Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

May 22, 2000

A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.

Messenger: Include Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center in 6:20 prayers.

Mary speaks: My children,

I request that a Rosary Family be begun to make my school rosaries and the rosaries that are passed out at the site for my pilgrims. I desire that if you can help make rosaries for me you do so. It is very easy for young and old to make rosaries. Will you help make these simple mission rosaries at home and bring them to my site? I wish these groups be formed around the world called Mary's Rosary Helpers.

Mary speaks: My children, I will see your rosaries are given to school children and my pilgrims coming to my site in Florida. I am calling you to be a Rosary Helper. This October I wish all Catholic schools praying the rosary. I wish these rosaries to be available. You must begin now. I further wish the Family Rosary Makers of America of Dale, Indiana, to help provide the rosaries for this purpose. Please help me. I am Mary, this is my Rosary Factory. I want young ones, old ones, all those that can serve in this capacity making rosaries and sending them to the Virgin Mary Building in Florida. Kits are available to order to make rosaries. Ask for donations to help support my Rosary Helpers. Help me to get my rosaries in the hands of all. Help me to get them in the schools. Please, October will come soon.

Refrain from The Rosary Song

O the rosary, the rosary is the love of Their two hearts.
O the rosary, the rosary is the love of Their two hearts.

Mary speaks: My children,

I do not wish apostles that have a directed mission from my Son making rosaries. I am calling those who cannot serve me and my Son in another capacity to help by making rosaries for my children.

Oh my children, I love you so much.


Excerpt from Blue Book IV:

July 21, 1994

His Precious Hands and Feet

Messenger: How did it feel to have the nails pounded into Your precious hands, to be bound and a nail pounded into the other hand and then to have both hands nailed down and have them nail the nails through both feet?

Oh, my Jesus, was this done for all the sins of our hands and feet? We use our hands for food, drink, to use telephones and videos, and many things we handle lead to sin.

Oh, Jesus, were your feet nailed for all the places we walked that led us into sin? Our feet can lead us to You or lead us away from You.

What pain You experienced all the way through inside Your body! How does deep pain feel?

This is how Your Heart and Mary's Heart were wounded, with deep pain, clear through, so deep. Who can express the anguish You felt for all the souls that would be lost, despite Your love? It hurts to see those we love suffer, but to see souls condemned to eternal fire!

You saw so much, my precious Jesus. Thank You for becoming a man and suffering for me. Thank You for the gift of redemption with its new life.

Oh, Savior, I love You with the most longing heart. I want you so much more. I want to be closer to You. Help me to grow in my love for You.

Mary, place me in the innermost recesses of His most Sacred Heart. I love you so much!

(Vision: Before Mass I saw a bright light, so bright, eyes were closed, but a big light - so big and bright, like a ball of fire! I had been praying to the Father and opened my eyes and saw the tabernacle in the chapel. I smelled a very sweet smell. I heard, "Jesus is Center, God is Father, Holy Spirit helps us to know God.")

Jesus speaks: My little loved one, do you worry for this life? Be not afraid. I care for the lilies of the field.

Your life is so important to Me. Put your cares aside and come and love Me. If I suffered such brutality with the wounds, do you not think I would care for you?

Oh, little one, I care and love you minute-by-minute. Do not fear, for I never abandon you. I am forever with you guarding you. You are so precious to Me.

Come to My Heart and live in Me. Dwell inside My Heart. I am in you, you are in Me. We are One in the Father Who sent Me.

The ball of fire is to show you My might. Do not ever worry. I am with you. I love you!

 Excerpt from Blue Book IV:

July 21, 1994
4:00 AM

Do You Know How Close I Am To You

Jesus speaks: Dear child, do you know I am this close to you? You suffer such fear, for you have fallen into another trap Satan has set. When will you learn that his whole purpose is to discredit you and get you bowed down? He is a master of deceit. He knows what will get to you.

You are suffering for souls, offer up your torments. Your life is given to Me. You will suffer. I ask you to comply to the will of the Father. Act for love of Me. I suffered for you, My beloved. I ask you to suffer for Me in love.

What are you doing? Do you know I have wrapped you in a blanket and am now holding you tightly in My arms? I am so full of love for you.

Relinquish your anger at any person. Live to love. Do not fear when you act for Me.

Messenger: Jesus said, when I went to Communion: "Do not be hard on yourself." Jesus said, "Be gentle with yourself."

Jesus speaks: Be gentle on yourself, sweet one, be gentle. I have chosen you for this work because you are willing to suffer for Me. I love you dearly. In every trial, it is a rose, given to you, My sweet one. This is a rose I give to you. I know every act ever done to you and I know your anguish. This anguish I ask you to suffer with joy, joy because you love Me. Be alone with Me. Meditate on how they hollered slanders at Me and I remained silent. In a jeering crowd of people, they hollered every insult and injury at Me, then they spit on Me and laughed at Me. I was attacked by so many. Satan works in secret. I gave My all. Everything should be in the open. I love you so dearly. I am protecting you.

"You will know they are my disciples by how they love one another."

Excerpt from Blue Book V:

October 21, 1994
(between 12 and 3 p.m. I heard bells in the Priests' Residence Chapel)

Messenger: God is love. How can we love God if we do not love one another? I do not know God if I do not love. If I know God and share truly in His divine Life, I must love.

Oh, God, how I love You! You are in the morning sun, the breath of fresh air. You are in the sun-lit morning. You are in all those things, created by You. You are in my brothers, in their smiles and in their eyes. You exist - You truly exist in this world this day. I am surrounded by Your presence. Your power and Your might surround me as I dwell on this earth. As I live and breathe, I breathe in life with the air You provide for me. I am connected to You at every second. There is not one second that I am not dependent on You for my existence.

Oh, blind men on this earth, it is indeed so clear to all who look! God is present and in our midst this day! He is alive and ever ready to provide us with every need. Yet, God, the Son of God, Who waits for the love of mere creatures, sits alone in both tabernacles here all morning! He is truly present, exposed or not. He is here and waiting our love. He writes the song He wants us to sing to Him. I scarce can breathe to be near to You, my God! This is the love He wants us to have. He is present. He is there. He is alive, and He knows our every thought and action. He is the love we all crave. He is truly here. Oh, my God, who am I that I sit in Your presence here. I sit and others do not even realize how You long for their love.

Jesus speaks: Tell them, My child. I have commissioned you and Father to tell them of this great love I have. I am your most precious Savior. Truly, I died for you. Truly, I would die for them this day. You are My apostles to spread devotion to My most Sacred Heart and My Mother's Immaculate Heart. She tells you at every rosary, "I am the Immaculate Heart of Mary and I love all My precious children." This is your calling - to spread the love of these two Hearts.

See My Heart as beating and on-fire second-by-second. I never leave you. Promote the promises. Tell all to say them every day. It is through My most Sacred Heart you will be warmed in the coldest night. Take shelter from the wind, the rain, the cold, from pestilence, from every kind of affliction you may suffer. Find shelter in the dear, tender Heart of the Child Jesus. My Heart is on fire and waiting to exchange love with My beloved ones. They do not know how this Heart beats for them this very day.

Come to Me and I will lead you away into the realms of intimacy with Me - intense intimacy in My most Sacred Heart! I am the Heart of Jesus, on fire for love of you, My beloved ones!

Messenger: (How can I really know God and not love? He is Love!)

Messenger: The same day I had this vision.

This is the picture from my notebook.

Excerpt from Blue Book V:

October 21, 1994

An Exterior Vision: I saw His Heart on His chest, hands off to the side.

Messenger: I was praying (people opened the door in the Priestís Resident Chapel). I kept looking at the vision - a little child was in the heart, in the center. It could have been an embryo in a developed stage. His Heart was formed in the womb of His Mother. Rays were around the heart.

He said something about being a child. I was distracted by the opening of the door but I continued focusing on the vision.

I kept hearing the song, "when you are inside of Me", the song Jesus gave me.

I have been smelling faint smells of incense and roses at different times.

His presence pervades my soul. I love Him so much, it is He whom I seek! I want only Him. I love you so much, my precious love!

I feel such love for St. Margaret Mary...

I do not want to leave the tabernacle. He says: "My presence is with you, take it forever with you in your heart! I give Myself to you in this special way. You are never without My deepest love. I dwell in you in deep union. Be lost in My love."

I always have trouble on Fridays between noon and 3pm. He wants me to cherish this time with Him. I love you Jesus. Jesus. Jesus!

All hope of life eternal comes through Christ crucified. Our hope of eternal life comes through His death and resurrection.

Make the sign of the cross, profess our faith in Him and our love of the Trinity. I love God!

Messenger: On October 20, 1994, I had this vision - I account it here from my notebook. That night we had the First Enthronement of the Sacred Heart at my house.

Vision - St. Peter in Chains

Before Mass I told St. Margaret Mary how much I loved her. I had a vision of a nun to the left of the altar. She was wearing a dark habit with a white collar and in her hands was a white book. Then I thought, "Who is this, St. Therese?" I was trying to see her more clearly. I realized tonight the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart Book had a white cover. I think the nun was St. Margaret Mary. Just as I saw the vision my little son kissed me and told me he loved me. This was after the gospel while the priest was talking. I didn't look at my son because I was seeing a vision.

May 22, 2000 - Second Message

Jesus speaks: Dear holy ones,

At the end of message put on about June 5 and June 11, 12, 13, & 14 in China.

I love you, Jesus. If you cannot come, join in prayer at home or in your church. Pray as a body. I love you, Jesus.

Sorrowful MotherMary's Message from the Rosary of August 27, 1996

Mary speaks: I stood beneath the cross of my Son, and my Heart was in such pain for I saw Him before my eyes. I saw Him covered with blood. I saw Him die. My Heart, my children, my Heart to watch my Son, but my Heart, my Heart, how I suffered for my little children of the world that give in to this world and give up the love of my Son. O my little children of light, I give you this message. Carry this light into the darkness for your Mother Mary, for I stood beneath the cross and I cried. I cried for the little ones. I cried for the young ones, the ones that do not care and will lose their souls. How do I make you see for you will not listen to me? What can I do? I come. I appear. I beg. I plead. I give you these gifts from my Son, and you reject me. I do not deliver messages very often anymore for I have been ignored. The message is the same. You do not read the messages I have given to you. Please help me. Help the little children. I appear. I appear. I appear, and I am ignored. I stood beneath the cross, and I cried. I cried, and my Heart was in such anguish for my little children, for I am searching for them this day as I searched for the Child Jesus. Please, please help me. I cannot hold back the hand of my Son any longer. I am Mary, your Mother. I ask you to help my children. You are my children of light.

Song: O Lady of Light, shining so bright, be with us this day, guiding our way, O Lady, O Lady of Light.

Mary speaks: I appear to you as Our Mother of Sorrows.

(End of Mary's Message)


I _________________ give my heart to
You Jesus and Mary on this day

I promise to help spread the devotion to
the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.


May 22, 2000 - Third Message

Special Adoration

Jesus speaks: June 11, 2000 - June 14, 2000

Come to China, Indiana

Come any time to pray before the Blessed Sacrament for the priests, the Church and the world.

You can come for several days for special prayer.

China is a place of prayer, I want you to come and pray.

The feast of St. Anthony's is June 13.

There will be a special celebration for the apostles on this day. There will be a church full of people praying between 12:00 and 5:00 Indiana time.

Jesus speaks: Special Rosaries are held in Florida on the 5ths.

There will be a special rosary on June 5th in Florida.

Jesus speaks: On the 17th of each month there is a social gathering in Morrow.

I ask you to especially come in June to the prayer services June 5, June 11 - 14.

June is the month of My Sacred Heart - come and pray for your priests, the Church and the world, come and pray for the Reign of My Sacred Heart. I love you, Jesus.

Phone numbers:

Morrow Center - 1-888-211-3041 or 513-932-4451

Florida Center - 727-725-9312

China Center - 812-273-8405

Question for married couples and others in intimate relationships:

Q: How does it deepen our love relationship when we write to each other our letters of love?

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