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  1. The Rosary
  2.   song
  3. A Song from Jesus
  4.   song
  5. I Love You Jesus
  6.   song
  7. Little Child (page 1)
  8.   song
  9. Teach Me to Love With Your Heart
  10.   song
  11. God's Love
  12.   song
  13. I Am Your Sacred Heart (page 1)
  14.   song
  15. See the Eyes That Look At Mary (page 1)
  16.   song
  17. Little Baby Hands and Feet
  18.   song
  19. Come to My Heart
  20.   song
  21. Your Presence Pervades My Soul (page 1)
  22.   song
  23. Glory, Glory, Glory Lord (page 1)
  24.   song
  25. My Open Heart


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