Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

April 25, 2001

A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.

Messenger: Include Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center in 6:20 prayers.

Messenger: Please pray for 5 urgent intentions!

Pray for 3 very urgent intentions,
Spread the Blood of Jesus on all involved, cast the devil far
away, ask for the special coming of the Holy Spirit and consecrate
all hearts to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart.

April 26th's Holy Spirit Novena scripture selection is Day 9 Period 2. The Novena Rosary Mystery for April 26th is Glorious.



Messenger: Our Lord has asked us to pray for a special priest and three other special priests and His designated priests.

                  Please pray for the priestly newsletter and for the intentions on the prayer list at the end of the message.

Messenger: Please pray for an urgent intention, spread the blood of Jesus on them, consecrate their hearts, cast the devil far from them, and ask for a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

                  A second urgent intention is to pray for the mailing of the newsletter and all involved.  Please pray hourly if possible.

Excerpt from March 12, 2001 Daily Message

Messenger:    The Printer of the Newsletter told
                us that if we paid the first
                $20,000 on the Newsletter bill he
                could print 200,000 Prayer
                Manuals ... If you
                know anyone who can help 
                us please help us.

(End of Excerpt from March 12, 2001 Daily Message)

April 25, 2001

John 11: 25-26

Jesus said:

I am the resurrection.
Anyone who believes in me,
   even though that person dies, will live,
and whoever lives and believes in me
will never die.
Do you believe this?

Romans 6: 3-9

You cannot have forgotten that all of us, when we were baptised into Christ Jesus, were baptised into his death. So by our baptism into his death we were buried with him, so that as Christ was raised from the dead by the Father’s glorious power, we too should begin living a new life. If we have been joined to him by dying a death like his, so we shall be by a resurrection like his; realising that our former self was crucified with him, so that the self which belonged to sin should be destroyed and we should be freed from the slavery of sin. Someone who has died, of course, no longer has to answer for sin.
   But we believe that, if we died with Christ, then we shall live with him too. We know that Christ has been raised from the dead and will never die again. Death has no power over him any more.

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:      Christ came - He is the New Adam
                            He shows us the way - 
                      Look at the Mysteries of the Rosary -
                      Mary tells us to meditate on all 15 for
                            we see Him from His birth
                            here on earth - to His death -
                            to His Resurrection.

                      He shows us how to be a son of God.
                      He came and He is the Son of God.
                      From His birth to His death we
                            meditate on this in the rosary.
                      We are created in His image and likeness.
                      He is the New Adam, we are the sons of
                            Adam and Eve, we model our lives
                            after Jesus and Mary, the New Adam, the New Eve.

John 11: 25-26

Jesus said:

I am the resurrection.
Anyone who believes in me,
   even though that person dies, will live,
and whoever lives and believes in me
will never die.
Do you believe this?

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     No one really knows the depth of the human
                            mind and the human heart (except God). We are made in
                            the image and likeness of God.

                      To ponder the mysteries of God gives me such joy.
                            It is depth. We understand deeper and deeper
                            His Divine Mysteries the more we become
                            one in Him.

                      My heart is thirsty, my soul craves Him, I 
                            want to be saturated more and more with
                            His grace.

                      What is life? He is the life.
                      Jesus said: I am the Way; I am Truth and Life...
(John 14:6)

                      He raises us to such heights.
                      He feeds our feeble hearts.
                      He refreshes our weary souls.

                      We reach for the things that will satisfy us.
                      The craving within us is so strong to be satisfied.
                      We long for greater knowledge of Him.

                      We see a plastic ball, a plastic bucket,
                            a hard object created by man.

                      We see money, cold coins, paper cash.

                      We can see the human heart and all the 
                            things that go in and out of it as it
                            beats in the body.
                      The heart gives life to our body.

                      But the real life comes from God Who is
                            the One Who allows our hearts to beat
                            to give us life.

                      God is the author of life.
                      God is the One Who keeps us in existence.

                      You want to catch me in the work of expressing
                            the insights He has given me into His

                      I want to share the depth of my soul, but the
                            words do not exist for me to talk about
                            the mystical things and yet they are so
                            real to me and it is because of these
                            deeper and deeper insights I am like
                            a runner running a race.

                      To express this alone is so trying for me, for the
                            depths that I feel within me is too hard to 
                            express with pen and paper.

                      I want to describe my life now and the feeling inside to
                            do all I can to help save souls.

                      The more I am identified with Him, the more I thirst to do all
                            I can in my life to help save souls.

                      I feel everything with such depths.
                      I feel so deeply connected to the priests, His holy ones,
                            the ones He has chosen. I realize more and more the great
                            honor He bestows on a man to be called to be His holy priest.
                            I see deeper and deeper the priest as instrument of God to the people.
                            I love the priests so much. I love them more and more
                            as I become more identified with Jesus. He loves
                            His priests with the greatest love. He has chosen
                            them and given them this great gift of holy
                            priesthood to be His instrument.

                      I reach so carefully for the words to express the depth of my
                            knowledge about what He has revealed and to express
                            depth of my love within my soul for the priests and His holy Church.

                      My love is so deeply interior and I express this love
                            for the priests and His Church in my
                            deep desire to begin all these prayer Chapters around
                            the world as Jesus has asked for.

                      I do not in any way feel I am rambling, but my desire
                            to express the depth of my emotion and my love
                            within my heart almost leaves me speechless
                            and yet I yearn to shout it to the world that men
                            will see and embrace the gifts God has given
                            to us in His Holy Church and in the priest.
                            He has given us Himself in the Eucharist.
                            We must boast for it is His will we do so.
                            We must declare our days for the Lord
                            and His service.

                      I feel as a runner, running on the way to the finish line.
                            I feel I understand more deeply the love Christ
                            carried in His Heart as He went forward with
                            the cross to the hill of Calvary.

                      He has implanted this knowledge deep in my soul in
                            deep mystical experiences, I saw His face, it
                            was one I cannot describe, all I can think of

                                  to compare it to is the runner, running to the
                            finish line and yet this does not
                            seem to adequately describe it at all.

                      This experience happened, I believe, in early August, 1999, I am
                            in Iowa now, and when I return I will
                            find this and produce these writings.

                      It is depth I wish to describe.
                      It is our constant growth in our deeper love
                            union with God and one another.
                      It is the desire within me to experience greater life
                            in Him.
                      It is the desire to have the fullness of life.

John 10:10

. . . I have come 
so that they may have life 
and have it to the full.

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:   Our life is a journey, we are born so young and beautiful,
                            we live here below. And one day
                            we are laid to rest in the coffin. And then we
                            move on to another place to be there forever and ever.

                      It is about the depth of life I want to write. Life in
                            Him. For our bodies may be put in the grave and
                            may decay, but God wants us to be with Him
                            forever in heaven, to see Him face to face, to
                            know Him and love Him forever and ever.

                      Oh it is of this I boast. The gift God gives us. He gives us 
                            the gift of life. We may see with such clouded vision
                            as we live here below. We may be so focused on 
                            the things of this earth, we miss the treasures God
                            is giving us.

                          I speak of life.


                      He is life.

                      The devil wants to take the souls to hell.
                      He wants them to be there for all eternity.

                      We are at battle, we are helping to save souls.

                      We should offer every moment of our lives to God to help in
                            this redemptive work of helping to save souls.

                      My life is His.    

                       The morning offering is so important, we must tell people about
                            it so that people are offering up their lives to God.

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     I want to include a section from Father Carter's 
                            book Response in Christ.

                      This is a little section from the grace

Excerpt from Response in Christ by Father Edward Carter, S.J. - Chapter 3

       e) Relationship with Members of the Church
There is but one true Church of Christ. Yet this one Church has three different states of existence. There is the pilgrim Church, the Church of this world, composed of members who have received the grace of Christ and strive for its development. They have not yet obtained the goal of their efforts, as have the members of the heavenly Church, who enjoy God in eternal happiness. The Church suffering is an intermediate state of existence necessary for those who had not achieved the required purification as members of the pilgrim Church. Although there are these three phases of the Church's existence, there is a profound union existing between all the members. All these members possess the same basic life of grace in Christ, and this common life establishes the most intimate bonds of love. In our preceding chapter, we discussed the pilgrim Church. Let us now consider the Church suffering and the heavenly Church.

   The members of the Church suffering are those who have departed from this life in an incomplete state of Christian development. Their development is incomplete in the sense that grace has not fully taken possession of them, and, as a result, they are yet closed in upon themselves to a greater or lesser degree. They as yet cannot open themselves out in complete love to the Triune God in the beatific vision. They must undergo a further purification, a purification which could have been achieved upon earth with merit. Now the purification must be achieved with no merit attached. The pain of this purification is mixed with the certain expectation of achieving the vision of God. We can hasten the advent of this vision for this people by the offering of prayers and other good works. Scripture itself refers to our action on behalf of those in purgatory in Chapter 12 of the Second Book of Maccabees beginning with verse 38.

   The members of the heavenly Church are those in whom the life of grace has taken full possession and has reached its completion in the life of glory. Faith now is unnecessary, as the light of glory gives the human intellect a new strength and capacity for seeing God face-to-face. While the Christian was a wayfarer, he received the imprint of the indwelling Trinity as he shared in God's own life. Now in heaven that grace-life and possession of God reaches its completion—the absolute completion is not achieved, however, until the resurrection of the body. The divine persons give Themselves to the beatified in a profound union far surpassing that of the indwelling of the Trinity experienced here below.

   This life of heaven is still the Christ-life, for just as we possess a share in Trinitarian life here below as mediated by Christ, and exercise this grace-life as structured by Him, so also in heaven is the mediation of Christ present. In the words of Rahner, "One always sees the Father through Jesus. Just as immediately as this, for the directness of the vision of God is not a denial of the mediatorship of Christ as man."13 And not only does the humanity of Christ unite the blessed to God, but also, in some way, to the whole of creation. This is merely a completion of what is begun here below, namely, the union with Christ in His humanity establishing the Christian in a special relationship with God, with other men, and with the whole of creation. We have a glimpse, therefore, of the fullness of life which members of the heavenly Church possess.

   The heavenly Church, as St. Thomas says, is the true Church.14 The Church of this earth and the Church of purgatory are, each in its own way, reaching out in loving hope for the heavenly Jerusalem. Vatican II puts it very simply: "The Church, to which we are called in Christ Jesus, and in which we acquire sanctity through the grace of God, will attain her full perfection only in the glory of heaven."15

   The members of the heavenly Church can help us in living our life of grace until we too share its fullness with them. Their power of intercession on our behalf is but another ramification of the communal aspect of Christianity. We are meant to help others grow in Christ. We, in turn, are intended by God to receive aid from others—yes, from members of the heavenly Church, as well as from those with whom we dwell here below.

   Not only can we be aided by the saints' intercession, but the example of the canonized saints can also be of great value to us. They have concretely proved that full holiness is possible. Such an inspiration is of real worth when we are tempted to think that Christian sanctity in its higher degrees is impossible of attainment. Moreover, the canonized saints, in their diversity, teach us that there are many authentic versions of Christian holiness. They can be innovators in showing us that there are numerous possibilities in assimilating the mystery of Christ, although the basic assimilation remains the same for all Christians of all times. In the opinion of Rahner this is one of the chief roles the canonized saints exert in the life of the Church.16

    13Karl Rahner, Theological Investigations, Vol. III (Baltimore: Helicon, 1967), p. 44.
   14Cf. St. Thomas Aquinas, In Ad Ephes., c. 3, Lect. 3.
   15Second Vatican Council, Constitution on the Church, No. 48.
   16Cf. Karl Rahner, Op. cit., pp. 100-101.

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     We offer up our lives to help save souls.
                      The bell tolls, every moment here is so

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     We have these cards. Will you please help us
                            to distribute them to nursing homes and
                            prisons and schools?


These are available from Shepherds of Christ and are on PDF files.

Card PDF format - Business Card Size
Card PDF format - Large Print for Elderly and Nursing Homes

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     Only His grace will change the troubled

                      We are commissioned in baptism to
                            help to bring forth fruit for the

                      Can you help us spread these cards?

April 25, 2001 - Second Message

Messenger:     I want to tell you that Mary gave me this message
                            in July, 1998. She said she appeared to
                            teach the world to pray.

                      Mary says frequently she appears to lead men
                            to her Son's Movement, Shepherds of 

                      The Prayers Jesus gave to Father Carter
                            are so important.
                      Jesus promised Father Carter that He (Jesus) would
                            take those who pray them into the depth
                            of His Heart and His Mother's Heart.
                      In His Heart we find such treasures.
                      In His Heart we will know Him more.
                      These prayers are great gifts God gives to us. To those
                            who pray them, He has promised the greatest graces.

                      The more we dwell in His Heart the more
                            we are identified with Him.

                          Please be a SHEPHERD OF CHRIST

 jesuhrt.gif (34665 bytes)

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     Mary said at Fatima, until a sufficient number of
                            people consecrate their hearts to Jesus and Mary
                            we won't have peace in the world.

                    This little card, spread to schools, will help the
                            children be united and will help them
                            to do God's will.

jesuhrt.gif (34665 bytes)   jesuhrt.gif (34665 bytes)

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     In dwelling in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary we
                            live more according to God's will.

                      In the Reign of the Sacred Heart, men will be so united,
                            there will be peace, they will live
                            according to God's will.

1 John 1: 5                            

God is light,
   and there is no darkness in him at all.

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     Oh I want to write about our journey.
                           I want to write about our mission.
                           I want to write about deeper life in Him.

                      Today I attended Mass where a very, very holy priest
                            celebrated the Mass in Iowa.

                      Today there will soon be a funeral here.

                      The curtain closes!

                      We see reality when we go to a funeral.
                      The soul passes on.
                      Where will they go?

                      I feel so connected to heaven and to all the saints
                            there. I pray through their powerful intercession
                            for the souls of this earth.

April 25, 2001 message continues

Messenger:     Please help us spread these two cards and

                     Please pray the Prayers Jesus gave
                            us in the Shepherds of Christ 
                            Prayer Manual.


jesuhrt.gif (34665 bytes)   jesuhrt.gif (34665 bytes)

Messenger: Jesus asks us to pray for special things.
  Spread the Blood of Jesus, Consecrate their hearts,
                Cast the Devil far away, ask for the coming of the Holy

                1)  Pray for urgent intention and all involved.
                2)  Pray for Father Mike and Father Laurentin.
                3)  Pray for special Bishops and Archbishops
                4)  Pray for a special man and son,
                     and family and all involved.
                5)  Pray for all priests, Bishops and Cardinals
                     receiving the Newsletter.
                     Pray for grace for them to respond especially
                     by beginning prayer chapters.
                6)  Pray for the telephone operators.
                7)  Pray for communication and business in
                8)  Pray for people to respond to fund letters.
                9)  Pray for money to circulate pictures.


              10)  Pray for funds and grace.
              11)  Pray for all Shepherds of Christ apostles,
                     handmaids, servants.
              12)  Pray for availability Prayer manuals.
              13)  Pray for second priestly Newsletter Book.
              14)  Pray for documentary and all involved.
              15) Pray for special intentions of our donors.



          I am but a little speck on this earth,
                 but with His might He can use me
                 to spread the devotion to His
                 Most Sacred Heart.

          Oh dear and precious Heart of Jesus
                 I give myself as completely as
                 possible to Thee so you will use
                 me to spread the devotion to the
                 ends of the earth for Your most
                 precious Heart.

          I am Rita your precious soul.

          Use me to help to spread this burning
                 devotion to the souls of this earth.

          I am yours, take me, use me as you

          I surrender myself to you.

          It is your might behind me, your power
                 that sends me. I am an Apostle of
                 the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I give
                 myself as completely as possible to

          Sacred Heart of Jesus I place my
                 trust in Thee.

          Father hear us please. We beg through
                the  intercession of Father Carter
                and Our Lady of Clearwater that 
                prayer chapters are started all over
                the world and the Priestly Newsletter
                gets there immediately with the
                Prayer Manual.

Sorrowful MotherMary's Message from the Rosary of August 27, 1996

Mary speaks: I stood beneath the cross of my Son, and my Heart was in such pain for I saw Him before my eyes. I saw Him covered with blood. I saw Him die. My Heart, my children, my Heart to watch my Son, but my Heart, my Heart, how I suffered for my little children of the world that give in to this world and give up the love of my Son. O my little children of light, I give you this message. Carry this light into the darkness for your Mother Mary, for I stood beneath the cross and I cried. I cried for the little ones. I cried for the young ones, the ones that do not care and will lose their souls. How do I make you see for you will not listen to me? What can I do? I come. I appear. I beg. I plead. I give you these gifts from my Son, and you reject me. I do not deliver messages very often anymore for I have been ignored. The message is the same. You do not read the messages I have given to you. Please help me. Help the little children. I appear. I appear. I appear, and I am ignored. I stood beneath the cross, and I cried. I cried, and my Heart was in such anguish for my little children, for I am searching for them this day as I searched for the Child Jesus. Please, please help me. I cannot hold back the hand of my Son any longer. I am Mary, your Mother. I ask you to help my children. You are my children of light.

Song: O Lady of Light, shining so bright, be with us this day, guiding our way, O Lady, O Lady of Light.

Mary speaks: I appear to you as Our Mother of Sorrows.

(End of Mary's Message)

A Note from the President of Shepherds of Christ:

If you are devoted to Our Lady's rosary, we need your help! A member of our ministry is very devoted to Our Blessed Mother and he is helping to teach us how to grow our volunteer rosary makers. He estimates that we will need approximately $37,000 this year for beads alone! This translates into 22,339,500 rosary beads (yes, 22 million beads) assembled by volunteers into 378 thousand rosaries. The biggest users of our rosaries are the Catholic schools, who requested more than 100,000 rosaries last year.

Can you help us? I appeal to you for funds, whether large or small. We give because we love God, we love our Blessed Mother, and we love souls. We will accept gifts in many forms, besides cash or check donations, we can receive gifts directly in the form of stocks or property. These gifts can offer large tax advantages to the donor and increase the monetary value of the gift to us. Also if you can help assemble rosaries we need your help! If you can help us in anyway, please call or write us. God Bless!

I love you,
John Weickert


A rosary can be used to pray for healing. It is powerful to unite our prayers to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and pray through the powerful intercession of Our Lady of Clearwater.

In times of trouble, for special prayer, we can use our rosary and pray as follows.

A Rosary for Healing or for Someone with Cancer.

On one Hail Mary bead or as many as you desire, say: 

May God heal                     through the intercession of Our Lady of Clearwater in union with the Mass and all the Masses being celebrated around the world.

Pray the Hail Mary or Hail Mary's then pray this after the Hail Mary.

May the cancer be uprooted and thrown into the sea.

We believe with all our hearts.

After the Glory Be — pray the following petition.

May                     be healed through the intercession of Our Lady of Clearwater if it be the holy will of God.

Note: You can look at Mary on the image rosary while you pray this rosary.

Note: The above section can be printed out from a PDF file, and you can pray the rosary looking at the pictures.

December 17, 2000, Mary speaks:

Help me to circulate my red and blue
    Rosary Books and the
    prayers my Son gives to you.

This is a gift we give you.
All the revelations are gifts given to you.
My Son is the Light of the World.
He is Jesus born in a stable.
Will you help me?
He is the Light of the World. Help me, help me
    reach my children of the world.

To order your Rosary Book fill out this form and send your donation to Shepherds of Christ Ministries, PO Box 193, Morrow, Ohio 45152-0193, Telephone: (toll free) 1-888-211-3041 or (513) 932-4451.

Name: _________________      Street: _____________________________

City:   _________________      State:   _________________ Zip: ________

Donation price:  $7 A   $15 A   $25 A   $50 A   $100 A   Other $_____ A

Messenger: Mary wants the Red Rosary Book printed. It will cost $12,000 - $14,000 to get them reprinted. Mary has asked us to always circulate them. They go with the apparition in Florida.

ROSARIES from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Messenger: The new Blue Rosary Book Volume II of Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary has been printed. It cost $21,000. Please pray with us for funds.



Messenger: Pray for Ron, Fernando and Perry.

Prayer List for apostles for interior use in the Movement. Pray hourly.

Spread the Blood of Jesus on everyone involved with Shepherds of Christ in any way, consecrate their hearts, cast the devil out, pray for coming of the Holy Spirit in a special way for all people involved on this list.

Please pray for one new very important intention.
Pray for the 5 urgent intentions.
Pray for the Pope and everyone we need to help us.
* Pray for the priestly newsletter, for funds for it and for all involved.
Pray for the taping of the priestly newsletter.
Pray for the reproduction of disks.
Pray for the Newsletter that went from China and Eden Prairie.
Pray for priests receiving the Newsletter for grace.
Pray for fund letters, all donors, and getting the right names. 
Pray for setting up telephone communications at the Morrow Center for priests receiving the newsletter and wanting the Prayer Manuals.
Pray for open communications within the Shepherds of Christ Ministries.
Consecrate Hearts of all Priests in the world saying Mass today.
Pray to see the vision of the Reign of the Sacred Heart and the Era of Peace.
Pray for the prison ministry.
Pray for Michael B.
Pray for the Documentary.
Pray for all mankind, Church and the world.
Pray to make amends to God for the sins of the men of this earth.
Pray to make reparation to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.
Pray for Don, Don, Mike, Bob, Bob, Dave, Reggie, Bush, all donors and those who Jesus wants to help us financially.
Pray for Father Carter and the Jesuits, the people at Colombiere.
* Pray for 2 special priests.
* Pray for funds and grace.
Pray for designated priests, Fr. Mike, Fr. Laurentin, Fr. Joe, Fr. Lou B., Fr. Jim, Fr. Willig, Fr. Smith, Fr. Ken, Fr. Sevilla and all priests involved in the Imprimaturs translations including all bishops and all bishops over us. Pray for Bishop Ed, Fr. Don, Father at Tuesday Masses, Fr. Tom, Fr. Bill, all priests involved with Walter, Fr. Hagee and special priests, priests who help us in China, and priests who help us in Florida.
Pray for Father's sister Merle, for all of us servants, handmaids, apostles and vocations to all 7 categories.
Pray for the Internet team and the daily messages.
Pray for people reading the Internet.
Pray for prayer book, Mass Book II, and Daily Message Books.
Pray for all covers, pray for Cathy.
Pray for the elected officials.
Pray for an audience with the Pope.
Pray for all Jesuits involved, all those over us.
Pray for Mike and Dan.
Pray for the rights to the books, pray for Jesuits in Father's house.
Pray for the process of getting Father's books on the Internet.
Pray for money to reprint the books.
Pray for the Imprimatur on the Priestly Newsletter Book II.
Pray we can send it to all bishops and Jesuits.
Pray for Fernando, Ron, Joseph, Peter, Ed, Jane, Sonia, Don, Sue & Ken.
Pray for Perry and family and discernment.
Pray for all sub-centers and all out-of-state rosaries; Denver, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Toledo, St. Louis, Memphis and California.
Pray for the sisters' mailing, nursing home mailing, bus mailing.
Pray for Genevieve's daughter and Sheila's mom and the repose of the soul of Jerry's dad.
Pray for Paul and Joan discernment.
Pray for B & M and Tina and Terry, all printing jobs, companies involved.
Pray for 5th, the 13th, the 17th.
Pray hourly for the Rosary on the 5th & all attending and those traveling to Florida.
Pray for building up of Morrow, Ohio, Dale, Indiana, Toledo, Ohio, Sidney, Ohio, Iowa, and other sub-centers.
Pray for the Holy Spirit Center and all involved.
Pray for all our families, children in school, college mailing.
Pray for lots and lots of people to help us get prayer manuals and pictures.
Pray for Rosary Factory and rosary beads.
Pray for lots of rosary makers and rosaries for the schools.
Pray for Paul C., Margaret Mary, Steve and Sheila, Monica, Angie, Marian, Cathy, Joe, Nick, Mary, Emily, Joe, Doris, Glaci, Dunkers, Joan R., Morgan, Mark, Walter, Janice, Mike A., Margaret, Ron, Harold, Scott, Nathan, Don,  Rosalie, and Dennis.
Pray for everyone who has asked us to pray for them.
Pray for Steve and Sheila and repairs.
Pray for Fred doing the paper and all involved in priestly "start-up".
Please pray for all Shepherds of Christ children.
Pray for Victor's son, Michael. (Victor and Frances)
Pray for Delores and organization of writings and other material.

Last revised March 7, 2001

(Please copy and pass out to family and friends.)


I _________________ give my heart to
You Jesus and Mary on this day

I promise to help spread the devotion to
the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


Question for married couples and others in intimate relationships:

Q: How can I share hurt feelings with you in love? (Give suggestions.)

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