will shine in the dark corners of the world. Men will respond to the Shepherds of Christ Movement. You must not be afraid. You must do as I have asked you.

I have called you by name, My chosen ones, from the beginning I formed you and I gave to you the talents needed to accomplish this mission on the earth.

Your talents are gifts from Me to be used for this purpose. You are the Shepherds of Christ. You are the apostles of the new era.

There will be a new earth, there will be love on this earth as I intend it to be. My children will love one another, you will walk hand in hand, loving God and one another in harmony and peace.

Messenger: ...Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven...

Jn 1:1-18 (From The New Jerusalem Bible):

In the beginning was the Word:
the Word was with God
and the Word was God.
He was with God in the beginning.

Through him all things came into being,
not one thing came into being
    except through Him.

What has come into being in Him was life,
life that was the light of men;
and light shines in darkness,

and darkness could not overpower it.

A man came, sent by God.
His name was John.
He came as a witness,
to bear witness to the light,
so that everyone might believe
    through him.
He was not the light,
he was to bear witness to the light.

The Word was the real light
that gives light to everyone;
he was coming into the world.
He was in the world
that had come into being through him,

and the world did not recognise him.
He came to his own
and his own people did not accept him.
But to those who did accept him

he gave power to become children of God,
to those who believed in his name

who were born not from human stock
or human desire
or human will
but from God himself.
The Word became flesh,
he lived among us,
and we saw his glory,
the glory that he has from the Father
    as only Son of the Father,
full of grace and truth.

John witnesses to him. He proclaims:
'This is the one of whom I said:
He who comes after me
has passed ahead of me
because he existed before me.'

Indeed, from his fullness we have,
    all of us, received--

one gift replacing another,
for the Law was given through Moses,
grace and truth have come
    through Jesus Christ.

No one has ever seen God;
it is the only Son,
    who is close to the Father's heart,

who has made him known.

Messenger: We do not even see Our Father as so important to us.

A little child is always aware of their father. A little child knows how dependent he is on his father, always wanting to please his father.

A little child is always aware of his mother and obeying her. A little child loves his mother. Look at how unloving we are to Mary.

We are children of God, with God the Father as Our Father and Mary as our heavenly Mother.

January 18, 1997
Message given through Rita Ring

God the Father speaks: My Dear Children,

I am the Father. My plan is unfolding through you, My beloved priest, Fr. Carter, and Rita and the core group in the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

I tell you all to read the accounts concerning Noah. Nowhere in history has God been offended as He is this day by this sinful world. You will suffer a fate for the offenses against God.

Mary appeared at Fatima to warn you, the sinful children, how they were offending God, but you did not listen. The war did not change the hearts of many evil men.

I warn you through My beloved daughter, Mary. You did not heed her warnings. Disobedience against the Mother I gave you displeases Me greatly. Mary is the Mother of all children. Mary is a gift from Me, but you are willful and abuse the gift I send you.

You do not make reparation to her Immaculate Heart; you continue to offend her. I will not tolerate the deeds of evil men any longer.

My plan will unfold. Any disobedience to these messages given by Me, My Son, or your Mother Mary will cause Me great displeasure.

I am the Father, the Almighty God, the Alpha, the Omega; you are a sinful people, a chosen race sinning against a loving God.

I am angered at your ways for they are not My ways, you have run amuck, you have offended your God, you have disobeyed your Mother and My beloved Son who died to save you.

I will act on all who continue in such sin. The sheep will be separated from the goats; the goats will receive punishment for their deed. Heaven and earth will kiss, there will be love in all hearts, justice will prevail and My children will be children of light, children that obey as I intended from the beginning.

Oh indeed My sweet messenger, I look to the earth and see the darkness, I see the disobedience of men against their Mother. I know the deeds committed and the evil in the hearts of so many. Justice will prevail and I will wipe out the earth. Only the children of light will remain, those who have given their hearts to their Mother Mary.

Do you think I send your Mother Mary as a messenger to be disobeyed by willful children? What do you think about at night, the cat, the dog, the fish? You don't know love. You don't love God or one another. This is My command to you, to love. You are a sinful, willful race, and the devil will vanish from the hearts of the children of light for they will be under the protection of her Immaculate Heart, the other children will be wiped off the face of the earth.

Disobey My messenger, ignore your Mother, ignore the Son in these messages. Ignore My Son who died for you.

Oh you sinful people filled with pride and disobedience, I give you the directions here to turn your hearts to love.

My Son has revealed Himself as never before in history into His tremendous love for men and you treat Our gift with such indifference.

I am angered at the lack of support to spread the messages of My Son's love for all.

You worry for funds, worry more, I am God the Father, the Almighty God. You disobeyed Mary, you disobeyed Jesus, now you will disobey Me?

You must obey My directions, the directions given through My Son, Jesus for the unfolding of the Father's plan.

No longer will I wait while willful men check and deliberate and disobey.

My plan will unfold through the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

I am talking through these messages given by My Son and Mary to tell you how to accomplish this task of carrying out My plan.

You must obey. The directions are given in these messages to spread the fire of God's love across this earth, to renew the Church and the world.

Because of willful men these messages have been held in check.

I am God, the maker of all things. You have made money your god. I want obedience, the funds will come when you obey all of the directions I have given to you.

Anyone who interferes with these messages will be removed.

These are the messages I give to the world. Fr. Carter's newsletter will teach the priests, all they need to know to be holy, loving priests.

Many priests are not loving, they are cold in their hearts. I will instruct the clergy through the newsletter.

My Son is the Chief Priest and Teacher. He has taught the world the secrets of His Heart through the writings of Fr. Carter and Rita, to go to men to check the value of these writings displeases Me.

You must have faith, you must study the entire revelations given here. You are not valuing My great gift to you.

I am the power, I am God, to the ends of the earth, I will be with you. My plan will unfold. You must think big, not on a human level. You must come to Me.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

I am telling you to circulate the tape of January 13 (1997) as soon as possible. This tape must be released to the world. It is the message to go with the apparition on the building in Florida.

You must make every connection with Mary's message given December 12 (1996) and the messages given by Mary with the apparition of her on the building in Florida.

Time is very short and My patience is very thin. I will strike the earth and the evil men will scatter and there will be a reign of peace where men will love God as I intended. The evil men will be chastised for I sent your Mother to warn you and you disobeyed. I gave My Son as a sacrifice and you treated Him with indifference. I am angry at the creatures on this earth. I will lessen the chastisement if you make reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Oh willful children, you disobey your Mother, you are unloving and willful and your ways are evil. You are a sinful race.

I am sending water, rain to quench your thirst, My beloved children of light; I am sending fire to burn the fields for the sinful children, they will suffer drought and will fall to the ground dead, they will know fire, they will know the wrath of God. For I speak and I am ignored.

I am using the Shepherds of Christ Movement to majorly carry out the plan begun at Fatima. Every day lost is a lost day. I give to you Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary as your directions to help the plan unfold. Circulate these rosaries to all chapters and stress their importance.

The tape of January 13 (1997) is important to the world. The tape must be circulated with the apparition in Florida and the messages typed and put on the Internet with the rest of the messages I have given. The connection must be made between the apparition and the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

Satan will attack you strongly, he will create division and give messages through other visionaries to get you off coarse. You must obey My directions given in these messages to help bring about the completion of the Fatima message.

I will weed out anyone interfering with My plan.

I will tell you when you have deviated from My plan, do not taunt My messenger, this displeases Me. Read the messages for direction and obey them.

The directions given are strong to correct a sick world. You must quit focusing on the messenger and obey Me.

I am the Father, these are My messages to bring about the reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart.

You think of money and miss the gift given. You are men bolted to the earth. You must obey Me. I have all the power.

Messenger: Do you read the Bible? Do we know the accounts of Noah God told us to study? The world was very sinful, He allowed most of it to be wiped out with the flood.

Mary appears at Falmouth 22 times. After people did not respond, the city of Falmouth was under water. I saw the headlines, the first to announce that maybe Mary was appearing in Falmouth, later to announce the city was under water.

I am a messenger from God. I have delivered the messages that were to lead men to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, wherein are found the greatest gifts given to us by the Father.

I have delivered these messages and many have responded in the Shepherds of Christ Movement. We have given our lives. We have fought many hard battles.

Over 80 years later we fight for the same message of Mary given to her children at Fatima.

This century will end soon. This message has been blocked. When she warned her children at Fatima of a war if they did not pay attention, we suffered the devastation of World War II.

The signs are given. I ask you to read the book, A Gift, A Warning, and A Solution, a book Our Lady asked us to assemble and distribute with the message of July 15, 1998.

A beginning, an end, there is a tape with this message up to the current events in Florida with the writing of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12, 1998. It is the messages of December 11 and December 12, 1998. This is available.

Mary wishes us to reach the bishops with the priestly newsletter. The Fatima message tells us that we will not have peace until a sufficient number of people have given their hearts to Jesus and Mary.

The bishops must consecrate their dioceses to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart.

The newsletter for priests, issues four and five, 1998, are crucial to carrying out the mission Mary began at Fatima.

If the bishops around the world study and give the newsletter to all priests in their dioceses, then a major part of the Fatima mission will begin to unfold, as priests and people consecrate their hearts as Mary said at Fatima they must do.

We are blocked over and over again. They jailed the children at Fatima and Mary did not appear on August 13, 1917.

Today we have been blocked. Christ is born in dire poverty. America is a land of plenty and there are so many funds available.

We struggle to obtain funds to send the priestly newsletter to the bishops and their priests in foreign countries and to all bishops and priests in the U.S.A.

We have operated in dire poverty. Christ in a major way is coming alive in men's hearts through the work we are doing.

We are leading people to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the Hearts of love.

Her Heart is the Spiritual vessel. At the beginning of the century, many rich were lost in the sea because they boarded the unsinkable man-made vessel, the Titanic.

Only one ark survived in the time of Noah. It was the one that was crafted according to the instruction of our God. He rained tremendous floods from the sky and nothing else survived.

She appears and tells us we must board her Immaculate Heart, this is the Singular vessel of devotion.

Only those who boarded Noah's ark survived.

We must reach the priests with the priestly newsletter. Many people will not help us with funds. God is calling you to please help us to send the newsletter to the priests and to pray for the priests.

This Christmas, we are in dire poverty, trying to bring Christ more alive in the hearts of men, in the Church, the school, the family, and the world through consecration, thus helping to complete the mission Mary began at Fatima.

We need funds to maintain the building in Florida, and to send the newsletter to priests all over the world.

I ask a picture of the front of A Gift, A Warning and A Solution, appear here.

Cover of A Gift, A Warning and A Solution booklet></p>

<hr width=

Messenger: How can you, my world, deny the resemblance of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Our Lady as she appears on the building in Florida?

Mary and Jesus told me to make the tape, Mary's Message, on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe December 12, 1996, 5 days before she appeared on the building. On December 17, 1996, Mary was noticed on the building.

Besides distributing the newsletter to all bishops and priests in the U.S.A., so far we have reached about 90 other countries with the priestly newsletter, including about 210 bishops and 4 cardinals who distribute the newsletter to all their priests.

This Christmas please help us by praying the prayers (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual), especially at 6:30 p.m. as Our Lady has requested and help us, please, as Our Lord and Our Lady have requested, to reach the priests with the priestly newsletter.

Jesus speaks:  I give you the building in Florida as a sign of the authenticity of these messages. I ask you to help to circulate My priestly newsletter, My prayers, (Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual), and My other materials to the world.

I ask you to help the Shepherds of Christ Movement to maintain the building in Florida in order to help to bring about the completion of the mission My Mother began at Fatima.

I am Jesus, the Christ Child, I am begging you to respond to this message I give to you on Christmas morn.

Message from Mary, December 19, 1996

Mary speaks:

My dear children,

I give to you, my Son, Jesus, born in a stable in Bethlehem on Christmas morn. He is the Almighty God, the Light of the World.

I appear to you, my children, on a (former) bank in Florida. You have made money your god! Do you know how cold are your hearts? You turn away from my Son, Jesus, for your money. Your money is your god.

I am Mary, your Mother. I do not appear as I once appeared to you. I am asking you today to circulate my message given on a tape on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12, 1996. Please circulate this tape now. Give it to as many people as you can. I am Mary, your Mother. Please circulate my Rosary Book.

Mary speaks: I love you. I am Mary your Mother.

Messenger: Please show a picture of Mary on the building and a picture with Mary and the crucifix.

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Question for married couples and those in other intimate relationships:

Q: How does my deep connection with Our Lord keep me permanently united to you in my heart even when we are not together or with others?

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