Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

March 21, 1999  -  Received on March 20, 1999 at 6:45 p.m. to appear March 21, 1999

A Prayer for Intimacy with the Lamb, the Bridegroom of the Soul

Oh Lamb of God, Who take away the sins of the world, come and act on my soul most intimately. I surrender myself, as I ask for the grace to let go, to just be as I exist in You and You act most intimately on my soul. You are the Initiator. I am the soul waiting Your favors as You act in me. I love You. I adore You. I worship You. Come and possess my soul with Your Divine Grace, as I experience You most intimately.

Mary speaks: My children are in the world, you can preach to them, but if both parents do not support each other and pray together, parents will have a rough road. So you say, "I keep trying to instruct my children but they are so far from the truth from living in the world and being exposed to its influences." Fix the children. "How" you say? Our Lord has allowed suffering for you have ignored me. In the end, only those who willingly board the ark which is my Immaculate Heart and consecrate their hearts to the Sacred Heart and my Immaculate Heart will be able to survive the tactics of the evil one.

I am the New Eve. You must come through my Immaculate Heart. You must come through the Sacred Heart of the New Adam.

NOW DO YOU SEE IT? As the chastisement continues, more and more evil will continue in the world. You will veer further and further from the truth. Unless hearts are changed to only want God and obey Him, they will follow the leader that leads down the wrong road.

They have laughed at you. Don't tell me they have not been warned. They didn't want to listen to you. My Son will allow sufferings to fall on every home and you will watch the evil one eat at the young hearts because you ignored the Fatima message. World War II and the death of so many did not get your attention, now you will watch the death of many children's hearts. I told you that you must pray the rosary. I have appeared and appeared and appeared. Sin will run rampant and the good will suffer with the bad, for many of their children will suffer serious spiritual harm. You would not listen yourselves and you would not help me. When my Son called and gave you His letters and signs, you ignored Him. When the Father spoke and Falmouth flooded, you said "it was nothing". When many of your children die before you, when they have a spiritual death in their hearts and you cannot help them, you will wish then you had listened and prayed as We told you to do.

A message for the Earth from Jesus
January 22, 1998

I am the Good Shepherd, these are My prayers, the prayers I give to help renew the Church and the world, all prayer chapters are asked to include these prayers (found in the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual). As My Apostles and Shepherds I ask you to encourage all existing Chapters to try to encourage all existing prayer groups to pray the Shepherds of Christ prayers. Encourage all Churches to pray these prayers. It is most urgent that the people of this earth concur with the Father's wishes to begin Prayer Chapters. This is an urgent request from the Good Shepherd. The flock will become one when they have given their hearts to Jesus and Mary. Encourage all priests to pray the Shepherds of Christ prayers. Your world will be lighted with great light as the people of this earth pray these prayers.

My promise is this to you My beloved earth: When you give your heart to Me and spread the devotion to My Sacred Heart, I will write your name In My Heart. I promise to give the greatest graces when you pray these prayers for renewal of the Church and the world and take all who pray them deeply into My Heart. The prayers I give will bring about the reign of My Sacred Heart and the triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart. I am Jesus Christ, this is My message of January 22, 1998, Please circulate this message to your world. I am the Good Shepherd, I know Mine and Mine know Me and they follow Me. Grace My Shepherds, I will give you the greatest graces for spreading these words to this earth and to your Church. I love you, I am Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, it is the Plan of the Father that Prayer Chapters are begun immediately and the Priestly Newsletter is given to all priests. The Voice of the Good Shepherd speaks through it.

Mary speaks: Only in obedience to my message of Fatima and the message of my Son will you experience relief. Your children must pray and consecrate their hearts. If you cannot reach them, then you both will suffer far more than a little hassle.

I cry out to you. On March 21, 1994, my messenger came to me, again in tears after the message of the preceding day. She pleaded and begged me to ask Jesus not to take the messages away.

I answered this way. March 21, 1994, from Our Lady of Grace, at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, early morning.

My Son's Love Letters Must Be Read

God's Blue Book II Cover

March 21, l994
Message From Our Blessed Mother

Mary speaks: You hold letters that tell of the intimate, longing love of my Son for His people. Publish these letters so my children will be drawn closer to the Sacred Heart. He waits for their love. He is present and waiting. They will not know if you hold off any longer. Time is short. My children will not heal without the love of Jesus. The world is sick and you contain the medicine. All need to turn their minds and hearts back to my Son. These messages need to be published--now. I am Mary, your mother, and I love you.

Thank you for responding to my call.

Mary speaks: 5 years later, I warn you, my earth.

You have not responded. I have appeared 500 times giving rosaries and I have appeared on the building in Florida.

Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

Mary speaks: The next day, March 22, 1994, my Son gave you the strong warning to listen when your corner collapsed.

Matthew 21:42

…The stone which the builders rejected has been the cornerstone;…

Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

March 21, 1994

March 22, 1994

Mary speaks: You ignored my Son's message May 4, 1994, and would not hand it out on my farm.

On June 3, 1994, all new messages were blocked, except for a few used at 17th meetings for apostles. These messages were blocked until the end of 1994, when finally after division and hardship as I warned, you published the message and handed it out at the Falmouth farm.

On July 5, 1994, I began to appear to this messenger. I appeared daily for 14 months at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center and continued to appear in other places to the messenger, after the 14 months were over.

You ignored me, you threw my messenger out of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, my House. You did not help me with my rosary meditations, you went your merry way.

Many in my Church have ignored me. I have attempted to lead you to the Eucharistic Heart of my Son. Many have ignored my message of Fatima.

It is the Father's will that you obey me and help me reach your children. You hurt your own children. All the brand name clothing in the world will not help them save their souls. My world, I am Our Lady of the Rosary, you will suffer more and more for ignoring my request:

  1. Pray the daily rosary.
  2. Consecrate your hearts to my Heart and the Heart of my Son.
  3. Observe the First Saturday Devotion.
  4. Make reparation to Our Hearts.

You will suffer more and more and more for ignoring my Son, Jesus. He has given you signs of His might, you won't even read the messages.

How do We reach you? You have turned off your ears and put in your ear plugs.

Will a bomb of enormous proportions rock the plugs in your ears?

I am Mary your Mother. I appear in Clearwater, Florida. Unless you pray as We have instructed, you will watch the deterioration of your families more and more and you will suffer.

I wish the message of Fatima, October 13, 1917.

Excerpt from The Spirituality of Fatima and Medjugorje

I am the Lady of the Rosary. I have come to warn the faithful to amend their lives and to ask pardon for their sins. They must not offend Our Lord any more, for He is already too grievously offended by the sins of men. People must say the Rosary. Let them continue saying it every day.(17)

Messenger: Mary appeared in the Sorrowful Mother wing of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, July 5, 1994 - September 5, 1995.

Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

Sorrowful Mother Wing at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

Mary's Building in Florida

Mary's Building in Clearwater, Florida

Messenger: December 17, 1996 Mary appears on the window in Florida.

March 21, 1999  -  Received on March 20, 1999 to appear March 21, 1999 - Second Message

Because of the Willfulness of Many, Mary Has a Weak Mother Role in the Church: Mary has authority as Mother of the Church.

Mary speaks: There is a definite problem in my churches in that I am the Mother, but many ignore me. I want to bring them to my Son, Jesus, so that they will have a tender, loving union with Him, but they do not come to me. They ignore me.

I am the Mother of the children, but my role is so weak, because many will not listen.

They have meetings in my churches and teach all kinds of things from diaper surveying to making money at the festivals and when I come to tell them of the treasure before their very eyes, Jesus truly present in the Eucharist, they ignore me.

They have Girl Scouts and soccer and basketball and violin, they have parties and auctions and plays, ice cream socials. Some schools have almost completely extinguished my rosary being recited with the school children.

Why do I appear in Florida? It is to lead men to the deep burning Eucharistic Heart of their Savior. This is the power source of the world. You must do as I have requested at Fatima. My Son wishes you to obey His message of January 22, 1998, to start prayer chapters and circulate the priestly newsletters.

Rosaries received on March 20, 1999

A Little People's Rosary and Rosary for the Elderly

The Joyful Mysteries
Sing the Rosary Song in between decades. (refrain only)

The Annunciation
  1. Mary's children were created by God to go to heaven.
  2. Eve sinned.
  3. Adam and Eve were our first parents.
  4. The angel comes to Mary, she is sinless.
  5. Mary conceived Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  6. Jesus is the Son of God, Son of Man.
  7. Jesus comes to save man from his sins.
  8. Mary obeyed God always.
  9. Eve disobeyed God.
  10. We must always try to obey God.
The Visitation
  1. Mary visits her cousin, Elizabeth.
  2. Elizabeth is with child.
  3. John the Baptist prepared a way for Jesus.
  4. When Mary met Elizabeth the child in Elizabeth's womb leapt for joy.
  5. We must do what God wants us to do.
  6. God gives us the Commandments to live by.
  7. God gives us His word to live by.
  8. Mary spoke to Elizabeth.
  9. "And Mary said: My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord…" (Lk 1:46)
  10. Nothing is impossible with God.
The Birth of Jesus
  1. Shepherds saw Jesus in the stable.
  2. We have nice cozy beds.
  3. Where do you think Mary and Joseph laid their heads in the stable?
  4. Mary suffered at the birth of Jesus, but she was filled with joy to see the Christ Child.
  5. Christmas is all about Christ's birth.
  6. Many people today do not speak of Jesus' birth during Christmas.
  7. We must learn to live our lives for Jesus.
  8. No one feels good after sinning.
  9. Jesus is with us today.
  10. Jesus remains with us in the Blessed Sacrament.
The Presentation
  1. Mary and Joseph went to the temple with Jesus.
  2. Simeon told Mary she would suffer.
  3. We meditate on the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Mysteries. There are 15 mysteries in the rosary, 5 Joyful, 5 Sorrowful and 5 Glorious Mysteries.
  4. There are five sets of ten Hail Marys in each mystery, this is a decade.
  5. The mysteries of the rosary are mysteries in the lives of Jesus and Mary.
  6. Sing the Rosary Song.
  7. Mary told us at Fatima we must pray the rosary.
  8. Mary appeared to three little children at Fatima.
  9. The main visionary, Lucia is still alive.
  10. We meditate on the sorrows of Mary.
The Finding in the Temple
  1. Mary suffered so much when Jesus was lost.
  2. Mary and Joseph began to look for Jesus.
  3. After three days they found Jesus in the temple.
  4. "…they found him in the Temple, sitting among the teachers, listening to them, and asking questions;" (Lk 2:46)
  5. "and all those who heard him were astounded at his intelligence and his replies." (Lk 2:47)
  6. We must search for Jesus our whole lives.
  7. We want to know Him more.
  8. Our Church has seven Sacraments.
  9. Jesus gives us Himself in the Eucharist.
  10. Jesus loves us so much.

The Sorrowful Mysteries
Sing the song A Song from Jesus in between decades. (refrain only)

The Agony in the Garden
  1. Jesus is God, He comes to save us.
  2. Before Jesus rose from the dead, He had to suffer so much.
  3. Jesus suffered for us. He loves us so much.
  4. "Help us Jesus to realize Your love."
  5. An angel appeared to Jesus to comfort Him.
  6. Jesus knew He would die.
  7. Jesus knows all things, He is God.
  8. Jesus knew all He would suffer.
  9. Jesus went willingly to His suffering and death on the cross.
  10. Jesus asks us to accept our sufferings.
The Scourging at the Pillar
  1. The men bound Jesus at the pillar.
  2. Jesus could have broke the bonds.
  3. It is silly to think they could tie God down.
  4. God has all the power.
  5. When we try to see Jesus being beaten at the pillar, we will know more about His love for us.
  6. The men tore His flesh.
  7. Think of someone you love being beaten.
  8. It is awful to think of how they treated Jesus.
  9. Many times people treat us mean.
  10. It hurts us a lot when people are mean to us.
The Crowning with Thorns
  1. The precious head of Jesus was crowned with thorns.
  2. Kings wear crowns.
  3. Jesus is the King of heaven and earth.
  4. The men didn't believe Jesus was a King.
  5. The men made fun of Jesus and crowned Him with thorns.
  6. Many times our friends say things that make fun of us.
  7. Sometimes others laugh when others are mean.
  8. It is very hurtful when people laugh at us.
  9. We do not like people to hurt us, we want to be loved.
  10. We must not say mean things to others.
The Carrying of the Cross
  1. See Jesus carrying a big cross on His back.
  2. The men gave Jesus the cross and made Him carry it.
  3. The cross Jesus carried was heavy with the sins of the world.
  4. Jesus gives us crosses to carry.
  5. Many crosses we must carry are heavy.
  6. We cannot have everything we want.
  7. Many times we suffer as little children.
  8. Sometimes people do not understand our feelings.
  9. Sometimes we are sick and need something and they do not understand.
  10. This is a cross, when we hurt in our heart and can't change it.
The Crucifixion
  1. The men hung Jesus on a cross.
  2. "Above him there was an inscription: 'This is the King of the Jews'." (Lk 23:38)
  3. Jesus willingly gave His life for us.
  4. Jesus paid the price for our sins.
  5. On the cross, Jesus forgave the men who hurt Him.
  6. As Jesus hung on the cross, He gave us His Mother to be our Mother.
  7. Mary stood beneath the cross with His Apostle, John.
  8. Jesus loved John very much.
  9. Jesus loves us so much, He died for us.
  10. See Jesus hanging on the cross and thank Him for His love for us.

The Glorious Mysteries
Sing the song Glory, Glory, Glory Lord in between decades. (verse 1 only)

The Resurrection
  1. On the third day, Jesus came forth from the tomb.
  2. Jesus came to give us a sharing in His life.
  3. Jesus is a Divine Person; we are human persons.
  4. Jesus gives us a special sharing in His life in Baptism.
  5. It is important to be baptized.
  6. Jesus wants us to be with Him forever in heaven.
  7. Jesus died and rose from the dead.
  8. Jesus did this so we would be saved from our sins.
  9. We have seven Sacraments in the Church.
  10. The Sacraments allow us to share in God's life.
The Ascension
  1. Jesus lived 33 years on the earth.
  2. Jesus suffered and died.
  3. Jesus rose from the dead.
  4. These are the Glorious Mysteries.
  5. In these mysteries we meditate on these glorious events.
  6. Jesus ascended into heaven.
  7. Jesus' wounds from the cross were glorified.
  8. Jesus may have looked like He had lost when He was crucified.
  9. We see the glory in the Resurrection and the Ascension.
  10. Picture Jesus going up in the sky.
The Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles
  1. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit.
  2. After Jesus ascended into heaven, the Apostles went to the upper room.
  3. The Apostles were afraid when Jesus left them.
  4. The Apostles knew Jesus would send the Holy Spirit.
  5. The Apostles prayed with Mary in the room.
  6. The Apostles prayed in one mind and one heart.
  7. The Holy Spirit came. "…and there appeared to them tongues as of fire; these separated and came to rest on the head of each of them." (Acts 2:3)
  8. After the Holy Spirit came, their hearts were consumed with love for God.
  9. The Apostles went out and told everyone about the love of God.
  10. Many people listened to the Apostles.
The Assumption
  1. Mary was taken body and soul into heaven.
  2. Our bodies will die.
  3. When we die, our souls will go to heaven, hell or purgatory.
  4. We must obey God's laws: the Commandments.
  5. We must listen to the Bible and live by it.
  6. The Bible is the Word of God.
  7. "Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman, robed with the sun, standing on the moon, and on her head a crown of twelve stars." (Rev 12:1)
  8. Sing the Rosary Song (refrain)
  9. Sing A Song From Jesus (refrain)
  10. Sing Jesus, I Want to be with You (verse 1)
The Crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth

  1. See Mary's beautiful face.
  2. See the sword in her Heart.
  3. Mary wants her children to be holy.
  4. Many people do not honor or love their Mother.
  5. Mary is our Mother, we must make her Queen of our hearts.
  6. Jesus is the King of our hearts.
  7. Let us say: "I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love."
  8. We should ask that the Blood of Jesus be spread on us.
  9. Mary asks that we pray the rosary.
  10. Mary Immaculate most pure, we make you the Queen of our hearts. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we make you the King of our hearts.

Question for married couples and others in intimate relationships:

Q: How have we merged in oneness in Jesus since we have joined the Shepherds of Christ Movement?

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