Mary has requested that the daily message be given each day to the world. It is read nightly at the prayer service from her Image Building in Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A. This is according to her request. All attempts will be made to publish this daily message to the world at 11 p.m. Eastern time, U.S.A.

We acknowledge that the final authority regarding these messages rests with the Holy See of Rome.

I appear my children on this former bank building in Florida, Our Lady Clothed with the Sun.

August 26, 1998

I Stress Again the Importance of Consecration

Mary speaks: My little children, I am the handmaid of the Lord. I live to serve Him, when you bow to rightly exercised authority you bow to Him. Today authority is often misused. All power comes from God. All power will be under His feet. My children, I ask you to study the vision of Lucia. (In The Spirituality of Fatima and Medjugorje pg. 32)

I ask you to see that my King is the King, all are subject to Him.

Every priest must see himself as acting to please the King, Jesus.

Jesus is to be the King in every Church. It is Jesus who should reign from His throne in every church in America and throughout the world.

America, many of your churches have dethroned my Son Jesus. You must put Him in a place of honor and worship and bow before Him.

My Son Jesus wishes to be honored on His throne, the tabernacle.

Priests must act as servants of the Lord. All power is under Him.

In the Reign of the Sacred Heart, He will be the King of all hearts, homes, churches, etc.

I stress again the importance of consecration.

What is consecration? When I speak of consecration, I am asking my children to give their hearts to Our pure and holy Hearts.

The Shepherds of Christ members greet one another with the phrase, "I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you, in love." I suggest you greet one another with this phrase. I suggest that children and teachers in schools begin every school day with at least this phrase. I suggest parents and children bind their families in unity with this phrase. Your churches will become little cities of light when the people and the priest pray a short consecration before Mass. I recommend the consecration given from My Son Jesus in the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual as a powerful aid in bringing about the Reign of His Sacred Heart and the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart.

I love you so dearly, my little children. Do you want your earth blazing with the fire of God's love? Come into Our holy Hearts. Give your hearts to my Heart and the Heart of my Son Jesus.

This, my little children will bind you in oneness with one another and you will dwell in Our Hearts, your little heaven on earth.

Do you want peace on your earth? My children you must do as I have requested at Fatima.

I wish all homes and businesses, churches and schools to be consecrated to Our Hearts.

I wish all hearts to be consecrated to Our Hearts.

The prayers My Son gives in the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual are the prayers He wishes you to pray for the renewal of the Church and the world and to pray for holy priests.

The Litanies give great honor to Our Hearts. The consecration in the Prayer Manual will help you to consecrate your hearts to Us. At Fatima I told you to pray the rosary.

Now I wish to stress this, my little children, you will be joined in great love and harmony as God's little children when you give your hearts to me and My Son Jesus. This is what I mean by consecration. It is a renewing of the vows made by your godparents at Baptism when they gave you to your God. Now you give your hearts in consecration to Our pure and holy Hearts.

You pray "I give my heart to Jesus and Mary with you in love."

The Father wishes you to comply with my wishes that some pray at 6:30 p.m. Florida, U.S.A., time and others at 6:30 their time. (See message of August 11 and August 20 for an explanation of these times). You will pray the prayers of the Good Shepherd for the renewal of the Church and the world and holy priests and pray the holy rosary.

Please gather and beg God to send the Holy Spirit upon you.

I am Mary your Mother. I have appeared to teach you how to pray, I am your spiritual Mother. I mother you as I mothered my precious Son, Jesus. He is the Light of the World. When you pray these prayers, the light will shine in your hearts and you will know God more fully.

Little children, it is so important to consecrate your hearts. It is the Father's will for you.

Little children, please obey your heavenly Father and your Mother, Mary, this is God's will, that you come as obedient children honoring Our Hearts.

Table of Contents

August 27, 1998

I Cry in Agonizing Lament for You and Your Children -
Program for the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

Mary speaks: My children,

I cry in agonizing lament for you and your children. As my Son said to the woman on the way to Calvary, "…do not weep for me; weep rather for yourselves and for your children." (Luke 23:28)

Children indeed I call you, for you are children of God. Children you are, for you are not equal to God, He in His goodness gives you a sharing in His divine life. He gives you Himself my little children and you do not know the gift you are given. God gives Himself to man, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the greatest gift in the Holy Eucharist and, children, you ignore Him and make so many things your gods.

Oh my children, comfort His aching Heart and love Him. This day, my children, love my Son Jesus, Who died for you and gave His life for you.

I cry in agonizing lament.

I wish you to hear my message of two years ago on this day August 27, 1996. (Messenger: Here we have been instructed in printed material to print Mary's Message; when this message is read in public hearings, Mary requests her message be played for all to hear.)

My children, I request further a tape be made of all messages from heaven and circulated as soon as possible, especially from my site in Florida. I ask my messenger and John to record this tape at this time. I wish this circulated and the typed messages circulated in a book entitled "Mary's Messages from Florida" with the picture on the front of "A Gift, a Warning and a Solution" booklet.

I further ask that brochures be made available that my children may easily consecrate their homes. These are to be circulated in Florida and elsewhere.

I ask this information be clearly given here on the Internet. Entitle this: Consecrate Your Homes.

My children this consecration can be used for businesses.

Churches and schools need to be consecrated to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. This can be done with the material I will give to you.

It would be very helpful that this be done in the churches during a special Mass for this purpose.

The more the world consecrates their hearts, homes and businesses to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart, the more the world will know peace.

I am the Queen of Peace, the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, I speak to you at my image site in Florida.

Will you help me reach my children with the consecration and the rosary?

I stood beneath the cross of my Son, Jesus and I cried.

Please help me, this is real my children. I love you so.

Program for the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

  1. Message: The Two Hearts and The Mass
  2. Song: I Love You, Jesus
  3. Procession - to the enthroning of the picture of the Sacred Heart
  4. Song: To Jesus Heart All Burning (or Oh Burning Heart)
  5. Prayer: Apostles Creed
  6. Message: Enthronement of My Sacred Heart (10/19/94)
  7. Message: Images of Our Hearts
  8. Message: Find Refuge in My Most Sacred Heart (9/29/94)
  9. Message: Consecrate Your Churches, Home, Workplace to Our Hearts (5/5/95)
  10. Songs (see chapter16) Suggested songs: A Song from Jesus, Teach Me to Love with Your Heart, I am Your Sacred Heart.
  11. Signing of the Enthronement papers
  12. Promises of the Sacred Heart to Families who honor His Sacred Heart and renewal of the Consecration of the Family
  13. Song: Immaculate Mary
  14. Rosary (optional)

The Two Hearts and the Mass

Jesus: My beloved friend, tell My people that they are living in the Age of the Two Hearts - that of My Heart and Mary's heart. My people live in the initial stages of this great era. I call My people to take up their refuge in My Heart and My Mother's heart. In Our Hearts they will become more and more transformed into My likeness.

The greatest source for growth in devotion to Our Hearts is the Eucharist. I wish My people to attend Mass often, daily if possible. What a great gift I have given to My people in the Eucharist! Yet many of My people are indifferent to the treasures contained in the Mass. Think of it! My people are privileged to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass together with Me! And yet how many prefer to do other things rather than attend Mass. How this attitude offends My Sacred Heart!

I long for My people to participate in the Mass and to receive Me worthily! Think of it! I, Who am your God, long to come to you each day! In the Eucharist I come to you in My Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. Present within you. I long to take you close to My Sacred Heart- this Heart which is truly within you. The more you allow Me to do so, the more closely I press you to this Heart. I shower you with its riches. I abundantly give you great graces which increasingly form you in My likeness.

I am Lord and Master! Please listen to My words. Pray, pray for a deeper understanding of the Mass. In union with Mary, approach Me daily in the Eucharist. I, your God, long to come to you. How much do you long to receive Me?27

Enthronement of My Sacred Heart

We are gathered here to honor our King, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He is our most honored guest. He loves us so ardently and wants to be King of our home and King of our hearts. We all join together and most graciously welcome Him in our midst. We love You, dear Sacred Heart of Jesus. We honor You this day and are privileged that You, God, love us so much.

Please help us all grow in our knowledge and love of You. We honor You. We praise You. We adore You, and we love You.

We ask You to come and dwell in our hearts. As our King and the center of our lives, we forever want to be with You, most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we love You so much.

Come and be with every member of this family in a special way. Guard us in our undertakings. Dear Holy Spirit, lead us to the on-fire love of Jesus' Heart.

Mary, our most loving Mother, as you carried Jesus in your womb, you who cared for Him as a child, you who forever stood by Him and walked with Him on Calvary, you, dear Mary, as you stood under His cross and suffered so for love of Him and us, you who held His lifeless body under the cross, you who saw His glorified body after the resurrection and watched Him ascend into heaven, you, dear Mary, you who know this most Sacred, tender, loving Heart, place us so gently into His most Sacred Heart.

Protect and lead every person present and their families to this intense union with your Son. We pray for the priests the world over, Your special anointed sons, to lead all children to the love of Your most Sacred Heart. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus forever reign in the hearts of all people through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We praise You, we honor You, our beloved Jesus. We tenderly love Your heart so!

Dear Father, thank You for Your beloved Son. Thank You for Your gifts to us. We thank You for giving us a sharing in Your divine life through baptism. We are Your beloved children. Draw us ever closer to union with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Mary, in communion with the angels and saints. Amen.28

Images of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

Jesus: My beloved friend, tell My people that I desire them to have pictures or statues of the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart in their homes. This will greatly help them to give honor to Our Hearts. All My churches and chapels should also have these images. I will bestow great blessings on all who heed My request. I am your Lord and Master. Please do as I ask.29

Find Refuge in My Most Sacred Heart

My Dear Child,

I bless your home in a special way. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary ever reign in your hearts. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Please spread devotion to My most Sacred Heart. Tell people to hang pictures of My Sacred Heart and My Mother's heart throughout their homes. I will bless in a special way any home that hangs My picture and that of My Mother, her Immaculate Heart and My Sacred Heart.

Read the promises of the Sacred Heart to people and circulate them among your friends. Tell them to pray to us all through the day. Such devotion will be the key to your happiness now and in your everlasting life to come.

Tell people to carry pictures of My Sacred Heart and Mary's Immaculate Heart in their pockets and purses and to look at our pictures when praying to us. When you are having a difficult day, reach for our pictures and find refuge in My most Sacred Heart.

How deep is the love I and My Mother have for you? Our love is deeper than any human mind can imagine. Come into My Heart and be protected from all kinds of weather. The wind may blow and the fire of love may grow dim in your hearts, but it forever burns brightly when you are sheltered by My most Sacred Heart. If the wind blows and the rain comes, you will never lose the flame of My love if you have taken refuge in My most Sacred Heart.

Mary leads you to the closest union with Me. Go to Mary, see her, let her lead you deeply into My Heart. She loves you so. She is your most loving Mother. She is pure and tender of heart. It is through her you will experience such intimacy with Me. It is through her heart that you are lead to the deepest union with the one, triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I am your most Sacred Heart. I am Jesus, Son of God. I am a burning furnace of endless love, waiting to shelter you in My Heart. Come to Me, My beloved ones. I love you so.30

(Song: I Am Your Sacred Heart)

Consecrate Your Churches, Home, and Workplace to Our Hearts

Message given through Rita Ring

Jesus: I want you to consecrate the human race to Sacred Heart of Jesus. I want to be enthroned in all homes, churches, and businesses.

June is the month of the Sacred Heart. I want to be king and center of all hearts. I will keep My promises given to St. Margaret Mary of Alacoque. I promise all this from My most Sacred Heart. Consecrate your chapter to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Consecrate the church or room in which you hold your meeting.

Today is First Friday. I want you to circulate the message I gave to you on consecrating your homes to My Sacred Heart. Make booklets available for people to be able to consecrate their homes and businesses easily. Use the message I gave to you when you consecrated your home.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus will reign and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph. Consecrate all homes and businesses to Our Two Hearts. Tell all to have displayed and honored, pictures of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. May and June are the months of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Tell all to consecrate their homes to Our Two Hearts. I am the Sacred Heart of Jesus. On this day, the 5th of May, 1995, First Friday, I request that you spend the next two months encouraging all to do this consecration.

Gather your friends and say the prayers I have instructed you to say. Sing "To Jesus Heart All Burning" and "Immaculate Mary." May these Two Hearts of love give all members of the human race peace, joy and love in their hearts.

Messenger: Jesus said He desires to be honored by men in the Blessed Sacrament.

Jesus: Circulate the Blue Book messages. They promote this devotion. How My Heart is filled with happiness by the souls who come to the tabernacle and sit with Me. I am Jesus Christ, I wait and long and thirst for My precious souls to come. The souls of men have turned cold. I want souls to come to daily communion and be with Me in front of the tabernacle.

Men's hearts have turned cold. They do not know what love really means. I want hearts that are filled with fire for love of God. Men's hearts have turned to stone.

You are to promote devotion to My most Sacred Heart. I want hearts that burn with love for My Heart. It is through Me that you will know the Father's love. I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the Life.

Offer a holy hour for the indifference, ingratitude, and sacrileges committed against Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, the Sacrament of His greatest love.

Messenger: He promises great graces to those who give reparation to His Sacred Heart and who tell others about offering reparation to Him.


of the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart as King and Center of our home and our hearts. We consecrate our family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Performed this ________________day of_______________ By______________________________________________ Members of family_________________________________

Act of consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary:

"Lord Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock, I consecrate myself to Your most Sacred Heart. From Your pierced Heart the Church was born, the Church You have called me, as a member of Shepherds of Christ Associates, to serve in a most special way. You reveal Your Heart as a symbol of Your love in all its aspects, including Your most special love for me, whom You have chosen as Your companion in this most important work. Help me to always love You in return. Help me to give myself entirely to You. Help me always to pour out my life in love of God and neighbor! Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You!

"Dear Blessed Virgin Mary, I consecrate myself to your maternal and Immaculate Heart, this Heart which is symbol of your life of love. You are the Mother of my Savior. You are also my Mother. You love me with a most special love as a member of Shepherds of Christ Associates, a movement created by your Son as a powerful instrument for the renewal of the Church and the world. In a return of love, I give myself entirely to your motherly love and protection. You followed Jesus perfectly. You are His first and perfect disciple. Teach me to imitate you in the putting on of Christ. Be my motherly intercessor so that, through your Immaculate Heart, I may be guided to an ever closer union with the pierced Heart of Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock."

Prayer: My beloved Jesus, we give You our family and ask You to put us in Your Heart. We want to dwell there. We love You and we give You our hearts. We make You King and Center of our home and our hearts.

Promises of Our Lord to those devoted to His Sacred Heart

  1. I will give them all the graces necessary in their state of life.
  2. I will establish peace in their homes.
  3. I will comfort them in their afflictions.
  4. I will be their refuge during life and above all in death.
  5. I will bestow a large blessing on all their undertakings.
  6. Sinners shall find in My Heart the source and the infinite ocean of mercy.
  7. Tepid souls shall grow fervent.
  8. Fervent souls shall quickly mount to high perfection.
  9. I will bless every place where a picture of My Heart shall be set up and honored.
  10. I will give to priests the gift of touching the most hardened of hearts.
  11. Those who promote this devotion shall have their names written in My Heart, never to be blotted out.
  12. I promise you in the excessive mercy of My Heart that My all-powerful love will grant to all those who communicate on the first Friday in nine consecutive months, the grace of final penitence; they shall not die in My disgrace nor without receiving their sacraments; My divine Heart shall be their safe refuge in this last moment.

Table of Contents

August 28, 1998

You Must Quit Covering Up the Problems and Address Them

Mary speaks: My little children,

What God has held secret from the learned and clever He has revealed to the merest children.

"…do not weep for me; weep rather for yourselves and for your children." (Luke 23: 28)
I weep for my children, for they have made wrong - right and right - wrong. In an attempt to cover up the basic problem with your world, you look for things that will make you feel good. You look for solutions in foolish whims. You believe you are to feel good and when you do not, you look to fill your selfish whim, to seek once again "a quick thrill" and end to an already bad situation.

I speak clearly as Mary your spiritual Mother. You ignore the basic problem. Your world has learned to cover up the basic problems. What are the basic problems, my children, it is the aching, sick hearts of my children, the ones crying for love. They cry and cry and thus you see the sicknesses in the world, the homosexuality, the killing of little babies in the womb, the abuse of many of my children, the illicit sex.

I state clearly as your heavenly Mother, unless you turn from your ways of sin, the wrath of your God will be proportional to those sins committed. I warn you as your heavenly Mother. I ask you to pray the prayers at 6:30 for your world.

You must quit covering up the problems and address them. The problems and the sicknesses in your world are because you do not obey the Ten Commandments and you are not living according to the word of God.

The truth is the truth. My Son is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is in dwelling in His Heart you will live in the truth. You will dwell most intimately in His Heart when you sincerely give your heart to me and my Son.

I give you this message of my Son Jesus from God's Blue Book I, December 8, 1993, "Children Need Time and Attention."

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Children Need Time and Attention

God's Blue Book I Cover

December 8, 1993 - 5:30a.m. 

I am the way, the truth and the life. Those who follow My will-they will have the light of life. I give you My will so you will be the happiest. If you do not follow, you suffer. Things do not work accordingly, and it is an uphill battle. This is the day of the Lord. Rejoice in it and be glad.

If you come to me for all you need, all else works out. When you go to the world, the world does not have what you need and nothing works out. I am the God of your fathers. What they thought was important is of no importance to them now. All that goes with them where they are now are the things of God. Life for them was a short journey, and then eternity. You know, they are no longer here. Did it matter how much money, how big a house? It did matter how they treated their children, but you (their children) still carry that with you. But their money, or job, or cows, or whatever-do you even know?

What you sow today, so shall you reap. If you sow hatred, you reap hatred. If you sow love, you reap love. This is alive in the hearts of your children. You do not pass on your pretty clothes or your beautiful furniture. You do not pass on your beautiful body. You pass on how you were as a person. Like ripples on a pond, it goes on and on.

All material things wither and fade like the grass and die. Fill yourself with the things of God. These are everlasting. The love you show today lives on in the hearts of your children. The anger and hate and selfishness live on in their hearts, too. What a legacy to be given to a newborn baby-generations of hate and selfishness!

So you thought you were so important. You thought children were children and they needed food and clothing and a place to stay. What children need is love and time. They need to know about God from their first moments. Fold their hands and teach them to look to heaven. Little ones are so close to me. They are so innocent, so pure. Teach little ones about God before they get to the schools. Those first years are so important for a child. It is there they are taught for life. Don't go to work and leave these treasures at home, paid for a price of silver. Nothing is worth that money. Their beautiful eyes tell you what a treasure you possess.

Oh people, your children are all treasures in the field. Their love goes on and lives from generation to generation. You had to have money and thus started the feelings of the deprived heart. 'I was not worth my mother's time. I sat around all day with beautiful little gestures and nobody watched. I was, more or less, in my parents' way. Oh no, little one. Your parents were sick. To receive such a gift and then leave it at home and go out to work…!

I cry for the little children, left who knows where, while their mothers are off with their big jobs. Go back to basics, America. What is wrong with your heads?

God, family, love, one another. You are all off at your soccer games, in front of your TV and at your work. More money, more education, more, more, more. It is all so simple: God, family, love, one another. Each makes your hearts happy. Each gives you a far greater treasure, the treasure of eternal life. Your children receive a legacy from you, a pocket of silver or a heart of love.

A diploma and a hardened heart. What a legacy for your children! They are pushed aside and then they are run around like little packages. You must be here for this game and there for that one and then watch that TV show. Nobody even talks to each other. What about the family meal where children sit and learn about love?

Your lives are so busy-for what? God, family, love. That is what is important. Today's world teaches money and things, not God, sex, not love, indulgence. Oh, My heart is sad. Babies are murdered so some can get about their busy lives-doing what? Oh, pray for your brothers. Make your life a constant prayer. You can do more through prayer than anything else.

I am all powerful. I am at your side. I am counting on you, my soldiers of love, in a cold, cold world. Who warms the cold heart? There are so many cold hearts and those with cold hearts do not even feel the chill within their breast! They are blind and arrogant. They think they know it all. They know nothing. Love is the only answer. God must come first. I am here, little ones. I am alive in the eyes of the little children you leave behind. You miss the treasure for 30 pieces of silver. Pray, pray constantly. Your brothers need my help. Your prayers may save one of these cold hearts. Love your brothers through your prayers for them.

I am Jesus, Son of the Living God. I come to you this Christmas with a heart of love to give. The last thing in many hearts is God. They have a million gifts and games and decorations but not a thought for Christ's birth. Pray for your brothers. Make your gift to all of them your prayers. Spend more time with me and less time at the malls. Your gift is the gift of prayer. Give to the poor. Don't buy more things.

Christmas is my birth. Your gift to me and your brothers is the importance you place on God and your love. Nothing else even matters. I am Christmas. It is My birthday. And you can't find a card with Mary, My mother, and Me on it! Oh, how sad!

I ask that you come and pray, that you be an example by your lives. Do not run amok. Come to Me and receive all your gifts. My gifts are everlasting and My Heart is on fire with love of you. The gift you receive is Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God. Nothing can even come close to this gift. I am God. I come to you every day in Communion. What could be more important? Bring your children to Mass, not to soccer games. Pray with your children. Play little games with them. Talk with them. They are the true treasures on this earth.

America, you have missed the boat and now you are drowning in the water. But the worst is you do not even feel the water going down your throats. You are hard and stiff. Oh, oh pray, little ones. Pray constantly. Make this Christmas a gift of prayer for all your brothers in darkness. Sacrifice your time in prayer. Give your own children the gift of your time. Give them the gift of praying and learning about God.

Religious stores should be swamped, but most cannot stay in business. Go to religious stores for your gifts. Buy bibles-what a gift to give-and "lives of the saints." Make Christmas a time to turn yourselves back to God. What a gift-a time for coming back to God, for spending time with your family and for loving one another! And then peace will reign in the hearts of men.

I love you so. I long to share My love with you, but you, my children, are too busy. Pray, pray, pray for this world. Offer your days to Me as a prayer. Your prayers are all being heard. This is a time of My greatest mercy. Pray for the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Mary speaks: This message was published December 17, 1993. It was the first public message published from my messenger Rita Ring.

On December 17, 1996, exactly three years later I appeared as Our Lady Clothed with the Sun on this building in Clearwater, Florida.

I appeared exactly nine days before Christmas. My Son gave this message to you in 1993. The world does not wish to listen to these messages. My Shepherds of Christ apostles have suffered much persecution delivering these messages to you. To walk in the way of truth is to walk the line of persecution and ridicule as my Son Jesus did.

You cannot lie to yourselves any longer. You must face the basic problem that is making you a sick world. You must as children of God obey the Ten Commandments and live by the word of God.

To go after the messenger for delivering the message is only to smite your God when He gives a warning. The warning is given as a gift to avert further suffering. If you attack the messenger it is to your own detriment, for you will receive the consequences, for Our Lord is warning you, my little children. He will act, to try to destroy the messenger that delivers a message will not deter Him.

I give you my peace plan given at Fatima. My Son Jesus and I give you the plan today to help to bring about the completion of the plan I began at Fatima for peace in the world.

I ask you to read these daily messages. I ask you to circulate them. I ask you to fervently pray for the Shepherds of Christ intentions, I wish you to pray the prayers in the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual at 6:30 p.m. followed by the holy rosary. If it is impossible to pray at 6:30, I ask you to pray sometime during the day, begging the Holy Spirit to descend on the earth in a special way to the children of Mary. He will hear your cries and respond, but you must be gathered in one mind and one heart imploring your God to hear you.

I am Mary your Mother, please my children help me.

Please read chapter 16 of the Gospel of John: Jesus' departure; Coming of the Advocate.

The Ten Commandments

  1. I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me.
  2. You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.
  3. Remember to keep holy the sabbath day.
  4. Honor your father and your mother.
  5. You shall not kill.
  6. You shall not commit adultery.
  7. You shall not steal.
  8. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  9. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife.
  10. You shall not covet anything that belongs to your neighbor.

Mary speaks: I wish you to include the two greatest Commandments.

Matthew 22:36-40

'Master, which is the greatest commandment of the Law?' Jesus said to Him, 'You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second resembles it: You must love your neighbour as yourself.

On these two commandments hang the whole Law, and the Prophets too.'

Mary speaks: My little children, I love you so, please help me.

Table of Contents

August 29, 1998

My Mothers and Fathers, You Have a Responsibility to Teach Your Children About God

Mary speaks: My little children,

Once again I speak to you concerning problems. You are children of God. You need direction, God directs His children in His word and the Commandments. I speak to you the truth. The world is teaching you so many untruths. In consecration, you go to the Heart of My Son Jesus, the center of truth and life.

I love you so my little children, I quote to you from last Sunday's readings at Mass. I suggest my children read Hebrews 12:5-7, 11-13.

Hebrews 12:5-7, 11-13

Have you forgotten that encouraging text in which you are addressed as sons?

    My son, do not scorn correction
        from the Lord,
    do not resent his training,
    for the Lord trains those he loves,
    and chastises every son he accepts.

Perseverance is part of your training; God is treating you as his sons. Has there ever been any son whose father did not train him?

Of course, any discipline is at the time a matter for grief, not joy; but later, in those who have undergone it, it bears fruit in peace and uprightness. So steady all weary hands and trembling knees and make your crooked paths straight; then the injured limb will not be maimed, it will get better instead.

Mary speaks:You have been called sons and daughters of God. You are as the olive plants around your Fathers table. You are to bring forth great fruit.

My God and your God is a perfect God. He is all just. He acts in justice and mercy.

The children today have performed their own wills, many disobeying the commandments many times.

Your world has the same problem as Eve in the garden. They are tempted by Satan. Wanting to disobey God's laws, they choose many times that which is sinful.

Many of you are mothers and fathers of children. You are the teachers of right and wrong. Satan has influenced your young through the media and many other children in school to be willful.

My mothers and fathers, you have a responsibility to teach your children about God. The authority given to you as parents is to act in God's name.

All authority when rightly used is to act in God's name. The priest, the policeman, the teacher, the boss at work, all must realize authority comes from God. They are servants of God acting in His name to help bring peace and love to the earth.

We must reach the teachers and other people in authority with the consecration prayers so they will act as the Father wishes them to act.

My mothers and fathers and other people in authority, you will be held accountable for your actions in delegating authority. You must not operate for selfish pride and power nor must you act too weakly, ignoring the proper use of authority. You must act as God wills you to act, always as a loving servant of God to bring peace and harmony to all men.

Parents of children, teach your children from the earliest moments about Jesus. Teach you children to obey. The Fourth commandment states children must obey their father and mother. This commandment also means that parents will be held accountable before God for not teaching their children properly about God and obeying Him.

Your job as parents is to teach your children about God. God is love; your job is to love your children and teach them the truth.

Many times it is easier to let the children do their own wills, because they rationalize and say "Everyone is doing it." My parents, because everyone in this world is doing it, it is reason to question whether or not it is God's way.

You must focus on God and not on what the people tell you. God is in control, God is Creator, God is the Father of your children, you must obey Him. You must stand up, my sweet parents, for what is right. You must teach them young. It is so much harder to discipline an older child. Many times when children are older and married you will want to teach them and they resist. I tell you this, if you help me spread the devotion to My Immaculate Heart and the devotion to my Son's Sacred Heart, if you help me with what I am doing here to lead the children home to the Heart of Jesus through consecration and the rosary; if you help me mother my children, I will help your children. Consecrate their hearts in daily prayers to My Immaculate Heart and the Heart of My Son Jesus. Ask God to spread the Blood of Jesus on them, the Shepherds of Christ Movement, the Church and the World. Ask God to cast the devil into hell and ask Him to help us here in spreading this word from my site in Florida. I will help you with your children, if you help me with my children, they are my children too.

A soul hangs on the edge of death at this moment, if you do as I ask here there will be people all over the world praying for all in the world so that the evil one cannot influence your children as strongly. Please help us. Prayer is the answer. This is what I am asking for at 6:30 p.m., to pray for the renewal of the Church and the world.

I love you, I am your mother Mary.

Table of Contents

August 30, 1998

The World is Based on a Sinking Ship

Mary speaks: My dear children,

Humility is based on truth. So many of those in authority do not speak the truth for they wish to please the people and do not focus on the word of God, including the Commandments.

Peace will not come when you cover up the truth. The word I speak here will convict many in the world and they will take offense to my message.

I come, I speak in the name of God, I come as your heavenly Mother. I will tell you always the truth my children. I will tell you when you sin and offend your God. You do not see me except as I appear on this building, but I am with you longing to help you and lead you into a closer union with my Son.

God is telling you to stand up for the truth. God is telling you to obey Him, God is telling you to look to Him for your answers. Many judge their actions by the actions of the people around them. The world is based on a sinking ship, they have taken the basic rules given to them by God and disobeyed them, and now they continue to go deeper and deeper into the dark abyss of the sea.

I ask you to pray for your leaders. Your God is greatly offended by the deeds of so many men.

You are my children, I am your Mother. I speak to you, but you do not hear me. I am the Lady Clothed with the Sun to lead you to the Light. Help me circulate my messages to this earth, help me to reach the children with the Prayer Manual (Shepherds of Christ) of my Son, help me to spread the holy rosary. If you help me, if you spread the devotion to Our Two Hearts you will be greatly blessed. I ask you to pray all through the day, offering your day for the renewal of the Church and the world and for holy priests. Please pray for and help the Shepherds of Christ Movement in this mission given to them by God to help to bring about the Reign of the Sacred Heart and the Triumph of my Immaculate Heart. I appear, I appear, I appear and I am ignored, I do not appear as I once did, for now my children, I give to you this permanent sign of my love and devotion to my little children. I appear permanently in rainbow colors on this building in Florida. When it rains and the rain is over the rainbow appears with the sun. I appear a Lady Clothed with the Sun for you will know the Reign of His most Sacred Heart very soon. How you respond to my Mission here will effect the lives of millions of souls. Please help me, listen as I speak,

Your heavenly Mother, Mary, Clothed with the Sun.

Jesus speaks: My children,

The world is hungry for My love. There are eating places on every corner, the material things in your life are readily made available.

I give you Myself in the Eucharist, I give you Myself in My word. Unless you change from your evil ways, you will not experience My special coming.

The time is ready and the harvest is plenty. The night is over, a night of black colored hell you have woven as a blanket over the cold hard earth.

I will come when you obey the Lady I send as My messenger, not until then. She gives you the Commandments and My word, and you still will not listen.

My children, I do not mean to scold you, for I am God and I am love, but no matter what God does to shake you, you will not move.

Oh children help Me, obey your Mother as the Father has instructed you, but you are indeed the children of Eve, so willful in your ways.

Oh children help Me, listen to Me, My way is the way of love. You are indeed unloving and willful.

Oh My children, help Me. Teach your children about God, you teach them the foolish matter of the earth.

Oh My children, I lament that I must tell you this for I wish to deliver a message of great hope and happiness, but you will not listen.

In My justice I will cleanse the earth and many of you will fall like stick men into the sea and the abyss will swallow you up, My little children.

Oh My children, help Me please.

I am God, you must obey your Mother, how foolish of you to think otherwise.

I love you, Jesus.

Table of Contents

August 31, 1998

I Wish You to Look at the Pictures (Seven Sorrows) and to Meditate Deeply on His Love for You

Mary speaks: My children,

I stood beneath the cross of my Son and I cried. My children He gave His life for you. You want someone to really love you, my children, my Son is the Almighty God and He is real and He really loves you.

Meditate my little sweet ones on my Child being held tenderly in my arms when I met Simeon in the temple and he tells me of the sorrow to come. My child, see Jesus in my arms beneath the cross. My children, my arms held His lifeless body, the tears welled up in my eyes, with both pain and joy deep within the deepest chamber of my insides. I cried when I held Him and touched His skin, knowing He was dead in my arms. My children, I wish you to see this picture of my Son Jesus in my loving arms. I held Him, I hold you my little child in my arms with tender love to comfort you and to lead you to happiness in Him. My little child, I so tenderly love you. I wish you to include the Seven Sorrows from the Prayer Manual here and I wish you to include the meditations of these Seven Sorrows from the Rosary Book. My Son Jesus wishes you to pray these prayers for He has included them in the Prayer Manual.

I wish you to look at the pictures and to meditate deeply on His love for you. Look at the pictures, say the words in the meditation aloud, pray the Hail Mary and feel the emotion and the love in my Heart for my Son. Come into my Heart as if you were there experiencing the emotion from the heart of a mother for her son. You have sons and daughters many of you, or you are a son or a daughter. Experience these Seven Sorrows in your own relationships with your children or in your relationship with your mother. Feel the sorrow, the love in my Heart for my Son. Feel the love in my Heart for you. Know I love you so much. I want you to know the sorrow and joy in my Heart for my little children of the earth. I love them more than their earthly mothers. I cry for them, I lament.

From the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual:

6. Seven Hail Marys in honor of the Seven Sorrows of Mary. Mary has promised very special graces to those who do this on a daily basis. Included in the promises of Our Lady for those who practice this devotion is her pledge to give special assistance at the hour of death, including the sight of her face. The seven sorrows are:

(1) The first sorrow: the prophecy of Simeon (Hail Mary).

(2) The second sorrow: the flight into Egypt (Hail Mary).

(3) The third sorrow: the loss of the Child Jesus in the temple (Hail Mary).

(4) The fourth sorrow: Jesus and Mary meet on the way to the cross (Hail Mary).

(5) The fifth sorrow: Jesus dies on the cross (Hail Mary).

(6) The sixth sorrow: Jesus is taken down from the cross and laid in Mary's arms (Hail Mary).

(7) The seventh sorrow: the burial of Jesus (Hail Mary).

Pictures from the Rosary Book and meditations from the Mass Book:

February 22, 1995


The Prophecy of Simeon

Mary, Joseph and the child Jesus went to the temple. Simeon, the prophet, inspired by the Holy Spirit, met them and told Joseph and Mary of the great sufferings of Jesus and Mary. He told Mary that a sword would pierce her heart. From that point on, Mary ever remembered the prophecy of Simeon whenever she beheld her child. When she looked at His little body, even as an infant, she knew He would suffer. Every time she clothed Him and watched Him at play, her heart was torn in her chest as she knew what He would suffer. And a sword, too, shall pierce your heart, O Mary!

The Flight into Egypt

Joseph was told by the angel to flee. Joseph, Mary, and the Child Jesus had to flee because of what might happen to Jesus. They had to pack for a long stay. The Child Jesus was so small! They left on their journey, hearts full of fear, trying to protect Jesus. They were forced to flee into Egypt.

The Loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple

Imagine the sufferings in Mary's heart when she realized the Child Jesus was not with them. Think of how it would be to lose your child and not know where he was or if anything happened to him. With sorrow in their hearts, Mary and Joseph returned to Jerusalem to look for the Child Jesus. And a sword, too, shall pierce your heart, O Mary!

Jesus and Mary Meet on the Way to the Cross

Song: "See the eyes that look at Mary, her tender infant child. See the child's Heart beat so tenderly, the Savior of the world!" See the eyes of Jesus and Mary as they met on Calvary. Mary's heart knew Jesus' Heart so well! From the first moment of conception and throughout His life, Mary was so connected with Jesus and now she peered into His eyes. The crown of thorns adorned His head! Blood ran down His face! A heavy cross on His back! Wounded, His whole body covered with bleeding wounds! And her whole life flashed before her, the life that she had spent with Jesus. This was the beloved child that she had held in her arms when Simeon told Mary that a sword, too, shall pierce her heart!

Jesus Dies on the Cross

Mary stood under Jesus' cross as He was put to death. The child that she had held in her arms as Simeon prophesied, And a sword, too, shall pierce your heart, O Mary! Now Jesus is dead on the cross! He gave His flesh, He gave His blood so that we might be with Him forever in heaven. He held not back. He gave His all. He calls out to us this day to see through the eyes of His Mother as she appears and calls out with a Heart of great love, "Return to the love of my Son! He is with you this day. He remains with you, no less present than the day that He hung on the cross, in the Eucharist. He longs for you to come and be with him. He is in your brother. How can you not love your brother when Jesus died for your brother?" Her heart was pierced with a sword. His Heart was pierced with a lance. What came forth was blood and water, the sacramental life of the Church. He lives with us this day in the Church. He gives to us His Sacraments, the source of His life! He gives to us the Sacrament of Penance whereby any sin that we commit can be taken away through the priest. He wants us to be so close to Him! He gives us everything to be close to Him. But we see with such limited vision only those things that are right before our face, when the true reality is that which we don't see with our eyes, the reality of the invisible divinity of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in the consecrated Host! This is reality! This is our life! This is our power! This is God! And a sword, too, shall pierce your heart, O Mary!

Jesus Is Taken Down from the Cross and Laid in Mary's Arms

If we ever doubted for one second that we were loved, we could visualize the picture of Mary as she sat beneath the cross with the lifeless, battered, bruised and bloodied body of her Son in her arms, the same child that she held when Simeon prophesied her suffering. Jesus gave His last breath. He gave the last beat of His Heart. He gave His all! This is the way He complied with the will of the Father. He came to show us the way. He died in perfect peace. To His death He was in peace because He knew the Father's love. The Father loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son for love of us! The Spirit descended upon the Virgin Mary and the Word was made flesh! The love of the Two Hearts! Such immense love beating for us! In all love there is suffering. Her Heart was pierced with a sword. His Heart was pierced with a lance. And a sword, too, shall pierce your heart, O Mary!

The Burial of Jesus

The lifeless body of Jesus was locked in the tomb. What cold reality for Mary to realize that His body is now gone! A stone separated her from her Son! He gave His last breath! He gave the last beat of His Heart for love of each one of us! And she comes to us this day with her sweet, beautiful voice and she asks us to go to her Son and love Him! How can we refuse Jesus who spread His arms and gave His life for each and every one of us? How can we not trust Him when He loved us so much that He allowed them to tear His flesh, to crown Him with piercing thorns and, lastly, to hang Him on a cross? He truly gave His life for us! He, truly God, is with us this day, the same as the day He died on the cross, in the tabernacle! And we take it so lightly! Death has no power over Him! Locked in the tomb for three days, He rose triumphant on the third day as He had foretold. He comes to give us life. He gives us the sacrament of Baptism that initiates us into His life, that makes us children of God and heirs of heaven if we remain in the state of grace. He asks two things: love of God and love of one another! He came to show us the way and His way is love. To His death on the cross He loved each one of us! He calls out to each one of us here today to be His soldiers, to march on a world that has forgotten God, that has forgotten what it is like to love! It is a battle to live in this world. But the battle is won with hearts that are filled with His love, empowered by the grace and might that He pours out in the Eucharist. He calls out for us to come to the Eucharist and to the tabernacle and be fed with His very flesh and blood. To feed on Divine Life, the greatest nourishment, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God! This is the love He gives. This is the love He asks us to share.

Mary speaks: Your world does not hear the cries of a Mother in anguishing pain. I appear on the building next to my Son on the cross and I say to you, I stood beneath the cross of my Son and cried. Relate my emotion with the relationship between your mother and your children in your life. Who would wish their child or their mother to die in serious sin, who would want this? In your heart, despite all the division and pain, is a deep connection for the mother you love and the children you have mothered (naturally or just children you have helped). Experience love when you meditate on these mysteries, allow yourself to cry and feel my sorrow for my Son. I ask you to come alive in your hearts and feel the love that I and your Savior have for you.

Jesus would die for you today. He loves you so much. Think of all of the days that you have been too busy to talk to Jesus, to tell Him you love Him. Write Him a letter and tell Him your feelings, your troubles, and your joys. (Mary gave the following warning: When you write to Jesus, you may think He answers you in return. You must be careful. Sometimes one receives a false message from non-heavenly sources.)

When you write, ask God to give you the freedom to experience love for Jesus and to talk to Him in the letter as your best friend. This will help you to get in touch with Jesus and get in touch with your heart. Jesus wants you to tell Him the desires in your heart, your troubles, your joy. Most of all Jesus wishes your love. Write a love letter to Jesus and then open the Blue Book and read His love letter to you. Allow yourself to cry and experience the emotion. Jesus wants a love affair with you.

On this day, August 31, 1998 I give to you this message as a final message to conclude the first series of messages in my book, "Daily Messages form Heaven from the Florida Apparition Site."

I appear to teach you my children and lead you to my Son Jesus.

I wish this 1st Book of Daily Messages to be published as soon as possible and circulated.

Included in the front should be my message given December 19, 1996, two days after I appeared.

Also include the story and the messages given in the booklet, "A Gift, a Warning & a Solution."

I wish all to help me publish and circulate these messages.

I wish all to pray at 6:30 as directed in the book. I wish all to come to my Immaculate Heart and I will take you to the Heart of my Son, Jesus.

In the beginning of the book, I wish the consecration pictures from Don, and the front cover to say: July 5, 1998.

Messenger: Jesus said if any reporters came, to tell them on July 5, 1998 we had consecrated the world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Mary speaks: In the back of the book, I request the "Message for the Earth From Jesus."

On the last page I wish the list of prayer meetings in Morrow, China and Florida.

I wish all to know the availability of books and tapes. There are many tapes with meditations and rosaries from the 6:30 prayer meeting before my image in Florida.

I wish the children to use these rosary tapes in schools if possible, but those without the imprimatur will not be permitted in the schools.

I wish the Rosary Aves to be taped in Florida for children.

I wish the Joyful on one side of a tape, the Sorrowful on the second side, the Glorious on a second tape followed on the second side of the tape with the Seven Sorrows and Stations of the Cross.

I wish a tape be made available of children reciting the Shepherds of Christ prayers and singing the "Songs from Jesus" from the site in Florida.

Until this is done, I ask Emily, Joe and the Florida apostles to make a tape of the prayers and songs for children and adults from my site in Florida.

These sets of tapes may be made available for schools.

I love you. I am your Mother Mary. It will be necessary to seek the imprimatur on the Seven Sorrows and the Stations of the Cross. Please pray for this.

This is my message for you this day, this is the completion of the first book of daily messages, August 31, 1998.

I will teach the world to pray, I will lead them to the Heart of my Son through the prayers in the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual and the rosary.

Will you help me? Will you help me reach my children with the prayers and the rosary? Will you circulate the rosary tapes and prayers to my children? Will you help me circulate Rosary Books to my children?

I will teach you America, to pray. I will teach my world to pray. I love you so much, will you help me? Please I implore you as your heavenly Mother.

Messenger: This message received in China, Indiana, August 31,1998.

Table of Contents

September 1, 1998

Luke 24:49

'And now I am sending upon you what the Father has promised. Stay in the city, then, until you are clothed with the power from on high.'

Matthew 28:18

Jesus came up and spoke to them. 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations; baptise them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all the commands I gave you. And look, I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.'

Mary speaks: My children,

All power comes from God. Authority is given by God. There is so much misuse of authority. I have authority given to me from God to mother the Church and my children. Priests have been given authority from God. They must act in His name. Acting in His name allows the power to flow to the people from God. Power is released from God. Your light bulbs shine because of a power source to which they are connected. If this source is illuminated the power is illuminated. The power flows through the pierced Heart of my Son to the Church. The priest must be intimately united in their hearts to this power source. They are priests, shepherds acting in God's name. The priests must be taught of the great authority God has given to them to act in His name. They will shepherd the flock as my Son Jesus wishes when they have connected to the power source, the Heart of my Son Jesus Christ. All power flows from the Father, in the Holy Spirit through the pierced Heart of Jesus through my Immaculate Heart to my beloved children.

Read Ezekiel 34: 11-16

Matthew 16:18

"So I now say to you: You are Peter and on this rock I will build my community."

Mary speaks: As your heavenly Mother, I implore you on this September 1, 1998 to spread the priestly newsletters to your priests and especially the bishops. I will mother them and the Church in my Immaculate Heart. I dwell deeply in the Heart of my Son.

The priests do not know the great gift God has given to them to speak and to administer the Sacraments. They have the authority, given by God. They must make Jesus the King of their hearts in order for the greatest source of power from God to flow mightily through them.

I implore the world to pray for their Church and their world and to pray for the priests at 6:30.

I call all priests to consecrate their hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

I call all priests to consecrate their churches and schools to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

I call all priests to encourage all in their parishes to consecrate their hearts to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

I call the parish together to do this as a parish and that parish will become a little city of light.

I call the priests to pray the prayers given by my Son in the Shepherds of Christ Prayer Manual in prayer groups in their churches.

You will grow in the greatest holiness in your churches and schools when your consecrate them to my Heart and my Son Jesus' Heart.

I call all priests to encourage all in their parishes to consecrate their homes and businesses to the Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart.

The priest has the authority. When the priests spread this consecration in their churches, there will be little cities of light in all of the churches responding.

I ask here for the Blue Book message from my Son Jesus: February 23, 1994:

Picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

I Died For You

God's Blue Book II Cover

February 23, 1994

Jesus: I want this emotion in the letter I told you to write. I, Jesus, Son of God, talk to you with such emotion! I am He Who died a brutal death for love of you. I died for you! I love you this much, to give My Life! Yet you couldn't even write when I asked you. You must do exactly as I say. I do not want you ever to say no to Me!

I have such emotion! I am telling you how I died a brutal death and you, My child, did not write for Me! What more can I do? What more do they want? You put others before Me or you would do as I command. I want you to do as I tell you every moment.

I am the Lord. I am the Son of God. Such emotion I let you feel for My death. I died. I am a person. I was human and I died for you. Think of yourself giving your life for someone and they do not care. What can I do to shake you? What more can I say? I am here and I am loving you and pleading with you to listen to Me with this emotion that God is telling you. I am Jesus. I died for you. I gave My life for you and do you even listen, My little sweet one? You didn't want to write it for My children. When I give you a command, you write. When I say do, you do. Selflessness! I am pushing you because I need your total surrender. Do not ever deny My writing to My loved ones. You have a responsibility. I don't care where you are when I talk. I am God and I talk to you. I am so present to you.

Listen. I need your selflessness. I need your surrender. I need your life, given for love of Me and Me alone. I need you to be the light that shines on the hill, that does not go in and out but is constant in My love. I need your commitment. I need your attention at every moment. I am feeding you My words every moment on paper and in your hand. You must obey Me exactly as I command. No questions, only action. I want action. Now! You write when I say write. I don't care where you are. You worry not for others. I am giving you the mighty medicine. Would you tell the doctor to wait? I am God and I do not ever want to wait while you play a safe game with Me. When I say do something, I want you to do it. You are My beloved and I am filling you with fire.

I am pushing you to do that which I need done. Do not ever stop to look around. Keep your focus on Me and My commands for you. I am using you every moment. I must be able to count on your constant consent to do My will immediately! I am calling you to this work and I want you to comply. I love you ardently. I am so full of love for you. Focus on this and this alone. I am Who am. I am God, child. Do not ever hesitate. Do not doubt or think. You must act as I act in you or My work will not be done.

Be selfless about My commands. You will do My work. You will spread My words of love and create emotion with My songs and I will use you to bring My flock to My love. I love every soul! You must spread My love.

Note: (Meditating on the Crucifixion) Going to Mass at the seminary at 8:00 a.m. was rushed. He said to me, "Where are you going, child. Do you not feel My presence with you?" A calm came over me. Then He started lamenting how He died for us, how He is a true person and He loves us so much. He said, "I died for you."

R. He gave His life for us. He is the little lamb led to the slaughter out of love for us. He said, "I need you to do this work now and I am pushing you." He was so upset! He died for us. He loves us so much as to give His life.

He begged me to spread His love, to tell others how He, bloodied, bruised and beaten, gave us His life.

Jesus: I am God. I am God. I died. Spread My love now! Now! Now! Now! Now! I am begging you not to hold back! Read these letters now, read and learn about My love. I beckon you to speak of My love. Shout it from the high roof. Proclaim it in the cities. Jesus Christ died for love of you and He is risen! I am He Who is God and I died for you!

Listen and preach My love and emotion here. Priests will create little cities, little cities in each church to spread the light of Christ to this sick world. Each priest can create his own little city, a powerhouse of God's love. God has all the power. His power is endless. It never runs out. It is might. You have no power except through Him. Churches filled with the intimate love of Jesus will be powerhouses.

I am God, My little ones. God can do all things. I can make your cities light up the darkness. I am the Way, the Truth, the Life. I am the light of life. I am God! I can do all things. I want to act in you. You need to be in constant union with Me. My priests, you need to be selfless. My soul and yours are one. I want to act in you.

Hold not back. Pray the Prayer for Union with Me.

Mary speaks: Please include childrens' consecration, adult consecration and consecration for priests from the priestly newsletter.

I love you, I am your Mother Mary.

If you do this you will have peace in your world. I am the Queen of Peace.

I wish prayer groups begun in all churches reciting these prayers in the Prayer Manual and reciting the holy rosary. Great grace will be given from heaven to churches responding to my plea here.

The following Imprimatur is for the Consecrations prayers and not the message above.

Consecrations to Jesus and Mary for Children

Consecration to Jesus

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I love You so much and I give You my heart. Help me to love God. Help me to love my neighbor as a child of God. Help me to love myself as a child of God. Amen

Consecration to Mary

Dear Mary, my holy mother, I love you so much and I give you my heart. Help me to love God. Help me to love my neighbor as a child of God. Help me to love myself as a child of God. Amen

The following Imprimatur is for the Consecrations prayers and not the message above.

Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Oh dear Sacred Heart of Jesus, I give You my whole heart. I see Your Heart on fire for love of me. I want to be in this fiery furnace and know the love of God. Take me, Jesus. Use me as Your little servant to spread Your love to this world. I give myself entirely to You and I ask the Holy Spirit to make me more like You. I want to be a little child of the Father. I give You my heart, keep me in Your Heart and teach me Your way of love. Amen

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Oh Immaculate Heart of Mary, I give you my heart. I want to love you. I want to love Jesus, the Father, the Holy Spirit, and this world through your holy heart. My dear mother, I place myself in your heart, I know you will care for me in all my needs. I give myself to you, Mary, my mother. I love you so much! Amen

Act of Priestly Consecration

Lord Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock, I consecrate my priestly life to Your most Sacred Heart. From Your pierced Heart the Church was born, the Church You have called me, as a priest, to serve in a most special way. You reveal Your Heart as symbol of Your love in all its aspects including Your most special love for me, whom You have chosen as Your priest-companion. Help me always to love You in return. Help me to give myself entirely to You. Help me always to pour out my life in love of God and neighbor. Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in You!

Dear Blessed Virgin Mary, I consecrate myself to your maternal and Immaculate Heart, this Heart which is symbol of your life of love. You are the Mother of my Savior. You are also my Mother. You love me with a most special love as this unique priest-son. In a return of love, I give myself entirely to your motherly love and protection. You followed Jesus perfectly. You are His first and perfect disciple. Teach me to imitate you in the putting on of Christ. Be my motherly intercessor that, through your Immaculate Heart, I may be guided to an ever closer union with the pierced Heart of Jesus, Chief Shepherd of the flock.

Table of Contents

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Telephone: (toll free) 1-888-211-3041 or (513) 932-4451
FAX: (513) 932-6791