Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

August 5, 1998

Would You Stop Now When the Victory in Florida is Just Beginning?

Messenger: I saw my Mother, she held my hand and I saw myself the little child. I knew the presence of the Father and what did she say to me.

Mary speaks: My little child,

Do not be afraid. Are your knees skinned and your new dress torn? Are you afraid because the world is not like you? My child, the whole world will be as little children of the Mother.

I have given messages to you on the 5th of the months for 48 months + 1. Why my child do you think today would be any different? Do you think they will listen now to me?

My child, it is your persistence in the time of disbelief and persecution that has brought you to this place.

My Son went to the hill of Calvary with the cross on His back and then the glory. My child if you walk in the bloody footprints of Jesus you carry a cross on your back all the way, but you must learn to know the joy in the suffering.

I came to you because I knew you would not give up. I am the Mother of all. I am treated with such disrespect and many never give a thought to the Virgin Mary. Would you stop now when the victory in Florida is just beginning?

I give you my little children this message.

My Son Jesus walked your earth, He was rejected, He was spit on and turned back when He wished to teach them, they cast their lots on foolish whims that meant nothing for their souls.

Is the time so different today, my child, are they listening to me and to you?

The Father has given a great gift to the earth in my appearance in Florida.

If people listen to you they will prosper, they will receive the gift.

If people do not listen, they will not receive the gift.

My child you are not alone, my child, my child, do not fear for I will walk with you hand in hand. See the vision of yesterday, see me my child holding your hand and the Father with you.

Now are you afraid, when God walks with you on your way? I am your Mother, I carry you when you are weary. You deliver the messages my Son wishes to give. Many want only their own will, they will suffer if they ignore my Son anymore.

Today is a great victory for your Movement. Your visit to my site in Florida is important to the peace of the world. It is important to God. Focus on me and Jesus and the mysteries of the rosary. Sing the Rosary Song and pray the Commandments. The Commandments are gifts God gives to men that they will live in peace and harmony. Pray for your world to observe them.

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August 6, 1998

It Is a Throne You Mount Here and It May Be a Chair of Suffering

Jesus speaks: These profound doctrines, insights into the Hearts of Jesus and Mary I account for you this day.

Sing: "From the Day You Were Born."

Jesus speaks: From the day you were born I counseled you, I guarded you. My eyes were ever upon you my little chosen one. For you thought when you were born, you would wear a golden crown as you marched victorious into the dark night but instead you wore a crown of jewels, jewels that bedecked the crown I gave you and they were from the sufferings as they poked into your head as they poked into My head and made you bleed.

From the other throne was that of the evil one who promised you the kingdoms of the earth and a crown of glory. The price for his kingdom was your little soul, for he wanted it from the beginning, and thus you struggled, the tainted children of Eve, with the sin in the world.

And you hopped between shades of dark and light your whole life long, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and you didn't understand that it was in those sad times My Mother was by your side and I was teaching you My most profound insights into deep mysteries of your God.

"Why," you said "did it have to be so hard?" The world paraded its wares of glory before your eyes and you wanted that and not the suffering, but after each dark and glorious night came the morning light of a new day and the lesson learned, a light from the heart of the Woman who through the workings of the Holy Spirit gave you insight deeper and deeper into the treasures of My Heart.

And thus you see a dead Man hanging on the cross and a Woman bawling beneath the wooden stubble and she wails aloud and the crowd, some somber, some numb, watch, for the glory of that moment was not the glory of the evil men of the world, it was the glory to come of the risen Lord.

And so we see the shades of darkness and the shades of light. You see the sun rise and the sun set. You see clouds as they go silently by in the sky, some black and filled with tears, some soft white, and puffy as the sweetest pillow in which you lay your head.

And the saga goes on, is it not but another day for you to walk with Me to that hill of Calvary where finally I mounted the cross and gave My all?

And I cried in the garden, and My anguish so great I sweat the saving Blood, but I place you in My garden here in the bowels of the earth, your garden now being under our Lady's Image in Florida and oh you thought from My Mother's knee, you would be taught by a little golden book of riddles and little happy children and what happened she taught you in fact how it really was. It wasn't a story of little candy canes that marched through candy land, it was a story of blood, sweat and tears, some good, some anguishing suffering that led you to the hill of Calvary and then you too had to choose between his throne or Mine.

His was a chair marked SELFISH.

My chair marked with the word SELFLESS.

It is from My site here in Florida, I wish to save you My little children. Many tears already have been shed beneath My cross, but to watch one shed tears is not the same as the one who actually sheds them.

Your world is on a fine line and I watch you cry for your children beneath My cross and I watch My Mother cry from beneath My cross on Calvary. She cried for all, the good and the bad. She cried the tears of victory for the ones who mounted the selfless chair and she cried the tears of sorrow for the ones who mounted the selfish chair. Her eyes were red as red could be, her nose dripped as yours when you cry, she sobbed aloud, her Heart so many faceted as the most precious stone hewn in My Heart, living in the greatest perfection.

My children, and did you think that if you followed Me it would be so hard? Someone must pay for the deeds of the evil men, someone must carry a cross when so many carry sin on their backs.

I call you My holy ones to help Me. Meditate on the lives of Myself and My Mother I give to you here in the holy rosary, and the Holy Spirit will enlighten you with great insights into the mysteries of the kingdom.

For it is a throne you mount here and it may be a chair of suffering, but those who go to the easy chair suffer far worse in their hearts, for they know a life of hell on earth and they cannot sleep in the dark cold night, for they have to nurse their heart as a cold hard rock that lays as a heavy rock in their chest and the morning light with its noisy clamor comes soon to them and robs the little light that might still exist in a blustery new day.

They do not see the world and the glory of the tender bugs and trees I created to give the hearts joy, they see the clamoring coins of money signs shining through their mud-filled eyes and they seek a pleasure-by-minute existence, always waiting for the next hour which brings a hollow bag of joy.

But from My Mother's knee beneath the cross I teach you insights into the mysteries of the kingdom.

Nothing is certain in this world, but God Himself. He is the rock that comes from the belly of the earth on the 3rd day. He wears not a crown of vain glory, He wears a gown adorned in the most glistening light and the little blood-tainted wraps He once knew are but a passing thing for that which remains is the glistening glory.

But you my little ones must carry your blood stained wraps around you until that final day when God asks, will you give your all to Me in loving surrender, and you mount the cross and you die the final time that you too can be planted in the tomb, hewn from a rock and rise victorious forever and ever.

Come to My Mass with Me and give the greatest offering. United in the Heart of the Woman, you offer a most holy sacrifice, you mount the cross and what comes forth from the altar of sacrifice is a greater sharing in My life.

Did you think I came, a little baby in such poverty, to teach you that you would wear a golden spoon in your mouth?

I came to teach you My way. I came forth from the garden a bloody mess from the anguishing pain in My Heart, but the Son of God eagerly paid the price for the sins of the souls He loved. To My death, My Heart burned for you My chosen one, for I called you by name and mounted My cross with My Heart of love to shed the saving Blood for you.

And she heard you as you wailed aloud bringing forth the fruit under her window here in Florida and God gave you the greatest graces when you came to pray here for your priests and the Church and the world, but none dare know how hot were the fires of hell and how dear was the fire from the Heart of Jesus.

So I give you this lesson from beneath the apron of the Mother. Do you want fire that lasts forever in the pit of hell or do you want the fire that lasts forever burning from My precious Heart? It is the Heart to be treasured and loved.

The cold hearts of the earth lament the fires that envelope them forever and ever.

For when He warned them and He sent the Lady Clothed with the Sun as a messenger, many children chose the molten calf.

All they saw was vain glory, the movies of the earth, the empty pleasures.

Mary speaks: Come to me my little children and hear my wailing cries, I stood beneath the cross of my Son and cried.

Some were lost, some were saved. Will you wail aloud for me to my children? Please, I implore you follow the messages We give here and help Us, please help me my little ones reach them.

I want to help to save all their little souls, but they smite me. By praying the prayers given from the Good Shepherd, you implore your God for help and you make great reparation to Our Hearts when you pray the Litanies.

I love you to implore me in all my titles and the Father sees the little ones honoring their Mother and is greatly pleased. He sees your love of the Sacred Heart in the Litany and your devotion in reviewing His promises and He gives you great gifts.

He is a Father my children, I am a Mother.

Fathers and mothers are pleased with good children that come humbly and are filled with honor and love.

God is love, is it not fitting you approach the altar with the deepest love in your heart to praise, worship and honor Him? You are the children of Eve, you come to me and offer a holy sacrifice to the Father in the Holy Spirit.

I stood beneath the cross of my Son and I cried for the little ones who would be lost and saved. Will you help me by being (prime) intercessors of His love? By prime I mean all through the day you are united to the Holy Sacrifice made present in the Mass.

I wish a picture of Lucia's vision be placed at the site in Florida, dated 1929, further I wish a picture of the three children of Fatima with a sign, "ask Jacinta to intercede for the favors needed from this garden in Florida, it is in prayer that you will bring forth great fruit."

I stood beneath the cross of my Son and I cried, tears of sorrow, tears of joy, see the souls parading into the pit of hell, like rain they fall and then they cry aloud, "if only I would have not pursued such idle pursuits. Had I but listened when they warned me."

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August 7, 1998

The Body Needs Sleep and Nutrition - Always Pray on Arisiing and Retiring

Mary speaks: Now children I come in the night many times to rouse you and to have you for myself.

You are busy in the day and I cannot tell you as a Mother what you need to know, so I wake you to tell you the secrets of my motherly Heart that your lives will go better my children.

As a Mother, I recommend my children eat properly and get the proper rest. When I ask you to make sacrifices in fasting, I do not wish you to go to extremes. You must do all things in moderation. The body needs sleep and nutrition. The devil sometimes tells you to go to extremes and then you and all around you suffer days later.

I ask for proper time with your children. You must teach them to pray and that God is part of their life at every moment. A little child should be taught about Jesus and Mary and their heavenly Father from the very beginning. They should be told of the great love Father, Son and Holy Spirit have for them. They should be told of their guardian angels and told to pray to them for protection.

The children need to learn to pray to God, to address Him. They do not pray for show. Many in church today pray to the air, they utter words and do not address God as a Person. God is listening to your heartfelt prayer.

It is in the early morning hours upon arising you must pray and teach your children to pray. It is in the early hours when you first awake the devil works to try to ruin your whole day.

Prayer is necessary before you begin engaging in conversation and problems. It is necessary when arising to turn your thoughts to God, to give Him your whole day and to ask for His help.

Early to bed, early to rise, my children, I ask, as your Mother, that you take the proper care of yourself and your needs for proper nourishment and rest.

God the Father wishes you to do His will. It is not His will when you fast inappropriately, it is not His will when you keep late hours and make everyone suffer the next day.

It is His will that you have bodies, your body must be properly cared for. Do not neglect your physical needs.

It is in proper balance that you will have peace and joy. Always pray on arising and retiring. Always keep a connectedness in your hearts to God. Remember the devil attacks the mind, many times in the morning upon rising and in the dark hours of the evening when you are tired. The devil attacks many times before prayer and family gatherings to divide you. Be leery of his tactics to divide you and break up relationships.

I need you my little children to be well cared for. You please me as your heavenly Mother when you live by your Father's will. It is His will you are good little children, loving God and loving one another. I am Mary your Mother. Today is first Friday, it would please your God if you honor His Sacred Heart in a special way today. He loves you so much.

I am your Mother Mary. I love you, love you to come at 6:30 PM and pray with me here. You have appeased your God with your prayers. I ask you every day to pray this:

"Oh Almighty God, my heavenly Father, I am a child of Eve, I pray with my Mother here and my brothers and sisters gathered here in the name of Jesus through her powerful intercession in the Holy Spirit united to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that You, Father, will have mercy on me and the whole world, that You will forgive our sins and that through the recitation of these prayers of the Good Shepherd and the rosary recited by Shepherds of Christ members gathered here and across the world that You will not chastise the earth, but will grant great grace to join us into one fold in peace and harmony and love. We love You and thank You for all You have given us. Amen."

I further ask that you make public to the world - I wish all my children to gather at 6:30 p.m. every day if possible and recite the Shepherds of Christ prayers and the rosary for the peace of the world. I ask all to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin in the Holy Spirit, for peace, harmony and love in their hearts, to pray for the priests and the renewal of the Church and the world, imploring God for mercy and forgiveness of sins, imploring God that He grant great grace and not to chastise the earth for their sins. My children you must come to your heavenly Father and beg Him for mercy and forgiveness and grace. I ask you to join as His children by candlelight at 6:30 all over the world. I am Mary your Mother, I teach you how to please your Father.

Circulate this message.

I love you so much,


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August 8, 1998


Mary speaks: My children,

I beg you from beneath the cross of my Son, I beg you my children to see the souls going into the fires of hell.

I beg you my children to pray for grace, my children to pray for your priests. Within their hands and their hearts they hold the power to change the hearts of this earth as they offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass from pure hearts united to my Immaculate Heart. But they will not listen to me and they will not listen to my Son Jesus. It is in their purity and their pure intention of offering a most Holy Sacrifice that the greatest grace flows into the hearts of men.

You must pray the prayers my Son gives you and help to circulate the priestly newsletter by any means possible.

My Heart is so extremely sorrowful for your Church and your world. I cannot express this emotion in this message.

Look at my Heart pierced with a sword, this more accurately describes my Heart. I love you so my little children, please help me.

Please do the rosary of May 11, 1996 in the Apostles Manual.

Tell them this rosary was given on the Feast of Mary Queen of Apostles, this rosary was given approximately 7 months before my appearance here on the building in Florida.

Please help me, the time is nigh for your earth, and the anger of my Son burns above the highest buildings.

Genesis 1:1-5

In the beginning God created heaven and earth. Now the earth was a formless void, there was darkness over the deep with a divine wind sweeping over the waters. God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light. God saw that light was good, and God divided light from darkness. God called light 'day', and darknes he called 'night'. Evening came and morning came: the first day.

Mary speaks: The miracle, my children, is that the sun comes every day and they do not see it as a miracle. They see it as a happening. And they think that it will continue and they will have lights and darkness as they command. But God commands the light and the darkness and they have ignored Him. He operates in the elements. For when man has blocked off His word, He will get their attention through the elements and great suffering. I beg you to tell your world about Florida. The Father is greatly displeased at the response there.…Because the world ignored the Fatima message, there was World War II. I appear on the building in Florida. This is to bring about the completion of the Fatima mission through the Shepherds of Christ Movement. The Father will not be pleased if the earth ignores me, their Mother. My shepherds, how greatly I love you and thank you for all of your fervor and your prayers. I have this message for you: I see you there and I see you struggle with the evil one.


Jesus speaks: Lack of forgiveness make the hearts hard. Do you want hard hearts or soft and supple hearts? Hearts that are open to My love are hearts that harbor not resentment toward wicked men. You must forgive, for you cripple your own spiritual life if you do not.

Like little trophies you plant your wounds on a shelf and they are stored there. At the proper hour someone makes a remark that offends you and the old wound opens wide.

You MUST pray for the grace to forgive. This is where the devil is crippling you.

Your whole focus is on souls and praying for the redemption of souls.

If I allowed you to continue, your lack of forgiveness would eat you alive.

You are always merging toward oneness as one body.

So your children have offended you, they make you bleed, your children are the children of Mary, to not forgive will cripple your spiritual life.

Do you love souls?

Do you want the Reign of the Sacred Heart and the Triumph of Mary's Heart?

Then it is in forgiveness you will help to achieve this.

Healing cannot take place without forgiveness.

The focus is not the self it is God.

If you must hide what is inside the heart, it must be gotten rid of, otherwise the moment will come when you least expect and whap - it is exposed, hatred, envy, unforqiven sins, whatever lurks beneath the surface of the heart.

What did you think when I speak of purity, do you think I mean a good cover up job of that which is impure?

When I speak of purity I mean the act of ridding oneself of that which is unholy.

I was wounded from head to toe. So you say I have been wounded by all these love relationships, I suffered, I am the victim.

I say I was the victim when I carried the cross, I did not harbor resentment and unforgiveness, I forgave them.

I spread My arms wide with the weight of the sins of the world on My back and I cried out in a loud voice: FATHER, FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.

I ask you to read this with the daily message tomorrow.

Purity is forgiveness, purity is ridding oneself of the anger, resentment, envy, hatred that lurks below the surface of the heart.

On this your birthday I give you this gift, the Blue Books on tape, LIVE by these messages and you will live in a deep union with Me.

Always pray the Prayer for Union at the beginning of the tape.

Your apostles must listen to the tape and follow the Spouse of the Lamb material. All must live these messages in the Movement, it is the door that will lead you to holiness.

Open the door wide and enter in where the light will shine on a glistening pure soul, a pure heart, one that has triumphed over sin.

I ask you at every Mass to ask to die to self and selfish ways, to open your hearts wide, as I opened My Heart wide and love.

There cannot be healing without forgiveness, forgive ALL who have wronged you.

FORGIVE, FORGIVE, FORGIVE, 7 times 10, times how many ever it takes, there must be forgiveness before healing.

Messenger: Song: Had I but Mary's sinless heart to love you with my dearest King...

Jesus speaks: I love you, I love you, I love you.

I ask all to openly read messages aloud for oneself and others. Listen to the message come alive in your hearts.

FORGIVENESS and a pure heart.

Do not carry envy, greed, hatred, anger, any sin in your heart. Live to love like Mary's sinless Heart.

I love you, Jesus

Forgive, forgive, forgive your children.

I forgave those who pierced Me. If you wish to be forgiven, you must wipe the slate clean and forgive those who have offended you.

Circulate the third Blue Book amongst the apostles.

Table of Contents

August 9, 1998

Authority Comes from God

Mary speaks: My children,

You must pray for purity in your hearts. You are the tainted children of Eve and I am your spiritual Mother, the new Eve. You will fall, my children, you displease your God. You will carry a cross as my Son did to the hill of Calvary, it is there you will ask your God to help you to die to your selfish ways. You must my children die to self that you will live in Him. He empowers you. You act in His name and not your own name. He is the King, He is the Center of your hearts. Authority comes from God. Every person acting in authority acts for the King. The King was a suffering servant. The King obeyed His Father to His death. To obey the King is to obey God. He is King and Master. All authority is under God. You obey authority because they act in God's name. I come the new Eve, I have authority over my children, over the Church as a Mother. Many have not honored me or even recognized me. When proper authority is weakened or not recognized there are problems. So many want brute power, my little children power, authority comes from God. Oh children, you must teach your children obedience, you are not doing them a service if you give in and allow them to do their own wills when it is contrary to God's will.

Authority, my children, parents have authority, parents act in God's name, parents act in love.

You must obey authority, you must act in authority. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, shows us how He obeyed the Father's will, how He acted and spoke with authority. You must, any person in authority, act in His name. He has all the authority. I love you little children, I have so much to tell you, pray these daily messages are circulated on the Internet and they are published for you soon.

You must pray for my mission here in Florida and the Shepherds of Christ Movement.

Please pray for this my little children.

I love you,


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August 10, 1998

Everyday There Must Be Time Set Aside, to Forgive

Mary speaks: My children,

I am Mary your Mother,

On this feast this day, I wish you to pray as never before. Pray for healing and for the grace to forgive. Your hearts cannot be healed if you do not forgive. Do you blame others when you feel bad inside? Who has wronged you? Is it an old wound that lurks within?

I have given you these messages, through my messenger. She is a woman, I trust her to deliver this message to you. She is a mother too. There are many of you that hold onto wounds from childhood, you have not forgiven those in your lives who have wronged you and treated you unlovingly. Every day there must be time set aside, to forgive.

You are all the children of Eve, tainted in your ways. The Father wishes you to come to Him and admit your faults. The Father wishes you to say, I am sorry, I am not perfect, I want forgiveness. It helps to make recompense for your sins.

The Father wishes you to come in the Mass and say "oh Father forgive me and forgive the human race for their sins, we are so sorry we have offended God".

I ask you to spend time with my Son Jesus and to get in touch with your sins and your lack of forgiveness. Pray for grace to be cleansed of sins of pride. Pray for purity of heart. Give your heart to me that you may come in my pure Heart and ask my Spouse the Holy Spirit to sanctify you.

You must not focus on your brothers, but yourselves. Get in touch with your own heart. Write to Jesus all the cares of your heart. Tell Him how you feel, tell Him what makes you happy, what makes you sad. Tell Him how Mary hurt you when she didn't ask you to come to her house and she asked everyone else. Go to Him as your most treasured friend and cry to Him about all the hurts in your heart. Ask Him to give you a heart like His.

SongGive me Your Heart Oh Jesus, Give me a Heart Like Yours...

I am your Mother, I will teach you to pray from your heart.

Your hearts must be healed. Forgiveness is the way to healing. Ask God to give you His grace.

I love you,

I am Mary, your Mother

If you want peace in your hearts you must spend time alone with God every day.

I love you, Mary.

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August 11, 1998

There Will Be a Network of Prayer Power at 6:30 in the Evening

Message from Mary

Mary speaks: My children,

Every day I will give you a message on the Internet for the world.

Also, here is a basic format. I am asking you to pray the prayers from the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual and recite the rosary daily if possible at 6:30 p.m.
     A-M to pray at 6:30 their time.
     N-Z to pray at 6:30 Florida time.

There will be a network of prayer power pleasing your Father all through the day and a concentration of prayer power at 6:30 in the evening.

Your God is angered at the earth. Great graces will be granted if you pray as I have requested.

The hand of my Son is raised, and I have asked your God to have mercy on my children.

I am asking you to pray.

I am asking you to consecrate your hearts to my Heart and the Heart of my Son Jesus.

This can be given in a single line.
     "I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love."

I love you,

I am your Mother Mary

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