Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

July 11, 2002

July 12th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 1 Period II.
The Novena Rosary Mystery
for July 12th is Joyful.

A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb,
the Bridegroom of the Soul

    Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.



               Pray for 5 urgent intentions.

               Pray for a particular bishop and cardinal.

               Pray for the pope.
We desperately need funds.
          Please pray for this.





Come to China

July 13, 2002

Prayers begin at 12:00 PM China time
and then a special prayer service.

Retreat begins July 12th - 14th
with Exposition.



Messenger:     PLEASE PRAY AT 6:20 TODAY

                                (1)    Holy Spirit Novena
                                (2)    Shepherds of Christ Prayers
                                (3)    Rosary

                          STAY united in prayer praying as a body

                            (1)    Please pray for funds for the Virgin Mary payment
                            (2)    2 very, very urgent intentions - all involved
                            (3)    For the Priests, the Church and the world.
                            (4)    5 other intentions
                            (5)    Cathy and Blue Book II and other work
                            (6)    Fruits from the 5th
                            (7)    Pray for the Reign of the Sacred Heart and 
                                    triumph of Mary's heart in all hearts.
                            (8)    Imprimatur on our materials
                            (9)    Priests getting our material to begin prayer chapters,
                                    that priests use our material and support us.
                           (10)    Vocations to all 7 categories in the Shepherds of 
                                     Christ Movement.



July 11, 2002

Messenger:    Pray for Mark, Fred, Joe and China.

                        This Rosary was very carefully
                            discerned by Fr. Carter.

                        Received July 11, 1999
                            This rosary comes as a pair.
                            Tomorrow will appear July 12, 1999.



JULY 11, 1999


Very carefully discerned by Father Carter

The Agony in the Garden

Sing in between verses:
    I Am Your Sacred Heart (refrain)
    Song From Jesus (refrain)

  1. Messenger: He was alone in the garden and those He loved had abandoned Him. They slept at that hour.
  2. He knew all that was to happen in the greatest detail.
  3. The utter pain within His Heart to want connection with His beloved ones and they were sleeping.
  4. When I know Jesus and Mary are telling me things and I try to tell others, many ignore me and do not understand the intensity and importance of the message.
  5. Then the consequence of the message follows while all fiddled on their flute and danced a dance of death.
  6. They piped up a tune, they fiddled on the flute and the walls fell down round them.
  7. There will be singing and dancing until that last hour. You know not when the Divine Reaper will come.
  8. Jesus: Oh the agony of it all. I spoke and they did not comprehend, nor did they even hear My voice.
  9. Hell is total isolation, no community and the souls scream a bitter scream of blood-curdling pain.
  10. Hail Mary...

The Scourging at the Pillar

  1. Jesus: Picture a tree on the edge of a waterway. See the rains beating down and the water being carried forcefully down stream. And they stood by the tree and they were washed by the pulling current of the tormenting rains.
  2. The battles of the evil one can be compared to the current of a rain of torrential nature that pulls so hard on the body that it is almost washed hard down stream.
  3. And you hold on so tight to that tree of life and the rains wash and wash you. They press on your body and the current comes with its force to wash you away.
  4. And there is no letting up, it seems. As the rains beat down to hurt the body with their force, the current pulls and the waves of water carry all the debris down stream.
  5. And when it seemed the night was almost over after a day of battle in which you withstood the trickery, the last curtain was raised.
  6. And the evil one moved in for the kill. The soldiers were worn down, their spirits low, their hearts sinking low in their chests. The vision of Christ at the pillar went through their feeble minds and hark the trickery of the evil one throws one last curve as he moves in for the kill.
  7. The stage was set. The anger of the other had laid the trap. The tactics of the evil one would lay a successful path to trick the already weary-laden soul in that last attempt to wipe out the good works and attempts of endurance.
  8. And it happened. A trap is set by the devil, the ancient serpent. The devil has no mercy. His game is to stop the faithful servants DEAD ON THEIR PATH.
  9. Did you help lay a trap despite the warning? Did you lend the discouraging words?
  10. And the darkness never parted, for the night drew nigh carrying a message of anguish from the half-beaten soul.

The Crowning of Thorns

  1. Jesus: And now Satan had tripped the one walking sure-footed on the path. The person struggled to get up.
  2. It was the path of treachery.
  3. What spiraled was his evil snare, his confusing ways, of words not spoken, but assumed by the trickery of the night.
  4. There are hearts of love and tricks of one who aims to steal them all for hell.
  5. She was given a glimpse into that hollow hole: a night of hell, despair, isolation, hatred.
  6. Messenger: A crown of thorns, a heart dedicated to the service of the Lord, a love so great for Him, a thirsting for the Son of God in the Eucharist, the reception of Him in Holy Communion, the wanting of only God, a river full of life.
  7. The night was hell-like, the devil had pressed so hard, the current seemed to wash me away.
  8. I felt the weight of the cross, the thorns that pierced the head, the burning of the wounds on the body where the flesh was torn.
  9. I felt the cry come from within me of total isolation and pain.
  10. And in that reception of the Eucharist and participation in the Mass, there was agony and pain.

The Carrying of the Cross

  1. Messenger: The Mass is to unite all the hearts in oneness. At Mass I had this following experience due to the lack of oneness between the peoples of the earth and with God. It was an experience of the souls in hell that would never know any love, only total isolation, hatred, and misery. The reality of hell was so real. Where once I experienced the ecstasy of oneness with God and all others in acceptance and love, existing in Him, now I experienced separation, hatred and the blackness of a cold night that seemed would last forever.
  2. The weight of the cross, the experience of the weight of the sins of the world was so real to me.
  3. In the Mass I felt I knew the depth and vileness of each sin. I knew more about Christ carrying those ugly, vile, sins with Him to the cross.
  4. The desire to wipe out the evil swelled in my heart. I knew the evil of sins. I knew the evil in a deep degree.
  5. I felt an agony in knowing the vileness of evil and the depth of evil in sinful acts. I had deep insight into the glories of the Almighty God and I experienced the joy of knowing what it was to be existent in Him and His loving embrace.
  6. The Lady warned and they did not hear the warnings.
    It is a battle against Satan, the evil one.
    You must give your heart to God.
  7. Holy Thursday is the Mass of the Last Supper. 
    Jesus: I have allowed you to suffer on Thursday for those who have betrayed Me.
  8. Messenger: You must choose God.
    It is a battle, do you choose God or the evil one? Give your heart to Jesus and Mary, the New Adam and the New Eve.
  9. Jesus: I mounted the cross.
    I am the New Adam, My Mother stood below. She is the New Eve.
  10. Those who give their hearts to Us will be the victors.

The Crucifixion

  1. Messenger: The cross stands as the tree of life against a darkened sky and a darkened world.
  2. The sun glistens in the sky.
  3. Jesus: I am the Light of the World.
    The Light to the darkened night.
    I am God, the SAVIOR of the world.
  4. Choose life.
  5. Do you choose God and Godís side or the evil one, the ancient serpent, who aims to trick you with his vileness to steal your heart and soul forever and take you to the pits of hell?
  6. Song: Song From Jesus
  7. Song: I Am Your Sacred Heart (refrain)
  8. Hail Mary...
  9. Hail Mary...
  10. Hail Mary...
    Song: Glory, Glory, Glory Lord in between decades.

end of the rosary of July 11, 1999



July 11, 2002

Messenger:    These are a very, very few

                    of the many letters we

                    get daily from Cardinals,

                    Archbishops, Bishops, and priests.

                PLEASE HELP

                US CONTINUE

                THE MAIN PURPOSE OF

                THE SHEPHERDS OF CHRIST 


                    Circulate the

                Priestly Newsletter

                of Fr. Edward Carter, S.J.

                to priests, to help in

                the renewal of the

                Church and the world.

                PLEASE HELP US

                    WE NEED FUNDS

                        TO DO SO.

                Please say these prayers



                    and begin a prayer

                    chapter in your

                    church - you can

                    do so with as little

                    as one person.



                                                             21 Junio 2002

Mr. John Weickert:

I'm most grateful for your gift. If it is possible I would like to

have the book in spanish or any information that you could send

in spanish in order to promte this prayer among our priests.

Sincerely in the love of our God,


                                                            + ___________



                                                                                June 22, 2002

                        Dear Fr. Carter,

                                I thank you heartily for the 15 copies of "Shepherds
                        of Christ, Spirituality 2, Newsletters" which arrived just
                        the other day. I have been distributing a copy to each of my
                        priests. Could you kindly send me four more copies of the
                        same so that I could give to all, including myself. This book
                        will be a source of deep spirituality for all of us. May God
                        bless and reward your noble efforts.

                                With prayerful best wishes for the success of your fine
                        apostolate, I am,

                                                                        + ___________




                                                                                            24th June 2002

                        Dear Mr. Wickert,

                        I thank you for your letter of 7th April and for the generous
                        kindness which motivated your sending to me the book and
                        attached Associates Prayer Manual. I look forward to
                        prayerfully reading them.

                        Your letter's presentation of the Shepherds of Christ Movement
                        was most edifying. God bless and reward all who, with great
                        love for the Priesthood and for priests, pray much for priests
                        and encourage others to do so.

                        Sincerely in Christ,

                        Bishop of ______


3 July 2002

Dear John,

Thank you for your letter of 7 April 2002 and the enclosed book
which you kindly sent me. Please thank Father Edward J Carter S.J. for his thoughtfulness in supplying it.

I note that additional copies of the English language version of the Newsletter 2 are available and will alert others who may be interested in this provision.

With every best wish and personal regards,
Yours sincerely in Christ,

Archbishop of _________


25 June 2002

Dear John,

From far away in Southern Africa I would like briefly to thank you
for the work Shepherds of Christ Ministries does for the encouragement and upliftment of the Spirituality of priests. I thank you particularly for your letter to me (and other Bishops in the world) dated April 7, 2002.

In this missionary Diocese of ________, we have only 20 priests of which 16 belong to Religious Institutes, while 4 are Diocesan priests with 6 seminarians studying at present for future service in our diocese. It is, therefore, my task to slowly build up the diocesan priesthood for our diocese. Over the last five years I have made use of the Shepherds of Christ Magazine/ Newsletter to help our Diocesan priests to buildup their spirituality as priests, although their spiritual growth should be more inculturated in the African faith experience and culture than can be expected from a publication like yours.
I would hereby, however, nevertheless like to thank you very much for your efforts in this direction.

Finally, in reading your letter I discovered that Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J., the founder of the Shepherds of Christ Ministries, retired in June, 2000, and has even in the meantime gone to his reward. When did he die and how is his work among priests going to be continued?

With every good wish and thanks,
Yours sincerely in Christ,

Bishop of _______



Thank you, Father Ed.

Your book is very good.

I offer 3 Masses for your intentions.

Fr. ________


                                        No Acknowledge needed.

                                 Your work is very much needed today.

                                 Fr. ______

                                                                                                    26th June 02

                                Dear and Very Rev. Fr. Rector.

                                                                        This is to thank you
                                for the five books, sent to us for distribution to
                                our missionaries in this hilly region. In this
                                Forane Unit we are 29 Priests.

                                                                         All of us appreciate
                                very much, this beautiful book, written by Rev. 
                                Edward Carter S.J.

                                                                        Each of us like to
                                get a copy of this excellent book. We read in
                                common in our monthly conference, a few
                                articles from this. They are very useful for
                                our daily life.

                                                                         Please be kind enough
                                to send to us at least 12 copies, for distribution to 
                                our priests.

                                                                        With repeated thanks,

                                                                        In Jesus,

                                                                        Fr. ________

                                                                                                                3 July 2002

                                Dear Editor,

                                            I would like to say to you thanks very much for 
                                the letter and the book Shepherds of Christ.

                                            It is a very interesting to know the spirituality of
                                The Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

                                            Thank you very much for your prayer for the so 
                                many intentions of Roman Catholic Church.

                                            I promise remember about you in my prayers.

                                            May God bless you

                                                                                      Bishop of ______


Dear Sir,

        Thank you for the book of Fr. Carter's writings,
It was forwarded to me from my former assignment at Xavier Institute of Management.

        God is blessing the movement in which you 
are engaged. Your book has already been passed
along for the spiritual benefit of others.

        I am praying for you and for your apostolate. If
my good friend Mother Teresa were still alive I would
have invited her prayers also. And, I pray for those who
can assist you financially also.

God bless you,

Fr. _____


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