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February 13, 2011

February 14th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 8 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for February 14th are Joyful.


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                February 13, 2011

                Jesus: Life is short

                Appreciate all your precious moments —

                Anger can cause depression —
                It can go deep in the heart —
                You acquire habits of sadness —
                Others give into negative thinking —

                Thinking negatively will most - likely
                    bring on an unsatisfactory experience —

                Some do not want to let go —
                Life is letting go —

                People are married with a wonderful
                    ceremony, most likely — it is
                    over — the memories, pictures and
                    love are wonderful, but you don't
                    give into sadness —
                    you let go —
                    you don't try to hold onto the 'ball'
                        after it is over — today has
                        its own treasures —

                Live in the moment


From a Lenten Homily, March 24, 2000

Live in the Moment

    Today’s Gospel in its story certainly points ahead to Jesus in His Passion and death. And as we read passages such as this during the Lenten season, we are reminded once again that the Church in her Liturgy of the Word gives us an opportunity to undergo a purification, an ever deepening cleansing of ourselves so that we may be a more fit instrument for receiving the great graces which are to be given to us at the time of the Resurrection memorial on Easter. And so all in all, Lent is a time of purification to prepare us for ever-greater gifts of the Lord. It’s a time of self-discipline, a time to renew our efforts to be self-disciplined in the service of the Lord. Self-discipline is an aspect of purification. And I suggest that one of the most difficult acts of self-discipline in the spiritual journey is to concentrate on the present moment. We have a very strong tendency to disregard the importance of the present moment by focusing in a wrong way on the past or in a wrong way on the future. There are proper occasions for thinking of the past and the future. For example, we have to learn from the past and we have to prepare for the future, but our great emphasis has to be upon the present. There is a Latin axiom which says, age quod agis, age quod agis, which means: do what you are doing, concentrate on the present. And of course we are familiar with that term in the history of spirituality: the sacrament of the present moment. And so the discipline of Lent certainly encourages us to include in a deeper self-discipline a greater determination to get as much as we can out of the present moment. People with a terminal illness have an opportunity as they prepare for death for increased prayer, contrition, love of God. However, some are taken very, very quickly. But for those who have the opportunity of knowing with some certainty the time of their death, I’m sure as they look back on their lives, they are saddened by the many times they did not use time and opportunities for the service of the Lord properly, and are overjoyed at those times in which they did use the present opportunity properly. A great means we have of living in the present properly is a greater focus upon our Lord. For if I have that awareness of the fact I am united with Jesus here and now, why should I be concerned so much about the future or the past? Yes, a great help in living in the present and deriving all the good we can from it for ourselves and others is an ever greater focus upon Jesus, because the more I focus upon Jesus and the more I live with Him in the present moment, the more I am satisfied with the present moment. And so let us in our Lenten activity resolve to grow in that self-discipline - which is very difficult at times - to really live in the presence with the fullness of our being as much as is possible, with the help of God’s grace. Now is the day of salvation. Now is the day of salvation.

end of Father Carter's homily


                Jesus: You probably have more gifts you never
                    thank me for —

                A lady had vision all her life — when she
                    was 51 she was struck with
                    great blindness — rejoice that
                    today you can see —

                What a waste to not let go —
                to punish others doing God's will —
                while you want them to make you happy —
                will you ever be happy — if you think
                    your happiness depends entirely
                    on others —

                Do God's will —

                Say yes to your 'today' as God has
                    planned it —
                    as God wants it to be —

                A person was addicted to manipulating
                    others for their affections —

                They never really lived vibrantly
                    according to the Father's will —
                    they were busy planning life and
                    planning how others could
                    be manipulated —

                You are called by Me to love and
                    use your talents as a strong
                    family of the Father —

                To live according to God's will —
                To live and not be attached to your
                    impure ways, but to live
                    freely as God wants you to live —

                Being controlling of others inordinately
                    means — your focus is on your power —
                    not God's plan —

                Live and let God —
                Be unattached —

                Let go of anger that can hurt your
                    body — that seeps in — in depression —
                    that robs you of living in
                    the moment —

                Anger is one of the deadly sins —

                When you look at Genesis — you see the
                    struggle of Adam and Eve —
                    the struggle of brothers: Cain and Abel,
                                                Joseph and his brothers,
                                                the prodigal son —

                You see the rules I give you —

                Your life is short —
                You are to choose life — not death —

                You have a free will to love or be
                    unloving —

                You have a free will to obey or disobey.
                You have a free will to be selfless or selfish —
                You have a free will to be harmonious —
                    do your duty —
                    like Mary the perfect handmaid
                    of Me or to be disharmonious
                    because of your own darkness —

                You can choose love and watch it
                    grow like yeast in the
                    bread —
                    you choose to want to bear
                        great fruit —
                    you work as a team player
                        in love —

                I am the Light of the World —
                I am your Savior —
                I am He who died for your sins —
                I love you so much —
                I am your brother —
                God is your Father —
                Mary is your Mother —

                You can be one in
                    the Family of the Father —
                    filled with light —

                On fire with the love of God —
                    the love of your brothers —
                    working as one in love —
                    as a team helping each other —

                Love — Love — Love —

                I am love —

                R. Salvation History —

                A constant struggle
                good and evil —

                We are at war —

                For what is done — to bring it
                    back to the harmony God wants —
                    we must fight temptation to
                    stop what God has given us to
                    help renew the Church and the world —

                Jesus: One builds, trying to renew —
                    another tries to pull it back to the
                        disordered, bad habits,
                        disharmony, darkness and sin —

                Like a tug of war
                    2 Camps
                    2 Standards

                At the end of your life — whose
                    Standard will you be under?

                R. When we die —
                    will we be in the heavenly
                    Kingdom — under the Reign
                    of God —

                This Movement is made up of
                    servants and handmaids and
                    apostles to help the
                    renewal of the Church and the world —

                Jesus came in poverty to show
                    us what really mattered
                    was not found in the riches
                    of this earth —

                Nor in recognizing recognition
                    for He came and was not recognized
                    there was not even room in the inn

                Jesus didn't come seeking power
                    He came a helpless baby —

                St. Ignatius says all sins come from
                    power, riches, honor —

                Christ came stripped of these —
                Born in a cave —

                Jesus died stripped of these —

                The devil wants people to hold onto
                    power —
                    affections —
                    riches —

                Jesus: Has not, what has been
                    given to you, been given from above
                    to help build My Kingdom —
                    to help renew the Church and the world —

                You have been blessed by Me,
                    but like the lepers — I am
                    treated as if My generosity
                    to you is of no account —

                Remember the scripture —
                    where the man is forgiven
                    his debt, by a compassionate
                    steward and

                When the man had debtors himself
                    he was ready to make
                    them suffer —

                So as you measure — you will
                    be measured —

                Some treat Me as if the air
                    they breathe — the beauty
                    I give — their health is
                    from a God who expects
                    nothing in return —


Matthew 22: 36-40

'Master, which is the greatest commandment of the Law?' Jesus said to him, 'You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second resembles it: You must love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments hang the whole Law, and the Prophets too.'


                Jesus: Where is your love for Me —

                When the day ends you go to bed —
                    darkness sets in —
                    you understand that —

                Do you understand the end of your
                    lives like the day that is done —
                    no more light from that ended day
                        comes — nor does that date
                        return again —

                You will be in the bed, on the roof top,
                    in the fields, the baby at
                    your breast and
                    like a thief in the night —
                    like the day ended —

                You will not return to breathe
                    another breath when I
                    call you from your place —

                When the girl went to bed her dishes
                    from the day were in the sink —

                When you are called from this life
                    by Me — your life ended —
                    your breath taken away —

                You won't return to finish your dishes —

                You will answer, as one adding up
                    the ledger on a good or bad day —

                When you have your tally: will your
                    balance be good or
                    in the red —

                It's simple you just don't want
                    to believe it —

                Your life is a series of letting go —
                    letting go of 'balls' (when the ball has ended)
                    letting go of mom and dad to death —
                    letting go of some children to death
                    letting go of good friends to death
                    letting go of happy moments,
                        weddings, birthdays,
                        Christmas, Easter —

                Letting go and living the next
                    treasured day —

                If your life is lots of joys — moments
                    of treasures with your God and
                    others you have a light
                    about you in this love and
                    union —

                If you live with a ball and chain
                    on your leg — not letting
                    go — day in — day out —
                    you are a clogged pipe —
                    a clogged vessel —
                    a clogged artery —
                    your heart won't pump
                        love — it can't get through —

                Dying and Rising —

                The Pascal Mystery —

                Living in the moment —
                Living in the next moment —
                Letting go — to be made empty in Me —

                Bad habits are like broken legs —
                    they aren't good for journeys —
                    your vices are like broken legs
                    on a journey —

                Virtues are like flying on eagles
                    wings —

                Sing: On Eagles Wings

                Jesus: There is a big battle

                Are you an instrument to help bring
                    My Reign —
                    harmony, order — to help
                    renew the Church and the
                    world — an instrument
                    of light — one of unity
                    in the Father's family —

                Are you an instrument for satan —
                    holding back what is given to
                    you to promote My Kingdom —
                    closing in — trying to control
                    and manipulate blocking the
                    Father's will —

                OPEN — BE OPEN
TO God —

                Let go —

                Tomorrow has treasures of its own —

                When your last day is done on this earth
                    you won't return to breathe
                    one more breath —
                    no matter how pending
                    you thought it was
                    or how busy you were —

                R. I went to Fr. Joe's Mass today —
                    I just love him —
                    He is humble and kind — I think
                        like Jesus —
                    Fr. Carter was like Jesus —
                    Fr. Carter died and I had to let go —
                    My mom died when I was 5, I had to
                        let go —
                    My brother married us 41 years ago —
                    He baptized my children
                    He married my children
                    He baptized my grandchildren —

                Fr. Carter died —
                I did God's will —

                I followed what God told us both —
                    I fought for this mission
                    I fought for what Mary and Jesus said —
                    I fought for the money, the Newsletters etc. —

                There's no competition
                I fought with those left —
                We did it together —

                Many left who did good work for the
                    Shepherds of Christ,

                but like every Movement — the devil
                    works on people's imperfections
                    to take it out —

                We have been given a mission to help
                    renew the Church and the world —

                I can't do it alone —
                God has called all of us to do our part —

                The priest talked about anger at the
                    first Mass I went to today —

                It was my cousin who said Mass on
                    the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
                    in China — He and his other
                    brother all concelebrated at my
                    wedding 41 years ago —

                Fr. Carter entered the Jesuits on my 5th
                    birthday — my mom died that year —

                We will come and go —

                And what we leave in the Shepherds of Christ
                    can be an order of servants and handmaids
                    I hope
                    prayer chapters praying for the
                        priests, the Church and the world in
                        8 languages and more — all
                        over the world —
                    over 15,000,000 Priestly Newsletters
                        to hierarchy and priests

                    millions of books —
                    billions of prayer manuals
                    millions of consecration cards and
                    rosaries —

                God called  us to leave this material and
                    these practices of prayer and
                    my writings, Fr. Carter's writings, Fr. Joe's
                    writings, Fr. Pasquini's writings —

                What an honor God gave us —
                    I am on a journey, I don't want
                    to walk with a broken spiritual leg —
                    I want to go in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary —
                        the pure and holy Hearts —

                My dear friends — Jesus says —
                    The battle between good and evil
                has gone on now — long before
                you, in salvation history —

                I have called the
                    Shepherds of Christ to help renew the Church
                        and the world in
                    those living and giving themselves
                        to My Heart and My Mother's
                        Heart —

                When one tries in this struggle to
                    build union in Our Hearts
                    why do some of you pull out
                    the bricks at the bottom of
                    the building —

                Let your yes mean yes and
                    your no mean no —
                    anything else is from satan —

                Do what you do because you
                    are living to do God's will —
                    not manipulate others or
                    be dark and operate for satan —

                Dwell in Our Hearts —
                Live in the Moment —
                Live to be converted —
                Pray for the increase of faith, hope
                    and love —

                Be grateful for the gifts I have given
                    you — not like Adam and Eve
                    who were ungrateful to the
                    gifts given by God —

                Let go of past hurts —

                Let go of your days, to live the new
                    one, as a treasure to build
                    My Kingdom —

                Live in the Moment —
                Live to be saturated more with
                    My grace —

                Be a team player —
                Work in love —
                Obey the commandments I give —

                Obey the rules given by Fr. Carter
                    to establish this Movement
                    and lived and formulated by
                    Rita as co-founder —

                I am Jesus —
                I love you, I love you, I love you —

                Satan is at work here —

                Be filled with the fire of My Heart of love —
                Let the Holy Spirit fill you —

                Discern the spirits
                Don't give into satan
                Don't act in desolation

                Live so your last day will
                    be a day of joy, deeply
                    lived in purity in My Heart and
                your journey will be a day
                    to celebrate the Victory —

                I am Jesus Chief Shepherd of the Flock 


                6:30am Mass

                R. The priest said at Sunday Mass — He will handle
                    3 things —

                God calls us to Righteousness
                    anger — challenge to our human relationships
                on a physical level — anger can cause high blood pressure —
                on the mental level — anger can cause depression

                    anger left over from original sin —
                        pray for self-control

                    lust is a capital sin which can lead to other sins —
                it is a disordered desire — an
                    abusive husband or drunken husband can also be lustful
                    pornography — acts — real or fanciful
                    can stir up emotions

                    divorce — if marriage is unlawful —
                        marriage outside of Church —
                        must be properly disposed to go to communion

                St. Ignatius exercises

Prayer of St Ignatius

Soul of Christ, sanctify me
Body of Christ, save me
Blood of Christ, inebriate me
Water from the side of Christ wash me
Passion of Christ, strengthen me
O good Jesus, hear me
Within Thy wounds hide me
Permit me not to be separated from Thee
From the wicked foe defend me
at the hour of my death call me
and bid me come to Thee
That with Thy saints I may praise Thee
For ever and ever. Amen.


                R. Jesus came to call the
                    sinners — call to repentance —

                Satan wants to draw us in —
                    under this mask of beauty —
                    he calls us in
                    riches, honors and pride —
                    he doesn't come out of
                    that which looks evil —

                He comes many times
                    as an angel of light —
                    then deceives them —
                    allurements —

                Did you ever see Pinocchio?

                Pinocchio was lured by the evil men who
                    were turning little boys into
                    little boys with tails and ears and
                    sounds like an animal —

                There is a battle
                    going on for
                    souls —

                Satan comes in violence —

                The Good Shepherd wants
                    us to follow Him —

                    To be patient —
                    To wait on the Lord

                We will have a cross —

                We are to be in the family
                    of God —

                To be one with God:
                    Father, Son and Holy Spirit —

                This is our family —

                We are to go on to heaven
                    to our home —
                    being  mild — living as God
                    wants —

                There are 2 standards —

                People old now will die —

                Did they live by the Standard of Satan —
                Or the Standard of Jesus —

                Satan sends people out into the world
                    to do his work —

                Jesus has called us to go out to the
                    world and to do His work —

                We have to choose God's will —

                We have to choose God sometimes
                    over our best relationships —
                    our family — if God is telling us to
                    do something else —

                When we give something away because
                    of Jesus He gives us something back
                    As you give so shall you receive —

                We have to leave our families
                    many times to follow God as
                    He wants — because we love
                    God more —

                3 Classes of men

                St. Ignatius talks about man with money

                (1) has money, but never gives it and dies
                (2) has the money, gives it and controls it
                    never lets go
                (3) has money — gives it and lets God do
                    what He wants

                It can be money, talents, gifts of ourselves —

                (1) We are called by the Lord to give
                    ourselves — we can be the type then
                    that never do it (empty words) —
                    we say we will, but put it
                    off and never do it —

                (2) We are called by the Lord —
                    We give, but hold on, don't give
                    freely at all —
                    keep control

                (3) 3rd class of men —
                    Give as God wants —
                    For what God wants —
                    Do as He wants — His will without
                        attachments —


                   EIGHT-DAY RETREAT

                     Based on The Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius
                      by Francis Xavier McMenamy S.J. edited by William J. Grace, S.J.

18. The Three Classes of Men

    St. Ignatius assumes that the spiritual life, in as far as we live it, consists in finding God in all things, that is, in recognizing the holy will of God and in embracing the known will of God. Advancement in the supernatural life means therefore a fuller and more complete finding of God in the details of one's life. Now the Exercises are designed and so constructed as to assist one in finding God either in his vocation in life or in some detail of his life.

    The Saint further assumes that what hinders the soul from finding God is some ill-regulated attachment—a "pondus," as he calls it, or dead weight — which holds back the soul from embracing God's will, or even recognizing it. Hence what the Exercises aim at primarily is to remove this "pondus" or attachment. For if this impediment is put out of the way the sincere soul will surely find God; that is, it will recognize and embrace the will of God for the right ordering of its life. This purpose of the retreat is made clear from the very beginning. For just prior to the statement of the First Principle and Foundation we find the heading, "Spiritual Exercises to conquer oneself and regulate one's life, and to avoid coming to a determination through any inordinate affection."

    All the exercises of the retreat which we have followed up to the present are directed toward the removal of attachments. To this end we have searched for incentives based on reason, on fear, and on love. Love of Christ, which is the more excellent way for a Christian, is also the normal way provided by Providence for overcoming disordered attachments to creatures and finding God in peace. Hence, after the few exercises which are given in the First Week, the Ignatian retreat consists for the most part in contemplation of Christ. This contemplation has as its purpose to engender in the heart of the exercitant an ardent personal love of our Lord. We seek that quality of love which insures courage and complete sincerity in setting aside impediments or attachments by the time when the election or choice is reached.

    The meditation on The Kingdom of Christ enkindled love in our souls, and thereupon we made a generous offering of ourselves for the service of the King. Subsequent consideration of the mysteries of Christ's child-life has deepened our love and the generosity of our offering. In The Two Standards our Lord made plain what is His way of a perfect life for a son of God on earth. It is the way of the Holy Cross, of poverty, and of humiliation. Our response to the Master's plea was a deliberate and intensive petition that He might deign to take us with Him in His way of poverty and humiliation. 

end of excerpt


                R. We can be holding on to our family against
                God's will — relationships because
                God is calling us to love Him more —


Prayer from St. Ignatius

Lord, teach me to be generous.
Teach me to serve you as you deserve;
To give and not to count the cost;
To fight and not to heed the wounds;
To toil and not to seek for rest;
To labor and not to ask for any reward,
Save that of knowing
                    that I am doing your will.


                R. From Fr. Joe's homily

                Fr. Joe got a new computer —
                    he has to learn what he has to do to get it to work, to do what
                    he wants done — there are rules to get things done on his computer —


                Adam and Eve our first parents —
                God gave them rules to follow —
                They thought they could make their own rules —

                We have freedom to choose right and wrong —
                God gives us rules and we are to follow them —


Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Sirach 15: 15-20

If you choose, you will keep the commandments
    and so be faithful to his will.
He has set fire and water before you;
    put out your hand to whichever you prefer.
A human being has life and death before him:
    whichever he prefers will be given him.

For vast is the wisdom of the Lord;
    he is almighty and all-seeing.
His eyes are on those who fear him,
    he notes every human action.
He never commanded anyone to be godless,
    he has given no one permission to sin. 


Psalm 119: 1-2, 4-5, 17-18, 33-34

How blessed are those whose way is blameless,
who walk in the Law of Yahweh
Blessed are those who observe his instructions,
who seek him with all their hearts,

You lay down your precepts
to be carefully kept.May my ways be steady
n doing your will.

Be generous to your servant and I shall live,
and shall keep your words.
Open my eyes and I shall fix my gaze
on the wonders of your Law.

Teach me, Yahweh, the way of your will,
and I will observe it.
Give me understanding and I will observe your Law,
and keep it wholeheartedly.


1 Corinthians 2: 6-10

    But still, to those who have reached maturity, we do talk of a wisdom, not, it is true, a philosophy of this age or of the rulers of this age, who will not last long now. It is of the mysterious wisdom of God that we talk, the wisdom that was hidden, which God predestined to be for our glory before the ages began. None of the rulers of the age recognised it; for if they had recognised it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory; but it is as scripture says: What no eye has seen and no ear has heard, what the mind of man cannot visualise; all that God has prepared for those who love him; to us, though, God has given revelation through the Spirit, for the Spirit explores the depths of everything, even the depths of God.


Matthew 5: 17-37

‘Do not imagine that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets. I have come not to abolish but to complete them. In truth I tell you, till heaven and earth disappear, not one dot, not one little stroke, is to disappear from the Law until all its purpose is achieved. Therefore, anyone who infringes even one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be considered the least in the kingdom of Heaven; but the person who keeps them and teaches them will be considered great in the kingdom of Heaven.

‘For I tell you, if your uprightness does not surpass that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never get into the kingdom of Heaven.
    ‘You have heard how it was said to our ancestors, You shall not kill; and if anyone  does kill he must answer for it before the court. But I say this to you, anyone who is  angry with a brother will answer for it before the court; anyone who calls a brother "Fool"  will answer for it before the Sanhedrin; and anyone who calls him "Traitor" will answer for it in hell fire. So then, if you are bringing your offering to the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar, go and be reconciled with your brother first, and then come back and present your offering. Come to terms with your opponent in good time while you are still on the way to the court with him, or he may hand you over to the judge and the judge to the officer, and you will be thrown into prison. In truth I tell you, you will not get out till you have paid the last penny.

    ‘You have heard how it was said, You shall not commit adultery. But I say this to you, if a man looks at a woman lustfully, he has already committed adultery with her in his heart. If your right eye should be your downfall, tear it out and throw it away; for it will do you less harm to lose one part of yourself than to have your whole body thrown into hell. And if your right hand should be your downfall, cut it off and throw it away; for it will do you less harm to lose one part of yourself than to have your whole body go to hell.

    ‘It has also been said, Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a writ of dismissal. But I say this to you, everyone who divorces his wife, except for the case of an illicit marriage, makes her an adulteress; and anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

    'Again, you have heard how it was said to our ancestors, You must not break your oath, but must fulfil your oaths to the Lord. But I say this to you, do not swear at all, either by heaven, since that is God's throne; or by earth, since that is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, since that is the city of the great King. Do not swear by your own head either, since you cannot turn a single hair white or black. All you need say is "Yes" if you mean yes, "No" if you mean no; anything more than this comes from the Evil One.


                R. There was a young man who wanted to buy a Valentine —
                The clerk asked can I help you —
                He wanted the best Valentine he could find —

                It said
                    "To the light of my life —
                    I love you —
                    you are so wonderful" —

                The man said great — "I'll take 5"

                We need to say what we mean and
                    mean what we say —

                Holiness goes on beyond external behavior —
                    what truly makes us holy is love
                    Love of God
                    Love of others —

                External behavior is important —
                    thou shalt not kill
                    thou shalt not steal —
                    thou shalt not commit adultery
                    thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor
                    thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife
                    thou shalt not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor

                Jesus wants us to have such love in our
                    hearts — we don't want to kill — don't be
                    unfaithful to our spouse —
                    we love our own wife or husband if we have them —

                We don't want to take our neighbor's wife or husband
                    we love our own —

                We must tell the truth — admit the truth in our hearts —
                    not deceive ourselves —

                Don't lie —
                Always tell the truth —

                Jesus wants us to keep the commandments - maybe we
                    have feelings of laziness, of pride — this may be how we feel,
                    but we still do what we are supposed to do —

                The important thing is what we do with those
                    feelings —
                    If we get angry — do we dwell on it —
                                                do we give into it —
                                                do we hold onto it and not let go

                Jesus teaches with authority —
                Jesus tells us how to be —
                Jesus tells us how to love —

                Jesus shows us perfect love in
                    His sacrifice to save us —

                We pray to have more love —
                    like Jesus —
                    as He has showed us to be




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