Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages
rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

July 26, 2006

July 27th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 1 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for July 27th are Luminous.


Please pray for all urgent intentions.



Given July 25, 2006

Messenger:     The Priestly Newsletter is to
                            feed the hungry —

                       Feed the hungry.

                       Create a network

                       A family

                       Build up oneness in the body.

Jesus says:

John 10: 11 - 15

I am the good shepherd:
the good shepherd lays down his life
    for his sheep.
The hired man,
    since he is not the shepherd
and the sheep do not belong to him,
abandons the sheep
as soon as he sees a wolf coming,
    and runs away, 
and then the wolf attacks
    and scatters the sheep;
he runs away
    because he is only a hired man
and has no concern for the sheep.
I am the good shepherd;
I know my own
and my own know me,
just as the Father knows me
and I know the Father;
and I lay down my life for my sheep.


Messenger:    The more the Word is known —
                        The more we will live as God desires —
                        living in truth.

                    We spread the love of the Good Shepherd.

                     The Good Shepherd feeds the flock with
                        His Word and the Eucharist.

                     Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

                     We speak of the riches of God —
                      The precious gifts He gives us

                     The Good Shepherd feeds the sheep.

                     The Good Shepherd takes them in
                        His arms.

                     The Good Shepherd has mercy.

                     The Good Shepherd tells about
                            insight into the hidden mysteries.

                     Holiness comes from rooting out
                            the dysfunction —

                     We will see with the light of
                     seven suns when we are
                     saturated with His grace —

                    The grip of satan is paralyzing and
                            crippling —

                    Satan wants us to focus on

                    God can take us into ecstasies —
                        we have our eyes
                        focused on insight into the
                        Divine mysteries —

                    When one steals our shoes and we must
                        walk on rocks — we try to get
                        our shoes back, but —

                    Never have we lost our joy of the
                        soul - gazing on the Divine
                        Mysteries —

                    The Awe of it all —
                    The depth of union with God
                    The burning heart of love —
                    The Words of the Savior.

                    The Study of His Plan

Messenger:    When some people come to help us
                        in the Shepherds of Christ —
                        they may think oh
                        now how shall I do it.

                      This is Jesus' Movement —
                        He has formed it
                        He has set the Plan

                       Newsletter — I AM the Good Shepherd
                                            I feed My flock and
                                            they follow Me.

                       Prayer Chapters

                                            PARAMOUNT  as
                                            Jesus told us
                                            praying for the
                                            priests, the Church
                                            and the world.

                                        — Prayer Manual
                                                in all languages

                                        — Rosary Program

                                        — Apostles of the Eucharistic Heart

                        We must follow Jesus' Plan for His Movement.

                        Fr. Carter was called to implement this
                            Movement begun by Jesus —
                            to feed the starved soul with God's love.

                        To lead the sheep to the depth of union
                            with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

                        We put materials
                            in the store for
                            this mission.

                                I say Jesus wants Blue Books spread
                          I say Jesus wants Prayer Chapters
                                in all languages —

                         Jesus wants us to love the priests, the Church and the world —
                            so much so you help spread the

                        Some people say —

                        Oh apparitions — what will
                            God do to chastise —
                            They may focus on dark stuff —

                        What we need to focus on is God —
                            the Mystery of God —
                            the Word of God
                            the Documents of the Church
                            the Wisdom of the Saints.

                         Feed the hungry souls —
                         Get them to do the Morning Offering
                            Go to Mass
                            Do Adoration
                            Pray the Prayers —

                          Let God take over — we should
                            be the creatures relying on
                            His Might —

                          I say God is telling us what to do.

                          Some may say ask more men of the earth

                          I say God has spoken —

                         We must pray —

                          Beg for grace —

                         Ask for His mercy

                        Jesus says feed the hungry —

                        Tell them to pray
                                          go to Mass
                                          do adoration

                       Let us beg for God's mercy —
                            pray for good authorities — holy ones

                       We are interceding and working.
                            God has the Power.
                            Let Him work through us.

                       Plant the seeds that grow flowers,
                            food —



                       Dear God, who made the heavens and earth,

                       Mighty God,

                       Help us to be docile,



                        We are not to focus
                            on ourselves as the
                            ones to make the change
                            in the hearts of other men —
                            We must rely on His Might.

                        We do all we can, we act according to God's
                            will — loving communicating, eating right —
                            then let go to God, rely on His Might.

                         Let Go and let the Spirit fill our hearts
                            with fire to love the souls of the
                            earth like our brothers —

                        LOVE — LOVE — LOVE

                        Oh I love the Church — I will act
                            like one who loves —

                            Oh I love our
                        priests — I will act as one
                        who loves —

                            Oh I love the authority —
                        even when I may want a willful

                            God works in authority —
                            To form us
                            To teach us.

                        Ultimately I am here to love —
                            to grow to be more perfected —

                        Ultimately I am here as
                            God's ambassador —
                            to tell others how
                            bountiful God's love is.

                         Ultimately I am here as head of the Shepherds of Christ
                            to continue the mission Fr. Carter and
                            I began to spread His wishes to the
                            world —

                         To feed the hungry —
                         To tell them of His love.


                         - Focus on God.

                         - The Mystery of God.

                         - The Wisdom of the Blue Books,
                                                      Mass Book — which came from messages.

                          - Fr. Carter's writings

John 10: 11 - 15

I am the good shepherd:
the good shepherd lays down his life
    for his sheep.
The hired man,
    since he is not the shepherd
and the sheep do not belong to him,
abandons the sheep
as soon as he sees a wolf coming,
    and runs away, 
and then the wolf attacks
    and scatters the sheep;
he runs away
    because he is only a hired man
and has no concern for the sheep.
I am the good shepherd;
I know my own
and my own know me,
just as the Father knows me
and I know the Father;
and I lay down my life for my sheep.

Messenger:        The Plan has been set

                          12 years ago by Jesus —

                          Jesus said He wanted this in the
                                store —
                                the Blue Books
                                the Rosary Books
                                tee shirts with Our Lady of Clearwater.

                           It is up to us to promote the Ministries.

                           DO WHAT JESUS wants at the

                                You must do as He
                          desires with the Building of the
                          TWO Hearts.

                           He wants a community building in
                                China to mingle and be social —
                                eat — talk to each other about the ministries.


                            I have learned several things from
                                12 years of visions and messages —

                            When Fr. Carter died in 2000 — it left
                                me in charge —
                                it was God's will for
                                me to be the head
                                of the Movement.

                                My mission is the same —
                            it is Jesus' mission to promote
                            oneness in the world —
                            to be great intercessors
                            to spread the writings of Fr. Carter and Fr. John
                            to do what Jesus wants with the Priestly
                                Newsletter — the main purpose of
                                this Movement.
                            to feed the hungry souls —
                                teaching them about the Eucharist
                                    His Word
                                    the Bread of Life.

                             I let go and let God do
                                it His way.

                            He hires the people — He chooses
                                them — He wants love —

                            I am a mystic and spent much time with
                                Jesus by myself —
                                when Fr. Carter died — God called me to run the
                                community with the President, John and
                                all the Shepherds of Christ as one family —

                            I am to leave these writings —
                            Help form this way of life —
                                I must be one with the
                                    people —

                            LOVE AND FORGIVE.

                            Jesus called His people — the goal
                                is set by Him —

                            I am the captain steering His
                                boat and everyone must grow
                                in greater purity to be one —
                                pray for grace to love their vocation —
                                pray for grace to be committed as Jesus wants
                                pray for grace to be obedient

                            Servants and handmaids take a promise of chastity and obedience.

                            PRAY FOR THE PRIESTS, THE CHURCH
                                AND THE WORLD.

                            I see His purpose in the Building of
                                the 2 Hearts in Clearwater —
                                I do as He tells me.

                                Some members may not have been
                            as nice as they should have been sometimes,
                            just being a center of love —

                            My focus is on what He wants —
                                attempting to deliver a message.

                                Feed the Hungry with His letters of love.

                            Come to the retreats in China — Be fed —

                            Promote His program —

                            Pray for Fr. John the Newsletter is #1.

                            The Prayer Chapters — co-equal —

                                We must focus with
                            our eyes upward —

                                To build a strong community
                            in China, in Florida.

                                Sub-centers in Texas.

                            When you drop a link in the chain —
                                you do that

                            God called all these people —
                                they can get focused on details —
                                quit because of human weakness —
                                want to be loved by a human person
                                    and looking for human affection —
                                    (more than they should, not keeping God as #1, against God's will)

                              ANY WAY THE devil can
                                    upset an
                                    apple cart
                                    he will try.

                                If satan can come — tap on
                            your arm and blow in your ear
                            and you allow yourself to be controlled by your feelings —
                            satan can try to manipulate your life
                            by aggravating you through
                            other's actions.

                            PRAY - PRAY - PRAY - to be holy
                                NOT Self-focused - you do not want to be
                                crippled by satan's attempts
                                to get you to go off course

                            A person has a
                                BIG MISSION
                                Jesus calls them
                                for example if:
                                Mary Lou acts mean after Mass you don't quit.
                            Isn't that a weak commitment to
                                your vocation
                            What does Jesus want Mary Lou may
                                have a lump under her arm and
                                suffering and not being
                                nice means you should
                                pray for her and do what
                                Jesus wants you
                                to do.

                            Mary Lou is imperfect
                                like ALL of US.

                            We all must learn to love
                                and forgive because we
                                are imperfect too.

                            Waiting every year we wait for
                                Christmas that is what advent
                                is all about.

                            OUR WHOLE LIFE SHOULD BE A
                                WAITING for the
                                FULLNESS OF LIFE
                                only found in heaven.

                            When we are impatient
                                we have missed
                                some lessons
                                a good part of the

                            Some people, though, may be slow
                                and hard to move wasting
                                lots of precious time.

                            WAITING I AM WAITING on God's time today to
                                do what God wants.

                            I am praying for His Might to work
                                in my life and the world.

                            - Do what God wants

                            - God wants these prayer chapters.























Messenger:            Here is an important rosary
                                Fr. Carter led the rosary

                                October 13, 1996

                            Here is a click to the rosary, (the hard copy).
                                It was on yesterday.

hard copy

                            It was the first 13th.

                            A tape is available for you to have.  high-speed  dial-up


Jesus speaks:      Feed the Hungry

                           Feed the Hungry

                           Feed the Hungry

                            From the front of every Blue Book
                                1991 - 15 years ago

                                To the Reader

To The Reader

Jesus wants to share His love with you. He comes in these letters to tell you how you can be in intimate union with Him.

All of us possess everything we need to have an intimate union with Him. He has been giving me messages since October of 1991. For at least a year I sat in front of the tabernacle and begged him to talk to me. I wanted words. I prayed to the Holy Spirit and begged and begged Him to baptize me. After a long and seemingly endless search, trying to hear God, He told me to "feed the hungry." For six weeks this was all I heard. I thought maybe I wasn't feeding my children well or eating well enough myself. What a long wait for three words! At long last one day, as I was writing to Jesus, I received a letter back. He told me, "I am Jesus, Son of the Living God." I did not want to write this but it kept coming-and so did many other messages. I knew nothing of anyone getting messages. I wrote them, reluctantly, and hid my notebooks. The letters kept coming, many during the night. I would be awakened, then given long letters which I felt compelled to get up and write down. I read these letters privately and my life began to change. I felt a new life within me.

He taught me of His fervent love and how truly present He was. He taught me how precious I was to Him. Over and over again He would call me His precious child and tell me how He loved me, how He clothed me with dignity and honor. He told me over and over how He was right by my side always. He is teaching me to give up all fear and to trust in Him. He is teaching me to let go of myself and let Him run my life. I am trying every day to do His will.

He is also telling you in your heart all you need to know. He has all the answers for you there in your heart. You must be silent and go to Him so you can hear His words for you.

Sit in front of the tabernacle and be with Him. Do not pray prayers. Sit and be open and just be with Him. Read these letters there. These are Jesus' love letters to you. Sit in front of the tabernacle and let Him talk to you. Sit silent awhile. Read these letters part of the time. Open any page and He will talk to you. Do not read this like a book, cover to cover. Just open to a page and read that page. That is the way He speaks to you.

end of excerpt


Messenger:            8 months later

                            Another important rosary
                                is May 13, 1997

                            Here is a click. (the hard copy),
                                It was on yesterday.

May 13, 1997 Rosary

                            A video is available for you to have.





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