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July 15, 2004

July 16th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 7 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries
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July 15, 2004

Jesus speaks:     Dear People,
                               You do not realize how you must pray
                                    for purity.

Messenger:            Oh God I want to be pure.

Jesus speaks:         Your Mother Mary is pure.
                                I love you so very much.
                                I want you with Me for all eternity
                                    in heaven
                                I love you so very much.
                                I give you so many gifts and you do
                                    not thank Me.
                                I outpour My grace to you.
                                Pray to God to forgive you for the times
                                    you are ungrateful.
                                Pray to God to have mercy on you.

Messenger:            Oh have mercy on us.

Jesus speaks:         Some people have preconceived
                                    ideas deeply embedded in them.

                                It is helpful to see for example how
                                    some may respond to those highly
                                    trained, to men, to women, to
                                    women in authority, toward
                                    anyone in authority.

                                Some people spend their whole life
                                    trying to control others, whether
                                    emotionally or directly because
                                    they say "that person will never
                                    tell me what to do", or "no one
                                    will ever tell me what to do.

                                Mary shows you how she obeyed.
                                    Mary lived to do the will of God.
                                    Mary was humble when on earth.
                                    Mary is sinless.

                                A lady was walking down a path in
                                    the park and she could see a man in the
                                    distance because she was
                                    not able to relate to men as a
                                    child because of a very strong father
                                    Mary began to tense and feel
                                        inferior so far away.
                                        As the man approached she realized
                                        what was going on in her body
                                        before she ever saw him and
                                        she had many preconceived
                                        thoughts she felt inadequate,
                                        afraid, tight in her body and
                                        wished he wasn't coming.
                                    Mary knew if it was a woman
                                        coming she would not feel this
                                        fear, tension and much of her
                                        preconceived condition would
                                        not exist.

                                 Jim had a strong boss.
                                Jim himself had a doctorate
                                    in his field, but the boss,
                                    head of the big firm
                                    was very harsh and over
                                His boss owned the company.
                                Jim finally decided to leave
                                    because of the condition
                                    his stomach was always tight
                                    and he felt sick.
                                    It interfered with his work
                                        all day.

                                Jim joined another firm and was
                                    under the same "setup".
                                    Someone over him, it was
                                    another man, nothing like the
                                    other boss.
                                Jim had preconceived ideas what
                                    the man was thinking and was
                                    very tense from working so long
                                    with the other boss.
                                Jim wanted it to work, he had to
                                    sort out his thoughts what was
                                    real and what he thought might
                                    be real.
                                Jim had to work really hard and
                                    he prayed for guidance from the
                                    Holy Spirit.
                                His new boss was very mild mannered
                                    and was not like the other
                                    boss at all.
                                Jim saw how many times his judgment
                                    was incorrect when dealing with
                                    the new boss.

                                Sometimes pressures from family
                                    relationships of the past can
                                    permeate someone's thoughts with
                                    new people that are not doing
                                    anything at all, but a person
                                    with "baggage" can have big
                                    problems with a mild mannered
                                    person, because of what the
                                    first person is thinking about
                                    the mild mannered person.

                            The human person is so complicated.
                                The lady at work, who is a boss, will
                                    soon have problems when she
                                    tries to turn her employees
                                    into her little children at home

                                Psychologically people can think and
                                    do all kinds of things in
                                    relationships that are not true.

                                Prayer is a vital part of everyone's life.

                                Stopping twice everyday to examine
                                    one's conscience can help
                                    Michael was a Jesuit he stopped
                                    two times a day for ten minutes
                                    to do his examine.
                                    He sat palms up and he prayed to
                                        see how the spirit was moving
                                        in his life.
                                        Often he saw how the evil one
                                        tempted him to go down
                                        the wrong path. Since
                                        he stopped to examine how the
                                        spirit was working in things
                                        he was able to stop some things
                                        he may have done that were not
                                        God's will.

                                What can happen if you don't stop
                                    and see how your day is going you
                                    may go a whole day down the wrong
                                    path and then one thing can lead
                                    to another and another and another.

                                Examine your actions.

                                The devil acts in secrecy.
                                The devil can begin as an angel of light
                                    and then try to twist things and
                                    try to lead the soul
                                    into deception.

                                So much time is wasted when one
                                    starts to go down a wrong path
                                    and then works like one making
                                    a quilt they add a square and
                                    a square and have woven a
                                    blanket of woe.

                                How many blankets of woe have you
                                    woven because you do not examine
                                    your actions to see what spirit
                                    is moving in your life?

                                A little girl lived in a very angry
                                    home. People shouted, they criticized
                                    her, no matter what she did it
                                    wasn't right it seemed to her
                                When she married she was filled with
                                    anger herself. Her husband did
                                    not like green beans she made them 
                                    every night expecting him to change his
                                    Finally one day she started an angry
                                        dialogue concerning his insistence
                                        to not eat green beans
                                        her mother made them every
                                            night and made her eat them.

                                    She accused her husband of not
                                        eating them because of many
                                        the reason he didn't had nothing
                                            to do with her
                                        When he was little his dad ran
                                            a farm and he grew green
                                            beans he fertilized them
                                            with manure
                                        the young man as a boy hated
                                            green beans and refused to eat
                                            them and would never touch
                                            one today
                                        The devil can be like this in helping to pair
                                            up situations where
one person
                                            wants someone to do something
                                            so bad and the other has
                                            extenuating circumstances why
                                            they absolutely would not do

                                        the devil knows these things.
                                            Michael's mother screamed at the
                                                children whenever she had
                                                company and had to cook and clean
                                                and prepare.

                                            After Michael was marrried he hated to have 
                                                friends over to eat dinner because of the
                                                pain he suffered at home.

                                            He didn't realize it
                                            His wife wanted to invite friends over to eat dinner

                                            He refused his pain was from deep within,
                                                neither of them realized their pre-
                                                conceived ideas.

                                            This list can go on and on, but there are so
                                                many reasons tucked deep within
                                                why people absolutely do not want
                                                to do somethings.

                                        Cynthia said she would never get
                                            married and have children, her
                                            dad died and she had 6 brothers,
                                            very young when her dad died.

                                            After her dad died her mom had so much
                                                trouble supporting the family and
                                                the boys fought with their mother and were
                                                very disrespectful while she
                                                toiled to her exhaustion.

                                        Cynthia never wanted to be like
                                            her mom and she thought boys
                                            treated women like the boys
                                            treated her mom.

                                        A young man wanted to marry Cynthia,
                                            she would not get involved seriously.
                                            She played games to keep him away.
                                            Finally he got "sick of it" and

                                        Cynthia could not really figure out
                                            why, but she didn't see that
                                            she acted like a "porcupine" and
                                            would not commit to anyone.

                                        I watch you blame others for problems
                                            within yourselves.

                                        During the retreats I outpour grace to
                                            unveil hidden problems.




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