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August 21, 2011

August 22nd Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 9 Period I.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for August 22nd are Luminous.


Sidney Rosary
August 23, 2011 - 6:20pm
China, IN for healing
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Please pray for Dan.

Please pray for Jimmy.
Pray for everything to do with
Fr. Joe's Cycle B Book.


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                August 21, 2011

Today's Readings 

Isaiah 22: 19-23

I shall hound you from your office,
I shall snatch you from your post and,
when that day comes,
I shall summon my servant
Eliakim son of Hilkiah.
I shall dress him in your tunic,
I shall put your sash round his waist,
I shall invest him with your authority;
and he will be a father
to the inhabitants of Jerusalem
and to the House of Judah.
I shall place the key of David's palace
    on his shoulder;
when he opens, no one will close,
when he closes, no one will open.
I shall drive him like a nail
    into a firm place;
and he will become a throne of glory
    for his family.


Psalm 138: 1-3, 6, 8

I thank you, Yahweh, with all my heart,
for you have listened to the cry I uttered.
In the presence of angels I sing to you,
I bow down before your holy Temple.

I praise your name for your faithful love and your constancy;
your promises surpass even your fame.
You heard me on the day when I called,
and you gave new strength to my heart.

Sublime as he is, Yahweh looks on the humble,
the proud he picks out from afar.

Yahweh will do all things for me.
Yahweh, your faithful love endures for ever,
do not abandon what you have made.


  Romans 11: 33-36

How rich and deep are the wisdom and the knowledge of God! We cannot reach to the root of his decisions or his ways. Who has ever known the mind of the Lord? Who has ever been his adviser? Who has given anything to him, so that his presents come only as a debt returned? Everything there is comes from him and is caused by him and exists for him. To him be glory for ever! Amen.


Matthew 16: 13-20

When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi he put this question to his disciples, ‘Who do people say the Son of man is?’ And they said, ‘Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.’ ‘But you,’ he said, ‘who do you say I am?’ Then Simon Peter spoke up and said, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.’ Jesus replied, ‘Simon son of Jonah, you are a blessed man! Because it was no human agency that revealed this to you but my Father in heaven. So I now say to you: You are Peter and on this rock I will build my community. And the gates of the underworld can never overpower it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of Heaven: whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven; whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.’ Then he gave the disciples strict orders not to say to anyone that he was the Christ.




21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 24, 2008

INTRODUCTION - Shebna was a powerful man in the court of King Hezekiah in Judah, 700 years before Christ. Next to the king, he had the most powerful position in the kingdom. Shebna’s power went to his head and he used his position to exploit the poor and the innocent in order to make himself exorbitantly rich. God said through Isaiah that Shebna needed to be replaced by a person with integrity. The only reason this passage was selected for today’s reading was because of the reference to the key of the House of David. Keys are symbols of authority. In our gospel Jesus promises he would give Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven.

HOMILY – I want to make a point about something I saw in the Enquirer this past week, then I want to reflect on two important ideas in today’s gospel.

There was a brief news clip in Thursday’s paper about a hacker who broke into the telephone system of FEMA last weekend and racked up about $12,000 in long distance phone calls to the Middle East and Asia. FEMA is part of Homeland Security. I didn’t feel real secure after reading that! If this isn’t a good incentive for people to pray for our country and our world, I don’t know what is. Psalm 127 says: “If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labor; if the Lord does not watch over the city, in vain does the watchman keep vigil.” We live in a society that keeps us so busy that often prayer is relegated to “something I’ll do when I have the time.” We are constantly being told our government is doing a great job of protecting us and I can only assume they are doing the best they can, but can we depend totally on the government? When was the last time we actually asked God to help our country. You might say a hacker breaking into a department of Homeland Security phone system and charging $12,000 in long distance phone calls is just a small thing, and maybe it is, but wars have been won and lost over seemingly small things. I say all this, not with the intent of frightening people, but with the intent of reminding all of us we need to constantly pray. “If the Lord does not watch over the city, in vain does the watchman keep vigil.”

Now I want to reflect on two important ideas in today’s gospel. First of all there are many places in the Scriptures that emphasize the preeminent position of Peter among the apostles, but there are two places where Peter’s position of leadership is spelled out more clearly than anywhere else. The one is in St. John where Jesus tells Peter after the resurrection: “Feed my lambs, feed my sheep.” Also in Scripture where Peter’s position of importance is clearly emphasized is in today’s gospel. Such insistence on the position of Peter vis-à-vis the other apostles is what underlies our belief that after Christ, the Holy Father is chief shepherd and head of the Church. His role is to be the visible representative of Christ. This doesn’t mean he has perfectly represented Christ at all times in history, but that is still the position he holds. He has the final word on any issue relating to the Church. The keys Jesus said he would give Peter symbolize this authority. The keys Jesus gave Peter were not buried with him and that position of authority did not end when Peter died. It was passed on to his successors. This is implied in the gospel Matthew wrote, for Peter had been dead for at least 25 or 30 years when Matthew wrote this passage. Matthew made a big issue of this incident, not to tell us about some personal favor Jesus bestowed on Peter, but because the leadership position of Peter would remain as part of the structure of Christ’s community of believers.

A second important idea in today’s gospel is the answer to the question Jesus asked his apostles: “Who do you say that I am?” How we answer this question will determine how each of us relates to him. Is he, for example, someone worth our time on Sunday or even during the week? Is he someone we can trust? Is he someone who loves us, forgives us, wants only the best for us? Is he someone who has the authority to tell us how to live, what we should do, what we may not do? Is he someone we look forward to spending eternity with?

Can any of us give a complete and perfect answer to that question “Who do you say that I am?” In one way or another, each week I try to help you have a better sense of how to answer this question, even as I try to answer it for myself. It’s easy to say Jesus is savior, Jesus is messiah, Jesus is Son of God, or as we say in the creed each week: Jesus is “God from God, light from light, true God from true God, etc.” But has our mind and heart connected with these words to the extent that we can exclaim with Paul: “Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! … For from him and through him and for him are all things.” The apostles could tell Jesus what others said about him, and we can also say what others have said about Jesus. That’s okay, for that’s how we begin to learn who Jesus is, by what others tell us. But have we moved beyond what others have told us to know Jesus in a personal way, a way that Jesus could say has not been revealed to us by “flesh and blood, but by the Heavenly Father?” If we do not know Jesus personally, what can we do that will help us to know him, not just by hearsay, but in a deeply personal way? How we do it is how we get to know anyone in a personal way. By spending time with a person. There are no shortcuts. Spending time with God, with Jesus, is called prayer. That’s what we are about now. Amen.


                R. Pray for missionaries who give their lives to
                    bring a key to the world —
                    they can live a lonely life —
                    they leave family and friends —


From God's Blue Book 6A


January 30, 1995 - Monday 5:45am

R. I cannot do what He asks if I am not willing to suffer. I must give my all to Him.

    I did not want to get up. I tried to stay in bed. He told me that this teaching would be lost forever if I did not get up. He was calling and He wanted me to get up.

    How short is our life. We see all the problems, we live each little incident day after day. It looks so big, but it is so small compared to all eternity. It is such a minute thing to think of getting up to be alone with Jesus when compared to all the hours of my life, but to Jesus it is important, He is always first.

    I had a dream, I was arguing with my mother about food. I had just done 7 hours of adoration, then I went up into my old room at home and I had the baby Jesus with me. He was my child. The room was freshly painted and they had draped it with plastic tarps. Jesus reached into a hole in one of the tarps and pulled out a set of plastic baby keys. He said "keys."

    I held Jesus so sweetly and treated Him with such love. I then realized how Jesus is in my child and how I have such a responsibility to treat my child with such love and care as I would have treated Jesus. The Father is calling me to quit worrying about myself and what I am receiving here and see Jesus in my children, in my husband in every person to see Jesus, to treat them with the same gentleness I would if I was caring for the child Jesus.

    He reached into the tarp and pulled up the keys. It is so simple, we make it all so complicated. To see Jesus in every person is the key. We don't want to be this serving, this yielding, we think of ourselves first, as I wanted so bad to sleep. I still want to sleep and Jesus is giving me this profound lesson. I see ever so clearer Jesus in my child. The Father willed that I be his mother, He wills that I act like Mary as my model. To see the child Jesus in my child.

    I am so far from being as God calls me to be. I worry about what others think and I do not treat my children with top priority. They come first, as if I was raising the child Jesus. Jesus is in our brothers, in our children. I must honor God. See God in the creatures He created. Heaven is a reward promised to those who love and serve the Lord. I love and serve God in seeing Him in others. He is calling me to be as He would be to this world. I can only with His grace, act more like Him. Loving my brother with the love I would give to the child Jesus is a start to seeing Jesus in my brothers.

    He is calling me to make a general confession. Yesterday morning, He wanted me to stay home and look at my past life. I realized the overwhelming power of the priest to forgive sins. I want to be in heaven forever, I want to be ever pure, I see my sins of the past, I do not want to share them with Fr. Carter, but he is my confessor and spiritual director — I see Jesus in him. I want to be close to Jesus, I want an ever closer union with Jesus. Close is never close enough for me. I see the times I sinned as choosing sin over Him, as darkness in my life, as struggling until He reached down, He forgave me from my sins. It is through His Power I am made clean. He gives this power to the priest. I opened a book last night and it said, go to confession.

    I do not have to impress anyone, I am not perfect, I am a sinner. I long with all my heart to be forgiven for all my sins, what power that He gives to man. He has given us every opportunity to be ever closer to Him. What a good God He is. He, in all His goodness, gives us the sacrament of penance and baptism and the Eucharist, this is indeed a gift of His Divine love. They pierced His side and what came forth was blood and water, from His side. What a good God, that He gives to us the sacraments of the Church. We are the body of Christ. He is the head. He gives us visible signs of His love in the sacraments, we are cleaned, we are nurtured through the Eucharist. He outpours His grace to us through the Church.

    Thank you Jesus for the sacrament of Baptism which gives us a special sharing in Your life, thank You for the sacrament of Penance that cleans us of our sins, thank You for the sacrament of the Eucharist, where by You feed us with Your Body and Blood, thank You for the sacrament of Confirmation, which sends Your Spirit to make us Your soldiers, thank You for the sacrament of Matrimony which unite man and woman, thank You for the sacrament of Holy Orders that gives us Your precious priests to carry on Your special work. Thank You for the sacrament of the sick. Oh God, You are good to us.


January 30, 1995

Knocks on the Door

R.  We are changed through His grace. Jesus is truly God and remains in the tabernacle waiting for men to come and be with Him. He loves so very much each precious soul. He knocks on the door of your heart day and night, He wants you to open wide and let Him in.


January 30, 1995

Divinity and Humanity

R.  Mary carried Jesus in her womb, Jesus remains with us this day in the tabernacle. We do not see Jesus in His Majesty in the tabernacle.

    The Master in greatest love for us, waits a human creature to come and be with Him in the tabernacle.

    Jesus outpours His grace to us, should we not jump for joy as John, jumped inside of his mother's womb.

    John shows the world his joy when Jesus comes in His Mother's womb.

    Jesus comes to us in His Divinity and humanity in the Eucharist. He remains in the tabernacle and outpours His grace to us. God comes to us and many do not treat Him as they should.

    Jesus knocks on the door of our heart, day and night, do we have a place for the Almighty God. He gives us His love.

    Jesus was born of the virgin Mary, He came to earth to save us from our sins.

    Oh Divine Love, Jesus, mold me and fashion me into Your image so I can love Thee ever more and more.

    Strengthen our faith and help us to never turn away from You.


Birth of Jesus 

R. Jesus came not in Power — He comes as an infant, God comes an infant.

    God comes in poverty, hidden (no blare of trumpets) A LIGHT, shines in the darkness.

    Jesus clothes Himself in flesh.

    Master of all He comes in poverty. He loved so much, Ought I not return to Him my love.


Presentation in Temple

R. Holy Spirit promised Simeon he would not die before he saw the Christ child.

Simeon blessed them and said to Mary his mother, ‘Look, he is destined for the fall and for the rise of many in Israel, destined to be a sign that is opposed—and a sword will pierce your soul too—so that the secret thoughts of many may be laid bare.’  Luke 2: 34-35

R. Christ offers Himself for us — let us offer ourselves through Him to the Father.



R. We hide ourselves in His Heart, we present ourselves in the arms of Mary given to the Father. Father take all that we are mind, heart, body, thoughts.

    Presentation — Jesus offered Himself to His Father.

    Priest: hold Jesus with such reverence as Mary carried Him in her womb!

    Our souls could be so moved to such joy Jesus is God in the tabernacle.

    Jesus waits for us with love. That God the Master waits on man.


Finding in the Temple

R. Spirit: Speak to me of sweet Jesus, of Your truths.

    Speak to my mind and heart.

    Let me love your Word!!



R. Jesus came to this earth in such love, Mary and Jesus went to John and Elizabeth's. The Master comes to the servant, because of love.

    John responds with joy — Before he is even born he announced Jesus to the world with such joy from Elizabeth's womb. 

Now it happened that as soon as Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the child leapt in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. She gave a loud cry and said, ‘Of all women you are the most blessed, and blessed is the fruit of your womb.  Luke 1: 41-42

    As Jesus dwelt in the sanctuary of Mary's womb, Jesus now dwells in the tabernacle waiting for us in greatest love. As He was out of sight in her womb, He is out of sight in the tabernacle.

    He knocks at the door of our hearts to come in.
Jesus:  Behold I stand and knock at the door of your heart.

R.  Jesus was in the womb of Mary — John leaped for joy.

    He gave His all — See Jesus in your brother's eyes. 

August 21, 2011

                R. There is so much evil in this world —
                Thank God for the Mass —

                There is so much poison being poured
                    out there
                    jealousy - envy - competition - divorce —
                    homosexuality - immorality —
                    abortion - violence on T.V. and movies

                EVIL — So much where our children
                    are growing up
                    So much evil

                We were told by Jesus to pray the Shepherds of Christ
                    Prayers — Go to Mass — Eucharistic adoration —
                    Morning Offering — the Rosary —
                    Prayers to the Holy Spirit —
                    Prayer Chapters —
                    Healing Rosaries, Retreats we do —
                    Consecration to Jesus and Mary —
                    Focusing on the Word —

                We can protect ourselves from satan
                    by the Blood of the Lamb —

                Help us God to work the Shepherds of Christ Program
                    for grace for the priests, the Church
                    and the world —

                We must forgive —
                We must seek purity —

                Accountability for our sins, Responsibility for our sins —
                Repent —
                Make Reparation for our sins —

                God is permitting satan to go around
                    the world tempting men —

                God wants purity —
                God wants praise —

                We need healing of emotional disorders,
                    healing of vices, so we can live virtuously —


Exodus 34: 6-7

Then Yahweh passed before him and called out, ‘Yahweh, Yahweh, God of tenderness and compassion, slow to anger, rich in faithful love and constancy, maintaining his faithful love to thousands, forgiving fault, crime and sin, yet letting nothing go unchecked, and punishing the parent’s fault in the children and in the grandchildren to the third and fourth generation!’ 


                R. Contamination

                The devil is waging war —

                There is a constant FORCE of evil —

                People forcing a dysfunctional
                    behavior, codependence —
                    The devil wants souls for hell

                Punishing others by provoking,
                    holding back needed material —
                    the enemy seeks the weakest
                    link in the chain —

                The devil uses pride, anger,
                    jealousy, isolation,
                    fear, insecurities to
                    press on a person to
                    do evil to another —

                A person can be prone to anger —

                Raging —
                Passive - Aggressive
                Jealousies —

                A person living God's will has
                    a happy heart — there is
                    NOT JEALOUSY —

                The devil is real —
                Demonic Force —
                The devil hates —

                The devil hates you and me —
                The devil wants us to hate each other —

                The devil wants to block
                    God's will and wants
                    division and unloving ways —

                The devil wants us to be enslaved
                    to him —
                    Have bad habits - vices

                We should seek the beatific
                    vision in heaven —
                    pray for our ancestors
                    who died to get
                    to heaven —

                Pray in love for those over us
                    and obey them —

                Pray for the dead —



From the Priestly Newsletter Book III - 2000 Issue 3 p. 44-45

The Father's Will for Us  - Our Source of Peace

  • Pope John Paul II instructs us: "The Church, as a reconciled and reconciling community, cannot forget that at the source of her gift and mission of reconciliation is the initiative, full of compassionate love and mercy, of that God who is love (see 1 John 4:8) and who out of love created human beings (see Wisdom 11:23-26; Genesis 1:27: Psalms 8:4-8)…He created them so that they might live in friendship with Him and in communion with one another.

"God is faithful to His eternal plan even when man, under the impulse of the evil one (see Wisdom 2:24) and carried away by his own pride, abuses the freedom given to him in order to love and generously seek what is good, and (instead) refuses to obey his Lord and Father. God is faithful even when man, instead of responding with love to God’s love, opposes Him and treats Him like a rival, deluding himself and relying on his own power, with the resulting break of relationship with the One who created him. In spite of this transgression on man’s part, God remains faithful in love.

"It is certainly true that the story of the Garden of Eden makes us think about the tragic consequences of rejecting the Father, which becomes evident in man’s inner disorder and in the breakdown of harmony between man and woman, brother and brother (see Genesis 3:12 ff; 4:1-16). Also significant is the Gospel parable of the two brothers (the parable of the ‘prodigal son’; see Luke 15:11-32) who, in different ways, distance themselves from their father and cause a rift between them. Refusal of God’s fatherly love and of His loving gifts is always at the root of humanity’s divisions.

"But we know that God…like the father in the parable (of the prodigal son), does not close His heart to any of His children. He waits for them, looks for them, goes to meet them at the place where the refusal of communion imprisons them in isolation and division. He calls them to gather about His table in the joy of the feast of forgiveness and reconciliation.

"This initiative on God’s part is made concrete and manifest in the redemptive act of Christ, which radiates through the world by means of the ministry of the Church." 13

13. Pope John Paul II, as in Celebrate 2000!, Servant Publications, pp. 140-141.


                R. Pray that the Blood of Jesus
                    is spread on us and others —

                We have to forgive our
                    mom and dad, grandma
                    grandpa, sisters,

                Pray for all of those related
                    to us



From the Priestly Newsletter Book III by Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. - 2000 - Issue 2

The Holy Spirit in Our Lives

Romano Guardini also speaks to us concerning the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives: "As a historical figure Christ is easily blurred by similarity with other historical figures, and also by the fact that man has an instinctive aversion to anything which goes beyond the purely human. The Holy Spirit must grant us the gift of discrimination. The figure of Christ as well as His message is surrounded by misunderstandings, distortions and hostility. The Holy Spirit must give the assurance to our hearts and minds so that we may find Him. Christ is the Truth…

"The Holy Spirit teaches us to understand Christ, and in Christ, God and ourselves. It is the kind of understanding which comes from the heart… It is true comprehension; more than that, it is illumination.

"The Holy Spirit gives the answers to those questions which the mind cannot answer because the mind invariably couples the word ‘why’ with the word ‘I’. ‘Why must I endure this suffering? Why am I denied what others have? Why must I be the way I am, live the way I do?’ These are some of the most essential and decisive questions in the life of the individual, and to those questions men and books remain silent. The true answer comes only when our heart is free from revolt and bitterness, when our will has come to terms with life as it is for us, recognizing in it the working of the will of God. The intellect may acquiesce readily enough, but this is not sufficient. Instruction must go deeper. Acceptance must come from our inmost heart. Only then will we find the answer to the why, and with it, peace, for truth brings peace. This is the work of the Holy Spirit." 8

8. Romano Guardini, Jesus Christ, Henry Regnery, as in Daily Readings in Catholic Classics, edited by Rawley Myers, Ignatius Press, p. 102.


                R. Pray to the Holy Spirit for healings —

                The Eucharist is a powerful
                    way in which healings
                    were granted
                    body, mind and soul

                We pray for healing for us
                    the people of God at Mass —

                Jesus gives us His Body and Blood —

                The Eucharist helps us —

                Jesus comes to us —

                Song: I Love You Jesus

                R. When we repent — God outpours
                    His mercy —

                God is so merciful —

                We pray to be made clean —

                Cleanse us, Oh Lord —

                We pray for all our
                    relatives, forgive
                    and love them —

                Really Forgive


Matthew 18:21 - 19:1

Then Peter went up to him and said, ‘Lord, how often must I forgive my brother if he wrongs me? As often as seven times?’ Jesus answered, ‘Not seven, I tell you, but seventy–seven times.

Parable of the unforgiving debtor

‘And so the kingdom of Heaven may be compared to a king who decided to settle his accounts with his servants. When the reckoning began, they brought him a man who owed ten thousand talents; he had no means of paying, so his master gave orders that he should be sold, together with his wife and children and all his possessions, to meet the debt. At this, the servant threw himself down at his master’s feet, with the words, "Be patient with me and I will pay the whole sum." And the servant’s master felt so sorry for him that he let him go and cancelled the debt. Now as this servant went out, he happened to meet a fellow–servant who owed him one hundred denarii; and he seized him by the throat and began to throttle him, saying, "Pay what you owe me." His fellow–servant fell at his feet and appealed to him, saying, "Be patient with me and I will pay you." But the other would not agree; on the contrary, he had him thrown into prison till he should pay the debt. His fellow–servants were deeply distressed when they saw what had happened, and they went to their master and reported the whole affair to him. Then the master sent for the man and said to him, "You wicked servant, I cancelled all that debt of yours when you appealed to me. Were you not bound, then, to have pity on your fellow–servant just as I had pity on you?" And in his anger the master handed him over to the torturers till he should pay all his debt. And that is how my heavenly Father will deal with you unless you each forgive your brother from your heart.’

Jesus had now finished what he wanted to say, and he left Galilee and came into the territory of Judaea on the far side of the Jordan.


                R. Forgive with your whole
                    mind and soul all in past
                    and now who offend you —

                Forgive with your whole
                    heart —


                Beg for God's forgiveness
                Beg to be forgiven —

                We are sorry God for
                    our sins

Act of Contrition

"O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins, because I dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of Hell, but most of all because they offend Thee, my God, Who art all-good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace to confess my sins, to do penance and to amend my life. Amen."


                R. We need to pray for the dead —

                Look at all your relationships
                    and how you feel —
                    really feel — about how
                    your mom and dad treated
                    you —

                How were they treated by
                    their mom and dad?


Excerpt from Response in Christ by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J.

Other Christian Virtues

    If humility is truth, and therefore allows for the proper recognition of my gifts, it also necessitates my admitting to the evil within me. This is also part of the truth. This truth also must be acted upon; for Christian humility not only allows me to admit that there is evil in me, but it also tells me that as a creature of God I should conform myself to His will and strive to eradicate and control the evil as far as this is possible. In summary, humility allows the Christian to evaluate properly both the good and evil in himself.


From the Priestly Newsletter Book III by Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. - 2000 - Issue 2

Suffering: A Source of Life (excerpt)

  • Dom Hubert Van Zeller observes: "Men and women who might be turning their afflictions over to God, who have only to unite themselves in spirit with Christ’s passion, are found so often to stop short, and even to make of their trial further matter for selfishness. Even if we do not rebel positively against God’s providential will, we can become so preoccupied with our troubles as to leave God out of account.

"Instead of making us compassionate for others we can squander compassion on ourselves. Suffering is meant to enlarge our hearts, not shrink them. With suffering goes the grace of patience, peace, fortitude, penitence and love. All this can be missed if we make the mistake of turning in upon ourselves as the result of our trials.

"To the Jews the cross was a stumbling block, and to the gentiles foolishness. What is it to us? Often it can be an emblem merely, the significance of the symbol forgotten. The cross is something in which we are, by reason of our Christian inheritance, inextricably involved. Do we yield to it or harden ourselves against it? The cross is not just two planks fitted together on a certain day in the history of the world, and of all the relics which we venerate the most sacred, but a fact of our human experience which may or may not be sacred according to what we do about it." 3

1. Dom Hubert Van Zeller, More Ideas for Prayer, Templegate, p. 112.


From the Priestly Newsletter Book III by Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. - 2000 - Issue 3

Prayer and Self Identity

Here are words which unite prayer and one’s quest to grow in an awareness of one’s self-identity. "Since the only real identity we have is our relationship with God in Christ — we are in God’s image mediated by Christ — we grow in achieving true self-identity through growth in the awareness that each of us is a unique reflection of God, that we live by His life —indeed, we participate in his life through grace...

"Prayer plays a profound role in achieving self-identity. In the loving quiet of prayer God reveals both Himself to us and us to ourselves. These aspects are intimately connected. As God communicates knowledge concerning Himself, He also gives insight into ourselves, we who are in His image. As prayer grows, this insight concerning God and ourselves deepens. We become more aware of what is involved in living by the life of God, in living according to the divine image, in living a Christ-like existence. All these expressions point to the same reality — that we are finite expressions of the infinite, and each of us uniquely so, and that growth in self-identity means an increased lived awareness of this sublime truth.

"When this awareness reaches a certain consistency, we have arrived at a change in consciousness. This stage of the spiritual journey is of the utmost importance. If one goes forward after this change in consciousness, one’s life will never again be the same. One has achieved a new way of comprehending the answer to the mystery of human existence.

"Before this change in consciousness occurs, even the committed Christian can ask at times, ‘Is this all there is to life?’ This question can nag at the human heart even as one enjoys significant accomplishments, experiences the joy-dimension of the human condition, and feels a sense of love and security emanating from personal relationships.

" ‘Is this all there is to life?’ For the Christian, this question and the manner in which he or she confronts it, is of critical importance. It is not as though the Christian who faces this existential challenge has not previously possessed the key to life’s mystery. The vision of faith has already provided this key. The vision of faith, however, operates on different levels. The more spiritually mature person, the one further advanced in prayer, has a better grasp on how to live the mystery of life than does one less spiritually advanced...

"Confronting properly, then, the haunting question ‘Is this all there is to life?’, will lead to this deeper Christian existence which will manifest that, yes, indeed, there is more to life than one had previously known. If one follows the lead of grace, if one grows in the life of prayer and consistently lives on the level where the Christ-like self is dynamically operative, one will never again be haunted by the feeling that life is not yielding a sufficient sense of fulfillment." 15

15. Edward Carter, S.J., The Mysticism of Everyday, Sheed & Ward, pp. 44-46.


                R. Live according to God's will —

                They will be done on earth as it is in heaven —


Isaiah 22: 19-23

I shall hound you from your office,
I shall snatch you from your post and,
when that day comes,
I shall summon my servant
Eliakim son of Hilkiah.
I shall dress him in your tunic,
I shall put your sash round his waist,
I shall invest him with your authority;
and he will be a father
to the inhabitants of Jerusalem
and to the House of Judah.
I shall place the key of David's palace
    on his shoulder;
when he opens, no one will close,
when he closes, no one will open.
I shall drive him like a nail
    into a firm place;
and he will become a throne of glory
    for his family.


                R. The Eucharist is so powerful —

                The gift we have in healing us from our slavery
                    to sin, but there must be that emptying and willingness
                    to be changed and grow spiritually —


Matthew 12: 15 

  Jesus knew this and withdrew from the district. Many followed him and he cured them all


John 6: 48-58

I am the bread of life.
Your fathers ate manna in the desert
and they are dead;
but this is the bread
   which comes down from heaven,
so that a person may eat it and not die.
I am the living bread
   which has come down from heaven.
Anyone who eats this bread
   will live for ever;
and the bread that I shall give
is my flesh, for the life of the world.'

    Then the Jews started arguing among themselves, 'How can this man give us his flesh to eat?' Jesus replied to them:

In all truth I tell you,
if you do not eat
   the flesh of the Son of man
and drink his blood,
you have no life in you.
Anyone who does eat my flesh
   and drink my blood
has eternal life,
and I shall raise that person up
   on the last day.
For my flesh is real food
and my blood is real drink.
Whoever eats my flesh
   and drinks my blood
lives in me
and I live in that person.
As the living Father sent me
and I draw life from the Father,
so whoever eats me
   will also draw life from me.
This is the bread
   which has come down from heaven;
it is not like the bread our ancestors ate:
they are dead,
but anyone who eats this bread
   will live for ever.


                R. In receiving Jesus this is such a gift — a healing power,
                    but we must be open admitting we need to be touched
                    by Jesus, healed by Jesus


                        Excerpt from Blue Book I

Cling to Me - May 13, 1993 

Jesus: My dear child, if you stay close to Me, then I live in you and you live in Me. I am He Who created you and I love you with such an intensity that you will never know. My words are your truth. You must abide in My heart in all things. There is no room for doubt. My ways are steadfast, direct, and without error.

end of excerpt


                R. Jesus wants us to dwell in Him and us to ask Jesus to
                    dwell in us —

                Eucharistic community prayer is such a
                    powerful prayer —
                    unity of all of us at Mass— praying for healing
                        in one mind and one heart —
                    praying for healing —
                    we must be open —
                    Doing God's will —
                    We are asking to be healed —
                    Tell God we need Your grace —
                    The healingness of sin is more important than
                        physical healing —

                    We have to ask God to make us pure —
                    We repent of sin —
                    We look at our unforgiveness
                    We get rid of pent up anger, bitterness,
                        pride, jealousy —
                    Obedience to what God wants


Thessalonians 5: 23

May the God of peace make you perfect and holy; and may your spirit, life and body be kept blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


                R. We seek healing in body, mind and spirit —

                We don't ask for physical healing while we
                    are lying, full of anger — we seek
                    healing of our evil ways, vices

                We need to be reconciled to God —

                Repentance —
                Forgiveness —

                We need right relationship with God —
                    Not lie to ourselves about our sins —
                    Living to prove we are above and right and
                        lie to prove we are never wrong —

                Fr. Carter said — That God intends us to walk

                We come from parents, grandparents —

                Scripture tells us about sins of
                    parents —

                God tells us to honor our parents — even
                    when old, but to recognize
                    that they had faults they taught
                    us — so we can break chains
                    passed onto us — hurting our

                Dear Holy Spirit we love You —
                Dear Holy Spirit we pray to You —

                Dear God we worship and thank You for
                    Your gifts —

                God we see all You have given us
                    in calling us to You —

                Dear God help us to be pure in heart —
                Help us to be virtuous in our living —
                Help us to be healed from our sins —
                Dear God — You share with us Your
                    Divine Life —
                    Oh God heal us — heal those we
                        came from

                Oh Father, Son and Holy Spirit come and
                    dwell deeply in us

                Oh Father, Son and Holy Spirit we love You —
                    come and possess my soul —


Excerpt form Prayer for Union with Jesus

Come to me, Lord, and possess my soul. Come into my heart and permeate my soul. Help me to sit in silence with You and let You work in my heart.


                R. Oh God we open our hearts to You
                Oh God help us — give us Your grace —
                Oh God help us to surrender to You

Excerpt form Prayer for Union with Jesus

I am Yours to possess. I am Yours to use. I want to be selfless and only exist in You. Help me to spoon out all that is me and be an empty vessel ready to be filled by You. Help me to die to myself and live only for You. Use me as You will. Let me never draw my attention back to myself. I only want to operate as You do, dwelling in me.


                R. Oh God we want to repent of our unloving,
                    jealous, selfish ways —

                Help us to see that those that went
                    before us taught us some bad
                    habits and help us to break that
                    bondage to evil vices, we pray
                    for our parents, grandparents,
                    emotional problems, inferiority,
                    help us not to project our
                    problems from the past on
                    people now in our lives

                God give us spiritual directors to
                    help discern the moving of
                    the spirit in our lives —

                We are to discern the spirits and see if
                    the Holy Spirit is leading us or
                    the evil spirit — the devil —

                The devil can work in those unhealed
                    hurts where one idolized a
                    parent and tries to project rejection
                    and abandonment on a person
                    loving them today and helping them —

                Spiritual directors are not mothers
                    that we obey or mothers we
                    try to project our hatred from hatred
                    we have from our real mother on —

                Co-dependents try to have relationships
                    mimicking old unhealed relationships
                    and then they can try to apply
                    force to force an innocent other
                    into their unhealed relationships
                    like a fill-in to carry on
                    old unhealed relationships
                    to try to work them out —

               Reality is reality

                Not Cinderella fantasies
                    of old wounds
                    resolved by new partners
                    and new addresses —
                    and distortions to the truth about the pain —

                People are to be mature in
                    dealing with individuals —
                    Deal with it in truth — ask for
                    healing of God and be witnesses
                    of happiness and love
                    living the vocation God
                    called them to.

                They are not to work out old problems on
                    innocent others in a
                    roller-coaster fashion

                If the pain comes up — we recognize
                    it and deal with it in
                    reality — not project it on others —
                    not start pinning our pain
                    on an innocent person
                    we now live with —
                putting their name on our old wounds and
                then provoking and forcing through
                measures to make them
                work through our sicknesses
                and unfinished business —

                At work —
                In relationships —

                    We live in reality —

                The past needs to be
                    healed —

                Not tried to resolve on
                    somebody else through
                    constant surprises
                    of a roller-coaster
                    life — up and down depending
                        on our emotions —

                Emotional healing
                    of the past

                Not the abuse cycle of
                    those in our
                    present life which
                    doesn't help — it can add
                    sin and misery to our lives

                Co-dependents who were victims — can
                    see themselves as victims and
                    look for another in their present
                    life to provoke, coerce to
                    work out their victimhood on —

                This is unfinished - unhealed wounds —
                    they can forget those who wounded
                    them in stuffing it and keep
                    reacting to the pain inside —

                Unhealed victims can go to places looking
                    for one other to accuse why they are
                    dark and miserable inside — then they can
                    use some force to try to set up a
                    dependency to act - out old unhealed wounds
                    on an innocent other, PROJECTION

                    "hungry dogs in the basement"

                    "the elephant in the living room"

                    the abuse cycle 

                R. Virtues 


Ecclesiasticus 19: 1

A drunken workman will never grow rich, and one who makes light of small matters will gradually sink.


                R. Venial sin is:
                    1) An offense against God
                    2) It lessens love of God in our soul —
                    3) It weakens the will —
                        It makes it easier to sin mortally —

                God did not allow Moses to lead the
                    people into the Promised Land
                    because of his sin —

                God punishes sin — we are to repent
                    and ask for mercy — God forgives
                    a man with a contrite heart

                If we want to be holy we avoid small
                    sins —

                The most humble man doesn't tell
                    little white lies —
                    he never slanders his brother
                    with lies —

                How can I give much love to God —

                We are not to give into sinful thoughts —

                We can keep repeating bad acts — these
                    are vices

                7 deadly sins
                        pride, greed, envy, wrath, lust, gluttony, and sloth

                Vanity — jealousy, curiosity against God's will —
                Scandal — immodesty

                St. Thomas defines anger
                    He says a disordered desire
                        of vengeance —

                    fighting, passive aggressive —
                        hatred, arguing

                    desires of the flesh —
                        vanity - against chastity —
                        not modest - not pure —

                    lust — inordinate desire
                        to indulge in pleasure
                        and the flesh —
                        this can ruin health —

                    humility — give all credit to God —

                    pride - excessive love of self —
                    pride is at the base of all sins —


Ecclesiasticus 10: 15

The Lord has plucked up the proud by the roots, and planted the lowly in their place.


                    R. We prefer our desires to
                        God's will —


Matthew 22: 36-40

'Master, which is the greatest commandment of the Law?' Jesus said to him, 'You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second resembles it: You must love your neighbour as yourself. On these two commandments hang the whole Law, and the Prophets too.'



1 Peter 4: 13

but in so far as you share in the sufferings of Christ, be glad, so that you may enjoy a much greater gladness when his glory is revealed.


                R. Sin is horrible

                Look at how Christ suffered —

                It is because of our sins Christ
                    suffered and died —

                We can obey God's will or
                    rebel against God's will —

                To rebel against God's will and then
                    lie about our sin is a real tragedy —
                    that one may think they can get
                    away with this offense against
                    God who is so good to us —

                God is so good and He calls us to love —
                    Pope John Paul II says how awful it
                    is to be a rival to God's will —

                We know how we feel being rejected
                    by our family - those we love —

                What about the constant rejection
                    we give to our good God when
                    we sin and act like our real
                    union with Him is of little
                    account over our hurt feelings
                    from men, our self-pity and

                What offensiveness it is to God to go to
                    the Eucharist and receive Him
                    when we are mad —

                Jesus: I suffered and endured
                    the sufferings for you My
                    precious one and some give no
                    account to how they reject
                    My love, how their self-pity
                    is their god —

                I lavishly outpour My love and My
                    gifts and your goal is in
                    getting recognition and affections
                    from men —

                How My religious offend Me,
                    acting like I am not real and
                    My love given in such
                abundance and you are angry
                for how you were treated
                years and years ago —

                Forgive your ancestors and pray
                    for them —

                Give the love I want you to give
                    in your life today —

                You are to be alive —

                Ask to be forgiven for your
                    unloving ways to Me and
                    others — when so much
                    has been given to you
                    and some provoke and hurt
                    others in anger —
                    to seek power
                    for pride —

                Some disobey and think little
                    of their sins or nothing
                    at all — sinning in
                    your present family,
                    community and sinning
                    against a loving God —

                What about how you withheld
                    love from Me because of
                    your vices, jealousies,
                    gluttony, lust, slothfulness,

                but you have plenty of energy
                    to attack others with
                    unloving, angry sins —

                I long to receive your love —
                I wrote the book of love —

                Repent and
                Make reparation for your sins —

                Pray for grace to grow in
                    the image of God

                How you offend Me
                    when you sin — repeatedly
                    sin — how you further
                    offend Me when you lie
                    about it

                I am love

                Make amends and
                    Sin no more




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Messages from Jesus and Mary Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimi Potest  
$ 10.00  plus postage

Tell My People. Messages from Jesus and Mary (As given to Fr. Edward Carter, S.J.) — One of Fr. Edward Carter, S.J.'s Synopsis of the Spiritual Life — From Jesus to Fr. Carter "On Holy Saturday, 1994, Jesus told me that on the following day, Easter, I would also begin to receive messages for others. Our Lord also told me that some of these were eventually to be published in a book—and here is that book." $10

Spirituality Handbook
Shepherds of Christ Associates Spirituality Handbook - A Way of Spiritual Life
Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimi Potest

$ 3.00  plus postage

Spirituality Handbook. Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. did 3 synopsis of the spiritual life. The Spirituality Handbook, the Priestly Newsletter 20he Tell My People book. The way of spiritual life proposed to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates is centered in consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. All aspects of the spiritual life discussed below should be viewed as means to help members develop their lives in consecration to Christ, the Sacred Heart, and to Mary, the Immaculate Heart. $3

The Spirituality of Fatima
Fatima: The Setting, The Message, The Spirituality of Consecration
$ 5.00  plus postage

The Spirituality of Fatima by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J. The Fatima apparitions and messages received official Church approval in 1930. In giving her official approval to the Fatima event, the Church tells us that what took place at Fatima involving the three young visionaries is worthy of our belief. $5

  Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual
  Shepherds of Christ Associates Prayers
  Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.

  $ .50
 plus postage

Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual. The Shepherds of Christ has prayer chapters all over the world praying for the priests, the Church and the world. These prayers that Father Carter compiled in the summer of 1994 began this worldwide network of prayer. Currently the prayers are in eight languages with the Church’s Imprimatur. We have prayed daily for the priests, the Church, and the world since 1994. Associates are called to join prayer Chapters and help us circulate the newsletter centered on spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart and helping to renew the Church through greater holiness. Please form a Prayer Chapter & order a Prayer Manual.



Shepherds of Christ 6:20 Prayers CD
Holy Spirit Novena, Associates Prayer Manual and the Rosary Led by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00  plus postage
Priestly Newsletter 2000 Issue 1
Audio CD - Read by Father Edward J. Carter
$ 10.00  plus postage

Priestly Newsletter - 2000 #1 - CD. - Christ is Our Strength - Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. read it the year he died. It is so beautiful. "This brief passage contains one of the greatest lessons of the spiritual life. As we progress along our spiritual journey, we become increasingly aware of how weak we are in our-selves, but how strong we are in Christ. To experience our weakness involves suffering. The degree and kind of suffering can vary. The suffering can include the experience of the classical dark night of the spirit as described by St. John of the Cross. One of the main purposes of the dark night is to make a person keenly aware of his or her helplessness without God." quote by Fr. Carter from the newsletter $10

Priestly Newsletter 2000 Issue 2
Audio CD - Read by Father Edward J. Carter
$ 10.00
 plus postage

Priestly Newsletter - 2000 #2 - CD. - Suffering: A Source of Life - Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. read it the year he died. Fr. Carter knew suffering that year. His voice is so powerful as he read each Newsletter from his heart and soul. "Every man has his own share in the redemption. Each one is also called to share in that suffering through which the redemption was accomplished. He is called to share in that suffering through which all human suffering has also been redeemed. In bringing about the redemption through suffering, Christ has also raised human suffering to the level of the redemption. Thus each man in his suffering can also become a sharer in the redemptive suffering of Christ..." quote by Fr. Carter from the newsletter $10

Light, Happiness, & Peace
Journeying Through Traditional Catholic Spirituality Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00 plus postage

This book Light, Happiness and Peace is a journey into the spiritual life — an awakening of deeper life IN HIM. Here are some of the comments we received from bishops and cardinals about the book. Cardinal – Pontifical Council for Culture – Vatican City “I am sure that this book, Light, Happiness and Peace through a discussion on traditional Catholic Spirituality will contribute in bringing back prayer into the mainstream of life.” $10

In Imitation of Two Hearts
Prayers for Consolation, Renewal and Peace in Times of Suffering Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

In Imitation of Two Hearts - Prayers for Consolation, Renewal and Peace in Times of Suffering Fr. John J. Pasquini leads a suffering soul to the gentle Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In these most loving Hearts - the prayers by Fr. John Pasquini - help the person suffering to know more deeply the pascal mystery of death/resurrection. President of the Pontifical Council for Health $10

Authenticity - Prayers and Meditations Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

Authenticity, the Yellow Book of prayers by Fr. John Pasquini, can lead the soul into deeper intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, can lead to greater love of Mary which leads to the unitive life and greater holiness. The book of prayers Authenticity by Fr. John J. Pasquini is to help one grow ever deeper in the Unitive life. Apostolic Nuncio – Archbishop – Philippines “With Authenticity, much is gained in prayer, and much is accomplished through prayer. More especially if prayer is directed in behalf of the Church.” $10

Medicine of Immortality
Prayers and Meditations for Mass and Eucharistic Adoration Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

“In Medicine of Immortality, Father John Pasquini offers his readers the richness of Catholic devotional prayer, the wisdom of the Fathers and, most of all, the fruits of his own prayer and meditation before the Blessed Sacrament. I recommend this book to all who wish to grow in their love for the Lord, who sustains the life of His Church through the precious gift of His Body and Blood.” Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago $10

Ecce Fides
Pillar of Truth - Dedicated to defending Catholic beliefs through reason, Scripture, and the life of the Holy Spirit Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

Ecce Fides is a work dedicated to defending Catholic beliefs through reason, Scripture, and the life of the Holy Spirit. "It is important that we (as people of God) return to the source of life, our faith, which is usefully exposed in this volume, and take it out to our contemporaries, evangelizing them and their cultures and inculturating the Gospel." Cardinal – Pontifical Council for Culture – Vatican City $10

Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters
Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini

$ 35.00  plus postage

Shepherds of Christ, a book of Spirituality Newsletters, is a compilation of the first nine newsletters from Fr. John J. Pasquini begining in August 2006. The Newsletter has been circulated to the priests and hierarchy spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, promoting love for the Eucharist, greater love for the Church, the Priesthood, Mary and the Holy Spirit, the Mass, Prayer, and greater intimate relationship with God. $35

Authenticity Ocean DVD
The Authenticity Prayer Book is read with the Ocean as a backdrop.
$ 10.00  plus postage

DVD - Prayers from the Authenticity Book read by Rita Ring on the ocean — it is beautiful. 410

Nursing Home Mass DVD
A special mass by Fr. John J. Pasquini for those in nursing homes or homebound.
$ 10.00  plus postage

DVD - A beautiful Mass was done by Fr. John J. Pasquini for Nursing homes and assisted living. It was done at St. Joseph's magnificent chapel — St. Joseph's assisted living in Jupiter, Florida. It last about 33 minutes. We call it the golden Nursing Home Mass from St. Joseph's. $10

Consolation DVD
Give this DVD as a sympathy present.
$ 10.00  plus postage

Consolation by Fr. John J. Pasquini — upon the passing of a loved one. Fr. Pasquini has done a beautiful gift of his most wonderful homily given when someone dear has died. It can be given as a tremendous gift. $10

Divine Mercy Chaplet CD
Give this DVD as a gift.
$ 10.00  plus postage

Divine Mercy Chaplet CD. Prayed by Fr. John J. Pasquini $10

Special 27" Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass
27" Statue with crown
$ 450.00 plus shipping
Special 18" Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass  
$ 250.00 plus shipping
Special 15" Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass
White gown with gold trim around mantel
$ 200.00 plus shipping
Special 12" Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass
White gown with gold trim around mantel
$ 165.00 plus shipping
Special 18" Our Lady of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass  
Blue and Pink gown with a rosary over her hand.
$ 250.00 plus shipping
Special 11" Our Lady of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass
Blue and Pink gown.
$ 150.00 plus shipping
Crucifix by Felix - Hand Carved
Crucifix with incredible detail!
$ 750.00 plus shipping
Imitation of Two Hearts
Giclee Art Print on Canvas
$ 150.00 plus shipping
Lucia's Vision
Giclee Art Print on Canvas by Harold Kellner
$ 150.00 plus shipping
  Mary's Image
  12 x 16
  Giclee Art Print on Canvas
of Mary's image with a sliver of glass and a little bottle of Jesus and Mary water. The glass will be fixed behind the back of the picture.
  $ 200.00
plus shipping



Blue Crystal Rosary
  Rosary with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
  6mm - $ 30.00 plus shipping
8mm - $ 40.00 plus shipping


  Red Crystal Rosary
  Rosary with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
  6mm - $ 30.00 plus shipping
  8mm - $ 40.00
plus shipping


  Clear Crystal Rosary
  Rosary with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
  6mm - $ 30.00 plus shipping
  8mm - $ 40.00
plus shipping




  Mug with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
  $ 15.00
plus shipping




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w/glass - 28

w/glass - 24

OL-Mt. Carmel
w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

Sorrow M
w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

w/glass - 18

OL-Mt. Carmel
w/glass - 18

I Heart
w/glass - 18

I Heart - Ivory
w/glass - 18

w/glass - 18

w/glass - 18

w/glass - 12
w/glass - 27
w/glass - 18
w/glass - 15
w/glass - 18
w/glass - 12
w/glass - 11

St. Padre Pio

St. Joseph

St. Therese

St. Francis

St. Anthony

St. Claire


St. Jude

Divine Mercy

Holy Family


St. Philomena

Pieta - Marble

Pieta - Color

Holy Family 12

St. Anthony - 18

St. Francis - 18

St. Joseph - 18

St. Therese - 18

St. Rita - 18

St. Clare - 12

St. Rita - 12

St. Padre Pio - 12

Divine Mercy - 12

St. Michael - 11

Limpias - 8


Shepherds of Christ Ministries
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China, IN  47250


Toll free - 1-888-211-3041
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 Holy Family








 St. Anthony




 St. Claire




 St. Francis




 St. Joseph




 St. Jude




 St. Padre Pio




 St. Therese



 Divine Mercy




 St. Philomena


 St. Philomena


 St. Joseph


 St. Francis


 St. Anthony


 St. Rita


 St. Therese


 Pieta - Color 15" $125  
 Pieta - Marble 15" $125  
 Holy Family


 St. Padre Pio - standing


 St. Padre Pio - sitting


 St. Michael


 St. Rita



 Divine Mercy


 St. Claire


 Pieta - Color 8" $75  
 Pieta - Marble 8" $75  


 Our Lady of Guadalupe w/glass


 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel w/glass



 Immaculate Heart of Mary w/glass



 Immaculate Heart - Ivory w/glass



 Infant of Prague w/glass



 Our Lady of Grace w/glass



 Our Lady of Lourdes w/glass  


 Sacred Heart of Jesus w/glass


 Sacred Heart -Blessing w/glass



 Sorrowful Mother w/glass


 Immaculate Heart of Mary w/glass


 Immaculate Heart - Ivory w/glass


 Sacred Heart of Jesus w/glass


 Our Lady of Lourdes w/glass  


 Our Lady of Grace w/glass



 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel w/glass

18" $300  
 Our Lady of Guadalupe w/glass



 Fatima w/glass



 Fatima w/glass


 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass


 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass 15" $200  
 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass 18" $250  
 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass



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