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September 10, 2011

September 11th Holy Spirit Novena
Scripture selection is Day 1 Period II.

The Novena Rosary Mysteries  
for September 11th are Luminous.


China Retreat
September 10th - 13th
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Sunday, September 11th - begins at 12 noon


Through the intercession
of Fr. Carter and
Our Lady of Clearwater
please pray for Dan.


Please pray for Adeline.

Please pray for Jimmy.
Pray for everything to do with
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                September 10, 2011  

Today's Readings

1 Timothy 1: 15-17

Here is a saying that you can rely on and nobody should doubt: that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I myself am the greatest of them; and if mercy has been shown to me, it is because Jesus Christ meant to make me the leading example of his inexhaustible patience for all the other people who were later to trust in him for eternal life. To the eternal King, the undying, invisible and only God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.


R. We are one body in Christ —

Psalm 113: 1-7


Praise, servants of Yahweh,
praise the name of Yahweh.
Blessed be the name of Yahweh,
henceforth and for ever.
From the rising of the sun to its setting,
praised be the name of Yahweh!

Supreme over all nations is Yahweh,
supreme over the heavens his glory.
Who is like Yahweh our God?
His throne is set on high,
but he stoops to look down on heaven and earth.

He raises the poor from the dust,
he lifts the needy from the dunghill,


Luke 6: 43-49

'There is no sound tree that produces rotten fruit, nor again a rotten tree that produces sound fruit. Every tree can be told by its own fruit: people do not pick figs from thorns, nor gather grapes from brambles. Good people draw what is good from the store of goodness in their hearts; bad people draw what is bad from the store of badness. For the words of the mouth flow out of what fills the heart.

'Why do you call me, "Lord, Lord" and not do what I say? '

    Everyone who comes to me and listens to my words and acts on them — I will show you what such a person is like. Such a person is like the man who, when he built a house, dug, and dug deep, and laid the foundations on rock; when the river was in flood it bore down on that house but could not shake it, it was so well built. But someone who listens and does nothing is like the man who built a house on soil, with no foundations; as soon as the river bore down on it, it collapsed; and what a ruin that house became!'    



Monday's Readings

1 Timothy 2: 1-8

I urge then, first of all that petitions, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving should be offered for everyone, for kings and others in authority, so that we may be able to live peaceful and quiet lives with all devotion and propriety. To do this is right, and acceptable to God our Saviour: he wants everyone to be saved and reach full knowledge of the truth. For there is only one God, and there is only one mediator between God and humanity, himself a human being, Christ Jesus, who offered himself as a ransom for all. This was the witness given at the appointed time, of which I was appointed herald and apostle and-I am telling the truth and no lie-a teacher of the gentiles in faith and truth.

    In every place, then, I want the men to lift their hands up reverently in prayer, with no anger or argument.


Psalm 28: 2,7-9

Hear the sound of my prayer
    when I call upon you,
when I raise my hands, Yahweh,
    towards your Holy of Holies.

Yahweh is my strength and my shield,
    in him my heart trusts.
I have been helped; my body has recovered its vigour,
    with all my heart I thank him.

Yahweh is the strength of his people,
    a safe refuge for his anointed.
Save your people, bless your heritage,
    shepherd them and carry them for ever!


Luke 7: 1-10

Seeing that many others have undertaken to draw up accounts of the events that have reached their fulfilment among us, as these were handed down to us by those who from the outset were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word, I in my turn, after carefully going over the whole story from the beginning, have decided to write an ordered account for you, Theophilus, so that your Excellency may learn how well founded the teaching is that you have received. In the days of King Herod of Judaea there lived a priest called Zechariah who belonged to the Abijah section of the priesthood, and he had a wife, Elizabeth by name, who was a descendant of Aaron. Both were upright in the sight of God and impeccably carried out all the commandments and observances of the Lord. But they were childless: Elizabeth was barren and they were both advanced in years. Now it happened that it was the turn of his section to serve, and he was exercising his priestly office before God. when it fell to him by lot, as the priestly custom was, to enter the Lord's sanctuary and burn incense there. And at the hour of incense all the people were outside, praying.


                R. Mary



                Praise the Lord our God!

1 Timothy 1: 15-17

Here is a saying that you can rely on and nobody should doubt: that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. I myself am the greatest of them; and if mercy has been shown to me, it is because Jesus Christ meant to make me the leading example of his inexhaustible patience for all the other people who were later to trust in him for eternal life. To the eternal King, the undying, invisible and only God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.


                R. St. Paul tells Timothy - that Christ
                    came into the world to save
                    but Christ was patient with
                    Timothy —

                Paul constantly referring to the fact
                    that he was chosen by Christ —
                    But all that he is —
                    Is of God —
                    And Paul says that if I was
                        you can be saved —

                But Paul listened when he
                    was called by God —
                But we must be open

                    God loves us so much —
                    We don't deserve it —
                    He gives us dignity

                In the Gospel we see —
                    that a good tree bears good fruit —
                    We can't just listen to the
                        word —
                    The word must be taken to
                        heart —

                Christ came to convert the world —
                He calls us day after day to be
                    sorry for our sins —

                God gives us grace —

                We can accept in gratitude
                Recognizing what we have been
                    given is a gift and
                Praise God — Recognize God in our lives

                We can try to change every day —
                The person that just hears
                    the word, but does not
                    let it take root and
                    change us —
                    then we are like the man
                        whose house is built
                        on sand
                    When temptations come
                        we give in —

                We must be open and listen to the Word
                    and seek conversion —
                    daily seek to be converted —
                    Know we are sinners —
                    Want to be converted —

                If we do good things, it is because
                    of God's grace —

                Not pridefully say we did it —

                We say in the offertory —
                    "Lord wash away my sins"

                The gift of the Mass —
                God gives us the Mass —

                The fountain of His grace flows —
                Oh God I love You so much —
                Oh God I need You —
                Oh God You are my all —
                Oh God, Oh God, my Beloved —

                You give me Your Body
                You give me Your Blood —
                Oh God —
                I love You —
                Oh Jesus, You died —
                Oh Jesus You rose —

                Oh God You give me a sharing
                    in Your life —
                Oh God I thank You —
                Oh God I love You —
                Oh God I adore You —
                Oh God, I petition You

                Oh God I want to help make reparation
                    for my sins and the sins of the
                    world —

The Our Father

    Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


                R. Peace — We beg for Peace

Lamb of God

Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, grant us peace.


Spiritual Communion

                        Dear Jesus — we want to make a spiritual
                        communion, we cannot receive You
                        now, but we want to know Your
                        presence deep in our heart —
                        deep in our soul — Oh God fill us
                        with Your presence that we can
                        just focus on You and Your love
                        for us now — Love deep in us —
                        Oneness with You —
                        Quiet surrender to be alone in
                        this moment with You in our heart
                        in deep love —
                        We love You so much our beloved
                        God —


                Excerpts from August 10, 2011

                R. I love You, Jesus,
                I love You, Jesus,
                I love You, Jesus

                Thank You for the Mass
                Thank You for this gift
                Thank You for this prayer

                Oh God thank You for the Mass —
                Oh God thank You for communion —
                Oh God I love You - so much —
                Oh God Thank You — I love You so much —

                Oh God help us, please,
                Oh God please help us —

                We see what God has done in our lives —
                We need to have faith — Oh God increase our faith
                    for ourselves, our friends and our family —

                Jesus is the Bread of Life
                Jesus is the Lord of love —

                Jesus give us Your strength
                Jesus let us see the light —

                Dear Holy Spirit give us Your wisdom —

                We beg, oh God, for You to outpour Your grace to us —
                God fill us with Your light —
                Divine Redeemer, we love You —
                Help us to be one with You now —
                Help us to be in one mind and one heart working on Your work God
                    all of us to be in one mind and one heart in You,
                    our beloved God —

                Oh Heart of Jesus, give us Your blessings
                    help us to be holy — to be strong members
                    in the body of Christ — one with the Holy Father —
                    one in the Heart of Jesus with the members
                    of the Church. We pray to the Father, united to Jesus
                    in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, in the Holy Spirit.
                    We pray through the intercession of Our Lady of
                    Clearwater and all angels and saints, especially through
                    the intercession of Pope John Paul II, Padre Pio and
                    Fr. Carter S.J.

                Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus You are the fountain
                    of every blessing — We adore You —
                    We love You — we are sorry
                    for the offenses against You — We offer
                    you ourselves today united to all the Masses
                    going on around the world —

                We pray for the cover and all involved — special
                    healing graces for special people — for grace —
                    for funds, for all the needs of the
                    ministry and all involved, our
                    families, and the donors and their families —
                    We pray for health of body, mind and soul —

                We pray for the blessing we need — Jerry's list —
                    my intentions — your intentions —
                    we pray deeply, united together —

                God please hear our prayer
                God please help us

                Oh God help us to have joy for we place
                    our trust in You and we know You
                    will not ever fail us —
                    Oh Lord we lift our heart to You —

                Oh God help us

                Have mercy on us and the whole human race —
                    We have sinned against You —
                    We are sorry —
                    Hear our prayer —
                    We love You - God
                    We adore You - God
                    We thank You - God for Your gifts to us —

                Oh Lord please forgive us for our offences
                    against You —

                    Please outpour Your grace to us —

                Oh God hear our prayer —

                We pray for
                    All nations of the world —
                    We pray for the priests, the Church
                        and the world —
                    We pray for vocations to the religious life —

                Dear God help us to walk humbly —
                Dear God help us to speak the truth —

                Oh God help me to do Your will —

                Guide our hearts, oh Lord
                We want to glorify Your name forever —

                Oh God You bring us joy —
                Our hearts are happy in Thee —

                God guide our actions
                God guide our feet —

                Lead us out of darkness into the light —
                Guide us to walk in Your ways of peace —

                We adore You God
                We adore Your holy name —
                We love You —
                We honor Your Most Sacred Heart
                We love Your Body and Blood
                    given in the Eucharist
                We love Mary, Your Mother —
                We praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit

end of excerpt

                September 10, 2011 continues

                R. Oh my beloved, I love You
                Oh my beloved, I adore You
                Oh my beloved, thank You for
                    the Eucharist

                Oh God thank You for the priest —

                Oh God I don't want to
                    offend You with sins —
                    with any anger, only love —

                God is love —
                To be like Him we must love —
                Oh God we love —
                Oh God forgive us for our sins —


Psalm 36

Sin is the oracle of the wicked 
    in the depths of his heart; 
there is no fear of God 
    before his eyes.

He sees himself with too flattering an eye 
    to detect and detest his guilt;
all he says is malicious and deceitful, 
    he has turned his back on wisdom. 

To get his way he hatches malicious plots
    even in his bed;
once set on his evil course
    no wickedness is too much for him.

Yahweh, your faithful love is in the heavens, 
your constancy reaches to the clouds,
your saving justice is like towering mountains,
your judgements like the mighty deep.

Yahweh, you support both man and beast;
how precious, God, is your faithful love. 
So the children of Adam 
take refuge in the shadow of your wings.

They feast on the bounty of your house, 
you let them drink from your delicious streams;
in you is the source of life, 
by your light we see the light.

Maintain your faithful love to those who acknowledge you, 
and your saving justice to the honest of heart.
Do not let the foot of the arrogant overtake me 
or wicked hands drive me away.

There they have fallen, the evil–doers, 
flung down, never to rise again.


Glory Be

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.


                R. Oh Lord — You are the source of Life
                Oh Lord You give us light —
                Oh Lord You give us knowledge and truth —
                Oh Lord grant us Your mercy
                Be attentive to our plea, Oh God.

                Help us not to give into pride and
                    the deadly sins —

                Help us God - to be pure —
                Oh God help us not to be greedy —
                    not to be disharmonious —
                    not to be stubborn or obstinate,
                But to seek unity and give to You
                    the desire of Your Heart —

                Oh God — You are great, indeed —
                    All good, All loving, our all

                Oh God how marvelous Your
                    power —

                Oh God — Fill us with Your grace,
                Oh God — Hear our prayer

                Sing: Oh Lord Hear our prayer


Psalm 104: 1ab, 24, 27-28, 30-31, 33-34

Bless Yahweh, my soul, 
Yahweh, my God, how great you are! 

How countless are your works, Yahweh, 
all of them made so wisely! 
The earth is full of your creatures.

They all depend upon you,
to feed them when they need it.
You provide the food they gather,
your open hand gives them their fill.

Send out your breath and life begins; 
you renew the face of the earth. 

Glory to Yahweh for ever! 
May Yahweh find joy in his creatures!

I shall sing to Yahweh all my life,
make music for my God as long as I live.
May my musings be pleasing to him, 
for Yahweh gives me joy.


Judith 16: 2-3, 13-15

For the Lord is a God 
    who breaks battle–lines; 
he has pitched his camp 
    in the middle of his people 
to deliver me from the hands 
    of my oppressors. 

Assyria came down 
    from the mountains of the north, 
came with tens of thousands of his army. 
Their multitude blocked the ravines, 
their horses covered the hills

I shall sing a new song to my God. 
Lord, you are great, you are glorious, 
wonderfully strong, unconquerable. 
May your whole creation serve you! 
For you spoke and things came into being, 
you sent your breath 
    and they were put together, 
and no one can resist your voice. 

Should mountains be tossed 
    from their foundations 
to mingle with the waves, 
should rocks melt 
like wax before your face, 
to those who fear you, 
you would still be merciful.


               R. Oh God, we sing to You
                            we sing Your Word,
                            we sing Your praises
                            we sing of our love for You —

                Let us see with eyes unveiled
                    the beauteous mountains and hills and
                    adore You, who created this for us, oh God.


Glory Be

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.


                R. Oh God You are all powerful —
                    How wonderful are Your works —

                We long for Your presence God —
                    abundantly in us —


Glory Be

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.


                R. Let our hearts not be hard, but
                    melt like wax in the noon day sun and heat —

                Let us be soft and supple — tender to Your touch —

                Open wide to receive You, oh God and
                    Your gifts given in abundance to us.

                Oh God we sing and shout for joy — for
                    Your works are wonderful God
                    and our hearts thirst after Thee —

                We praise You —
                We love You, oh beloved Jesus,
                    our King and Savior —

                Thank You Father for creating us and
                    giving us life — to know, love
                    and serve You —

                Oh God help us to always do our
                    duty — to give You honor and praise!!

                Let the mountains melt like wax
                    before You —

                Let all men bow before God, the King —
                Let the trumpets sound —

                Let the men line up to pray here and
                    give all the honor to God —

                For what good does it do men to
                    crown himself in the
                    sight of the King —

                Only one lacking wisdom, would indeed,
                    be so foolish —

                What can I say —

                He says, the Fool crowns himself
                    in the sight of the King —

                Wisdom is a gift from God —

                Men bolted to the earth with
                    human minds, get human outcomes
                    and the human nature is tainted —

                Why, when you are before the King —
                    Bow to God who made you and
                    It is because of Him, if you
                        are great, you have been great —

                    Give all the glory to God for your
                        achievements far and wide —

                    Only the fool crowns his own
                        head before the King —

                    Only the fool relies on His own might —

                God created us to be His instruments and
                God is all powerful —
                God is Divine —

                God is love and light and peace for
                    the weary one —

                Not confusion and disorder —

                The sad-sack is focused on their
                    own glories —

                The man of God is forever grateful —

                Not lending to grumbling when
                    in pain —

                Shine like the brightest star —
                    God is a God of love and
                    He created you —

                Reach for the stars —

                See the wonders of the universe and
                Praise your God who created you,
                    and keeps you in existence 

Glory Be

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.


                R. Let the light of Christ shine from
                    your eyes —

                Be instruments of God

                God is King over all the earth —
                    Let us sing to Him —
                    Let us adore Him and
                    Praise His Holy Name.
                    Let us sing to the Lord —
                    He has covered Himself in
                        glory —
                    Praise God, oh ye, upright of heart!

                    Praise His Holy Name —
                    Chant with melodious voice —
                    Sing Praises to Our God
                    Ye upright of heart —
                    Sing and rejoice for God
                        is good, all worthy of
                        this praise —

                    Give God His due —
                    Give praise to God —
                    You upright of heart —
                    Sing on the lyre and harp —
                    Praise Him with the piano —
                    You holy ones make music
                        for our God, Alleluia!

                It is, indeed, fitting we do so —
                Put on the breastplate of holiness —
                Go into battle chanting His praise
                Ye holy ones and upright of heart —

                Praise God who created you on
                    lyre and flute, and piano —

                Praise your God — you men bolted,
                    to the earth —

                Feel the freedom of flying —
                Oh men of God — let the world
                    hear your cries of joy —

                Sing loudly declaring His works,
                    For God is a God of
                        wondrous works and
                    It is fitting to praise Him —

                On the lyre, on the harp, with voices
                    in song and on the piano —

                Jesus: Do not stop for the days I give
                    to you will be days of
                    victory for those who
                    sing and praise Me —

                Now, men — listen and be taught
                    of My love —

                How I wish to be served by you —

                With joy and thanksgiving —
                With love and holiness in
                    your hearts —

                Modeling your lives after
                    Our 2 Hearts —

                Oh Beloved of My Father
                    Reach for the Stars and Sing


                R. The Holy Name of Mary

                What return should I give to God
                    for all the good He has done
                    to me



From August 9, 2000

     Oh, there is not one so fair as thee, my beloved Mother Mary.

     Of all the maidens that God could have chosen it was you, oh shining Star of Heaven.

     Oh Mary, Mother of us all.

     She doth appear as a wonder so fair indeed,

     A permanent sign of God's love.
      A Woman clothed in gold.
      One that glistens with the radiance of a golden tone,

     Her beauty dancing in the sunlit hours of every day.

     In morning splendor, in dancing light at noon day as the sun glistens on her rainbow glow and at night she has appeared on special dates in golden splendor and light.

     Would you quote the Scripture for Mary so fair.

     "Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman, robed with the sun, standing on the moon, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant, and in labour, crying aloud in the pangs of childbirth." (Revelation 12: 1-2)

     Would you see her as she appeared in little villages in the 20th century, tucked in hills and out of the way places.

     If you missed these enormous signs from heaven, of one so fair, she appears there clothed in the golden sun of the day, reflecting her radiant beauty painted by the hand of the Father. She is His chosen maiden so fair.

     She appears daily, she is there by day and beneath the black shadows of night, she does not slumber, but calls to her children of light to come through her golden doorway and let the light of Christ shine in their souls.

     She appears one so fair, by day and sometimes by night clothed in radiance and golden, her garment hemmed with glistening sunlight. She once appeared to a few and her visits fleeting in remotest places, she remains a Woman Clothed with the Sun, the sun dancing on her garments of rainbow color on a busy, busy corner for all to see, in the state of the sun, sunny Florida. She is a Woman painted by the brush of God.

     And do you know the wonder of one who calls the children far and wide, to hear the voice of her Son, Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the Flock.

     Mary, the heavenly maiden, to call them home to His Heart.

     Oh, of one so fair, do we not boast and praise our God and thank Him for such a wonder.

     Oh, to Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, we cry, help us to do what you asked for at Fatima and help us in our mission of telling the world of your Son's desire to spread His Movement so men will be Shepherds of Christ.

                end of excerpt


                Sing: Immaculate Mary

                Sing: Hail Holy Queen

                R. Mary is the Queen of Peace

                Sing: Let there Be Peace on Earth

                R. Mary is the holiest of creatures —

                Mary is Queen of Heaven and Earth

                Mary is full of grace —

                God is so generous to us —

                Jesus gives us Himself in the Holy Eucharist

                God wants us to be one —


Excerpt from September 5, 2001 Rosary - Clearwater, Florida

The Ascension

 Message after the glory be:

Jesus speaks: 

                        Oh My children, it is love, 
                         it is love that I desire, 
                         and yet you are caught up in so 
                         many of your things, in your ways, 
                         and what you must do. 

                       And you cannot control all the events 
                         in your life no matter how hard you try, 
                         and I am teaching you every day, 
                         more and more every day. 

                       I am teaching you in the trials that you 
                         are permitted to undergo. 

                       And many times, the very lesson that I 
                         want to teach you, you do not learn, 
                         for you try to alleviate the suffering or 
                         the trial that I send to you, and I have to 
                         send it again and again and again. 

                       Oh My children, if you want the reign of peace 
                         there must be peace in your own hearts. 

                       You must seek for peace. In consecrating 
                         your hearts to My Heart and the heart of 
                         My Mother, you will live more and more 
                         in peace. 

                       Let go and surrender. 

                       The rule I give to you tonight is to let go 
                         and surrender, to pray the Our Father 
                         and beg God to help you to be able 
                         to live in His will, to pray for grace 
                         that you will know more and more 
                         what God's will is for you, for this 
                         will bring you happiness. 

                       It will be hard on you to live your life, 
                         if you are at the helm and you are trying 
                         to do it your way which is against God's 

                       Many problems that many have are because 
                         they want things their way and they will not 
                         surrender nor accept the things the way 
                         that God wills them to be. 

                       And yet it is the way to happiness, 
                         and say with all your heart, 

                       "Our Father Who art in heaven, hallowed 
                         be Thy name, Thy Kingdom come, 
                         Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 
                         Give us this day our daily bread and forgive 
                         us our trespasses as we forgive those who 
                         trespass against us and lead us not into 
                         temptation but deliver us from evil, Amen."

                                    end of excerpt


December 19, 1996 - Two Days After Mary Appeared on the Building

     Mary: My dear children, I give to you, my Son, Jesus, born in a stable
     in Bethlehem on Christmas morn. He is the Almighty God, the Light 
     of the World.

     I appear to you, my children, on a (former) bank in Florida. You have
     made money your god! Do you know how cold are your hearts? You 
     turn away from my Son, Jesus, for your money. Your money is your god.

     I am Mary, your Mother. I do not appear as I once appeared to you. I am
     asking you today to circulate my message given on a tape on the feast of 
     Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12, 1996. Please circulate this tape 
     now. Give it to as many people as you can. I am Mary, your Mother. 
     Please circulate my Rosary Book.

end of excerpt


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July 5, 2001

July 5, 2001


August 11, 2000

Messenger: And He gave us the wonders of the earth.

Why do we not see how good He is to us?

Why do we not trust Him?


Messenger: To have His life so deeply planted in our soul should be our desire.

As St. Paul says:

Galatians 2: 19-20

...I have been crucified with Christ and yet I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me.

Messenger: We gaze at the beauty of snow-capped mountains and gape at the lily pads on a glistening lake. Our eyes behold a falls of enormous proportion and beauty. We love Him and He is the Creator, and these things, the beauty, He has created for us to enjoy.

The depth of knowing Him increases as we are penetrated more and more with His grace.

The depth of loving increases as we are saturated with His life.

Every moment of this life we live more fully as we exist more and more in Him through a deeper penetration of His grace.

I see the mountains and the transfigured Lord. Let our eyes behold His vision. He is a God of goodness and He loves us so.

Let us experience insight into the divine mysteries more and more and taste the beauty of those who know they are loved by God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Where before we knew so little of the Trinity, we relate more fully with each Person and we know the oneness and the trinity of God.

What a gift to know more fully our Divine, Beautiful, all loving God.

God is Creator, we are His creatures. All that He creates reflects His goodness and His love. He is just and right. We must honor Him and love Him and thank Him for His gifts given to us.

Alleluia, praise Him, Our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

August 11, 2000 - Second Message

Walk in the TRUTH



The blue of the sky we cannot capture exactly.

The white of the snow.

The color of the smoke of the geyser.

Do we not see the fire of the stars, the light of the sun, the denseness of the black night. It is the creation of God and we cannot describe it exactly as it is.


God speaks:


Oh, open your eyes, men, and see the softness of the skin of the baby, the intricacies of a human ear, the complexities of a human eye and the master mind of the Creator in the function of a human heart.

Oh, blind men, those who are so prideful, bow to God your Creator. See with the eyes of faith.

It is I who paint the hills with My mystical wand. It is reality. So, too, the things you do not see, they are real. It is your perception that is off. God Is and He is Divine and you cannot create as I do.

Get off your pedestals and live in reality. I am Supreme, you are under Me, but I elevate you to such  heights.

Oh, men of the earth, worship God your Creator, be humble, live in the truth. If you are intelligent it is because of My grace and My goodness.

Huffy little men. Let Me see you produce the beauty of a sunlit field, from sun to flower. My men, you are limited, you are human, you are My creatures and I am your God. Recognize Me and live in the truth. Be docile to the hand of God in your life.

Oh, children of the light, hear Me, I am God.

I am the Light of the World.

In Me you live in the light.




My eyes beheld the beauty of the night, the stars, the moon.

My eyes beheld the sunlit day and the wonders of the lake and heard the trickle of the falls. First, faintly, and then as I approached, the sound of roaring water.

Why do men not comprehend the goodness of God? Why do they abuse Him with slang and slanting remarks?

The forest can burst into flame in the heat of the day and what was once a beauteous field, a garden of fruit, a forest of fir trees, can become lands of waste at the hands of the elements or what have you.

A home of lustrous beauty, ravaged by a violent wind of enormous proportion and you cry and then when the reality sets in you say, "Oh, but I have my life and the life of my children."

Oh, what is it that man can be so blind and then when health is taken away from a man, he sees those things that are transcendent, he sees the glory of God and the promise of everlasting life to those who love and serve the Lord.

We do not see and we do not understand the ways of God and yet in it all, He is attempting to lead us to Him, and He gives us the gifts of the universe. He gives us love.

                end of August 11, 2000


Philippians 2: 6-11

Who, being in the form of God, 
did not count equality with God 
something to be grasped. 

But he emptied himself, 
taking the form of a slave, 
becoming as human beings are; 
and being in every way 
    like a human being, 
he was humbler yet, 
even to accepting death, 
    death on a cross. 

And for this God raised him high, 
and gave him the name 
which is above all other names; 

so that all beings 
in the heavens, on earth 
    and in the underworld, 
should bend the knee at the name of Jesus 
and that every tongue should acknowledge 
Jesus Christ as Lord, 
to the glory of God the Father.


                The Lady of Sorrows


Stabat Mater (At the Cross Her Station Keeping)

At the cross her station keeping,
Stood the mournful Mother weeping,
Close to Jesus to the last.

Through her heart, His sorrow sharing,
All His bitter anguish bearing,
Now at length the sword had pass'd.

Oh, how sad and sore distress'd
Was that Mother highly blest
Of the sole-begotten One!

Christ above in torment hangs;
She beneath beholds the pangs
Of her dying glorious Son.

Is there one who would not weep,
Whelm'd in miseries so deep
Christ's dear Mother to behold?

Can the human heart refrain
From partaking in her pain,
In that Mother's pain untold?

Bruis'd, derided, curs'd, defil'd,
She beheld her tender child
All with bloody scourges rent.

For the sins of His own nation,
Saw Him hang in desolation,
Till His spirit forth He sent.

O thou Mother! fount of love!
Touch my spirit from above;
Make my heart with thine accord.

Make me feel as thou hast felt;
Make my soul to glow and melt
With the love of Christ our Lord.

Holy Mother! pierce me through;
In my heart each wound renew
Of my Saviour crucified.

Let me share with thee His pain,
Who for all my sins was slain,
Who for me in torments died.

Let me mingle tears with thee,
Mourning Him who mourn'd for me,
All the days that I may live.

By the cross with thee to stay,
There with thee to weep and pray,
Is all I ask of thee to give.

Virgin of all virgins best,
Listen to my fond request
Let me share thy grief divine.

Let me, to my latest breath,
In my body bear the death
Of that dying Son of thine.

Wounded with His every wound,
Steep my soul till it hath swoon'd
In His very blood away.

Be to me, O Virgin, nigh,
Lest in flames I burn and die,
In His awful Judgment day.

Christ, when Thou shalt call me hence,
Be Thy Mother my defence,
Be Thy cross my victory.

While my body here decays,
May my soul Thy goodness praise,
Safe in Paradise with Thee.





John 19: 25-27

Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary of Magdala. Seeing his mother and the disciple whom he loved standing near her, Jesus said to his mother, ‘Woman, this is your son.’ Then to the disciple he said, ‘This is your mother.’ And from that hour the disciple took her into his home.



January 2, 1999

Mary: I am Our Lady of Snows. I come to cover the earth with a soft white blanket of my love.

I come to bring peace to the earth. I tell you to let go of the anxiety in your heart and experience my peace and His love.

I am your heavenly Mother. I come to hold you and caress you and take you to my Immaculate Heart.


Genesis 12: 1-7

Yahweh said to Abram, ‘Leave your country, your kindred and your father’s house for a country which I shall show you; and I shall make you a great nation, I shall bless you and make your name famous; you are to be a blessing!

    I shall bless those who bless you, 
    and shall curse those who curse you, 
    and all clans on earth 
    will bless themselves by you.’ 

    So Abram went as Yahweh told him, and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy–five years old when he left Haran. Abram took his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, all the possessions they had amassed and the people they had acquired in Haran. They set off for the land of Canaan, and arrived there.

    Abram passed through the country as far as the holy place at Shechem, the Oak of Moreh. The Canaanites were in the country at the time. Yahweh appeared to Abram and said, ‘I shall give this country to your progeny.’ And there, Abram built an altar to Yahweh who had appeared to him.


Proverbs 8: 22-31

‘Yahweh created me, first–fruits of his fashioning, 
    before the oldest of his works. 
From everlasting, I was firmly set, 
    from the beginning, before the earth came into being. 
The deep was not, when I was born, 
    nor were the springs with their abounding waters. 
Before the mountains were settled, 
    before the hills, I came to birth; 
before he had made the earth, the countryside, 
    and the first elements of the world. 
When he fixed the heavens firm, I was there, 
    when he drew a circle on the surface of the deep, 
when he thickened the clouds above, 
    when the sources of the deep began to swell, 
when he assigned the sea its boundaries
    —and the waters will not encroach on the shore–
    when he traced the foundations of the earth, 
I was beside the master craftsman, 
    delighting him day after day, 
    ever at play in his presence, 
at play everywhere on his earth, 
    delighting to be with the children of men.


                Sing: Holy Is His Name

                R. Mary is Virgin

                Sing: Justice shall flourish in his time (Psalm 72)

                Sing: The Lord speaks of peace to His People
                        (Psalm 85)

                R. Mary is Mother of the Eucharist

                God wants the family
                    united and holy —

                God wants love in the family —
                God wants commitment in
                    any vocation —

                Mary served God in her
                    vocation —

                She was a humble wife
                    and mother —

                Mary was virtuous
                Mary was pure —
                Mary loved —
                Mary loves the human family —

                Mary be our great intercessor
                Mary is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit

                She teaches religious how
                    to be married to God

                Mary was happy in her vocation —

                Mary is Mother
                Mary is Mother of love
                Mary is Mother of Humility
                Mary is Mother of Modesty —
                Mary is Mother of the Blessed Sacrament —

                Thank You God for the Blessed Sacrament —

                Dear God wants us to pray
                    in union —
                    We should pray as one



From Blue Book 6C

March 14, 1995

Response to God's Love

R. Help us to be so sensitive to the touch
    of His grace. He wants to give us His
    love. As we become more sensitive
    to His touch, we know Him
    operating within us and we respond.

Response to God's love, He imparts to
    us His love and He outpours His
    grace if we ask. Help us to be more
    sensitive, cooperate with His grace.

As I become one in Him, I see more
    and more the hand of God
    in each person created by Him.
    I see their uniqueness, their
    specialness, their beauty. His
    reflection within them. The more
    we model our lives after Jesus and Mary,
    the greater our unity with God.

    We see more the ideal self
        created by God.

The Mysteries of the Rosary

Mysteries of the Rosary from the Hearts
    of Jesus and Mary.

The Mystery that Mary is a spotless virgin
    conceived without original sin.

The Mystery that Mary remained a virgin.

The Mystery that the angel appeared.

The Mystery that Elizabeth conceived in
    her old age when thought barren —

The Mystery  —  for nothing is impossible to God.’  Luke 1: 37
    the Mystery of God.

The Mystery of the Incarnate Word.

The Mystery that He comes as a helpless
    baby, and took flesh.

The Mystery: Jesus took Flesh
    Mary conceived by the Power
    of the Holy Spirit —

He took on Flesh and Blood —
Jesus gave His all to His death on the cross.

We have been divinized through baptism.
In baptism we receive a sharing in His life.
Grace is a gift from God.

Jesus said 'yes'. Jesus died on the cross.
Mary said 'yes' to the angel.
We can say yes to becoming one in Him.

Jesus is the bridegroom of our soul.

Dear God,
    Dress up our souls with virtue.


March 15, 1995

Crown of Thorns and a Bed of Roses

Jesus: You will know a time of trials My
beloved. As I suffered so during the
passion you will suffer with your
health. I give to you a crown of thorns
and a bed of roses. But such intimacy
you will have with Me. Do not fear you
will accept graciously all I send you for
you will know it is from Me.

    I am your Savior, the bridegroom
of your soul. For you I give you love.
Clothe your soul in virtues. Be holy, live
virtuously — My beloved give Me yourself.

    Do not give into complaints, your
speech is to be used to praise the Lord
lavishly. You will know such intimacy
with Me. I love you with the tenderest
love. I am Jesus your Savior.


March 15, 1995 - Fr. Carter's Mass - 8:00

At Mass at Lamb of God

R. On March 13th and today, I heard
Fr. Carter breaking the host.
So aware of how His body was broken
for my sins. How I have offended Him and
He suffered for My sins. Cried after Mass,
wanted to bend so low, crawl under the
floor. I realized His Majesty and my unworthy
sinfulness. He called me His holy child two
times and I was feeling so sinful. Bend low,
kiss the floor, for He is truly the Almighty

    Father Carter talked about how Jesus came to
serve us and it made me cry. God comes
to serve man. Yesterday he talked about
humility and thanking Him for His great
gifts to us. I want to spend my days with
Jesus in such union, I love Jesus so

Jesus said "This is My Body given up for you." He
took on flesh and blood and He gave His flesh and
blood for us, now He gives us His flesh
and blood to nourish us, to feed our life
in Him. Oh how I love Thee, my precious


March 21, 1995

Don't Be Angry with Your Brother

R. I cannot have anger and hatred in my heart for
any man and unite with Jesus. I must forgive.
I love Jesus so much, the union with Him
is so beautiful. Nothing compares to union with the Almighty God.
He has said exchange your hate and bitterness
for a heart of love.
I must forgive all men to be close to Him.
I am so miserable when I am not close to Him
I can't stand it.
No matter what anyone does that is where they are,
I must see the beauty in them, the love
Jesus has for them and move on.
The more I dwell on their faults and
that they were wrong and I am right it is so
unholy. I want sanctity. I want union
with Him. I can't be mad at anyone and
be deeply one in Him.

The second I am mad and go from this union,
I can't stand it, because I know how wonderful
it is to be close to Him.
The loss of union with Him is
misery for me. I am miserable because I
am not united to Him caused by my own
anger and hatred towards someone.

Then the devil says look at yourself, give
it up, this is all wrong, you are tired,
you can't take it anymore, the devil
is in there.

Lack of forgiveness is poison
to union with God.

Love always, I cannot be united to Him
and have ill thoughts towards any man.

The slightest anger toward anyone blocks
my oneness with Him.

I am immediately brought back to myself.
I am operating without my heart being
    united in harmony with Jesus.
I am miserable because I know His
    light and know how great
    it is to be united closely to Him.

I want forgiveness, for my lack of forgiveness,
any sins on my soul blocks my union
with Him. I cannot sin and feel
close to Him. Anger toward anyone is
blocking my deep union with Him.

What I want is union with Him, What
I want is to live in Him, Through Him,
with Him.

When I am angry I distance myself from Him.

To be one in Him, I must strive
for purity.

Oh how I love you.

My heart yearns for oneness with You. I am
sorry for having offended You my beloved

Trade all bitterness for deep love with Him!

Mary's purity is the key!! To model ourselves
after the lives of Jesus and Mary.

It is impossible to fight or argue if we do not want
to fight or argue.

Jesus did not respond. He remained
in total love. He was silent, if He did
respond, His response was rooted
in love.

I do not want to respond with anything
but love. Creatures are creatures, they
are where they are. I cannot expect
perfection. I must love them where
they are. See how He always loves us
despite our faults.

If I am to act like Jesus and Mary,
I must love everyone despite anything
they do, Always Love.

I want to trade any bitterness I have
toward any man for love and union
with Him. I am miserable when
anything lessens this union with

Oh how I love Him —
I want to be close to Him.

To love Him is to love others no matter what
    they have done.

If I am realizing His immense love,
I do not get caught up in the anger of others.
The problem comes when I am not
realizing His burning love. If I realize minute
by minute, second by second, How He loves me,
I stay rooted in His love.

I must stay forever dwelling in His Heart.
Through His pierced side I enter into
the abyss of His great love. In love there
is suffering. I go through the pierced
side, I get to His great love.

I go through sufferings with others, but
pass through. I go to the abyss of
His great love. Please help me to go
through the suffering and enter the
deep love of Your Heart.

I am Yours totally, completely.
I give myself to the Father with all my faults.

Jesus is always there waiting to have such
union with us. When I give into any impurities,
anger, resentment towards others I drive
myself away from deep union with Him.
This is misery for me caused by my own
imperfections. I must spend time daily being
so saturated in His love. Sitting in front of
the tabernacle is a source of His abundant
grace. When I am saturated with His love, when
I have spent time alone with Him and He has
filled Me, the little things do not bother Me
so much. It is as if I fly above the earth
and do not get caught in the petty arguments.

Jesus: Come fly with Me My beloved ones, My
love is constant. Let go, let go, let go. Satan is busy.
He talks in your heads. He wants you to look at
your brothers with anger. You are not perfect,
they are not perfect, be one in Me. Every moment
of your day realize how I operate in you,
how I am one with you. I cannot unite with
a heart that is haughty. Trade your pride
for My love. Hearts that unite to My Heart are
filled with burning love. I am love — to
know Me is to love — Love all
as I have loved you. To My death I
loved you.

Satan wants division. He wants you bowed down.
You are the lights that I am using to shine
in the dark night. You are the apostles of My
Most Sacred Heart. This is the Father's
Plan for you to spread the love of My Most
Sacred Heart into the world. I call you My
soldiers to holiness. Say the prayer for union
with Me often through the day.

Song: I come to you with greatest love, I am your loving
Savior, I am your God, I died for you, I come to
you this day.

Song: From the Day You were Born

R. Thorns and roses
Kiss His wounds
Stick your finger into the wound in His hand that goes through to
    the other side.
Feel the punctures on His forehead
See the crown taken off His head
See the nails covered with blood
See Mary under the cross holding her beloved Son

He suffered for me
Enter through His pierced side, it goes deeply into His

See His life as one.

See Him under the cross in His Mother's
arms. Picture so intently this scene,
Be there. The blood that ran through
His passion has now stopped. The
crown covered with blood and flesh from
His wounds is now removed and the
nails covered with His blood sit
on the ground next to His lifeless

This is the love that Jesus has for us
that He truly gave His life for love
of us. The Father gave His only Son.
See Mary, her heart torn in her chest.
There are not words to describe the
feelings in her chest. She is in
a state of peace to know our
redemption has been won through
His blood.

Mary: I held my Son in my arms so tenderly,
His body covered with blood. This
is how He loves you my little children.
Do you comprehend a little of His love
for you? Meditate on this picture. I am
Mary, I hold you little ones so
close to my heart. I love you so tenderly.
my Son loves you so much. Come to
me and I will lead you to the Heart
of my Son.

Song: From the Day You were Born


March 18, 1995

Clothe your Soul in Virtue

Jesus: As they persecute you and lead you away to be
slaughtered, always love. Always Love
You must see with the eyes of love.

R. Focus always  on Jesus.
Clothe our souls in virtue.

See Him as He sits on a chair, spit on,
    crowned with thorns —

Jesus: They will prick at your flesh and spit on
    you, they will cut your throats and
    those you thought were your friends
    will betray you and you will remain
    My faithful one in peace, forever
    peace because you know My
    Father's love.


March 18, 1995

The Rosary is a Gift

Jesus: You will have the biggest problems with jealousy among those who are working with you. Satan will stir up all the confusion and doubt he can with the rosary. He wants your messages stopped. He wants the rosary stopped. If he creates division between you and any person, if he creates problems he will try to discredit you more.

These are My messages for My beloved ones. I am handling this. You are unaware of what is coming. You must pray constantly for all you work with. Satan wants you stopped, and the rosary stopped, now!

I am giving all involved this letter, asking them to pray and read My letters. It is in focusing on Me, My love, that you will fight off Satan's attacks. I ask one hour daily in adoration before the tabernacle.

The rosary is given as a gift from Our Hearts to this world. Do not underestimate the power of the rosary. Prayed this way, I will give you many graces, graces that will open hearts to the messages. This rosary is given to the world. This is a special gift from Our Hearts.

I want this book to be entitled, Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, received and given daily at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, Norwood, Ohio to Rita Ring, Marty Coby and the Ring children, Cathy and Joseph Ring. Messages are transcribed from tapes by Marty Coby. Other rosaries from other locations may be included. Father Edward Carter, S.J., spiritual consultant for these rosary meditations and messages.


March 18, 1995

The Fourth Book

The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

At the end the Shepherds of Christ started 

R. This book is centered on the intimacy between Jesus and Mary and the deep love for us of these two Hearts.

The rosary began at the beginning of this book. I experienced some of Mary’s sufferings and was given insight into her deep connection with her Son. From conception to His Ascension, such oneness in their lives together! The rosary is from her young life to her old life. I saw the faces: young faces, old faces, joyful faces, sorrowful faces, on the statue. I experienced some sufferings of Mary holding the Child Jesus and holding His lifeless body under the cross. The intimacy between Jesus and Mary is felt so deeply in their peering eyes on the way to Calvary.

The Shepherds of Christ Meeting began two thirds into the book and Jesus began to pour out His love to this particular group, calling them His apostles. I saw a vision of Saint Margaret Mary on the altar at the center and He told me how the Shepherds of Christ were His soldiers to spread the love of His Sacred Heart to the world.

I experienced the lifting of the veil throughout this book. I had such profound experiences and insights into the other side. So immense is the love of Jesus that words are too weak to describe it. I was given a real awareness of heaven, hell and purgatory and how souls will truly be lost. It is a very deep book about the sufferings and the love of the two Hearts—Jesus and Mary.


March 18, 1995

The Fifth Book

The Sacred Heart Book - His Song Book
So Deep Is the Love of His Heart

R. Jesus started giving me His love songs at the beginning of the fifth book. The book began on October 1. On October 7th, He gave me the first song. He gave me almost all the songs in October. There were references in the second and third book as to how I would be given His love songs and He wanted them to spread to the world. All songs centered deeply on the love of His most Sacred Heart.

The 5th book talks so much about taking refuge in His Heart. Take shelter from the cold, go to His Heart.

The fifth book carried the message for the Shepherds of Christ meetings. He calls the members to such deep love with Him. He tells them over and over again they are His apostles to spread this love to the world. He tells of the "beautiful words of His Heart." He wants us to love Him in return. He asks us to write Him a love letter. He tells all how He wants His Heart to reign in their homes and their hearts. Homes need to be enthroned with the most Sacred Heart.

He tells us about the big picture. The plan of the Shepherds of Christ and the Center to spread the love of His Sacred Heart throughout the world.

There were experiences at Mass and the preciousness of the priests. I am in love with the consecrated Host for it is truly Jesus Christ the Son of God.


March 18, 1995

The Sixth Book

He Calls Us to Action

R. This book is a call to action. He gives us His love and He sends us into the world to spread this love to others. We cannot hold back. We need to pray to the Holy Spirit to enlighten us and to give us His courage to carry out the plan of the Father. Holy Spirit transform us from fear to fearlessness. He is one in us. Minute-by-minute, second-by-second, He provides for our needs. Hear His soft voice all through the day say, I love you, I love you, I love you.

He is the bridegroom of our soul. Enter into such union with Him through His pierced side and dwell deeply in His Most Sacred Heart. As St. Paul said (Gal. 2: 20): "yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me." We are one body in Christ. How can I be one in Him and not love you when you are one with Him?

He talks about the Church, the Priests, and how we are His apostles to spread His love into this world - how we must pray for our priests and one another, pray for the souls in purgatory, pray for the whole Church in union with the Masses being offered throughout the world.

Song: I Love You Jesus

The power is in His Eucharistic Sacred Heart.


March 23, 1995

I Want to Give Him More Love

R. Coming home from church lasted intently
about 20 minutes, now I am so weak
and so engrossed in His love, as if walking on air.
Driving home from church in the morning started
crying because I love Him so much, it is
painful to not give my love more to Him. I want
to give Him more love, deeper love. He who is so good
to me and I love so much. I give so little. I want
to give You my love. I love you, I love you,
I love you.

    And the world stands still and it is me and my Lord
in such rapturous love. Time stands still and I
am caught in His infinite love. Touched with
deep emotion in the recesses of His Heart.

    Nothing, nothing can express this meeting
with Divinity. It is so deep — to be forever lost in
this Moment — deep oneness and I touch You God.

    He has risen and He comes and gives us His life.
Such goodness, I cry to feel this immeasurable
goodness of our God. To be touched by the
God and lost in His embrace.

Jesus: I let you experience this immeasurable
feeling of My love. You scarce can breathe you
are so filled in such ecstasy by My love. I am
God, child. Be wrapped in the embrace of My love,
My touch. Such ecstasy, I let you experience
this in your soul. I love you so much.

R. Such a presence all I can do is cry and be
in it with such immense joy.

    Such union and I am weak to experience this union.


Anybody here not been here before

Open Hymn announce

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Rosary - Sorrowful

Our Lady of Light

Acts of Consecration
Divine Mercy

At the Cross

Closing: Let There Be Peace on Earth


R. Don't get caved in — focused on self —

See out —

Be one with Jesus —

Always love —

Center on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jesus: Focus on My Life in You —

R. I want to be filled with His light —
Light Within —
Light shining in the darkness —
Act in love
Model myself after Him —


March 24, 1995

God Created Them

R. I must see in all others the God that lives
within. They are a reflection of the God
that created them.

    I must operate with God within Me.

    Everything I do, I do in union with
Him. Everyone I talk to is His creation,
He lives in them. I am surrounded by
the presence of God. We are truly one in
Him. The more each soul is fixed to Him
the more the unity between us.

    I am one in Him, you are one in Him,
we are at peace and joined in Him.

    Nothing is an accident — He is constantly
with me, we operate as one together. He sits
with me. He walks with me. He talks with
me. He breathes with me. He is so joined**
in union with Me. I pray, I pray, I
pray and He prays with me. I act on His
behalf and He acts with me.

Galatians 2: 19-20

...I have been crucified with Christ and yet I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me.


March 24, 1995

Covered With Blood

R. Both Mary and Jesus felt the pain. The
piercing look into Their eyes. She saw Him
covered with blood in such suffering. He
saw her covered with tears.

He sweat blood, she was covered with tears.
As Their eyes met, Their Hearts were suffering
inside. No display of emotion would show
the deep suffering inside.

They pounded His hands with nails. Both felt
the pain. He had the wounds, hers were
invisible wounds, she suffered such
pain inside.

To cry out, to cry, nothing would have expressed
    the sufferings in her heart.

Her heart was invisibly pierced with a sword.

But it is in the suffering that we receive
    new life.

His suffering, her suffering leads to our life.
"Father forgive them they know not what they do"

If anyone says, he loves God and hates his brother,
    he is a liar.

For how can he who does not love his brother
    who he sees, love God who he does not see.

And this commandment we have from Him, that
    he who loves God should love His brother also.


March 26, 1995

You are a Burning Bush

R. I must take care of myself. Nothing is a hurry.
Jesus in one second can do what I may not
ever be able to do alone.

Jesus: I call you to surrender. I call you to love,
to service. You must let go and yield to Me
as I operate in you. We perform all acts as
one. I operate in union with you. The Father
created you with unique gifts and talents to do
His work. When you operate in union with
Me you are operating in the Father's will, you
are using all the talents He gave to you when
He created you.

    You are a burning bush on fire, consumed
by the fire of the eternal God. A bush on fire
is not unnoticed. It is radiating heat and
light to the world. Let Me penetrate your soul
and consume your being. Be as a burning
bush, burning brightly with My love
within. You do not falter, you release and
let go.

    You are a city set on a hill that will shine
its light to this world. Come to Me and unite in deepest
burning love. So it is no longer you who operate, but I
who operate in you, with you, through you to the world.


March 26, 1995

Seven Sorrows

1. Prophesy of Simeon

2. Flight into Egypt

3. Lost in the Temple — Separation,
    her beholding the body under
    the cross —
    Separation — Holding the body after He died —

4. Peering Look depth within — whole life —
    knew what was to come

    Knowing knowledge of one another —
        indescribable in words

    Share in the Mystery of the Love between
        these two

5. Under the Cross — Separation —
    known since the time of Simeon

6. She holds His lifeless body —

7. Locked in the tomb —
    cold reality

        locked in the tomb for 3 days
        lost in the temple for 3 days

    Knowing what was to come

We must die to our selfish ways.

Jesus came, He took on flesh —
    gave His flesh and blood for us

Ephesians 4: 20-24

Now that is hardly the way you have learnt Christ, unless you failed to hear him properly when you were taught what the truth is in Jesus. You were to put aside your old self, which belongs to your old way of life and is corrupted by following illusory desires. Your mind was to be renewed in spirit so that you could put on the New Man that has been created on God’s principles, in the uprightness and holiness of the truth.


March 27, 1995

Not Surface Love

R. I can give love to Him in loving
    others. The more I love Him, the
    more I want to give to Him gifts
    of my love. Striving more to be
    holy to give Him my love.

To be virtuous when it would be much
    easier to give into the human

His Way is Love, Give to Him Great
    Gifts of love, given to those who
    offend us.

To know Him is to know He is
    present, at all times.

Jesus' love is not surface love —

    Deep, Deep

    Deep is His love, red is His blood,
    He ponders the heart — He permeates
    the soul.

Not surface love.

On the way to Emmaus He accounts every
    passage that referred to Him from
    Moses and the prophets.

He is in our midst this day. He talks through the
    prophets. Let us listen with an open
    heart and hear the words He speaks to us.

He speaks to us in our hearts, let us spend
    time alone with Him and pray to
    the Spirit to give us His gifts, so
    we can hear God speaking to us.

God communicates to us through Jesus
    Christ, let us more and more realize the
    great gift we have of Jesus in the
    Eucharist and in the tabernacle.
    In Communion we receive the
    body of Christ, He teaches us
    this day. The Resurrected Lord
    remains with us.

There is a new existence, He walked the earth.
    Now He remains with us this day — He
    unites to us so deeply interiorly.

If we are in the state of grace: the Father, Son
    and Holy Spirit dwell within us.

We are one in Him, we receive His body, we
    are so united to Him, the Father and Holy Spirit.

We are so blind, we do not see the
    great gifts we have.

To unite with the Almighty God.

Galatians 2: 19-20

...I have been crucified with Christ and yet I am alive; yet it is no longer I, but Christ living in me.

How can I do the work the Father is calling me
    to? He is calling us to union in Him to be
    one in God. To operate in His will, to
    operate with His might as He operates
    within us.

We receive a sharing in His life in baptism —
    Our knowing and loving capacity is elevated.

We offer ourselves up to the Father united to
    Jesus in the Mass.

Jesus asked Simon if he loved Him, He then
    told him to feed His sheep.

He asks us this day to spread His love throughout
    the world. The world is so hungry for His

Whom will He call if we say no?

It is in our being we preach the mightiest
    lessons of His love.

Let us put on Christ, Pray to the Spirit to
    transform us into His image

Clothe your souls in virtue, focus on being a more
    pure offering united with Jesus, to the Father.

How do I love Thee Jesus, I love Thee in
    loving my brothers.

I am Your hands, Your heart, I am
    Your servant in this world today.

He calls us to love and serve Him. How do I
    preach the Gospel in my life today?

The life of Jesus continues today. He lives in
    the Church. He lives in His members.
    In my life I should live His mysteries.
    I die in Him, to rise in Him.

Song: Your Presence Pervades My Soul


March 28, 1995 - Tuesday, Fr. Carter's Mass

Intense Presence

R. Such intense presence, felt God's
    presence during the Mass — such
    joy in my heart — such a presence
    in my being.

    Such intense presence, felt
    such emotion to realize
    His presence.


March 29, 1995

He Wants Blue Book III Published

Note: Jesus refers to God's Blue Book III in this message.

Jesus: I want a song book of the songs given published under Shepherds of Christ publishing. This should be done quickly. I want My love songs recorded by the messenger. I ask you, I plead with you, to publish Book III quickly. My children at the Center need these messages. Satan is pressing down. He will not stop. The confusion you experienced this day will only intensify. Your efforts to publish these books will aid the workers at the Center, My special apostles in this Movement, My apostles in the Shepherds of Christ. My Movement is based on love. Deep love of God and love for one another. I beg you to work on this book. Your delays of publishing these books will affect the hearts of so many.

    Sisters and priests need these books and rosary meditations. Please, I beg you, to listen to Me and stand behind the publication of these books as quickly as possible.

    I am Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock. My souls are in pain and hurting and you contain the mighty medicine to bring them to the love of Jesus and Mary. Oh, how I love each one of you and give you such graces for all your efforts to serve Me. I thank you with My burning Heart for answering My call to you. I ask all those involved to do the work needed to publish and circulate these letters. They are My love letters to My beloved souls. Please help Me to publish and circulate them now.

    These are My letters for this world. I am asking all involved to help here. The messenger is receiving these messages. I am asking each person to help in this endeavor. These are not her letters, they are My letters of love. Personal love letters for a world in such pain! Look at your world - you hold My personal love letters.

    Do you see the children, do you see the confusion, do you see the hatred, do you see the murdered babies? Do you believe that I am writing to you, each of you today to help Me spread My love to this world? See Me dying on the cross for the love of the souls that are in your world today. I ask you to deliver My letters of love. One letter can touch a heart deeply. I give to you abundant graces to do this task.

    I give to the souls reading the letters abundant graces to grow in deeper union with Me. I am Jesus. I am Chief Shepherd of the flock. Your lambs are starving for My love. Feed the hungry. Give them My love letters.

    Feed the hungry, feed the hungry, feed the hungry!

    One priest fixed on this deep and burning love in his heart will bring so many souls to My love.

    Give these letters to sisters and priests. You worry for details and babies are being murdered, children are being poisoned. Look at your world!

    I come to you with greatest love, I am your loving Savior, I am your God, I died for you, I come to you today.

    This is an urgent message to publish this third book. It needs work, please do as I ask. You must act as a team, fired by My loved. You are publishing My love letters for My beloved ones - love letters for the world! Oh, how I love you. Working on these love letters is a gift of love to Me. I want to touch My beloved souls. I ask you to comply. These are My letters. Please help circulate My letters. Please help publish My letters of love for this hurting world!




Book Store

Rita Ring

Books written by the cofounder of Shepherds of Christ Ministries

Mass Book
A Journey Into the Heart of Jesus - Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
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  Mass Book, by Rita Ring: Many of the entries in the Priestly Newsletter Volume II from a spiritual journal came from this book. These entries
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Rosary Meditations for Parents and Children
From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
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God's Blue Book I by Rita Ring. Open Anywhere — This book will change your life. These are beautiful love letters to us from Jesus. A million books have been printed and circulated. Jesus loves us so much — He wants a personal relationship with us — He wants us to go to the Eucharist and be with Him before the tabernacle. $10

God's Blue Book II
The Fire of His Love. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S. J.
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God's Blue Book II by Rita Ring. Letters from Jesus about His on fire love — Jesus wants this great intimacy with us — On fire love — Personal love letters from Jesus about the love of His Heart — A book on surrender Fr. Carter said! $10

God's Blue Book III
Love God, Love One Another. Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
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God's Blue Book III by Rita Ring. Fr. Carter's favorite book — It is about loving and forgiving each other — Being pure in heart — A book for unity in family, community, in life!! $10

God's Blue Book 4
The Love of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Author: Rita Ring
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God's Blue Book IV by Rita Ring. This book is about the love Jesus has for Mary and Mary has for Jesus and Jesus and Mary have for us — It is truly the Love of the Two Hearts. Mary appeared every day at the Holy Spirit Center — Fr. Carter was there. Mary's first apparition July 5, 1994. $5

God's Blue Book 5
So Deep Is the Love of His Heart. Author: Rita Ring.
$ 5.00  plus postage

God's Blue Book V by Rita Ring. Jesus wants to be the bridegroom of our soul — He is our beloved — Jesus tells us about pure love — how we are to be pure of heart and love God and love others. It is a must, to hear about love from Jesus — Jesus is love — $5

God's Blue Book 6A
He Calls Us to Action Author: Rita Ring.
$ 10.00  plus postage

God's Blue Book 6A by Rita Ring. Rosaries from Their Hearts during apparitions. Jesus and Mary appeared every day and I received rosaries from Them and They were transcribed from a tape. Also messages of love from Jesus on days of January, 1995 — About Baptism — writings from Fr. Carter and the Scriptures. $10

God's Blue Book 6B
He Calls Us to Action Author: Rita Ring.
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God's Blue Book 6B by Rita Ring. Jesus and Mary appeared every day in February, 1995 — So beautiful — transcribed from a tape — the Stations, 7 Sorrows, prayers in the Prayer Manual, the Holy Spirit Novena Book and the Song Book. Pure love — loving and forgiving — a book about Jesus' love, baptism, grace and Fr. Carter's Newsletter. $10

Rosaries From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Volume I
Red Rosary Book - Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
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Rosaries from the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Book 1. Mary appeared in Clearwater December 17, 1996 in rainbow color and these rosaries left the printer the same day from Apparitions of Jesus and Mary — transcribed from a tape. $10

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Rosaries From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary - Volume II
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Short Rosary Meditations for the Ederly, Ill, and Homebound
From the Hearts of Jesus and Mary: Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
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Short Rosary Meditations for the Elderly, Ill and Homebound. This book is so important with pictures they can open it and lay it on their laps and pray the rosary. $10

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Messages for the Elderly, Ill and Homebound. This is a big book of loving messages for nursing home people and homebound from Jesus and Mary — Their lives are so important — united to the Mass offering up their suffering, their lives for the souls of this earth. $10
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From the Florida Apparition Site Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
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From the Florida Apparition Site Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.

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Rosary Meditations for Little People and Elderly
Short Meditations for the Rosary
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  Color the Lives of Jesus and Mary. Volumes 6 through 7. Coloring books and meditations for grade school children and others on the mysteries of the rosary - really good. $5 each.


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 Songs From Jesus
  Given by Jesus to His Messenger Author: Rita Ring. Discerned by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
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Songs from Jesus Songbook. These loving songs were given from Jesus. So beautiful — Love Songs from Jesus of His love - helping us have pure and loving hearts. $3


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 Holy Spirit Novena Booklet. In four languages with the Imprimatur with 18 scripture readings for two complete novenas – this very powerful Holy Spirit Novena has prayers for prayers for Protection by the Blood of Jesus, Healing, Strength and Light, To Be One with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, One with Jesus, To Dwell in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Prayer for the Holy Spirit and His Gifts, and the Word Alive in Our Hearts. All these prayers take about 10 minutes daily recited out loud. $1


  Shepherds of Christ Holy Spirit Novena CD
  Holy Spirit Novena Read by: Rita Ring
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  Holy Spirit Novena CD. Prayers and scripture readings from the Holy Spirit Novena Booklet read by Rita Ring. $10

  Colorea 1 thru 5
  las vidas de Jesϊs y Marνa (recibido el Imprimαtur)
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  Para Comprender Mejor La Santa Misa
  Una Jornada Hacia el Corazσn de Jesϊs
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  Meditaciones del Rosario
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Fr. Joe Robinson

Guiding Light - Steadfast to the Son
Inspiring Homilies Covering Cycle A of the Liturgical Year
$ 10.00 plus postage

Guiding Light homily series - Steadfast to the Son - Cycle A — The sunflower is a great example of how we should be steadfastly guided by light. What a powerful thought that this exceptional plant is not stuck in one pose day in and day out, yet adaptable and magnetized to the sun. We feel the same about our Son. Our heads turns to face Christ as each day presents its challenges to find light. We join together like plants in a field and soak up the Son through the pulpit. We are a warm circle of strength using the wind of our breath to carry our priests' words, Christ's words, to new rich soil. $15

Guiding Light - Feed My Soul
Inspiring Homilies Covering Cycle C of the Liturgical Year
$ 10.00 plus postage

Guiding Light - Feed My Soul - Cycle C — In a world rapidly advancing and encouraging personal gain, we are faced with modern problems. There is a challenge to find time in our busy schedules for Sunday Mass or a family meal. We are able to research, shop, bank and even work without hearing one human voice. It is no wonder that we may often feel disconnected and famished at our week's end. In Fr. Joe's third book of homilies from Cycle C, we are reminded of the charity that Christ intended us to show each other. We have a calling to turn the other cheek and be the Good Samaritan to others. We are rewarded with the Father's kingdom and love when we are not worthy. We are not left alone or hungry. $15

Guiding Light - Focusing on the Word
Inspiring Homilies Covering Cycle B of the Liturgical Year
$ 10.00 plus postage

Guiding Light - Focusing on the Word - Cycle B — At times we may feel that our path to Christ is a bit "out of focus". Like the disciples in the Book of Mark, this ordinary life clouds our vision of Christ's Divinity. We may doubt the practicality or possibility of applying His teachings and example to our modern life. Cycle B's homilies are a "guiding light" to help us realize Jesus' Messianic greatness and His promise of better things to come. $15

Guiding Light - The Word Alive in Our Hearts
Inspiring Homilies covering partial year of Cycle A by Fr. Joe Robinson
$ 5.00 plus postage

Guiding Light - The Word Alive in Our Hearts. - Cycle A (partial) Homilies by the Reverend Joe Robinson given at St. Boniface Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a tremendous honor Fr. Joe has allowed us to share these great gifts with you – for greater holiness and knowing more and more about God. $10

Fr. Edward J. Carter
Books written by the founder of Shepherds of Christ Ministries

Response to God's Love
...God Himself is the Ultimate Mystery
$ 10.00  plus postage

Response to God’s Love by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J. In this book Fr. Carter speaks of God as the ultimate mystery. We can meditate on the interior life of the Trinity. Fr. Carter tells us about our uniqueness in the Father's Plan for us, how the individual Christian, the Church and the world are in the state of becoming. Imprimatur. $10

Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters 1
Selected Writings on Spirituality—for All People Editor: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
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Shepherds of Christ - Selected Writings on Spirituality for all People as Published in Shepherds of Christ Newsletter for Priests. Contains 12 issues of the newsletter from July/August 1994 to May/June 1996. $15

Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters 2
Selected Writings on Spirituality — for All People Editor: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimatur
$ 12.00  plus postage

Shepherds of Christ - Volume 2: by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J. Contains issues 13-29 of the newsletter (September/October 1996 - Issue 5, 1999) $15

Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters 3
Selected Writings on Spirituality — for All People Editor: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00  plus postage

Shepherds of Christ - Volume 3 by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J. Contains Newsletter Issues 1 through 4 of 2000 including Fr. Carter’s tremendous Overview of the Spiritual Life $10

Tell My People
Messages from Jesus and Mary Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimi Potest  
$ 10.00  plus postage

Tell My People. Messages from Jesus and Mary (As given to Fr. Edward Carter, S.J.) — One of Fr. Edward Carter, S.J.'s Synopsis of the Spiritual Life — From Jesus to Fr. Carter "On Holy Saturday, 1994, Jesus told me that on the following day, Easter, I would also begin to receive messages for others. Our Lord also told me that some of these were eventually to be published in a book—and here is that book." $10

Spirituality Handbook
Shepherds of Christ Associates Spirituality Handbook - A Way of Spiritual Life
Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J. Imprimi Potest

$ 3.00  plus postage

Spirituality Handbook. Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. did 3 synopsis of the spiritual life. The Spirituality Handbook, the Priestly Newsletter 20he Tell My People book. The way of spiritual life proposed to the members of Shepherds of Christ Associates is centered in consecration to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. All aspects of the spiritual life discussed below should be viewed as means to help members develop their lives in consecration to Christ, the Sacred Heart, and to Mary, the Immaculate Heart. $3

The Spirituality of Fatima
Fatima: The Setting, The Message, The Spirituality of Consecration
$ 5.00  plus postage

The Spirituality of Fatima by Fr. Edward J. Carter, S.J. The Fatima apparitions and messages received official Church approval in 1930. In giving her official approval to the Fatima event, the Church tells us that what took place at Fatima involving the three young visionaries is worthy of our belief. $5

  Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual
  Shepherds of Christ Associates Prayers
  Author: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.

  $ .50
 plus postage

Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual. The Shepherds of Christ has prayer chapters all over the world praying for the priests, the Church and the world. These prayers that Father Carter compiled in the summer of 1994 began this worldwide network of prayer. Currently the prayers are in eight languages with the Church’s Imprimatur. We have prayed daily for the priests, the Church, and the world since 1994. Associates are called to join prayer Chapters and help us circulate the newsletter centered on spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart and helping to renew the Church through greater holiness. Please form a Prayer Chapter & order a Prayer Manual.



Shepherds of Christ 6:20 Prayers CD
Holy Spirit Novena, Associates Prayer Manual and the Rosary Led by: Fr. Edward J. Carter S.J.
$ 10.00  plus postage
Priestly Newsletter 2000 Issue 1
Audio CD - Read by Father Edward J. Carter
$ 10.00  plus postage

Priestly Newsletter - 2000 #1 - CD. - Christ is Our Strength - Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. read it the year he died. It is so beautiful. "This brief passage contains one of the greatest lessons of the spiritual life. As we progress along our spiritual journey, we become increasingly aware of how weak we are in our-selves, but how strong we are in Christ. To experience our weakness involves suffering. The degree and kind of suffering can vary. The suffering can include the experience of the classical dark night of the spirit as described by St. John of the Cross. One of the main purposes of the dark night is to make a person keenly aware of his or her helplessness without God." quote by Fr. Carter from the newsletter $10

Priestly Newsletter 2000 Issue 2
Audio CD - Read by Father Edward J. Carter
$ 10.00
 plus postage

Priestly Newsletter - 2000 #2 - CD. - Suffering: A Source of Life - Fr. Edward Carter, S.J. read it the year he died. Fr. Carter knew suffering that year. His voice is so powerful as he read each Newsletter from his heart and soul. "Every man has his own share in the redemption. Each one is also called to share in that suffering through which the redemption was accomplished. He is called to share in that suffering through which all human suffering has also been redeemed. In bringing about the redemption through suffering, Christ has also raised human suffering to the level of the redemption. Thus each man in his suffering can also become a sharer in the redemptive suffering of Christ..." quote by Fr. Carter from the newsletter $10

Light, Happiness, & Peace
Journeying Through Traditional Catholic Spirituality Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00 plus postage

This book Light, Happiness and Peace is a journey into the spiritual life — an awakening of deeper life IN HIM. Here are some of the comments we received from bishops and cardinals about the book. Cardinal – Pontifical Council for Culture – Vatican City “I am sure that this book, Light, Happiness and Peace through a discussion on traditional Catholic Spirituality will contribute in bringing back prayer into the mainstream of life.” $10

In Imitation of Two Hearts
Prayers for Consolation, Renewal and Peace in Times of Suffering Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

In Imitation of Two Hearts - Prayers for Consolation, Renewal and Peace in Times of Suffering Fr. John J. Pasquini leads a suffering soul to the gentle Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In these most loving Hearts - the prayers by Fr. John Pasquini - help the person suffering to know more deeply the pascal mystery of death/resurrection. President of the Pontifical Council for Health $10

Authenticity - Prayers and Meditations Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

Authenticity, the Yellow Book of prayers by Fr. John Pasquini, can lead the soul into deeper intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, can lead to greater love of Mary which leads to the unitive life and greater holiness. The book of prayers Authenticity by Fr. John J. Pasquini is to help one grow ever deeper in the Unitive life. Apostolic Nuncio – Archbishop – Philippines “With Authenticity, much is gained in prayer, and much is accomplished through prayer. More especially if prayer is directed in behalf of the Church.” $10

Medicine of Immortality
Prayers and Meditations for Mass and Eucharistic Adoration Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

“In Medicine of Immortality, Father John Pasquini offers his readers the richness of Catholic devotional prayer, the wisdom of the Fathers and, most of all, the fruits of his own prayer and meditation before the Blessed Sacrament. I recommend this book to all who wish to grow in their love for the Lord, who sustains the life of His Church through the precious gift of His Body and Blood.” Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago $10

Ecce Fides
Pillar of Truth - Dedicated to defending Catholic beliefs through reason, Scripture, and the life of the Holy Spirit Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini
$ 10.00  plus postage

Ecce Fides is a work dedicated to defending Catholic beliefs through reason, Scripture, and the life of the Holy Spirit. "It is important that we (as people of God) return to the source of life, our faith, which is usefully exposed in this volume, and take it out to our contemporaries, evangelizing them and their cultures and inculturating the Gospel." Cardinal – Pontifical Council for Culture – Vatican City $10

Shepherds of Christ Spirituality Newsletters
Author: Fr. John J. Pasquini

$ 35.00  plus postage

Shepherds of Christ, a book of Spirituality Newsletters, is a compilation of the first nine newsletters from Fr. John J. Pasquini begining in August 2006. The Newsletter has been circulated to the priests and hierarchy spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, promoting love for the Eucharist, greater love for the Church, the Priesthood, Mary and the Holy Spirit, the Mass, Prayer, and greater intimate relationship with God. $35

Authenticity Ocean DVD
The Authenticity Prayer Book is read with the Ocean as a backdrop.
$ 10.00  plus postage

DVD - Prayers from the Authenticity Book read by Rita Ring on the ocean — it is beautiful. 410

Nursing Home Mass DVD
A special mass by Fr. John J. Pasquini for those in nursing homes or homebound.
$ 10.00  plus postage

DVD - A beautiful Mass was done by Fr. John J. Pasquini for Nursing homes and assisted living. It was done at St. Joseph's magnificent chapel — St. Joseph's assisted living in Jupiter, Florida. It last about 33 minutes. We call it the golden Nursing Home Mass from St. Joseph's. $10

Consolation DVD
Give this DVD as a sympathy present.
$ 10.00  plus postage

Consolation by Fr. John J. Pasquini — upon the passing of a loved one. Fr. Pasquini has done a beautiful gift of his most wonderful homily given when someone dear has died. It can be given as a tremendous gift. $10

Divine Mercy Chaplet CD
Give this DVD as a gift.
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Divine Mercy Chaplet CD. Prayed by Fr. John J. Pasquini $10

Special 27" Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass
27" Statue with crown
$ 450.00 plus shipping
Special 18" Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass  
$ 250.00 plus shipping
Special 15" Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass
White gown with gold trim around mantel
$ 200.00 plus shipping
Special 12" Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass
White gown with gold trim around mantel
$ 165.00 plus shipping
Special 18" Our Lady of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass  
Blue and Pink gown with a rosary over her hand.
$ 250.00 plus shipping
Special 11" Our Lady of Fatima/Clearwater Statue with Glass
Blue and Pink gown.
$ 150.00 plus shipping
Crucifix by Felix - Hand Carved
Crucifix with incredible detail!
$ 750.00 plus shipping
Imitation of Two Hearts
Giclee Art Print on Canvas
$ 150.00 plus shipping
Lucia's Vision
Giclee Art Print on Canvas by Harold Kellner
$ 150.00 plus shipping
  Mary's Image
  12 x 16
  Giclee Art Print on Canvas
of Mary's image with a sliver of glass and a little bottle of Jesus and Mary water. The glass will be fixed behind the back of the picture.
  $ 200.00
plus shipping



Blue Crystal Rosary
  Rosary with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
  6mm - $ 30.00 plus shipping
8mm - $ 40.00 plus shipping


  Red Crystal Rosary
  Rosary with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
  6mm - $ 30.00 plus shipping
  8mm - $ 40.00
plus shipping


  Clear Crystal Rosary
  Rosary with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
  6mm - $ 30.00 plus shipping
  8mm - $ 40.00
plus shipping




  Mug with the Image of Our Lady of Clearwater
  $ 15.00
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w/glass - 28

w/glass - 24

OL-Mt. Carmel
w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

Sorrow M
w/glass - 24

w/glass - 24

w/glass - 18

OL-Mt. Carmel
w/glass - 18

I Heart
w/glass - 18

I Heart - Ivory
w/glass - 18

w/glass - 18

w/glass - 18

w/glass - 12
w/glass - 27
w/glass - 18
w/glass - 15
w/glass - 18
w/glass - 12
w/glass - 11

St. Padre Pio

St. Joseph

St. Therese

St. Francis

St. Anthony

St. Claire


St. Jude

Divine Mercy

Holy Family


St. Philomena

Pieta - Marble

Pieta - Color

Holy Family 12

St. Anthony - 18

St. Francis - 18

St. Joseph - 18

St. Therese - 18

St. Rita - 18

St. Clare - 12

St. Rita - 12

St. Padre Pio - 12

Divine Mercy - 12

St. Michael - 11

Limpias - 8


Shepherds of Christ Ministries
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Toll free - 1-888-211-3041
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 Holy Family








 St. Anthony




 St. Claire




 St. Francis




 St. Joseph




 St. Jude




 St. Padre Pio




 St. Therese



 Divine Mercy




 St. Philomena


 St. Philomena


 St. Joseph


 St. Francis


 St. Anthony


 St. Rita


 St. Therese


 Pieta - Color 15" $125  
 Pieta - Marble 15" $125  
 Holy Family


 St. Padre Pio - standing


 St. Padre Pio - sitting


 St. Michael


 St. Rita



 Divine Mercy


 St. Claire


 Pieta - Color 8" $75  
 Pieta - Marble 8" $75  


 Our Lady of Guadalupe w/glass


 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel w/glass



 Immaculate Heart of Mary w/glass



 Immaculate Heart - Ivory w/glass



 Infant of Prague w/glass



 Our Lady of Grace w/glass



 Our Lady of Lourdes w/glass  


 Sacred Heart of Jesus w/glass


 Sacred Heart -Blessing w/glass



 Sorrowful Mother w/glass


 Immaculate Heart of Mary w/glass


 Immaculate Heart - Ivory w/glass


 Sacred Heart of Jesus w/glass


 Our Lady of Lourdes w/glass  


 Our Lady of Grace w/glass



 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel w/glass

18" $300  
 Our Lady of Guadalupe w/glass



 Fatima w/glass



 Fatima w/glass


 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass


 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass 15" $200  
 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass 18" $250  
 Pilgrim Virgin w/glass



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Immaculate Heart and Sacred Heart Pictures Available

with & without frames - different sizes available


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